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LeBron Soldier 14 Performance Reivew

Today we will share the performance review of LeBron Soldier 14 with you.

Tester’s information: 180cm/100kg

SIZE: US10.5

Testing Time: about 10 hours

Court: Indoor woodfloor and outdoor cement court, PU court

Fitness: 7 scores

The LeBron Soldier series started to use integrated type vamp. If you have Soldier 10, you should know that it’s really hard to put on the integrated type vamp.

The LeBron Soldier 14 uses hidden type shoelaces, and the vamp is still integrated type. Undoubtedly, it’s also hard to put on and take off.

The vamp has two layers. The outer layer is stiff mesh fabric and the inner layer is space fabric. The fitness is good.

The design hidden in the vamp is similar to flywire. The feet won’t be easy to move.

But due to the design of topline, the fitness of ankle is not good enough. It’s a little empty.

Air Permeability: 6.5 scores

The air permeability of vamp is not good. The inner side of vamp has ventilated holes to improve the air permeability. But the water-absorbing quality of inner layer space fabric is not good. After playing 2 basketball games, the inner side of shoe collar is wet.

Feedback: 8 scores

The feedback of LeBron Soldier 14 insole is great.

The forefoot insole has 10mm thick ZOOM Air cushion and rear sole has 13mm thick ZOOM Air cushion. And the foam is cushlon, not Phylon. The insole configuration is good.

We can know the position of air cushion by seeing the uneven outsole.

Traction Performance: 7.5 scores

The LeBron Soldier 14 is suitable to outdoor court. The outsole uses big area of ahombus pattern, and the lines are wide. The outsole rubber is stiff.

If you are PF, you don’t need to worry about the traction performance.

Supporting Performance & Anti-torsion Performance: 8 scores

There is a piece of TPU plate running through the insole. It offers great stiffness. And the insole has a piece of thick anti-torsion plate. Except the stiff mesh fabric, it adds adhesive film to reinforce the important parts.

The protection of LeBron Soldier 14 close to the max protection of LeBron 3. The anti-torsion performance of LeBron Soldier 14 is excellent.

Abrasive Resistance: 8 scores

As LeBron Soldier 14 is suitable for outdoor court, the abrasive resistance of outsole is great.

But there is a little risk. The outboard TPU plate on the heelpiece is close to the outsole, so it maybe easy to be abraded. You can refer to the below pictures of my shoes.

Size: The size of LeBron Soldier 14 is standard. You don’t need to choose one size bigger or one size smaller.

The unit weight of US10.5 LeBron Soldier 14 is only 410g. It control the weight well. The unit weight of US10.5 LeBron Soldier 10 is 450g.

Overall: 80 scores

The overall performance of eBron Soldier 14 is good. It has good fitness, supporting performation, anti-torsion performance, cushion performance, traction performance and abrasive resistance. The diadvantage is the air permeability, and it’s hard to put on and take off.

If you like to play basketball on outdoor court, you can choose LeBron Soldier 14. Comparing with previous series, the LeBron Soldier 14 has improvements. It can be considered as the first choice of heavy frontline.

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ASICS MAGICSPEED Performance Review



The ASICS METASPEED SKY uses Flytefoam Blast Turbo insole which has good resilience. It pushed me to run forward. The ASICS MAGICSPEED insole angle is similar to METASPEED. The thickness of forefoot sole is reduced. So that I can feel ground condition obviously.

The carbon fiber pushing plate is built-in the foam, not close to the outsole.

The arch-shaped curve keep the landing angle of forefoot.

The forefoot carbon fiber plate is asymmetrical shape.

The insole of MAGICSPEED is the same as NOVABLAST, it uses Flytefoam Blast. The resilient feedback of NOVABLAST is unforgettable. But the Flytefoam Blast of ASICS MAGICSPEED is not so elastic. The forefoot insole is built-in a piece of carbon fiber pushing plate to divide the 24mm foam into two parts. But only the forefoot sole has carbon fiber plate. The cushion performance of 29mm thick rear sole is very enough for me.


The vamp of MAGICSPEED looks thin. Actually, it’s made of double-deck materials. The outer layer is single layer of yarn, and it’s decorated with twill raindrops bumping. The inner layer is single layer of yarn with holes. The air permeability is good.


The outsole of ASICS MAGICSPEED uses Guidesole technology. I can feel the combination of insole and outsole when running. The landing area is almost covered with rubber. The hollow-out area is to increase the cushion performance, not to reduce the weight. The outsole pattern remind me the ASICS METARIDE which keeps releasing the new colorways.

The Flytefoam Blast is softer than Flytefoam Lyte and Flytefoam Propel. The outsole of ASICS MAGICSPEED uses ASICS GRIPS material as METASPEED SKY.

ASICS MAGICSPEED can offer comfortable cushion and help you to adjust the running posture. The overall performance of ASICS MAGICSPEED is good.

The appearance and configuration of ASICS MAGICSPEED is similar to METARACER. Although the weight of ASICS MAGICSPEED is not the lightest one, but the unit weight of US9 is only 230g, it’s acceptable. The vamp looks thin, but it’s burly when running.

The design of ASICS MAGICSPEED merge together the advantages of NOVABLAST, METAGLIDE and METARACER. Actually it closes to METARACER when running. The ASICS MAGICSPEED is heavier, but it’s cheaper.

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adidas D.O.N Issue#2 Performance Review

Today we want to talk about the performance of D.O.N Issue#2.

Tester: 180cm/100kg

Size: US10.5 D.O.N Issue#2

Testing Time: about 4 to 5 hours

Court: Indoor wood floor and outdoor PU court

Playing way: PF/Center

Insole Cushion Performance: 6 scores

The insole of D.O.N Issue#2 uses full-length Bounce EVA. According to different position, the thickness of insole is different. This kind of design should be adjusted for the speeding type defenders. The feedback of forefoot sole is a little stiff for me.

But I’m surprised at the Bounce insole of rear sole. The feedback is good.D.O.N Issue#2 is the signature shoes of Donovan Mitchell who is defender. So if you play PF or Center, it’s better to consider it before purchasing.

Feedback: 8 scores

We can see that some parts of insole and outsole is thinner. It’s designed for easily bending and reducing the waste of strength.

D.O.N Issue#2 is very suitable for the young and powerful players.

The full-length Bounce insole is thin on forefoot sole and thick on rear sole.

It has TPU anti-torsion plate extending from forefoot sole to mid-sole.

Fitness: 8 scores

The vamp of D.O.N Issue#2 is mainly made of mesh fabric and composite material. With the half inner sleeve and thick foam padding on the ankle part, the overall fitness is good. It’s comfortable after wearing. But after fastening the shoelaces, it’s a little tight on the instep. If your instep is high, it’s better to have a try on physical store.

The size of D.O.N Issue#2 is standard.

Traction Performance: 7.5 scores

The traction performance of D.O.N Issue#2 is great. The pattern is spider web type rhomboid pattern. The traction performance on indoor and outdoor court is great.

When urgently stop and turning, the outsole can grip the ground well. The reason that I only give the traction performance of D.O.N Issue#2 7.5 scores is, the crystal outsole is easy to absorb dust, it needs to clean often.

Air Permeability: 6 scores

When seeing the thick padding on the ankle, we know that the air permeability of D.O.N Issue#2 should be not good. After exercising, the ankle part is wet.

Supporting Performance & Anti-torsion Performance: 7.5 scores

The vamp of D.O.N Issue#2 has some gluing parts, such as the outboard vamp is reinforced by gluing plate.

The inboard vamp is reinforced by a piece of synthetic leather. The supporting performance of vamp is great.

The forefoot sole has out trigger design. The build-in X shape TPU anti-torsion plate also improve the stability.

Abrasive Resistance: 5.5 scores

I have worn D.O.N Issue#2 to play the basketball games about 8 hours, and I have found that the outsole has rough selvedge. The abrasive resistance is not good. But the present price is not high. So it’s ok.

Weight: 6 scores

The unit weight of US10.5 D.O.N Issue#2 is 460g. It’s not very heavy.

Appearance: 8 scores

After releasing D.O.N Issue#2, I have been attracted by its appearance. The Spider man colorway is cool.

Cost Performance: 7 scores

The material and design of D.O.N Issue#2 is great. So the present price is not high.

Overall: 80 scores

D.O.N Issue#2 is designed for the speeding type defenders and young powerful players. The cushion performance of full-length Bounce is great. You will be satisfied at its feedback. The direct feedback from forefoot sole is unsuitable for me. If you are frontline players like me, it’s better to consider it better before purchasing.

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Jordan Zion 1 Performance Review

What do your imagine Jordan Zion 1 to be? Zion Williamson gets a new basketball milestone with the signature shoe at age 20. We want to talk about Zion Williamson’s first pair of signature shoes today.

Jordan Zion 1 is mid-low structure. Different people has different request for the shoes. For Zion Williamson, the comfort level is the key point.

The shoe tongue of Jordan Zion 1 is filled in irregular padding which can avoid the press to the instep after fastening the shoelaces. It has ZW and Jumpman logo on the left and right shoe tongue. The shoe tongue has good fitness and can reduce the oppression to the instep.

The inspiration of shoe tongue design comes from the armor of super hero. The connecting part with shoe tongue is also a important part for stabilizing. After fastening the shoelaces, it can offer good fixity to forefoot sole. In additionally, the padding around the ankle is thick. Jordan Zion 1 offers good stability to the runners when running.

Zion Williamson is only 20 years old when he realizes his dream of signature shoes. One of his request to Jordan Zion 1 is that when people walk into the store, they can recognize that is Zion Williamson’s shoes at first look.

So Jordan uses Z logo on the vamp of Jordan Zion 1. The designer Vianney de Montgolfier thought that Z is the most suitable logo to represent the characteristic of speed and power. I also prefer to the Z logo of Jordan Zion 1.

Although the vamp of Jordan Zion 1 is made of composite materials, but it’s divided into three parts according to the different supporting request when playing basketball. The front end of vamp is made of mesh fabric, and the middle part is made of tear resistant material, and the heelpiece part is made of thick composite material. It’s durable and flexible.

For the performance, Zion Williamson thought that he need the best balance of speed and strength. Jordan Zion 1 uses full-length Air Strobel with a piece of ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot sole to satisfy his request.

With the thick and soft shoe-pad, it’s comfortable. When you jump and moving, the ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot sole will offer the resilience.

The forefoot outsole of Jordan Zion 1 is engraved with the cities’ name and the names to express Zion Williamson’s growth track. And the inner side of outsole is engraved with ‘Shock The World’ which comes from the twitter by Zion Williamson in 2016. In the Summer of 2016, he attended the basketball training camps. He got MVP on the NBPA TOP 100 Camp and Under Armour Elite 24.


  • The rear support of Jordan Zion 1 is good. It’s mid type, but the flexibility is good. After fastening the front two couples of shoelaces, it’s obviously tight. The shoe-pad is thick. The Air Sole cushion is more obvious. It needs to press deeply to feel the Zoom Air cushion. The traction performance of transparent outsole is enough if playing on indoor court. The overall performance of Jordan Zion 1 is good, but the cushion performance should be not enough for Zion Williamson as he is powerful player.
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Curry Flow 8 Performance Review

Stephen Curry is the most popular player of Under Armoura. Recently, Curry’s personal brand Curry Brand is founded and it released the first pair of basketball shoes Curry Flow 8, which is said to be the Curry’s strongest basketball shoes. When will Curry Flow 8 on sale? How many colorways does Curry Flow 8 have? What kind of technology does Curry Flow 8 have? What’s the actual performance of Curry Flow 8? Is it worthy to buy? Let’s have a look at it today.

Comparing with Curry 7, Curry Flow 8 is totally different pair of basketball shoes. It uses lightweight design. With the brand new cushion technology, it’s very comfortable.

The appearance of Curry Flow 8 is similar with UA Curry 7. The overall design is narrow and long shape. The model is more casual. The vamp uses big area of mesh fabric material to guarantee the air permeability and comfort level. It also reduces the overall weight. The ductility and fitness is also good.

Curry Flow 8 is the lightest Curry basketball shoes. The unit weight of EUR44.5 shoe is 359g. And the unit weight of EUR43 is only 340g. It’s very light.

From the shoe head to shoe heel, it uses big area of leather to reinforce. The inner stiff padding also offers good supporting performance to vamp.

The shoe collar uses integrated shoe tongue and socks type design. It’s easier to put on and take off.

The shoe heel uses thick sponge padding and it has surrounding TPU to reinforce the fitness of shoe heel and supporting performance to fix the ankle. It also has three raised star pattern on TPU, which represents that Curry used to be chosen as three stars players in high school.

In addition, the front side and shoe heel of vamp has the logo of Curry brand, including the initials S and C.

The insole is the biggest lightspot of Curry Flow 8. It curries the brand-new UA Flow technology. Comparing with HOVR and Micro G cushion technology, the resilience has been improved a lot.

The insole of Curry Flow 8 has built-in TPU anti-rollover plate which is to reinforce the anti-rollover performance. It keeps the excellent stability. The extending outsole also guarantee the anti-rollover performance.

The outsole of Curry Flow 8 don’t use the traditional rubber or crystal outsole design anymore, it exposures the UA Flow insole outside to touch the ground directly, which guarantee the comfort level and make it lighter.

It has different irregular pattern in different area of outsole. Thanks to the brand-new technology’s excellent performance and pattern design, the skid resistance and traction performance is very excellent. According to the official result from Under Armour, even if the outsole pattern of Curry Flow 8 are grinded, the skid resistance is still excellent.

If you used to wear Curry series basketball shoes, you must have the deep impression to the Curry shoes. It has excellent cushion performance to the deft and lightweight defenders. But the cushion performance is not enough for the heavy weight players or the players who has high frequent agility. As it uses the brand-new UA Flow technology, the performance of Curry Flow 8 is excellent, it’s softer and more resilient. The cushion performance is also improved.

The skid resistance of Curry Flow 8 is undoubtedly great. But for durability, it needs time to test.

Overall, the Curry Flow 8 is very light and soft. It has excellent performance for the light weight, resilience and traction performance. It’s suitable for most of players. It’s worthy for the Curry’s fans to purchase it. I suggest you to test the performance on the indoor court.

The black white, white black C and white gold colorways of Curry Flow 8 have been released.

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Air Jordan 12 “International Pack” Performance Review

Someone has given a very high evaluation to Air Jordan 12 “International Pack” ; that is the shoe is the most beautiful sneaker of Air Jordan series that is ever made in recent years. What a high reputation! Inspired by the behavior of Michael Jordan’s Tokyo in 1996, this Air Jordan 12 “International Pack” is created as an unique oriental culture shoe and it is full of mysterious atmosphere.

The shoe’s slender  body, the classic up and down asymmetrical design and radioactive lines make up the visible shoe. Equipped with a full palm Air Zoom, outstanding appearance and outstanding wrapping and support, the shoe quickly become very hot a sneaker that many retailers have lacked recourse.

The upper is dressed in navy and white, and the simple color scheme creates a youthful look for the shoe.  The upper is made of suede material which feels especially nice and the toe leather is also fish scale pattern, making the shoe as a whole full of Japanese style.

The color scheme is mainly  blue and white, which is simple and clean.  The asymmetrical design is full of personality and the cloud pattern on the suede upper is rather novel and full of oriental charm. Besides that, there is TWO3 embroidered on the tongue and the red logo of the little flying man and the blue logo form a contrast, which is very cute.

The smooth side lines, the fish-scale pattern in white leather and the litchi pattern in midsole perfectly match with the cloud pattern. The two perfectly matched with cloud pattern are also the classic features of Air Jordan 12.

The Japanese words for “Air Jordan” are at the heel which is very much in agreement with the shoe theme. And there is also “23” representing Jordan on the shoe.

Objectively speaking, the shoe is one of the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever wore. The upper uses soft suede to ensure full flexibility, to offer more free foot movement. Thanks to the material, there is no binding sense for the foot and it is rather friendly to our skin.

The inside foam and cushion are nice as well because they do a tremendous job for the wearer.

As you can see, a  single shoe weighs 455 grams, which is of an average level.

However, a big problem which is also a downside of the shoe is that whether it is made of suede or leather, it can not offer an excellent breathability. The breathability is simply poor, which is rather  sultry in summer days.

For all the poor air circulation performance, the vamp can still provide excellent support and there is simply no need worrying about the support.

The tough leather on the outer side and the outsole extending upward provide good support as well as the TPU which has certain anti-rollover ability and keeps the foot stable.

The Air Jordan 12 is a middle-high-top model with a thickened foam inside the heel, providing a very tight wrapping. When there are breakthroughs, the heel is always in a very stable state, giving the ankle a strong support.

The outsole adapts the traditional herringbone pattern and the dense grains can provide a better effect of biting the ground. Surprisingly, the grip performance is rather good and it arises in time when I need it and “stays aside” when there are no need. I just quite like it. However, in the middle part of the sole  there are big grains which attracts gravels easily, resulting in frequent cleaning for the shoe. As for the durability, the thick and wear-resistant rubber outsole can stand the test of all kinds of actual combat. Even on cement floors, its performance is not affected.

The Air Jordan 12 uses Air Zoom cushion, which feels comfortably both during walking and combat. Although it is equipped with air cushion, Air Jordan 12 has no obvious rebound feeling when running and you may not feel the energy feedback from the sole. You can only feel slight cushioning in combat. But according to some, the cushion can be enough when the exercises are not high-intensive or when you are just walking. Anyway, not every sneaker is perfect and so is this one. You can expect something of it, but never require too much of it.


The Air Jordan 12 “International Pack” is surprisingly “superior” with premium suede and leather uppers whether in the laces or in embroidery details. The vamp  provides strength and support to fully stabilize the feet; the foam inside also brings a full wrapping; Air Zoom cushion is loaded on the midsole though it performs a bit disappointing. In short, the above are my personal experiences. To know more about it, you might as well take a try by yourself; after all, whether a shoe fits you only your feet “know”.


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Nike Air Presto Performance Review

Since The off-white ™ x Nike “The Ten” collaboration, every shoe they released gained a number of popularity. As for this Nike Air Presto shoe, it has become one of the hottest shoes of the moment. The Nike Air Presto is full of the deconstruction concept created by Virgil Abloh and Nike and it is also full of overwatch style. With the white, black, orange and green colors matching together, the colorway forms a strong visual effect. Based on some comments of more than a handful, the Nike Air Presto has a very sleek and sophisticated look. There are also some other colorways of the shoe and more than a handful of buyers noted that they loved the clean look of the Nike Air Presto ‘White.’  Anyway, lei’t go on looking at it.

The green shoelace is super eye-catching under the background of the black vamp. The unique side shoe tongue logo is a highlight of this pair.

The silhouette of the shoe body  is clearly. The off-white ™ orange translucent Swoosh is also eye-catching. And the ivory TPU materials make up the shoelace holes, which wraps part of the outside of the upper. Besides, there is a Nike logo in the midsole.

At the heel, the translucent white TPU material is simple with the black color. And the canvas lacing with “Air” crossing the heel and the Velcro forms a simple but  nice and eye-pleasing looking.

In terms of comfort which I think is the most important part of a shoe, the shoe wears very nicely. After all, who wants a shoe that becomes a burden and causes much bother? It is said that most of the reviewers mentioned that the Nike Air Presto on feet is insanely comfortable and I think so. Nike Air Presto vamp is made of soft, breathable, elastic fabric with a comfortable fit like wearing socks and the vamp also offers a lot of flexibility.

The mesh made upper ensures air circulation inside and outside of the shoe; therefore, the heat formed during exercising will be released, ensuring cool feeling for the feet. On the other hand, the stretch mesh upper is more than flexible, but allows the toes to comfortably spread in the toe box to boot .

The sole has also adapts the Air Sole’s cushioning technology, so you can immediately feel the softness of the Sole after wearing the shoe.

A single shoe weighs 335 grams which, according to a significant sum, is quite light.

For wrapping and support, the elastic knitted fabric vamp brings obvious and nice fit;  the soft sponge also makes the upper fit the foot well, bringing tight wrapping.

The inner and outer TPU shoelace holes fully wrap the arch area after tightening the shoelaces, providing excellent support.

And you can see that with the TPU plays an important part in preventing rollover and stabilizing the feet.

Additional TPU is added to the heel, which virtually wraps the whole heel and provides powerful support. When the ankle part of the shoe has been deformed,, however, you can see that the heel has hardly any deformation, which protects the ankle. The midfoot cage can, to boot, hold the foot quite well. And the heel loop is of average size which, I’ve heard of, is appreciated by many people as it makes for easy on and off.

The thickness of rubber outsole is considerable, resulting from which the sole can stand the test of various grounds. However, the fact is that most of the complainants are those who had durability issues with the sole or the upper of the Nike Air Presto. Well, with respect to these, in my view, they may wore the shoe for high-intensive training. The shoe, indeed, is used for exercises, but it may not stand much high-intensive and long time tests.

The large outsole is carved with many outstanding waffle grains and there are also prominent dots. Based on my experience, I was quite surprised at the grip it brought to me. And near the heel there a wavy grain which provides a better grip on the outside.

For the cushioning, Nike Air Presto adapts midsole foam and Air Sole cushioning technology, so the cushion feels soft and springy. I can clearly feel the energy return when I am running and it repays me with  every step I step on it. When landing, most pressure brought by my weight is released and the shock for my joint is eliminated.


Nike Air Presto doesn’t fail me in its performance. It is said that the shoe could double for short, easy runs. Anyway, for this we’d better stay and wait. For the shoe, many users like that the Nike Air Presto ‘Black’ stands well with lots of gym clothes whereas this casual shoe is also wanted by those who wish to have a sneaker that also functions as a minimalist running shoe. But overall, it has showed us its nice performance and the rest is dedicated by you.

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Unboxing: Adidas Crazy BYW 2 Boost

As a loyal basketball lover, I love exercising and I ensure a certain amount of exercises everyday. It not only keeps me energetic, but also makes me more upward in spirit. And so as to guarantee a nice exercise experience, some sports equipment is necessary at such times. It seems I have some kind of magical capability of knowing exactly which styles look best and can match all kinds of daily dressing. But there are sometimes “accidents” as well: I have missed the two sneakers below — the Iniki boost and the ultra boost.

The Iniki boost is a vintage shoe with a white color scheme. I just don’t remember clearly why I didn’t choose it which is a super nice companion.

Instead of choosing the Iniki boost and the ultra boost, I finally picked up the crazy byw2. Unlike the version 1 whose middle top and large opening of the shoe mouth are extremely unfriendly to those with fat feet, I think that of the second edition is very awesome. To tell the truth, I showed no love for the first one until that day when I met with crazy byw2 I just changed my views towards the series.

Some of my friends asked why it looked so strange just like a large chunk and why there is a large piece of support on the side . And I replied that maybe this is part the charm of this pair. The reason I copped this one is owing to my impulse but fortunately, it turned out to be satisfactory. Besides this one, I have also the drift of camper and pump fury of reebok.

For the Boost, I remember that when it was first released, many people were all crazy about its excellent cushioning. There was even once a saying that having the Boost meant you could do anything you want to. However, as time goes, it seems the Boost’s day had had gone away. Its performance is no longer that nice as it was. But if simply looking at the cushioning, it is passable now though it still plays a big part in today’s sneaker market.

This is a smiling face in the shoe and it is I think the most lovely part of the shoe.

The Boost inside is still very big and thick.

The inside boot design and the big heel collar are both made of relatively hard materials. So there are some complaining the pain in their feet when they first wore the shoe. But it requires some time breaking in and after a time getting with it, it wears nicely and cause no pain.

The vamp warps very well but the breathability is not so good as I had expected. You’ll feel slightly stuffy inside.

Here is the split full foot boost and a TPU.

The crystal rubber outsole grips well. But as you can see it gets a bit yellow even if I tried my best to wash the stain away.


The white Boost as is shown that it is easily stained and hardly can the yellow stain be washed away. So if you  mind this part, you’d better turn around and seek other ones. In short, my love for the shoe is more than my “mocking” it. For you, I am sure you’ve also had an idea in your mind.


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Adidas Pure BOOST GO Performance Review

This summer, Adidas has launched a new work to the BOOST series. And the new work is Adidas Pure BOOST GO. With a full-foot BOOST midsole and the fore part designed wider, it is an extremely adaptable running shoe that is tailored for city runners. For its performance, there are many tech that needs introducing. So here we go checking it together.

To tell the truth, the first sight of Adidas Pure BOOST GO, I am so attracted that I can not even move my eyes away from it. Personally, I am a person who pursues simplicity and this fits my “taste” so much. For the shoe’s appearance, the pure white upper is very simple and aesthetic. With the mesh TPU supporting material on the inner side and wide fore foot design from which we can see the BOOST midsole, the shoe performs not bad. But according to several testers, the outline of the toes showed unappealingly against the knitted fabric; they also noted that it may potentially damage the material.

The shoe body is printed with the beige Adidas trademark three bars and the design of sock-style makes it easier to put on and take off.

At the back, it is a simple grey and white colour scheme and a mesh TPU support material covering the heel. But it is still the Boost that is the most eye-catching.

Most people who tried the Adidas Pure Boost Go stated that it offered them great comfort. Well, it is just the case.The quality of the materials was deemed to be top-notch. So using the original vamp knit material and BOOST midsole, the shoes is quite lightweight. A single shoe weighs only 280 grams, which ensures lightness.

Some consumers laud the upper unit is praised for being able to stretch and accommodate wide feet. After all, the fore part is designed wide.

The knitted vamp wraps the foot very well. No sooner than you put the shoes on will you feel that your feet are tightly locked under the footbed. Especially after you fasten your laces, you are into an experience that you feel like you are just wearing a pair of socks. But it is temperate as well; it won’t be a bother — it offers free movement of the foot while the upper provides excellent air permeability.

Some pointed out that the underfoot cushioning is in agreement with long distance running sessions. Of course, the full foot BOOST cushioning never disappoints us. It gives us a bouncy feeling even if when there is a little pressure on it.

A mesh TPU support material is designed on the inner side of the toe toe to provide some support so as to enhance the support given by knitted vamp. Even though the vamp has undergone obvious deformation during running, steadiness is still there.

Looking at the pattern, it is a bit unusual. But for those who have Trypophobia, it is rather “disgusting”. The netted rubber outsole is regularly distributed with cylindrical bumps, which can provide all-round and multi-angle grip experience with extremely strong grip. 

For durability, it will not fail us. Because of the unusual pattern, durability of shoe is increased to a certain high level. It can stand the test of time.

The springy experience brought by Boost  improves the my overall impression toward the shoe. You can immediately feel the soft bounce of your foot and see the sole slightly deform and bounce back as you walk. The soft bounce is much clearer when running,( which is mentioned earlier) and the deform and bounce is much more pronounced when landing, providing superior energy feedback. 


Not only is it suitable as a running shoe, but it is also fashionable for daily wearing. Many have tried the shoe and they declared that they were delighted with its performance.  Also, on the other hand, it is affordable, which is a piece of good news for many fans. Anyway, you must have had an idea in your  brain now and if you decide to try it, you might as well take action now.


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Nike Air Force 1 UPSTEP Performance Review

In the eyes of many sneakerheads, Nike Air Force 1 is one that can not  be surpassed by other sneakers. This year Nike also released a very aesthetically pleasing Tiffany blue color scheme and many fans claimed that they just couldn’t resist the temptation to buy a pair of Nike M Air UPSTEP. Well, I am also rather excited that I can finally get it.

At the first of the shoes, I knew that I’ve fallen in love with it. And I swear that I must have one. Fortunately, I eventually made it.

The Tiffany color schemes bring unprecedented visual effects which seems a “feast” to the eye. Its pure white shoe body embellished with Tiffany blue shoelace buckle and transparent Tiffany blue midsole is surely to attract a number of consumers. The combination of the two colors makes the shoe become the absolutely first choice for many people when buying shoes.

The classic white vamp is embellished with a Tiffany blue shoelace buckle, and the transparent midsole material can also be seen in the front of the toe, retaining the classic elements while injecting fresh elements into the shoe at the same time.

At the back of the midsole, there is also black “AIR” printed. And with the built-in sole cushion, we can also see the inside through the translucent midsole. To summarize, the overall feeling is very nice.

There is also the black Nike logo in the heel. Although there is the built-in air cushion, it is very thin a layer, offering no bouncy feeling if the wearer is very light. So some fans may turn their back away empty handed because they lay emphasis on nice foot feelings. 

For the upper, it is made of high quality leather. But some reviewers have remarked that the shoe causes pain in the foot because it is somewhat hard. Making allowance for the materials used in the upper, it is reasonable that it can’t fit your feet very well. It requires some time breaking in.

Resulting from the leather filling materials and the cushion setup, a single shoe weighs 373 grams, which is not very lightweight, but not so heavy.

Despite the a bit hard vamp, it is, on the other hand, quite supportive. The white leather made vamp can also wraps your foot tightly. After wearing it, you are sure to feel the tight wrapping prominently.

The grains on the vamp are clearly seen. The texture is very nice. It just feels soft and comfortable. The lines inn the midsole and the upper are simply very neat and even. As you can see that there are many air holes in the vamp, which guarantees overall ventilation.

During running or when there are movements, the vamp deforms prominently, which shows the shoe has certain softness. And the hard feeling fades away as you keep on exercising.

The multi-reinforced heel installed with a full sponge fill provides excellent support for the feet without visible deformation during movement.

The shoe has a very thick midsole while the outermost part is white rubber outsole. Easily, it can deal with all kinds of grounds rather than being torn and worn.

For the pattern, it is the classic and traditional one. The fore and the back part both have ring raised patterns, providing a multi-angle grip.

Although the cushion layer is thin, its performance is not bad however. On courts, I remembered that every step I made on it, it responded me instantly. In other cases, if I stepped heavily on it, the feedback it offers is more obvious.

But when we wear it for daily walking, the cushion seems to disappear which means the somewhat bouncy feeling felt on courts is no longer seen. Anyway, thanks to the not hard insoles, we won’t feel we are walking on something hard.


The texture of the shoe is really nice! I just can’t think of any better words to describe it. So to experience the awesome feeling you might as well have a try. On balance, it is a nice shoe that deserves your trying.