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New Balance FuelCell Performance Review

New Balance, a well known sneaker brand, has existed for many years since it was established in Boston in 1906. The brand is also known as the “king of jogging shoes”, which shows that the brand is thought highly of. Here I feel very flattered and honored to bring this review for you. Let’s check…

As a pair of memorable running shoes, its amount is quite finite. But different from most shoes which have a very bright appearance, this  New Balance FuelCell looks very cold and reserved because the shoe mainly features black, which is very simple. Looking at the front, there is the glittering NYC logo in the laces and the tongue. Well, if you don’t like the theme of this colorway and feel it unsuitable to match your daily wearing, then you can try other color scheme as well. Surely, there is always a color that can fit your taste. 

There are two layers making up of the upper — the outer layer is TPU which provides breathability and support while the inside layer, which is very thin, offers better comfort and wrapping. The whole upper, made of fabric, is super breathable and light. According to one reviewer, it felt lighter than expected and is relaxing on the foot. However, as observed by one buyer, the upper fabric was misaligned and it blocked the lacing holes. But in my opinion, it won’t be a deal breaker because this downside will not bother too much. And the “NB” at the heel makes people excited and want to run around in it immediately.

Owing to an integral boot design, New Balance FuelCell Impulse offers excellent wrapping, thus avoiding slippery problems inside the shoe. However, on the other hand, it will be a problem when putting it on because the “mouth” is a bit narrow. The tongue of the shoe is printed with the golden logo, which echoes the gold metal in the shoelace head. On top of that, the breathable insole has also printed with the symbolic logo. Well, it seems the logo is virtually seen everywhere in the shoe.

Surely, I will recommend the shoe to my friends who are fond of exercising. In hot summer days, New Balance FuelCell will become a necessity. For those who are bothered by sweat yielded under their feet, this shoe is more than suitable for them for it is super breathable.

In terms of midsole, it consists of RevLite EVA foam and FuelCell nitrogen. Most midsole we commonly see is cushioned by RevLite in the heel while FuelCell has only a thin layer. When running, the foam offers you unexpected feedback which is awesome. You are to experience a quick reaction and get off the ground faster under your feet. The most remarkable part about the running shoes is the technology in the forefoot, which gives you efficient cushioning while giving you high-intensitive rebound. And magically your feet are seem to automatically make forward without being at the mercy of you .

The shoe delivered a firm and steady ride, as reported by some testers. I think this should greatly be credited to the outsole. Many reviewers also  commented that  the shoe provided the right amount of traction and was durable enough for daily use.  For the materials used, the heel and the fore part are made of rubber, which can be clearly seen in the pictures. And the design of the forefoot part looks very novel. Stepping on the raised part of the shoe, you feel like being pushed — a kind of accelerating forward constantly. For the back part, one buyer wrote that the sole had separated and cracked after one month of usage. Well, it isn’t the case for me. And maybe the buyer had made some high-intensitive exercise during that month. But anyway, at the heel that is easily worn there is placed with thickened rubber. At the middle part is RevLite foam. Resulting from this,  the shoes becomes lighter and more suitable for road running. A single shoe weighs only 232 grams. 

Most runners said the FuelCell is comfortable to wear.  Well, this is the feeling I had when I first wore the shoes.  A couple of users even said the shoe fit nicely and had no discomfort during wear. How the shoes are thought highly of !

But there is another problem: some user have experienced pain in their heel while wearing the shoes. With respect  to this, I should say it is resulted from friction. You just need some time getting along with it.


To summarize, my evaluation of this shoe is the FuelCell’s technology gives features that enable the foot to be ready to run anytime. You can have a try in the flesh.




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Air Jordan 11 “72-10” Performance Review

During the bulls’ heyday, Jordan led the team to a 72-10 record during the 1995-96 season. It is not only an achievement, but also a legend. Therefore, so as to memorize this special day, Jordan Brand launched the Air Jordan 11 “72-10” on its 30th anniversary. Surely, such a work won’t fail us. Let’s look at its performance then.

Air Jordan 11 “72-10” features black glossy patent leather upper and white rubber outsole, which looks simple and thoughtful. Presumably, its theme is what the designer wants to express to us — it is full of personality. The “23” at the heel is, this time, made of embroidery rather than printing. Besides, the Jumpman Logo on the uppers also changes into metal branding from embroidery. A number of buyers signified that they appreciated these changes quite a lot. 

Look at the upper then. On the tongue, there embroidered with the Jumpman logo while the shoelace head is printed with the number “72” and “10” — profound! And made of black glossy patent leather, the upper feels super nice.

At the side, it is a bit similar to the traditional Air Jordan 11’s appearance. The suede shoelace holes and the red Jumpman logo at the heel are both punchlines. 

In terms of the shoes’ comfort, the designer has, indeed, spared no effort to ensure we consumers a comfortable wearing experience. The materials used in the shoe are of very high quality. Whether we want it for daily walking or running, there is even no need wearing socks. A number of testers recollected that they were quite satisfied with the shoe and they enjoyed their experiences very much. In the midsole, it is the thickened foam plus 3/4 Air Sole cushion. No sooner than yo step on it, you will feel the bouncy feedback. However, on the other hand, it has one downside. That is the shoe’s lacking flexibility, which is resulted from the super springy setup. This is a lively example of an old saying: “going too far is as bad as not going far enough.”

Since the upper  is made of leather, it should, theoretically, have air holes  in the upper to guarantee breathability. But, disappointingly, it has none. So, if you are bothered by the sweat under your foot, I suggest you don’t expect too much of it.

A single shoe weighs 487 grams which is an average data.

Now that it is made of leather, it should have, in fact,  it has in the first place excellent support performance. The patent-leather leather authentically stands out for its support and stability.

Its mid-top design with soft sponges provide a very tight wrapping. When making breakthroughs, the shoe will be deformed while the heel is always in a very stable state, giving the ankle a strong support.

Tying your laces tightly, you will have a different wrapping  experience.

Many buyers are especially satisfied with outsole because they didn’t see any signs of wear or tear after a long time’s running. The outsole has also excellent durability. After all, it is made of durable rubber. For the pattern, the front and rear soles are designed with a herringbone to provide superior grip. The translucent rubber outsole with water wave texture can also provide the multi-angle, the omni-directional grip.

Equipped with 3/4 Air Sole cushion and soft foams in the midsole, court feel is very nice.

You can see that during running the sole bounce back instantly.

When you land on the ground, all your strengths are in your feet. You can experience an awesome feeling — something of stepping on a pillow. Well, if you want to know what the feeling is like, you’d better try it in the flesh.


Some complaint that the shoes are over-priced. But making allowance for those excellent setup the shoe equips, you’ll find the price rather reasonable. Anyway, it is a bit expensive though, it still worth your trying and maybe you’ll be into it.


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Brooks GLYCERIN 15 Performance Review

When I first got this Brooks GLYCERIN 15, some of my friends asked me, “Why did you choose the shoes? It doesn’t seem to suit you.” Well, there were moments when I hesitated whether to buy it. But shortly the confusion was bridged. To tell you the truth, I’m a bit fat. And so as to stay slim, I make up my  mind to lose weight. Therefore, I chose aerobic exercise which is a good way to keep slim. And this time, a good shoe used for exercise would be necessary.  Another reason I chose Brooks GLYCERIN 15 is it equips with nice cushioning setup, for those who seldom exercise or heavier ones which will decrease injuries occurred to joints. Many runners noted that the leg pain they usually felt due to foot and leg problems diminished when they ran with the Brooks Glycerin 15. For cushioning setup, I will introduce it you at length. 

For the appearance, the last version, Brooks GLYCERIN 14 is mainly green and grey while this one features purple and black, which is still very eye-catching. But some may have different views. They are likely to signify that the shoe as a whole looks very cold and isn’t energetic enough. It just depends.

On the side is the prominent Brooks logo.

The outsole is divided into three parts. The forefoot mainly deals with friction between the shoe and the ground; after all, most people land with their forefoot first. In the light of this point, the grains in forefoot is more dense. Besides, as you can see, the latter sole has two parts and they are made of 2 kinds of materials. Resulting from this, the outsole performs very well whatever the ground is, smooth or rough. One downside is you may need to clean the shoe frequently — to keep the shoe clean and to ensure a nice grip performance.

In the toe, it is the protection design which can avoid the wearer’s toe from injuring.

Then it’s turn to wrapping and support. Wrapping is nice, which is appreciated by many reviewers. You won’t need to tie your laces very tightly. It seems you can obviously feel the shoe attaching to your feet so long as you tie your laces. You can easily get well with the shoe as it does not need to be broken in. As for support, many buyers said  that the shoe didn’t have enough arch support. For those with high arches I won’t recommend it because I found that  it caused some rubbing. Anyway, here I suggest you go to stores and have a try, otherwise, you won’t know what the shoe will bring to you.

Attached on the tongue is some basic information about the shoe you bought.

For the insole, it is, as it is, the most average setup of the shoe. There is simply not any tech in it.

Materials used in the shoe is  very friendly to our skin. A number of users mentioned that the shoe’s fit is not only right, but the shoe is also a neutral road running shoe equipped with premium comfort. Buyers also signified that they can even put on the shoe without wearing socks, which even save their time washing socks! Of course, this is a humorous term. But it really does us some good. Only by wearing it by yourself can you know whether it is what you are always looking for.

An important part which have been asked many times is about the shoe’s weight. It is indeed super lightweight. The Glycerin 15 is actually a lightweight shoe which plenty of runners appreciated in their reviews.

In terms of cushioning setup, it is another aspect that persuades me into buying this Brooks GLYCERIN 15. Compared with the 14th edition, the Brooks Glycerin 15 is the most awaited updated of the Glycerin 14. Many users said that the Brooks Glycerin 15 is a comfortable shoe. In my view, this greatly results from the cushioning setup. Well, the cushioning of the Glycerin 15 is, objectively speaking,  a super welcome update. After testing it, I am delighted to say that the shoe offered a springy ride. You can also test it in the flesh. But on the other hand, super springy cushion will also incur some new problems, say, instability. Another user once narrated that the footbed cushioning was nice though, it also resulted in the shoe being noticeably less stable than the former model. “Every coin has two sides.” If you want nice foot feel, Brooks Glycerin15 is a good choice.


During my two weeks’ test, Brooks GLYCERIN 15 is satisfying in most parts. But, there is always a but — I’ve also found some signs of early wear on the outsole. So, you may be careful in terms of this respect. All in all, it is still a reliable companion when doing short runs or light workouts.





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The Features about Sneaker of 2019

Dating back to 2018, there were many excellent and brand-new sneakers, such as  Nike React Element 87, Nike Air Fear of God 1,  YEEZY 500 , PUMA Clyde Court and so on. For many sneaker fans, it is good news. And they sincerely hope this trend will be continued this year. As a loyal sneaker fan, I get very excited too when I have the capacity of buying a pair of beloved sport shoes of my own. Such thing is always very encouraging.

The Puma Ignite Limitless released by PUMA gained a large number of popularity, signified by official data. The most appealing part is its new lacing tech which is totally automatic.

For this one, the AIR MAX 720, it has made a newest record — the 38 mm super thick cushion is the most thick one among the sneaker market.

For all there has been many new designs appearing in the past several months of 2019. And among those shoes, the most arresting one is  Nike Adapt BB basketball  shoe and Puma Fi(Fit Intelligence). What is certain is that we are meeting many surprises in the rest of 2019. So, just stay tuned. 

Judging from the newly released shoes, it is easy for us to draw such a conclusion: deconstruction is still the trend.

The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1, adapting Back Swoosh, has won the affection and support of Michael Jordan. But as a result of this, the price of this shoe is on the increase. On the other hand, the “deconstruction” craze sparked by Virgil Abloh and The “The Ten” series is still continuing. The Sacai x Nike「Blazer with The Dunk」&「LVD with Waffle Daybreak」,UNDERCOVER x Nike Waffle Racer and COMME des GARÇONS HOMME Plus x Air Jordan 1 all sell very well of this year. Looking back, we’ll find that today’s sport shoes are much more neoteric and designers of today will no longer be confined to those traditional and conservative thought pattern. 

The LOUIS VUITTON, designed by VIRGIL ABLOH who learned a design from vintage basketball shoes, gives us a refreshing feeling. Throughout the history of sports shoes, we’ll find that basketball shoes have a very important reference to fashion shoes. And with time going by, the difference between the two will be bridged in the near future. Take Nike Air Fear of God 1 for instance. Designed by  Jerry Lorenzo, it is very fashionable and there are many details worth pondering. As a pair of basketball shoes, Nike Air Fear of God 1 is not only very stylish, but more importantly, very influential.

Apart from the above, the fourth Damian Lillard signature shoe, the adidas DAME 4, is also a popular model;  the y-3 BYW BBALL basketball shoes inspired by James Harden and Nike Kobe 1 Protro that was partly designed by UNDEFEATED both demonstrate that basketball shoes can also be a fashion trendsetter. And except from  Why Not Zer0.2, the Russell Westbrook’s new signature shoe, a New Balance sneaker  designed for Kawhi Leonard is available now. It is a hot hit in most retailers.

SALOMON outdoor trail shoes has been frequently seen in many shows.

Nowadays, many woman sneakers are being continually released, which shows that these sport shoes are paying more and more attention to the development of female market. Last year, many famous brands, in the face of a large female market, have come up with exclusives for women, which was quite envied.

YOON has become a well-known female designer in modern world. Surely, her designs are to arise many attention. Just stay tuned. Surprises are on the road.




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NIKE AIR MAX 98 QS Performance Review

It is, as it were, a legend! Since the first pair of Nike Air Max 98 was designed by Nike, the series has been very active in the sneaker for 20 years. Rarely can a series last for so long a time; therefore, it can live up to the its reputation during these years. It is only by surviving in cruel competitions that can a model fit in with modern world. 

Now that it is the 20th anniversary of the birth of NIKE Air Max 98, Nike released this bright color scheme which is in homage to this memorable event.

The upper part of the shoe is mainly green. And with some orange lines and other delicate decorations and presented in a patchwork of several bright colors, the shoe looks very novel. Besides, the collar equips with a rarely used color to match the whole shoe — the mint green, bringing us a kind of refreshing feeling. About the outsole, I want to say that no matter how many novel colorways you have seen before, you are still likely to get astonished at this one. The shoe is bright not only in the visible part, but in the invisible respects, say, the outsole(which is not so visible compared with the upper). It combines orange and white to create a different effect, which seems very energetic and lively.

For the upper, the materials used can live up to its price. It feels quite soft and comfortable. Many buyers signified that it is a shoe that gives you quite a lot of energy, seemingly to push to exercise. And at the side, it is decorated with grape purple, vibrant orange and mint green. Very positive, isn’t it? As for the heel part, it is the irregular design and comprised of several colors. I believe that the matching color of this shoe will absolutely make you very eye-catching in the crowd.

The upper, as is mentioned before, is made of many materials, which are of high quality. In the mint green part, it is a soft fabric material that guarantees the breathability and foot-feel of the shoes. The mint-green shoes are reinforced with orange striped embroidery, and the soles are fitted with a full-soled visible air cushion that offers flexibility.

The outer layer of full-foot air cushion is durable rubber outsole. After a series of tests, there is no obvious wear and tear. With  respect to this aspect, you can see that there are many different shades of grains, providing friction timely. As a pair of fashionable shoes, the price-performance ratio of this pair of Max 98 is quite high. The grain of the forefoot is more apparent while that of the heel part is relatively smooth, and the concave and convex feeling that fore part forms brings excellent grip performance.

For all the shoe has used full-foot Air cushion, there isn’t seem any nice bouncy feedback. Maybe it requires some time breaking in. And after getting along with it for some time will it offer us some nice court feeling. When running , the shoe needs a certain amount of weight to step on it, otherwise, there is no way to experience the soft spring feeling of air cushion, and this shoe, in the running process is better than daily walking.

A single shoe of NIKE AIR MAX 98 QS weighs 420 grams, which is neither too heavy nor too light. And such weight is more than suitable for combats. In terms of wrapping and support, the case is that the two are now closely related. For wrapping, the interlaced lace system inside and outside brings a better sense of wrapping to the shoes. The mint green collar is matched with the same color laces, dotted with orange lace holes, and the overall color can be described as an unique masterpiece.


If only looking at the outlook of the shoe, it is rather fashionable and can match all kinds of daily dressing. And if you want to check some details, it won’t fail you, either. All tech and decorations are here; both can live up to the price. The vamp is super delicate in design, creating an extraordinary texture and bright unique style.  They are just here for you to check!





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John Elliott x Nike LeBron Ico Performance Review

In the sneaker market, it is never novel to see some new sneakers’ releasing. And it is certain that not every sneaker will satisfy all consumers, but still there are always some sneaker models that make sneaker fans care for buying them without any complaint. And this John Elliott x Nike LeBron Ico is such kind of model. Since its launch, I’ve never seen its sale decline. Sneaker fans just try all methods to cop one pair and as a result, many retailers are out of goods.

This new king James boots, designed by John Elliott’s in collaboration with Nike, has been equipped with this year’s most popular translucent material in the vamp. And with some delicate details, say, the black and white strips, the shoe looks more fashionable compared with the original model.

The shoe, as a whole, is very eye-catching in the crowd. The black and white color scheme is simple but profound at the meantime. The upper is very thin and the materials used are very breathable. Therefore, a pair of John Elliott x Nike LeBron Ico in hot summer days will help you in many ways. For some players especially those who like outdoor courts, a shoe with excellent ventilation performance is a necessity. Having the shoe, you won’t have to worry about the bothering sweat yielded under the feet.

The Air Max in the shoe is totally visible, so there is simply no point concerning about the cushioning performance. And the belt in the heel  is actually more convenient for buyers to wear and take off  the shoes. Aside from that, the black stripe embroidery on both sides has, to some extent, enhanced the shoe’s support.

The shoe is in fact very lightweight — it is only 385 grams, which is rather lighter than other practical sneakers. The lightness should also result from the breathable upper. Not only is the upper very breathable, but it has also greatly decreased the shoe’s weight. And all these only result in nice flexibility. Well, I must admit that  the wear experience is awesome. You might as well have a try. Then you are very likely to fall in love with it.

In the fore part, because of the wide toe structure, the wrapping performance is not so good. You can see the black striped embroidery which is used on the top of the shoes to increase the durability of the shoes and avoid attracting dust to the upper.

Though wrapping in the forefoot is not so satisfying, the heel wrapping is not bad however. Wearing the shoe, you will find a noticeable wrapping effect after tightening the shoe. And after getting the shoe, in my case, I surprisingly found that the side was surrounded by high-quality leather reinforcement and hot-melt adhesive tape so as to enhance support.

Regarding the deformation, I think highly of the black embroidery because it is the black strips that help protect the overall feet. But for the black “gadget”, the player’s feet would get hurt very easily.

In the heel part, there is a TPU to consolidate the shoe’s performance and inside the shoe there has been padded with a full sponge. With the above tech, the ankle can be well protected.

In terms of the traction and durability, I am quite satisfied with it. Made of thick crystal rubber, you can enjoy yourself  without worrying about wearing out your shoes. Anyway, the outsole is very thick. As for the traction, personally, it is the best performance of the shoe. Only by looking at the outsole, an illusion may arise: the sole is very smooth. Can it really bite the floor very well? The answer is, definitely, yes! If you have a chance to have a try, you won’t have the confusion. For all it seems smooth, there are many small grains carved in the sole, thus producing friction with the ground. Whatever the ground is, many reviewers signified that the outsole can handle with them easily.

Respective of cushioning, you might feel a bit hard. But by saying that, I don’t mean that the feeling is dismal, but that the shoe doesn’t wear very comfortably. To have a wonderful experience, it require some time breaking in. Only by the way can you feel the bouncy feedback.


If you just want a pair of fashionable shoes to match your daily dressing, then you might as well consider this John Elliott x Nike LeBron Ico; if you want a shoe which is not only practical, but also fashionable, this one is your best choice. Surely, you will become the focus in the crowd.






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Nike Air Force 1 Low Retro CT16 QS Performance Review

As a pair of practical sneaker, Nike Air Force 1 plays an important role in the sneaker market. But as time goes by, it seems Nike Air Force 1 is now more popular as a pair of casual shoes — out in the street, it can be seen almost everywhere. A number of fans of the Air Force 1 Low noted that even after more than three decades, the shoe still effortlessly works in the basketball court. Therefore, we can draw a conclusion that  Nike Air Force 1, out of question, has an eye-catching appearance. It is shown by a great deal of data that most purchasers appreciated its iconic and stylish flair.

The Nike Air Force 1 Low Retro CT16 QS is legendary for it witnessed a third NBA championship of a team with 76 players in 1983. Then what about its performance? Let’s see…

This Nike Air Force 1 Low Retro CT16 QS looks super nice in the model’s feet, isn’t it? Its white and red color scheme is simple but elegant at the same time. The golden lace heads and gold lace buckles both add some delicacy for the shoe.  As the most original shoe of the AF 1 series, this white and red Nike Air Force 1 Low Retro CT16 QS is very dynamic.

The vamp is made of leather and so as to ensure breathability, the designer made in it, which can be obviously seen in the pictures. In the shoe tongue, there is a red embroidered “Nike Air” logo and the golden lace heads are carved with “1983” which is in homage to  Moses Malone. On the side of the shoe, the red Swoosh looks very appealing in a white background. And at the back of the midsole, there is an “Air” logo, showing that Jordan installs Air cushion technology.

The heel is a bit wide, giving you a feeling of stability. “Nike Air” is virtually seen everywhere in the shoe. Before testing it, I weighed the shoe, which is 445 grams. For those who have known or known of Air Force 1 should know that the shoe is never light. But for this one, the weight is in the middle level–neither too light nor too heavy. And after wearing it, still, you will feel your foot burdened.  A handful also noted that it is still a little bulky.

Another feeling after wearing the shoe is that it doesn’t wear very comfortably. The leather uppers with chunky rubber soles make the wearing experience not so nice, and the wearer feels very clumsy and not as flexible as wearing other styles.

For all there are many air holes, ventilation is just so so. You will still feel hot wearing the shoes .

And in terms of wrapping and support, I think I have a say because I have tested it many times. During my testing, because the toe part is a bit wide, the wrapping is relatively worse. And even if there are foams inside it, it can not offer perfect wrapping and for those wide footers, the feeling is especially prominent.

The whole shoe body is made of leather. Because of that, the shoe can offer us nice support. Even when there are action changes, the feet remain steady as well.

When making direction changes or emergency stops, the upper does not deform badly.

As for the heel wrapping, unlike the forefoot wrapping, it is not bad. Thanks to the thick materials added, the heel locks the wearer’s foot tightly.

As  Air Force fans, it is never surprising to see thick outsoles in  Air Force series. And after my long time testing, the Air Force 1 Low has also stood the test of time. The durability of this shoe has just greatly impressed many buyers.

The front and back part are relatively ringed and raised, providing excellent grip and a firm grip on the ground in a sudden change of direction. The edges of the outsole are also toothed to provide excellent grip when attacking from multiple angles.

The cushion of Air Force 1  are mainly 3/4Air-Sole units. The units feature thin but tough, and the cushioning effect is quite ordinary. Then what about the Air Force 1 Low Retro CT16 QS equipped with Air cushion? It is somewhat hard. Having no any powerful tech in it, the cushion is rather disappointing. When you step on it, you won’t feel much  bouncy feedback.

However, what comforts us is the springy and soft feeling can be felt when running.


Shortly after the model was released, it gained much attention from all over the world. The popularity of the shoe just sees no signs abating because people still buy this shoe. It has continued to be the shoe that win the hearts and adulation of millions of people through the years.






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Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” Performance Review

Today’s protagonist, Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight”, is a masterpiece by Air Jordan. It is widely known that Air Jordan 3 gains a number of popularity and is always being praised. This time, drawing inspiration from the 1988 Midsummer Night’s Charity Game in L.A. hosted by Magic Johnson, the Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” is born and  gets a retro makeover that feels as if it were pulled right out of the ’80s.

From a personal level, I’ve never seen a sneaker’s appearance more beautiful than that of Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight”. Well, as you can see, it has the typical appearance of Air Jordan 3 and the symbolic “burst” design. Meanwhile, the unique blue and red color scheme is rather visual-impact. Printed on the left side of the tongue is “MJ” signature. “What a wonderful model that excels nature!” I just couldn’t help exclaiming the moment I got the shoe.

In some reviewers’ term, the shoe is a pleasant surprise when they first pulled it out of the box for it features soft premium feeling tumbled leather. Besides the fact, another highlight of the shoe is it features front and rear separated Air Sole and equips a visible Air cushion at the heel, providing awesome cushioning and super nice court feeling. You can rightly feel the comfort the minute you put them on. And the feeling becomes more prominent when you are running. You’ll definitely receive feedback it offers instantly. To summarize, its performance really surprises me.

Let’s get a detailed look at the upper then. The white and light grey color match well with the classic grey crackle and the flying man logo embroidered on the tongue. And on top of that, there is a large TPU installed in the heel. With the support of all these elements, the foot feeling is very nice. The texture of the shoe feels quite nice. However, a downside is that there are only some air holes in the tongue , which means breathability is insufficient. Therefore, if you are the one who dislike  stuffy and airtight feel, you’d better choose other models.

As for wrapping and support, the two aspects are something you can expect. Made of leather, as is mentioned earlier, the shoe wraps well, causing comfortable feelings only. It’s said that the shoelace hole design at the front makes up for the lack of wide toe wrap. For this, you can have some experience yourself. In addition, there is a thickened foam inside the heel, which ensures the wrapping of the ankle. In terms of the support, it is not bad, either. We should, objectively speaking, credit the nice experience to the large TPU. Whenever and wherever you make direction changes, the shoe doesn’t yield deformation in the least.

Regarding to the shoe’s grip, we might as well check the pattern of the outsole first. The raised pattern of the forefoot will produce friction with all kinds of ground, thus offering brilliant grip for us. It can hold the ground firmly when players change directions suddenly. But what confuses me is that I don’t see why there are some claiming the outsole a deal breaker. Maybe it is because of the durability of the outsole — if you are into outdoor courts which are relatively rougher than indoor ones, the outsole wears out easily. And since there are many grains in sole, gravels and dust are attracted to the outsole easily, which means you will need to take the trouble to clean it frequently so as to stay motivated.


Using high quality leather, the shoe, either the “white” or the “burst” color scheme, feels super nice. The leather vamp offers quite outstanding support and wrapping. Not only does it protect the wearer’s feet, but also offers stability. On balance, Air Jordan International Flight has virtually everything others have: eye-catching appearance, excellent performance and above all, a reasonable price.  It doesn’t fail us.

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Jordan Jumpman Diamond Performance Review

For many Jordan fans, every summer is something they can expect: since Jordan has released many sneakers before, it always “takes the trouble” to design new models and it often surprises us through Quai 54 which is a basketball “feast”. This summer Tinker Hatfield and Jordan Brand have come together once again to deliver the Jordan Jumpman Diamond. Well, it is known that besides some limited color schemes released in Quai 54, the brand-new shoes’ appearances also attract much attention. With Tinker Hatfield’s original design, let’s see how will Jumpman Diamond surprise us.

Of today’s protagonist, it is not a mid-top model but a low-top one which is adjusted by Thinker. Well, as a result of different preferences of different people, Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low is, certainly, not acknowledged by everyone. Compared with some high-top models, this low-top sneaker has quite enough flexibility which can not be offered by the former. Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low has, in other reviewers’ terms, remained many designs of previous versions. Thinker has only made some changes in the upper. And because the temperature is on the rise, some low-top sneakers rather than high-top ones are much more popular among most players.

Well, as a pair of low-top sneaker, it should not disappoint we fans. It is widely acknowledged that protection and stability are of great importance for a low-top shoe. In my view, the advantage of low-top models is that it is easy to wear ankle pad and there is no need to choose a bigger size. In the era of originality, we all tend to buy original models. But staggeringly, there are some models being changed every now and then. For this model, the most appealing part is the midsole designed by Tinker Hatfield. The design, which covers almost the whole midsole, not only strengthens the sole, but also extends upward at the heel; thus, a relatively solid support system is formed, which will not easily generate deformation due to external force.

Looking at the upper, you will then find the material somewhat rough. To some extend, it won’t cause any uncomfortableness, but is likely to be friendly wide footers only. When designing the shoe, Tinker filled some materials inside the upper. As for wrapping, its excellent performance should be credited to the lacing system. After fastening the laces, the shoe offers a nice wrapping and support for the wearer. And on the sides of the toe, stability is further enhanced by adding the hot-melt design.

All these elements, of course, allow the Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low pair to maximize the benefits of the mid-top shoes, offering new options for those who don’t like the ankle wrapping. And in terms of the breathability, for all there are no air holes in the upper, its performance is not worse than those that have mesh vamps.

Based on we reviewers’ experiences, the performance of the midsole can not be said to be very eye-catching. It is just average. However, facing the diverse needs of diverse consumers in modern life, it would be hard to satisfy everyone. Therefore, it is certainly disappointing if adding only one Zoom Air in the forefoot. However, the fact is just this case. But, on the other hand, we should not require too much of this Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low in the light of its rational price. So, we had better not make too much comparisons with others.

In short, although it can not offer us an excellent court feel, it can still meet some of our basic needs. On court, when we place strength on the shoe, the forefoot Zoom Air offers feedback instantly. The performance, in some buyers’ term, is not bad. But on the record, if you have certain require of cushioning performance, you’ll need to think twice.

In the last part, let’s turn to the outsole. The materials used in the sole is relatively hard–there is no support of XDR. But as a pair of combat sneaker, its practical use is what really counts. The other day, we tested it on painted ground. And it turned out to be very nice. Owing to the design of multi-direction veins on outsole, it can grasp the ground very well when making emergency stop action.


In general, the shoe has its own unique design, and the estimate of the product is very objective and accurate–it is a pair of combat shoes that can meet people’s outfield needs and feature supporting performance. Anyway, I’ve got a pair shortly after it was released.




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Sales Competition of Nike Zoom Freak 1 And Adidas D.O.N Issue #1

Again, this summer, Nike and Adidas released their new first version of sneaker–Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Nike Zoom Freak 1 and Donovan Mitchell’s Adidas D.O.N. ISSUE #1. With the fierce competition between the two going on, many of us will ask, “Which one will win?” Then here is the answer.

For Giannis Antetokounmpo, this is a good year because he not only won the MVP in NBA, but also gained his first signature shoe. And Nike just launched Zoom Freak 1 timely. Those who want a pair of Zoom Freak 1 can finally have the chance to cop one.

In terms of the shoe’s setup, Zoom Freak 1 has equipped with some excellent ones. As is said in many reviews, Zoom Freak 1 has no cushion setup in the forefoot while there are two layers of Zoom Air in the heel. Such combination is quite different and it is quite a highlight of Zoom Freak 1. But a downside of the shoe is it  has no any technology in the forefoot. Besides, midsole TPU and carbon board are absent as well.

An obvious and eye-catching design is the inverted barb which is quite delicate. In the shoe tongue, there is letter “GA” which represents Giannis Antetokounmpo. Besides the above, in the heel there is a “34” combined with the Greek flag.

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s father liked roses very much in his whole life while the rubbery pattern on the soles shows the European, African and North American maps, all of which are significant to him. Meanwhile, the crystal bottom extends to the side of the shoe, which is to prevent rollover.

It’s said that the straps that fix the uppers symbolize the four brothers, form which we can see family are of great importance for Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Let’s turn to Donovan Mitchell then. What is interesting is Donovan Mitchell has a nickname which is “spider man”. This shows Donovan Mitchell have both speed and explosive style as spider man.

Compared with Zoom Freak 1 of the same size, D.O.N. ISSUE #1 looks rather big because the heel of D.O.N. ISSUE #1 bulges out so much that the base of the shoe could be stable enough.

The cushioning system has installed with Bounce which is quite magical. The court feel is enough for most players and feedback is prompt.

In terms of the upper, it is made with great care. And the inside of the upper cleverly shows the Adidas three-bar logo while the outer has an additional enhancement which connects the lacing system.

With all the excellent setups, Adidas D.O.N Issue #1 is very worthwhile with a low price. Here I need to mention that the shoe is a low-top model, thus resulting in no any protection for the ankle.


After this short review, surely, most of you have an idea about which one to choose in your brain. For, if taking the appearance into consideration, I would pick Adidas D.O.N. ISSUE #1. However, this is the same as other things: views of different people vary a lot. So the choice rests in you.