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adidas D.O.N Issue#2 Performance Review

Today we want to talk about the performance of D.O.N Issue#2.

Tester: 180cm/100kg

Size: US10.5 D.O.N Issue#2

Testing Time: about 4 to 5 hours

Court: Indoor wood floor and outdoor PU court

Playing way: PF/Center

Insole Cushion Performance: 6 scores

The insole of D.O.N Issue#2 uses full-length Bounce EVA. According to different position, the thickness of insole is different. This kind of design should be adjusted for the speeding type defenders. The feedback of forefoot sole is a little stiff for me.

But I’m surprised at the Bounce insole of rear sole. The feedback is good.D.O.N Issue#2 is the signature shoes of Donovan Mitchell who is defender. So if you play PF or Center, it’s better to consider it before purchasing.

Feedback: 8 scores

We can see that some parts of insole and outsole is thinner. It’s designed for easily bending and reducing the waste of strength.

D.O.N Issue#2 is very suitable for the young and powerful players.

The full-length Bounce insole is thin on forefoot sole and thick on rear sole.

It has TPU anti-torsion plate extending from forefoot sole to mid-sole.

Fitness: 8 scores

The vamp of D.O.N Issue#2 is mainly made of mesh fabric and composite material. With the half inner sleeve and thick foam padding on the ankle part, the overall fitness is good. It’s comfortable after wearing. But after fastening the shoelaces, it’s a little tight on the instep. If your instep is high, it’s better to have a try on physical store.

The size of D.O.N Issue#2 is standard.

Traction Performance: 7.5 scores

The traction performance of D.O.N Issue#2 is great. The pattern is spider web type rhomboid pattern. The traction performance on indoor and outdoor court is great.

When urgently stop and turning, the outsole can grip the ground well. The reason that I only give the traction performance of D.O.N Issue#2 7.5 scores is, the crystal outsole is easy to absorb dust, it needs to clean often.

Air Permeability: 6 scores

When seeing the thick padding on the ankle, we know that the air permeability of D.O.N Issue#2 should be not good. After exercising, the ankle part is wet.

Supporting Performance & Anti-torsion Performance: 7.5 scores

The vamp of D.O.N Issue#2 has some gluing parts, such as the outboard vamp is reinforced by gluing plate.

The inboard vamp is reinforced by a piece of synthetic leather. The supporting performance of vamp is great.

The forefoot sole has out trigger design. The build-in X shape TPU anti-torsion plate also improve the stability.

Abrasive Resistance: 5.5 scores

I have worn D.O.N Issue#2 to play the basketball games about 8 hours, and I have found that the outsole has rough selvedge. The abrasive resistance is not good. But the present price is not high. So it’s ok.

Weight: 6 scores

The unit weight of US10.5 D.O.N Issue#2 is 460g. It’s not very heavy.

Appearance: 8 scores

After releasing D.O.N Issue#2, I have been attracted by its appearance. The Spider man colorway is cool.

Cost Performance: 7 scores

The material and design of D.O.N Issue#2 is great. So the present price is not high.

Overall: 80 scores

D.O.N Issue#2 is designed for the speeding type defenders and young powerful players. The cushion performance of full-length Bounce is great. You will be satisfied at its feedback. The direct feedback from forefoot sole is unsuitable for me. If you are frontline players like me, it’s better to consider it better before purchasing.

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