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The Performance Review of ASICS MetaSpeed Sky

ASICS MetaSpeed Sky has been released. After testing, below is my reviews for the performance of ASICS MetaSpeed Sky.

  1. The shoes is light. The unit weight of US9 ASICS MetaSpeed Sky is only 193g.
  2. The size is a little smaller than normal size. It’s a little tight.
  3. When jogging, it’s soft but not comfortable. After speeding up, it becomes more comfortable. It’s unsuitable for jogging.
  4. The resilience and cushion performance of ASICS MetaSpeed Sky is great. It can compete with VAPORFLY NEXT%.
  5. The anti-skid of ASICS MetaSpeed Sky is good. I haven’t slipped when running on the wet road.
  6. It’s a little tight after wearing, but it’s not so tight when running.
  7. The insole material is a little yellowing.
  8. Although the heel don’t have counter, but the overall supporting performance is still good.

The overall performance of ASICS MetaSpeed Sky is great. I expect the performance of ASICS Metaspeed Edge.

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