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Adidas Pure BOOST GO Performance Review

This summer, Adidas has launched a new work to the BOOST series. And the new work is Adidas Pure BOOST GO. With a full-foot BOOST midsole and the fore part designed wider, it is an extremely adaptable running shoe that is tailored for city runners. For its performance, there are many tech that needs introducing. So here we go checking it together.

To tell the truth, the first sight of Adidas Pure BOOST GO, I am so attracted that I can not even move my eyes away from it. Personally, I am a person who pursues simplicity and this fits my “taste” so much. For the shoe’s appearance, the pure white upper is very simple and aesthetic. With the mesh TPU supporting material on the inner side and wide fore foot design from which we can see the BOOST midsole, the shoe performs not bad. But according to several testers, the outline of the toes showed unappealingly against the knitted fabric; they also noted that it may potentially damage the material.

The shoe body is printed with the beige Adidas trademark three bars and the design of sock-style makes it easier to put on and take off.

At the back, it is a simple grey and white colour scheme and a mesh TPU support material covering the heel. But it is still the Boost that is the most eye-catching.

Most people who tried the Adidas Pure Boost Go stated that it offered them great comfort. Well, it is just the case.The quality of the materials was deemed to be top-notch. So using the original vamp knit material and BOOST midsole, the shoes is quite lightweight. A single shoe weighs only 280 grams, which ensures lightness.

Some consumers laud the upper unit is praised for being able to stretch and accommodate wide feet. After all, the fore part is designed wide.

The knitted vamp wraps the foot very well. No sooner than you put the shoes on will you feel that your feet are tightly locked under the footbed. Especially after you fasten your laces, you are into an experience that you feel like you are just wearing a pair of socks. But it is temperate as well; it won’t be a bother — it offers free movement of the foot while the upper provides excellent air permeability.

Some pointed out that the underfoot cushioning is in agreement with long distance running sessions. Of course, the full foot BOOST cushioning never disappoints us. It gives us a bouncy feeling even if when there is a little pressure on it.

A mesh TPU support material is designed on the inner side of the toe toe to provide some support so as to enhance the support given by knitted vamp. Even though the vamp has undergone obvious deformation during running, steadiness is still there.

Looking at the pattern, it is a bit unusual. But for those who have Trypophobia, it is rather “disgusting”. The netted rubber outsole is regularly distributed with cylindrical bumps, which can provide all-round and multi-angle grip experience with extremely strong grip. 

For durability, it will not fail us. Because of the unusual pattern, durability of shoe is increased to a certain high level. It can stand the test of time.

The springy experience brought by Boost  improves the my overall impression toward the shoe. You can immediately feel the soft bounce of your foot and see the sole slightly deform and bounce back as you walk. The soft bounce is much clearer when running,( which is mentioned earlier) and the deform and bounce is much more pronounced when landing, providing superior energy feedback. 


Not only is it suitable as a running shoe, but it is also fashionable for daily wearing. Many have tried the shoe and they declared that they were delighted with its performance.  Also, on the other hand, it is affordable, which is a piece of good news for many fans. Anyway, you must have had an idea in your  brain now and if you decide to try it, you might as well take action now.