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adidas D.O.N Issue#2 Performance Review

Today we want to talk about the performance of D.O.N Issue#2.

Tester: 180cm/100kg

Size: US10.5 D.O.N Issue#2

Testing Time: about 4 to 5 hours

Court: Indoor wood floor and outdoor PU court

Playing way: PF/Center

Insole Cushion Performance: 6 scores

The insole of D.O.N Issue#2 uses full-length Bounce EVA. According to different position, the thickness of insole is different. This kind of design should be adjusted for the speeding type defenders. The feedback of forefoot sole is a little stiff for me.

But I’m surprised at the Bounce insole of rear sole. The feedback is good.D.O.N Issue#2 is the signature shoes of Donovan Mitchell who is defender. So if you play PF or Center, it’s better to consider it before purchasing.

Feedback: 8 scores

We can see that some parts of insole and outsole is thinner. It’s designed for easily bending and reducing the waste of strength.

D.O.N Issue#2 is very suitable for the young and powerful players.

The full-length Bounce insole is thin on forefoot sole and thick on rear sole.

It has TPU anti-torsion plate extending from forefoot sole to mid-sole.

Fitness: 8 scores

The vamp of D.O.N Issue#2 is mainly made of mesh fabric and composite material. With the half inner sleeve and thick foam padding on the ankle part, the overall fitness is good. It’s comfortable after wearing. But after fastening the shoelaces, it’s a little tight on the instep. If your instep is high, it’s better to have a try on physical store.

The size of D.O.N Issue#2 is standard.

Traction Performance: 7.5 scores

The traction performance of D.O.N Issue#2 is great. The pattern is spider web type rhomboid pattern. The traction performance on indoor and outdoor court is great.

When urgently stop and turning, the outsole can grip the ground well. The reason that I only give the traction performance of D.O.N Issue#2 7.5 scores is, the crystal outsole is easy to absorb dust, it needs to clean often.

Air Permeability: 6 scores

When seeing the thick padding on the ankle, we know that the air permeability of D.O.N Issue#2 should be not good. After exercising, the ankle part is wet.

Supporting Performance & Anti-torsion Performance: 7.5 scores

The vamp of D.O.N Issue#2 has some gluing parts, such as the outboard vamp is reinforced by gluing plate.

The inboard vamp is reinforced by a piece of synthetic leather. The supporting performance of vamp is great.

The forefoot sole has out trigger design. The build-in X shape TPU anti-torsion plate also improve the stability.

Abrasive Resistance: 5.5 scores

I have worn D.O.N Issue#2 to play the basketball games about 8 hours, and I have found that the outsole has rough selvedge. The abrasive resistance is not good. But the present price is not high. So it’s ok.

Weight: 6 scores

The unit weight of US10.5 D.O.N Issue#2 is 460g. It’s not very heavy.

Appearance: 8 scores

After releasing D.O.N Issue#2, I have been attracted by its appearance. The Spider man colorway is cool.

Cost Performance: 7 scores

The material and design of D.O.N Issue#2 is great. So the present price is not high.

Overall: 80 scores

D.O.N Issue#2 is designed for the speeding type defenders and young powerful players. The cushion performance of full-length Bounce is great. You will be satisfied at its feedback. The direct feedback from forefoot sole is unsuitable for me. If you are frontline players like me, it’s better to consider it better before purchasing.

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Unboxing: Adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost

As a loyal basketball lover, I love exercising and I ensure a certain amount of exercises everyday. It not only keeps me energetic, but also makes me more upward in spirit. And so as to guarantee a nice exercise experience, some sports equipment is necessary at such times. It seems I have some kind of magical capability of knowing exactly which styles look best and can match all kinds of daily dressing. But there are sometimes “accidents” as well: I have missed the two sneakers below — the Iniki boost and the ultra boost.

The Iniki boost is a vintage shoe with a white color scheme. I just don’t remember clearly why I didn’t choose it which is a super nice companion.

Instead of choosing the Iniki boost and the ultra boost, I finally picked up the crazy byw2. Unlike the version 1 whose middle top and large opening of the shoe mouth are extremely unfriendly to those with fat feet, I think that of the second edition is very awesome. To tell the truth, I showed no love for the first one until that day when I met with crazy byw2 I just changed my views towards the series.

Some of my friends asked why it looked so strange just like a large chunk and why there is a large piece of support on the side . And I replied that maybe this is part the charm of this pair. The reason I copped this one is owing to my impulse but fortunately, it turned out to be satisfactory. Besides this one, I have also the drift of camper and pump fury of reebok.

For the Boost, I remember that when it was first released, many people were all crazy about its excellent cushioning. There was even once a saying that having the Boost meant you could do anything you want to. However, as time goes, it seems the Boost’s day had had gone away. Its performance is no longer that nice as it was. But if simply looking at the cushioning, it is passable now though it still plays a big part in today’s sneaker market.

This is a smiling face in the shoe and it is I think the most lovely part of the shoe.

The Boost inside is still very big and thick.

The inside boot design and the big heel collar are both made of relatively hard materials. So there are some complaining the pain in their feet when they first wore the shoe. But it requires some time breaking in and after a time getting with it, it wears nicely and cause no pain.

The vamp warps very well but the breathability is not so good as I had expected. You’ll feel slightly stuffy inside.

Here is the split full foot boost and a TPU.

The crystal rubber outsole grips well. But as you can see it gets a bit yellow even if I tried my best to wash the stain away.


The white Boost as is shown that it is easily stained and hardly can the yellow stain be washed away. So if you  mind this part, you’d better turn around and seek other ones. In short, my love for the shoe is more than my “mocking” it. For you, I am sure you’ve also had an idea in your mind.


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Adidas Pure BOOST GO Performance Review

This summer, Adidas has launched a new work to the BOOST series. And the new work is Adidas Pure BOOST GO. With a full-foot BOOST midsole and the fore part designed wider, it is an extremely adaptable running shoe that is tailored for city runners. For its performance, there are many tech that needs introducing. So here we go checking it together.

To tell the truth, the first sight of Adidas Pure BOOST GO, I am so attracted that I can not even move my eyes away from it. Personally, I am a person who pursues simplicity and this fits my “taste” so much. For the shoe’s appearance, the pure white upper is very simple and aesthetic. With the mesh TPU supporting material on the inner side and wide fore foot design from which we can see the BOOST midsole, the shoe performs not bad. But according to several testers, the outline of the toes showed unappealingly against the knitted fabric; they also noted that it may potentially damage the material.

The shoe body is printed with the beige Adidas trademark three bars and the design of sock-style makes it easier to put on and take off.

At the back, it is a simple grey and white colour scheme and a mesh TPU support material covering the heel. But it is still the Boost that is the most eye-catching.

Most people who tried the Adidas Pure Boost Go stated that it offered them great comfort. Well, it is just the case.The quality of the materials was deemed to be top-notch. So using the original vamp knit material and BOOST midsole, the shoes is quite lightweight. A single shoe weighs only 280 grams, which ensures lightness.

Some consumers laud the upper unit is praised for being able to stretch and accommodate wide feet. After all, the fore part is designed wide.

The knitted vamp wraps the foot very well. No sooner than you put the shoes on will you feel that your feet are tightly locked under the footbed. Especially after you fasten your laces, you are into an experience that you feel like you are just wearing a pair of socks. But it is temperate as well; it won’t be a bother — it offers free movement of the foot while the upper provides excellent air permeability.

Some pointed out that the underfoot cushioning is in agreement with long distance running sessions. Of course, the full foot BOOST cushioning never disappoints us. It gives us a bouncy feeling even if when there is a little pressure on it.

A mesh TPU support material is designed on the inner side of the toe toe to provide some support so as to enhance the support given by knitted vamp. Even though the vamp has undergone obvious deformation during running, steadiness is still there.

Looking at the pattern, it is a bit unusual. But for those who have Trypophobia, it is rather “disgusting”. The netted rubber outsole is regularly distributed with cylindrical bumps, which can provide all-round and multi-angle grip experience with extremely strong grip. 

For durability, it will not fail us. Because of the unusual pattern, durability of shoe is increased to a certain high level. It can stand the test of time.

The springy experience brought by Boost  improves the my overall impression toward the shoe. You can immediately feel the soft bounce of your foot and see the sole slightly deform and bounce back as you walk. The soft bounce is much clearer when running,( which is mentioned earlier) and the deform and bounce is much more pronounced when landing, providing superior energy feedback. 


Not only is it suitable as a running shoe, but it is also fashionable for daily wearing. Many have tried the shoe and they declared that they were delighted with its performance.  Also, on the other hand, it is affordable, which is a piece of good news for many fans. Anyway, you must have had an idea in your  brain now and if you decide to try it, you might as well take action now.


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Sales Competition of YEEZY BOOST And Air Jordan 1

There’s a saying: in the era of cultural shock, sneakers become, as it were, the only constant belief of young people. And do you know how many pairs of  YEEZY BOOST and Air Jordan 1 have been sold in the former half of this year? And although there are a lot of up-and-coming players in the secondary shoe market, the brands which are on top of the shoe market remain Nike and Adidas. As time goes by , what is the outcome of the fierce competition between  YEEZY BOOST and Air Jordan 1 ? Let’s see…

Last year in the competition of YEEZY and Air Jordan 1, it was obvious that the latter won out over the former. And from then on, Air Jordan 1 adapted some strategies which further beat out  YEEZY.

According to the official data released by StockX in 2018, Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG sold the best while the second one is YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 and the third YEEZY Desert Rat 500. In addition, the fourth and the fifth both are Air Jordan sneakers.

However, everything remains unknown and so does the outcome of the competition between YEEZY BOOST and Air Jordan 1 of this year. Things are likely to fare the way we hadn’t expected. In the former half of 2019, YEEZY has, at least, released 17 sneakers with different color scheme. Even though YEEZY BOOST 700 and YEEZY BOOST 700 V2 are both in discount state, YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 still gains a large number of popularity among sneaker fans. On top of that,  data have shown that the color scheme of “Black Reflective” has been sold for more than 10000 pairs while the female size nearly 30000 pairs. All these demonstrate that YEEZY series still have great influences on the shoe market.

The color scheme “Black Reflective” of YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 is the real winner of the first half of this year with an average price of $1,171.

Apart from that, YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 has also released Antlia which is available in Europe only. And the limited Antlia and Synth are also released later. As a matter of fact, they are quite similar to each other, as is shown below.

However, the fact is that besides the YEEZY sneakers mentioned above, the other YEEZY BOOST shoes seem quite average and they seem ignored. As for their prices, they fluctuate a lot.

What is worth mentioning is that never has YEEZY BOOST launched a sneaker that still can gain much popularity under the premise of oversized inventory. Only when a shoe’s amount is known limited will it be sold out in a short time.

Let’s turn to Air Jordan 1 then. In the past 6 months, except Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 High OG “Court Purple” and Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 High OG, Air Jordan 1 didn’t seem to have any very popular models. From an objective standpoint, except some objective causes, a subjective reason is Nike seemed not pay much effort to Air Jordan 1.

The newly released Air Jordan 1 High OG “Gym Red” can be looked upon as the last effort of Air Jordan 1 in the former half of 2019.

The Air Jordan 1 High OG “Turbo Green”,Air Jordan 1 High OG “Neutral Grey”,Air Jordan 1 High OG “Phantom” and Air Jordan 1 High OG Defiant “Couture” released earlier are all priced under one thousand yuan. 

It is quite obvious that YEEZY BOOST has basically  won in the first half year. However, there are many sneakers waiting for releasing. So we can not rush to a conclusion now because there is still a long way to go for YEEZY BOOST and Air Jordan 1.




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What’s the Difference between Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 And Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0

Among the many famous sneakers, what we are most familiar with or in other words, the most popular one is the Adidas UltraBoost series. From all the time, it receives extensive attention and I take it for granted that it is well known that UltraBoost has developed its fourth edition. However, whether we authentically know about it stays debatable. Therefore, here we are going to have a look at the differences between UltraBoost 3.0 and UltraBoost  4.0 so as to learn more about them. By the means, maybe you will like the UltraBoost shoes all the more.

When we get a new shoe, it is the shoe’s appearance that leaves us the first impression; hence, its appearance is of great importance. For this Ultra Boost 3.0, it looks not bad. There is the Ultra Boost in the heel part and a three-bar design at the side. And the whole upper uses weaving technology, making the whole seem more integrated. As for the Ultra Boost 4.0, it seems there isn’t any obvious change. You can compare the two in the pictures shown.

It is certain that there are changes from appearance to performance in Ultra Boost’s later versions. For instance, the Ultra Boost 4.0 has been equipped with hollowed design in the midsole, which ensures breathability for those who are outdoor creatures.

In terms of their performance, once you start trying them, chances are that you will unwilling to take them off. The Ultra Boost 3.0 warps your feet especially well and protects you from slipping inside the the shoe and slipping down. Besides, you can find the prominent difference in the outsole: the full grain and stripes at the edges of the outsole are easily seen, which makes it easier to put on and off.

With respect  to the traction and durability, surely, Ultra Boost 3.0 won’t fail you. For those who have experience these respects, they will know that I am just telling the truth.

Then about Ultra Boost 4.0, personally, there isn’t much change in the wearing experiences. But it still wears comfortably as the Ultra Boost 3.0. For Ultra Boost 4.0, I am mostly impressed by its cushion setup. It is super bouncy and the feedback it offers is prompt. When on court, only a little pressure will result in  a lot of feedback. And needless to say, the overall durability of this model is appreciated by those people who have tried it. Many a buyers even remarked that they enjoy its capacity to last long, even after many runs.


To summary, there is not superiority to one another. Some may observe that they are equally good. Well, it just depends. Though the Adidas Ultra Boost received a lot of praise for its appealing look, but here I will highly recommend you choose the Ultra Boost 4.0 if you want to be in fashion.




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Adidas CLIMACOOL Performance Review

As the summer approaches, many a people can not bear the burning hot days, not to mention those who exercise in outside floors; hence, this adidas CLIMACOOL rises in response to the time and occasion. As one of Adidas’ typical running shoes, the CLIMACOOL always does its best to satisfy its consumers. And I’ve got to tell the truth that the CLIMACOOL offers the best breathability. The majority of the reviewers shared that this pair delivers excellent ventilation. It is the best I’ve ever seen in this aspect. So beyond question, it becomes one of the most popular sneaker. Generally, the preference felt toward a sneaker usually spreads to the whole series to which the sneaker belongs. And according to the data, CLIMACOOL series has become most people’s preference in summer since 2002. Then for this pair, it has been greatly improved in many respects, such as the materials used in upper, the shoe type and so on. All in all, all these efforts are to shake off some runners’ burden and let them feel comfortable.

The colorway of this Adidas CLIMACOOL is navy blue matching the fluorescent yellow. Personally, the appearance of Adidas CLIMACOOL series is never too old nor too cold. It features a three-layer breathable mesh upper thus delivering excellent ventilation. Though the upper is light soft and breathable , support won’t be absent. At the side, the curved pattern will let us think of the ripples which adds some feeling of movement to the shoe. The black stripe has a two-layer structure, and a small amount of filler is interposed between the inner and outer layers of the navy blue stripe.

Still, there is the Adidas logo in the heel part. And CLIMACOOL also installs a hollowed MONO yarn so as to create an area that is extremely cool and breathable. On top of that, the three-bar LOGO, made of  TPU material,  has a certain degree of support for the upper.

For the lacing system, it uses the flat one which laces easily while the longitudinal strips  form the tongue setup.

The “CLIMACOOL” in the inner part again shows the series the shoe belongs to.

The upper is a bit loose and there is spare room for your foot in the forefoot, but the lacing system and the TPU in the middle compensate for this. To tell you the truth,  I hadn’t expect it to perform very well. Before my review, I read some other testers’ articles. I had credited what they remarked and thought I would run into the same feelings that they had. But during my tests, it just turned out to be quite satisfying. Even though there is extra space in the forefoot, I’ve never come across any slipping.

Well, I’ve mentioned many times that  this pair delivers excellent ventilation. The designer has, as it were, tried diverse methods to maximize ventilation. The breathability is guaranteed wherever the designer can think of. “Keeps you cool+dry” is the mission of the series. So don’t get shocked when you  find that even the outsole is hollowed. Looking at the images, you can see there are several “holes” in the sole. For all the “holes”, the traction can still perform very well. Along with the “holes”, the other frictional stripes makes up of the outsole. In many kinds of grounds, say, the cement floor or the wood floor, it hugs them super well. When there are accelerations or emergency stops, you will know then it works best at times as such. And if you like running outdoors, you should bear in mind that your socks may get “black” as it invites much dust to its surface through the “holes”.

The Torsion System anti-rotation piece embedded in the midfoot ensures the stability of the  shoes.

The high-density venting insole further enhances breathability.

When it comes to the cushion, the well-known Boost must be mentioned.And it seems Boost can virtually be seen in every well-know sneaker. However, in the era of Boost, Adidas CLIMACOOL chooses an unusual way–it uses Bounce instead.  If the Boost is said to be soft and bouncy, then Bounce should be classed to be hard and bouncy. Surely, the two are often compared. But objectively speaking, no one is superior to another. It entirely consists in personal preference. When pressure is placed on it, you can feel it bounce back quickly. What’s more, the whole feedback process is relatively clear, and the transition between cushioning and pressure releasing and rebound providing power is relatively smooth.


To summary, Adidas CLIMACOOL is available at a rational price point. It not only delivers  excellent ventilation, but also exceptional comfort as a training footwear and as a lifestyle kick. Many a buyers share that they will highly recommend this pair to their friends and so will I. In hot summer days, one thing you can’t lack is this  Adidas CLIMACOOL.




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Adidas SOLAR BOOST Performance Review

As the Boost’s coming out in 2014, it has drew a lot of people because of its excellent cushioning and elasticity. Meanwhile, in Berlin Marathon, it was Kimetto  who made the Adidas Adios 2 popularly known. Since then, it was widely said that Adidas’ development would be overwhelming. And the fact has proven the prophecy to be true.


In recent years, Adidas combines the Boost with tide shoes, thus resulting in Adidas’ running models being trendier. So it is high time that the Adidas Ultra Boost be born.


However, though the Ultra Boost or any other models are on good sale, many people would take it for granted that Adidas models are just tide running shoes——this is people’s general cognition.


Owing to many kinds of reasons, the professional running shoe, Adidas Energy Boost, is now in an embarrassing situation. Its appearance can’t be said to be appealing——just ordinary. As for its setting, it is defined to be a simplified version of Ultra Boost. So, how can this product won people’s hearts? Apparently, it can not live up to our expectation. So, the Adidas SOLAR BOOST rose in response to the proper time and conditions.


Enlightened by NASA, Adidas Solar Boost features a simple shoe type and possesses a stylish appearance that was suitable for casual wear——as is noted by various commenters. Definitely, it is not the most outstanding one in appearance among the other shoes in history, but surely it is dainty in design. Provided that you observe the shoe with care, you’ll find there are meanings in every detailed part. If you are considering copping one, there are some other colorways for you to choose.


When it comes to the setting, according to official news, Adidas has nearly installed all top tech in this Solar Boost.


For the shoe box, there is nothing special in it. Printed on the side is the basic information of the shoe.


With respect to the upper, there is a lot needs to be mentioned. This is an area where the Solar Boost improves on any other Boost upper, to a point. Equipped with Tailored Fibre Placement tech, the woven upper is never absent in breathability and creates a web of sorts of knit fibers along the midfoot that has a locked down fit. Besides, the forefoot features the Tech Fit integrated upper tech, which is super lightweight and elastic. As is known, the Tech Fit is an elasticized material, so it  appears non-porous and solid that provides a customized fit.


At the same time, the TFU upper Parley lightweight yarn made from marine plastic, which is not only cost effective but also environmentally friendly. On top of that, there is a soft TPU in the heel, offering support and lockdown. With the existence of the lacing system, the wrapping is greatly exalted to some extent. For wide-footers, the upper seems to mold to the wearer’s forefoot without squeezing the foot at all. But for runners with narrow heels, they will struggle with this technology and those requiring structural support may also get frustrated.


Regarding to the cushion, surely, it is the Boost that first comes into our mind. Marked by some buyers that the full length Boost midsole roam provides excellent cushioning and energy return with good durability. In spite of its unsuitability for faster paced running, certainly, many runners will appreciate its plush ride and fit for recreational runners to high mileage hogs. Some users have also said that the Boost provides a cushioning that is more accommodating than expected.


Personally, not only is the cushion accommodating, but also super bouncy. It offers us quite enough feedback which mainly comes from the midsole and the thick insole. You can barely feel your foot stay in the footbed comfortably all the time. Requiring nearly no time breaking in, the shoe performs perfectly in this aspect. Though some shortcomings do exist and the whole is somewhat unsatisfying, you can just expect a wonderful experience on court.


Taking a glimpse of the outsole, what first impresses you? As you can see, the outsole features mainly black and white. The black materials in the holes is just the solar foam.


In the middle of the outsole is the Torsion System Anti-twist fixing tech.


The pattern is simple——officially claimed as Stretch Web system which can improve fluency while playing . For the outsole, it is comprised of Continental rubber, bringing excellent durability; thus, if you are always dying for a long-lasting shoe, why not grab it? Having a broad heel, great grip and surface area in all conditions, the outsole provides you with an enhanced ground feel. Though not being able to have a anti-slip pattern, the grip is still awesome.


One of the shoe’s highlight is in the insole. Well, you may wonder——what is the peculiarity of an insole?


First of all, the insole is covered with flocking material which can effectively prevent the foot from sliding inside the shoe and improves comfort. Superior to the other average fabric material, isn’t it?


Secondly, the elasticity of the insole. Sometimes, you can’t tell whether the bouncy is from the insole or the Boost. And finally, the insole s just thick. With an average thickness of 6 mm, it enhances the integrity of the wearing of the shoe.


Although defined as a professional running shoe, it is yet fashion when there are outings. As I mentioned before, it is suitable for most of you. But here I’d also recommend you have a try in case the wrapping bothers you.



From an objective perspective, this Adidas Solar Boost is thought highly of. Comfortable, responsive,  efficient——these are just what I hear most about the shoe. It is a move in the right direction for the high end Boost line. In fact, the wrapping does really fail some people and dispelled their desire to buy. And some reckon that the Adidas Solar Boost was expensive. However, despite the high price point and other criticisms, it can live up to most people’s expectation. After all, it has proven that it enables a fantastic running adventure.






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adidas Originals EQT BOOST Performance Review


EQT was originally a relatively mature series of clover Originals. Later, some products changed to BOOST midsole and has been popular. If  we judged from the price for all of Adidas, I think the price maybe is  EQT BOOST≥Utral BOOST>PURE BOOST, then the  EQT BOOS and Utral BOOST are slightly different.

We will take a test for the EQT BOOST  today.

For the box ,it is really normal with the blue box .


Didas EQT is called Equipment. Just like literally, EQT pays attention to equipment performance and is committed to providing users with excellent sports feedback to help users achieve excellent sports performance. At the beginning of the EQT series, it was highly valued. Not only did it use Adi’s iconic Performance sports series of three-bar LOGO, but also the classic black-green and white color, and even the “The best of adidas” Slogan.


In 2017, Adidas added Boost technology to many classic styles in the EQT series, while EQT Support 93/17 is the masterpiece of all products. In terms of design, EQT Support 93/17 retains the EQT Support 93 asymmetrically designed heel frame, the burritos-wrapped tongue and the mid-foot portion of the iconic three-bar nylon belt. The difference is that the upper is upgraded to knitted or mesh material, and the inner and rear heel suede, leather and other materials. Of course, the biggest upgrade is the sole, a large piece of carved Boost outsole, which brings outstanding cushioning. Maybe to enhance stability.

Originals EQT BOOST 93/17 continues to use the Adidas “one shoe, N color matching” strategy, some of the upper material is different, if you are not cold, you can consider a variety of other color.

For the look : There are many similarities between Originals EQT BOOST 93/17 and EQT Support ADV, but overall it seems that EQT Support ADV looks a little more, but for consumers who like BOOST, this gap is basically not Things, EQT BOOST also has some color matching that looks like it’s still alive.

A whole piece of BOOST midsole, this material bears all the actions of Adidas in the middle and high-end shoes in recent years, even to the extent that the product line is divided according to the proportion of BOOST’s soles, the whole palm counts a file, close to the whole palm One file, half palm BOOST is another file. 600 yuan to buy the strongest BOOST? Adidas Adidas Originals EQT BOOST 93/17 Sneakers Experience.Among them, EQT BOOST is the most suitable material, all support and thickened BOOST midsole, which makes the feeling of walking on the upper foot more comfortable.

In order to make the appearance symmetrical, the heel has a long bulge), and there are many people who don’t like it. If you can accept the idea of Origins or try to identify it, then some exaggerated heels will become entangled, of course not. It is necessary to force yourself to be awful if your object doesn’t like it.



A whole piece of BOOST midsole, this material bears all the actions of Adidas in the middle and high-end shoes in recent years, even to the extent that the product line is divided according to the proportion of BOOST’s soles, the whole  counts a file, close to the whole  pieces .

Among them, EQT BOOST is the most suitable material, all support and thickened BOOST midsole, which makes the feeling of walking on the upper foot more comfortable

Besides the shape what really sets this shoe apart are the colours. The pink, black and white is such a slick combination and really stands out from other styles, not to mention its appeal to both sexes. I went for a size 9.5 which is a half size bigger than my last pair and this is just right for me, anyone looking for something a little different and bold in style this is your shoe.


Structural elements like the sock-like knit upper, suede paneling, and TPU-reinforced heel give the sneaker a sturdy fit. Elsewhere, the model features specific references to the OG EQT model with a reflective heel cup, runoff three stripe logo, and original lacing system. These past references are paired with a midsole made of Boost.

For the material : it is used the Knitted , you can also see the pores, in terms of breathability is still better than most shoes, of course, worse than the breeze series.Fine anti-slip bumps on the toe reinforcement.



The gray model uses a green insole. On the other hand, there is the ADV 91/17 (1991-2017). It uses the Ortholite insole, which is much better than other EVA insoles. The advantage is that the breathability is good. A suitable bevel is not easy to rub.


EQT BOOST’s full length midsole has larger single particles, and the measured foot feels softer. Originals EQT BOOST 93/17 uses a single-density midsole, while Utral BOOST series uses a layered midsole with different densities. Combined to achieve foot feedback, sandwich bulletproof glass is also the principle. The resulting Russian difference is that EQT is biased towards leisure, while Utral BOOST is more suitable for running.


3M’s Tag is still the imprint of 91-17. I don’t know if Originals is particularly particular special.



For the traction :

Feedback and rebound when running are not as good as UB. After all, there is a difference between a layered midsole and a single layer midsole. However, the back of the EQT BOOST really softened a new realm. The BOOST midsole is very thick and the density is small. The following traps will be deeper. There is no problem for running, but it is not as flexible as Utral BOOST.

Overall : The pair I went for were the EQT Boost  which were one of the first to get sold out and seemed to be the most popular. They have a great balance of style and comfort which give the Ultra Boost range a run for their money. The boost itself is thicker and bulkier looking than other ranges and features a much fatter “behind” too which looks great.

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Comparison Performance Review : The Difference Between Nike Epic React Flyknit and adidas Ultra Boost ?

Any time that I see a new running shoe touting proprietary technology, whether it be a new foam or upper material, I usually yawn and look towards the tried and true shoes I’ve been able to run into the ground.The Nike released the new Epic React shoes this past February.The first running shoe to combine Nike’s React cushioning platform with the company’s signature Flyknit uppers,a new way to compete against its biggest adversary, Adidas.

Nike had eye-catching Breaking 2 technology, which is to challenge the human limit, the latest Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite running shoes, also has a high light designer which use nylon elastomer foam as a midsole cushioning Technology, the shape is also very subversive, it crushed other running shoes in the test of the runners world, the performance also great.

Adidas had introduced its own big innovation in bouncy soles, the Boost cushioning platform, in 2012. Since, it has become one of the company’s signature products, and the focal point of Adidas’s successful UltraBoost line of running shoes, which similarly features a sock-like knit upper paired with a squishy, springy sole.

For the box, it is really cool , I like it very much !The transparent acrylic made shoe box with a pair of React, with pillow and sponge spring.I like this box very much .Special and cool.When Nike spends this much money and energy on marketing a new piece of footwear, it’s worth paying attention. Not because we should nod and listen every time a brand beats its drums around some new innovation, but because designs underlined in this way point to where the company is going.

The name of the pair of shoes is printed on the side of the shoe box: Nike Epic React Flyknit

Here are more pictures as below : This durability comes from its actual chemical makeup—unlike most foams, it is composed mostly of a synthetic rubber compound, meaning it doesn’t emit as much gas as traditional foams and, in turn, better retains its properties over time.


Adidas ultra boost is the model of the topic as it becomes hard to obtain it in cushion characteristics and repulsion characteristics, “the BOOST (boost) series” that adopted BOOST FORM (boost form) superior in the durability more in particular.It is the refined design which put the plastic overlay and heel counter which make stability uppercut of PRIMEKNIT (prime knit) fitting any movement, shape flexibly together.


For the material :

Nike Epic React uses a Flyknit one-piece knit upper,materail .But instead of using a flying through, it uses two patches material  for lacing up. One of the characteristics of knitted uppers is that they can have different weaves for different positions. For example, React uses a large mesh to ensure heat dissipation and stretch at the foot surface, while the outer side is dense weave to ensure stability during exercise.