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PUMA Uproar Performance Review

Here is today’s protagonist —  the spanking new Puma Uproar, which was released during NBA All-Star Weekend after the Puma  Clyde Court. Made to celebrate Charlotte’s basketball history, this Puma Uproar aims at paying homage to the Bobcats and the Hornets. For the record, having tested several times the Puma Uproar before this review, the comeback is real mighty and versatile.  And it seems that this Puma Uproar looks more like a basketball shoe than the previous version did.  Anyway, let’s check it next.


I’ve copped one pair of this PUMA Uproar, and to tell you the truth, upon opening the shoe box, staggeringly, I found its appearance quite delighted my eyes. It simply features the red, blue and white though. And simple and moderate as it looks, its performance is just out of imagination. “Remarkable” is the only word that surged into my mind. Go on checking then.


Respective of the upper, as you can see, the shoe equips with a rather traditional synthetic leather & mesh set-up covering the whole upper. For me, I like this aspect very much because it offers me enough support and wrapping on the heel, making it less bothering for me to restrict my movements. For the texture, according to some consumers, it feels solid in-hand but splendidly nice on feet; hence, you  can expect a wonderful experience on court.


In terms of the cushion, the shoe features a mixture of Ignite foam and its new Hybrid. Besides, the heel part is also installed with a very thick sponge. Well, you  can also see from the images below the prominent NRGY cushion tech. Regarding to court feel which is crazily looked forward to by many experienced players, it is super nice or maybe I should say it is fantastic. It was not until the other day I wore them out that I found it worked quite well for me.

According to  some other reviewers,  the midsole “doesn’t feel like IGNITE” or “it’s much more firm with less rebound/energy return under-foot than any of the previous iterations of IGNITE I’ve tried before”. Anyway, “There are a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people.” For me, the midsole does no worse than previous versions. In some way, it can still meet my needs. So the experiences vary.


Since softness in the inner part has been guaranteed, it’s time to the next respect: the wrapping. For the aspect, it is not bad. Along with the eminent performance the upper brought, the laces also play an important part in wrapping. So long as you lace up your shoes tightly, you won’t run into any slipping problems. During combats, what you need to do is do concentrate on your match. On the other hand, some might complain about the lack of ventilation in the shoe. Anyway, I don’t suggest it to you who exercise a lot in summer days.


Seeing the pattern of outsole below, many people will say, “Well, it is the traditional herringbone again and the grip can’t be bad.” I just can’t agree more. Though the  leaps and bounds are not better than the traction pattern found on the Clyde Court, it is still satisfactory. When there are start-ups or emergency stops, the grip should do a tremendous job for you. So PUMA Uproar can be nice option if you are an outdoor player.


As a leather composite sneaker, objectively speaking, you can’t expect it to be super light. If you mind too much about this, you might as well look for something else.

The first I got PUMA Uproar, it impressed me a lot that it didn’t bother me in grinding my feet. It fits me snug well. For wide footers, you may pick a bigger size if you’ve considered copping one PUMA Uproar.



Every time I find a practical object, I just can’t help sharing it with others and it goes the same for this PUMA Uproar. Despite the shortcomings which are not “fatal” and do not bother too much, PUMA Uproar can be a decent choice and is still worth buying. It fits average people in most cases and it fits heavier one to boot. Anyway, there are still many merits of the shoe waiting for you to uncover. Why not experience it in flesh? It should not fail you.




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Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Protro Performance Review

It is widely acknowledged that the performance of the original Kobe 1 Protro turns out to be very divisive, and this goes the same for Zoom Kobe 4. Well, all the time, not only is this brand being demonstrated to people all over the world, but it is very  hard-working. So it is understood that it is so popular and outstanding. Then for today’s protagonist? How will this Zoom Kobe 4 Protro surprise us? Here we go checking it.


Before this review, I have heard some comments regarding the shoe’s cushion. Some said that the cushion is somewhat like “deceiving” consumers because NIKE has reduced the cushion instead of increasing it. But does this “reduction” really do any harm or bring any inconvenience? And whether these people have tried it before? Anyway, let us go on checking it before drawing any conclusions.


First of all, I will demonstrate its appearance to you. If compared with the previous versions, the most prominent change is the Flywire. And upon getting the shoe, I could feel this Protro’s plastic board which is thickened to some extent. Besides the above, everything of the shoe looks aesthetically pleasing, isn’t it? It is more than suitable for combats, but fairly nice to match your daily dressing. So, because it is so irresistible for Nike fans, I just copped one some time ago.


For the wrapping that is as important as the appearance, Zoom Kobe 4 Protro authentically does a tremendous job. Wide base, large outrigger, lateral support from foam teeth on the lateral side of the midsole and the sturdy leather provide all the wrapping and support you need. But once I saw a note that a consumer had experienced slight heel slippage even when cranking down the laces. No side-to-side movement on the footbed, great torsional stability, and the lateral outriggers protect the wearer’s ankles from rolling. For me, it has left me so nice an impression that I even ever suspected whether the designer was endowed with this excellent capacity to produce such a wonderful model.


Respective of the cushion, for certain, Nike’s behavior, which has been mentioned before, will make some people turn their back on this model. However, no matter how Zoom Kobe 4 Protro was changed, one thing is for certain——it would still be sung high praise for by millions of fans. As I’ve said that the foam in the forefoot is cancelled, nonetheless, the midsole cushioning and heel cushioning are fairly enough for most poeple. The moment you put on it, you will clearly feel the super bouncy feedback and the feeling get much stronger, or let’s say the feeling will surge up so long as much more pressure is placed on it. What matters is that the Nike Zoom Air cushioning is like the cushion it originally was:  low, fast, speedy and responsive. Thus, just expect a wonderful encounter with it.


With respect to the weight, Nike always does very well. In other words, the model is super lightweight. When I first wore it, it impressed me a lot in this respect: I felt like wearing nothing! Super comfortable it is; especially light it is. The two adjectives are what surge into my mind at the moment.


In terms of the grip, this model does not bad. Making a glimpse at the pattern of the outsole, you will then think that: “Well, the grip can’t be bad for it is the herringbone pattern representing virtually the best one.” Yes, you are most likely to think that and the fact turns out to be what you think is. On wood floors or any concrete grounds, the outsole offers a great deal of friction which will does you a great help in combats. Made of rubber, the outsole is just so  thick and hard enough to hoop in outdoors, so it will be good because of which. Above all, the model should last a long time, even outdoors.


Finally ,the fit. Chances are that you may not be accustomed to it, but it just takes a little time to break in. So if you are now undergoing this situation, then don’t get dismayed.  The model does feel bulky and disconnected because the leather takes a while to conform to your feet, however, just have confidence in it.  Later you will find  the fit  great and almost provides the mobility of a low-cut.



Though the fit is more problematic as the leather doesn’t conform to your feet as well as modern textile materials do, its overall performance certainly won’t fail you. The grip, the wrapping and support, the traction and the appearance are all worth your trying. There is no deny that the model is a great performer. Chances are that most Nike fans will end up  grabbing a pair for practical use or collection.





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Nike KD 12 Performance Review

Officially, Nike KD 12 was unveiled and so far, it has got a great deal of popularity. In fact, the minute Nike KD 12 was released, virtually every sneaker fan was appealed by it. Scarcely, no one can resist such a nice model. In other words, it arouses many people’s interest, including me. And it is now available with the price of $150 in Nike retailers both online and offline.  Now that many sneaker fans are keen on knowing more information regarding the shoe, here we go checking it.


From the picture below we can see the brand-new Nike Air Fear of God 1 which is designed by Leo Chang and Jerry Lorenzo. Well, it can surely live up to the reputation it has got, but to some degree, as a basketball shoe, it seems not so perfect.


Then this KD 12? Can it live up to our expectation as well? OK! Let’s see…


Respective of its settings, I’d talk about the appearance first of all. Anyway, it is not less important than other respects. Deceptively simple as it looks, the interior features look to have had a lot of thought put into it. And we’ll talk about them in later parts. Regarding to this protagonist of today, it is named  “The Day One” and there are also other colorways. In most cases, not only is it suitable for daily wearing, but extremely nice in combats. Whether there are games or not, you can expect a wonderful encounter.


Seeing the picture, you might have guessed that the next respect is about the upper. The answer is absolutely right. The model looks as if it is comprised of a textile. This time Nike continues to use the lighter upper of the shoe, and has changed the traditional Flywire to a dynamic and independent one that can be moved from every directions so as to compensate for the lack of support. In a sense, this is one of the most prominent improvements Nike has made. Undoubtedly, this change makes it much easier to lock down and wrap the wearer’s feet.


For the midsole, Leo Chang and Nike designers engineered a way to place the full-length Zoom Air unit within the shoe’s build while keeping the strobel layer underneath it. Well, after KD 12’s launch, what appears most appealing is that excellent technologies in the shoe. Anyway, there are practically very few sneakers that have a double-layer Zoom Air. Leo Chang once declared that the strobel  of the midsole is to provide structure and support and lessen  the  disconnects the athlete from the shoe’s responsive cushioning.  Leo Chang also stitch a full-length articulated Air Zoom bag to the upper, making the Air unit a more dynamic element of the shoe. Another Zoom unit loaded in the heel is very cool though in most cases the Hex Zoom units aren’t too impressive.


Well, chances are that you have seen foam midsoles cored out before, but you might haven’t seen one   perforated in this way. If any of you have ever wore this model, I should say that you will feel this basic Phylon midsole incredibly soft and responsive and I myself have such feeling after having tested it for times.


Kevin Durant once got injured in previous games, which warns people that it is of vital importance to have a shoe endowed with overall protection.


According to some players, this shoe surprises them by giving them an impressive experience——that is the shoe is super lightweight while installed with lots of materials. Above all, the court feel is fantastically nice. But on the other hand, the excessive soft cushion may as well bother some people who specialize in the jump shots.


As for the fit, here I highly recommend those who are wide footers cop a bigger size or they might as well go to stores to have a try in case there would be any bothers. Some buyers commented that whether it looks good or disappointing, nonetheless, we can not say much about the shoes before we give it a chance to justify itself.



For certain, I don’t think that everyone will please with this model. It just depends. For me, being able to cop one KD 12, I feel flattered and I reckon it’s going to be an awesome experience to feel the full-length zoom stobel stiched on. On balance, the fact has proven it to be worthy purchasing and I hope that all of you can run into a splendid experience: after a wonderful game, exhausted as you could be, you are all smile, saying,” Never did I regret buying this model.”


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UA HIKA ONE ONE EVO Rehi Performance Review

Today we have got an excellent model and we are going to talk about it whose name is HOKA ONE ONE EVO Rehi. “Light, comfortable, and sharp-looking” is what I heard most regarding the shoe before this review. And after testing the shoe’s performance, I myself have the same feeling like most buyers. If you’re going after a flat with a soft and flexible underfoot experience and meanwhile the lightest design in the HOKA lineup, you might as well take a look at the this review and get more information respective of the model, then maybe you’ll feel flattered to find it your “Mr. Right”.


First of all, for this model, it is the thick sole that impresses people most. Then the appearance? Well, it is not bad, either. In the world of today, people are partial to some simple things and they also incline more to have an appreciation for minimalism. So it is no wonder that HOKA ONE ONE EVO Rehi would rise in response to the proper time and conditions. Regarding its appearance, a number of consumers claim that it looks a bit “queer” but special enough at the same time . The yellow laces along with the symbolic logo make it very appealing. Whenever and wherever you go, it will make you stand out in the crowds. But “There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.” In other words, not all people would appreciate the shoe’s appearance. It just depends.


As a professional running shoe, what it can not lack is the cushioning setup. Super light, it is more than suitable for most runners. And from all the time, the HOKA ONE ONE cushion fascinates many people very much, but in this model, you are likely to feel a little disappointed for it is hard to step on it. But to compensate a soft yet responsive ride, the Evo Rehi installs a full-length dual density ProFly rubberized foam midsole. Hard as it is, it still offers enough cushioning for light runners. But I won’t recommend this shoe to heavyweight runners because it brings some shock to knees. Ultimately, some might run into a surprise——that is  the shoe is built for speed, so efficient runners can certainly get away with a wider variety of efforts in the Rehi and almost anyone can as well slip these on for a 10K or half-marathon and be ready to roll.



In terms of the upper, it features highly durable Matryx technology. Upon putting on it, you will amazingly find that it’s soft enough to be comfortable though not flimsy in the way some knit or light-mesh uppers can be. Furthermore, it is said that it can promotes lockdown by employing Kevlar “wires” that optimize foot holds in strategic areas. Some reviewers even noted that the upper gives not only flexibility on toe off, but a highly secure race type fit which is a sock-like feeling. On the the hand, it is suitable to wear under any circumstance. On hot summer days, it would drain sweat quickly while in rainy days, it is highly waterproof.


As for the traction, the shoe utilizes an exposed outsole design so as to help keep weight down. There is not any traditional rubber  placements, but surprisingly, it just retains sufficient durability and traction when there are needs. Many people say they enjoy themselves while running on the shoe because the outsole performs fantastically and grips the ground well. As for me, I’ve never run in a shoe without any rubber whatsoever before, but this shoe just brushes up my fusty impression. But on the other hand, the fact that the  outsole is not made of rubber would make some people concerned about its durability. So here I should suggest you take good care of it and wipe it sometimes in order to maintain its good performance.


Honestly speaking, it was not until I tried the shoes on that I found it fitted me snug well. For me, the fit at a half size down from my normal with very thin race socks is super nice while for wide footers, true to size should work well. Well, if you’ve taken it into consideration and still have concern, I highly insist that you go on store to have a try.



Every time in this part, I know there are some people considering purchasing it. And I always take it for granted that a pair of excellent sneaker deserves being highly thought of and widely appreciated, and above all, well treated. Before drawing any conclusions toward it, you might as well have a try. And maybe you will run into a “considerate” comrade which does you a lot help when you are running. Anyway, there are many options and it is all up to you.


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Nike Zoom Fly FK Performance Review

To begin with, I’ll talk about the famous brand, Nike. It is certain that most of you, whether sneaker fans or not, have heard of “Nike” many times before. Surely, it is not endowed with such reputation. In the past few decades, Nike has been very powerful and a successful model in the eyes of many corporations, but Nike’s effort and perseverance are what people haven’t seen before. And with the development of times, people are seeking a high level of spiritual need as well. So this demands that Nike make updates and improvement. And the fact is that scarcely has it ever failed us. Then what surprises are we going to come across this time? Just expect.


The Zoom Fly series, generally acknowledged as very practical  for runners, has been updated several times. But what matters most is that Nike always designs its models with heart and soul and this Nike Zoom Fly FK would not be an exception.


Respective of the shoe box, it is still the orange package with which we are very familiar. There is nothing new and special in it. Printed on the sides are as well some basic information of the shoe.


Next it’s about time to demonstrate the shoe’s performance. Well, before this review, I’ve heard someone asked, “Whether you are wearing Nike Zoom Fly FK for fashion or for running?” For me, I reckon that I wear the shoe for both purpose because it is just devised with a aesthetically-pleasing  looking as well as excellent performance. Glimpsing at it, you are most likely to be deeply impressed by it because it is just very distinguishing even in the crowds.


To tell you the truth, I feel very flattered being able to cop one pair of Nike Zoom Fly FK. I have got this shoes for a period of time and I am just accustomed to it quite a lot. And above all, it is the upper that makes me most satisfactory. Made of thin fabric, the one-piece Flyknit can offer you a fit that forms to your foot— simultaneously reducing the potential for rubbing-induced blisters and guarantees a certain degree of ventilation and meanwhile prolongs the shoe’s life. As you can see, the upper features no tongue, making it almost like a sock. And it seems that Nike feels confident enough to loop the laces directly through the upper instead of adding Flyknit strings to hold the shoe together. A number of consumers claimed that they enjoyed very much the upper meshing for it fits like a sock while doesn’t form any hotspots. The upper just feels as great as it looks.


On the other hand, Nike designed a heel collar which is vital in facilitating the shoe’s wrapping. Overall, I think most runners will be fascinated by it like me. It won’t makes you disappointed.


In terms of the midsole, there is no deny that React Foam is one of the symbols of Nike, which is said to have 13% more energy return than the Lunarlon foam. Light, energy efficient, and durable, all these make the foam great at cushioning rather than sucking energy  away.


Is that the only update in the shoe? Then you are taken in by the superficial looking of the shoe. Looking at the picture below, you can know that the shoe features a carbon-fiber plate that is found in the speedy Vaporfly 4%. You will find the responsive effect and be offered a lot of feedback while running. The effect is much more prominent especially when you are speeding up because the plate induces a more effective toe off, which leads to a sense of propulsion as you stride. Besides, stiff as the midsole is, you are to be well protected


With respect to the outsole,  I am certain that you’ll be utterly impressed with it whether you are a beginner or a top one in your field. From an objective perspective, not that I go in for the shoe very much, but that this is a feeling noted by most testers.  To meet that need of most people’s wanting a long-lasting companion, Nike installed the durable rubber in the outsole.


For the outsole pattern, there are many small pentagons increasing friction with the ground. Therefore, the grip would be enough for most guys. Since I do not want it to become a biased review, I need to mention that the gaps on the outsole will attract dust or dirt quite easily; hence, you have to take trouble to wipe your shoes every now and then.


The image above would assure many people who have the issue of being bothered by much sweat in hot days.


The insole is Nike’s Ortholtic foam insole, giving you good cushioning and strong moisture absorption.


Before ending this review, I should mention the fit here. Surely, this aspect is not less important than the others. In some way, some even think this the most important of a shoe because it counts a lot during running. It just fits me sung well and this would be true of many people.



All in all, Nike Zoom Fly FK is a nice running shoe. If chances are given, it would most likely to be someone’s favorite set of running shoe. I should say that it can cater to many sneaker fans. Well, “Facts speak louder than words.” If there are still any doubts, you can just try it all by yourself. Anyway, for me, I must own up to it that I’ve taken to this fantastic model.

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PUMA CLYDE COURT Performance Review

As a sneaker fan, I am most familiar with the famous brands such as Nike, Adidas and so on. As for the brand, Puma, surely, there are few people know of it. In the past few decades, it was the Nike, Adidas or any other brands that occupied the basketball field while Puma seemed to be so modest because its models were just countable with fingers. So it is no wonder that it is unknown for people. But, this time, it crops up and brings us a big surprise. After years’ accumulation of experience, it finally brings us this Clyde Court.


Well, now that it has been accumulating for many years, I am sure it can’t fail us. And after my testing it for several times, the fact proves to be satisfactory. Maybe some would claim that looking at these Puma basketball shoes in pictures alone can really make some doubt the shoes’ ability to deliver well on court. Well, to tell you the truth, the shoes just do a tremendous job: it has a outstanding appearance as well as some fantastic settings.


As you can see in the images, the green upper along with the pink logo and pink outsole makes the shoe very distinguished among the others. Making a glimpse at it, you’ll feel very cool, which matches the “South Coast” theme. Some potential buyers even comment that the Clyde Court Disrupt from Puma looks great. Aesthetically pleasing, isn’t it? Anyway, I have to own up to it that I’ve totally taken to it.


In terms of the cushion, from the rubber outsole, we can see that Puma installs its Hybrid cushioning system in this Clyde Court Disrupt. After playing with it, you’ll get startled by its super bouncy setting. Accordingly, some reviewers would say that they love so much the combination of NRGY beads and IGNITE foam which deliver great comfort and feedback. When the NRGY beads and IGNITE foam are blended together, you can expect a great deal of impact protection imposed by the shoe. Besides, as a basketball shoe, the court feel is hardly ever absent. You would just run into sufficient protection with superb court feel. Puma has just done its best without impairing any faculty of the shoe.


There is nothing special in the knits of a basketball since the knits are virtually seen in many sneakers. According to a number of testers, the knit material in the upper of the Puma Clyde Court Disrupt is well implemented. And the same goes true for me after my initial play on it. All this prove an excellent job done by Puma. Besides, apart form the upper’s great performance, it is also far more durable than other basketballs for even after many times’ striking, it remains intact and performs as well as usual.

Made of soft materials, your feet can lie comfortably in the shoe. When you are playing with great enthusiasm, there is no need worrying about any slipping because it also does a good job in wrapping. It won’t bother you at any time; hence, what you need to do is concentrating on your game.


Next let’s turn to the outsole. With respect to this aspect, I’ve first read many  testers’ reviews and  a handful of whom claim that there are a few aspects with the traction that could still use a little improvement. Despite the fact, I am still quite content with it. Some of you may identify that the pattern used underfoot is an inverted traction pattern of what can be found on the original Puma Clyde. However, this does not count much but what matters more important is the outsole’s performance. In most kinds of ground, concrete or wood, the grip isn’t a disappointment at all. I’ve play on it for months. And from an objective standpoint, the grip has somewhat declined. So if you care so much with this, you might as well go for other ones.

On the other hand, to keep the shoe’s good performance, I suggest you wipe it sometimes but not frequently, or it would attracts dust more quickly. But anyway, for most people, the grip is enough whether for playing or daily wearing.

As for the fit, a considerable number of buyers say that the comeback model of Puma basketball is not really true to size. Well ,this does not always true. This point isn’t true of everyone; it depends. For those who go in for this Clyde Court and concern about the fit, here I’d give you some advice. If you want to maximize the potential of a 1:1 fit then you’d better go down 1/2 size. For me, it just goes true to size. Anyway, if you are considering buying it and still have concern, you might as well go to stores and try them on because whether or not the shoes fit you, only you know.



A number of buyers mentions of how attractive these Puma shoes look, making them fit for casual  use as well. Well, if you think so, why not give it a chance? If you want something new, then this shoe would be a good choice.  Provided that you get along with it for a period of time, you will end up extremely satisfy with it.






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La Sportiva Uragano GTX Performance Review

In the past few decades, many kinds of sports, such as running, climbing and so on, have gained people’s favor. But the fact is that not only do these sports require of them physical strength and willpower,  but also suitable many external factors. Then if you happen to be one of them and besides,  you are endowed with those physical requirement, it is the other factors that influence your experience a lot. Anyway, you don’t want them to let you down and ruin your picturesque views. So this La Sportiva Uragano GTX turns up in response to the proper time and conditions.


To gain an awesome experience, many people will expect much of their shoes.  And this goes the same for this model. Of course, from an objective perspective, it can basically meet your requirement. For instance, the toe part of the shoe is just hard enough to protect your feet from injuring; it just wraps your feet super well so that there is no need worrying about the inside slipping; above all, according to some testes that the grip is superb as it holds up on rugged terrains——just under any circumstance.


As  a professional running shoe, it has excellent settings as well as a distinguishing appearance. Chances are that you are to get fascinated by it at the first sight. If not, to tell you the truth, that case was true of me. The first time I ran into it, there was a sound in my brain, saying, ” Oh, yes, that’s it; that’s what I am always seeking for!” Well, maybe it was destined that many sports lovers can not resist such kind of “temptation”. Just imagine: you are wearing your beloved and powerful shoes which is also outstanding in its appearance, and the picturesque views are just withing your reach, then how will you feel? Blissful? Well, I am sure I would be in ecstasy like most of you.


It simply features black and yellow while the whole is aesthetically pleasing.  And as is seen in the pictures, on the one side of the shoe prints the iconic logo of La Sportiva.

With respect to the wrapping, I’ve mentioned before that it does quite well. The high collar, the laces and the thick upper, which is not heavy though, all facilitate the shoe’s wrapping. A few users also mentioned that it is more suitable to wear the shoe on cold conditions because the GTX upper made the shoe very warm. What’s more, this upper have also extended Gore Tex/Gore Flex comfort booties constructed of Airmesh with a Gore Tex membrane to offer breathability as well as waterproofing.

I’ve wore them out several times and my initial impression of it is that the upper wears super comfortable without any odd pressure and enough room for some toe splay is ensured as well. So far, it hasn’t problematic, nor has it caused me any trouble when doing sports. It keeps the foot dry on wet and snowy conditions.


For the box, here are some images for appreciating.

For the toe, it is special and durable in design. La Sportiva has installed a invisible TPU in the toe which does a great help in protecting our feet. Therefore, you keep enthusiasm in your career rather than worrying about the strike against a stone.


Respective of the cushion, I will talk about the effective INJECTED EVA midsole. Well, it is generally believed that a good cushion setting means a lot to one shoe. But for an bouncy and responsive cushion, there would have been some uncomfortable feelings and the wearer is likely to feel like wearing nothing and directly stepping on the rugged ground. A buyer once said that the midsole is excellent for the any trail purpose. It just wears firm, stable, and yet, decent. Given that the wild environment is sometimes very rugged, the cushion here is devised large and springy and above all, protective. While running, you can apparently feel the responsive feedback.


Here I’d mention the nice function of the laces. Specially designed, it is quite different from  the other conventional running shoes. Whenever there are some needs, you can freely adjust the tightness without any trouble.


Then the outsole? Well, look at the pattern below first. What can you see there? Yes, you are thinking what I thought before: the pattern is as rugged as the mountain paths.  However, despite the fact, the outsole does hold up on rugged terrains super well. Made of varied rubber compounds for maximum stickiness and excellent durability and longevity, the grip is amazing on wet rock, mud, snow and anything else, wet or dry; hence, you can just expect an awesome experience when running or climbing.


On all kinds of slopes, the shoe can offer you an improved and directional grip, preventing any slipping or injuries.


Some other reviewers describe the La Sportiva Uragano GTX as a comfortable running shoe. Well, as for me, I myself think so. Honestly speaking, not that I have a preference toward it, but that this opinion is just a fact. I should say that it fits me snug well, rather perfectly. Given that some might have concern about this aspect, I insist that these people go on stores to have a try.



I know some people noted that it is an expensive trail running shoe, and they even worry whether it is worth buying. Well, in spite of being expensive, a number of facts have proven it to be worthwhile. Many see it as a great shoe while at the same time offers a good blend of durability, comfort, grip, and protection. But all in all, however good it is, you should try it all by yourself. After all, it can’t made to please everyone.

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Adidas Ultra Boost 2019 Performance Review

Dating back to 2014 when Adidas has just newly released the powerful tech known as Boost, this brand had been very popular among sneaker fans, and since then its well-known position was further facilitated. Just as the old saying goes,”Strike while the iron is hot.” So with the decently good performance of Boost tech, Adidas shortly reshaped many classic models, such as TMAC Millennium, Adidas Stan Smith, green tail and Adidas superstar Boost. It is generally believed that all these honor should be owned to the Boost.


Later in 2015, a well-known Boost midsole series, the UltraBOOST ,once declared as “the best running shoe with fantastic tech” and thought highly of , rose in response to the proper time and conditions. And with the success of UltraBoost series, then in 2018 Adidas again rolled out the Adidas UltraBOOST 19. Here let’s go checking.


Firstly, let’s start from the conventional step: get a closer look at the shoe box. There is nothing special in this ordinary yellow and white box. If you are a long-term fan of UltraBoost, you won’t find any highlight in the box.


In fact, being capable of copping one pair of Adidas UltraBoost 19, I feel more than delighted and honored. Frankly speaking, I am a loyal fan of Adidas for many years. In spite of the fact, I still felt excited the moment I got the parcel, and I had always been suspecting what its appearance.


Upon opening the box, I got quite a start at its good-looking. Even if it was newly released, there is not any foul smell of glue. And I also found it super light, which is more than suitable for either hikers or runners who want the same cushy ride whether they’re at mile 1 or mile 20.


I’ve overheard before that the 2019 model packs even more Boost and has a sock-like upper. Well, to detect whether it is true or not, I would care to take the chance and put the shoes through tests.


Featuring a Primeknit 360 woven construction rather than using a knit upper that really covers only the top half of your foot and is tacked to the midsole at the edges, this upper could not only wrap the wearer’s foot excellently well, but offer a sock-like feeling. As is seen in the images, the red threads in the forefoot, which are also knit through the midfoot, is a distinctive design and is devised to stretch. Whenever and wherever you go, it gives you a secure feeling while it can constrict you like more traditional overlays.


Installed in the midsole are two TPU pieces which are very soft and whose breathable mesh is designed more for decoration. So it is not what you personally see is always true; it might sometimes deceive you.



Some might ask that what is Primeknit 360 woven tech? Well, the picture below will give you an answer.


For the insole, it is made of the lightweight EVA material commonly used in the Climacool version. Another point worth noticing is that the designer has added a slightly velvet design in the insole, making the owner super comfortable. Seemingly ordinary as it is, Adidas UltraBOOST 19 has finally returned to this nice design.


The heel as well has a a red stripe. Besides, there is a flexible wire wrapped inside a padded sleeve, giving you support and stability when landing.


So when it comes to the cushion, as has been said before, there is more Boost with a reported 20% increase in energy return in it. Adidas also mentions that it has packed 20 percent more Boost into the midsole thanks to fusing the TPU pellets differently. According to many fans, they position UltraBoost 19 the softest expression of the UltraBoost series. The foot feel remains plush, and in addition, it is just springy and mushy than the former versions. In short, the shoe feels springy and well-cushioned under any circumstance.


The Adidas equips the UltraBOOST 19 with the brand’s signature Torsion Spring anti-twist system, which is actually simple but effective.


With  respect to the outsole, its pattern is seemingly more complicated. Adidas has changed the previous dot outsole unit into an irregular trapezoidal unit one which is officially named as the Stretchweb mesh outsole. Well, for those wanting a long-wearing companion, there is no need worrying about durability for this is made of durable ContinentalTM horse rubber. There are small lugs underfoot, diamond-shaped with hard edges, giving you a little extra hold on slick surfaces and dirt roads. Rugged as it is, it does have an excellent grip. Here I’d mention that you should be careful because it lacks any protection from rocks and sticks, which is based on my test.


And the laces are the regular ones that are generally seen.

Finally, the fit, which is equally important as the other settings. But for a nice fit, the wearers could run into an awful experience. As for me, the shoe fits true to size and wears splendidly comfortable. Maybe it is the fit or any other that impresses me a lot , anyway, it is the best among UltraBoost series from my own perspective.



Behind the usual fashion orientated noise that proceeds this Adidas UltraBoost 19’s launch. Well, it is widely recognized that the life pace of present days is much too fast and it seems that people are always in a hurry. So why not slow down now? Going out for a running or climbing with this UltraBoost 19 would be a good choice. Besides, Adidas have been working hard on their flagship running shoe. And now this new model is also destined to be popular, which is in recognition of Adidas’ effort.






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All Out Blaze 2 Mid Performance Review

Founded by Clark Matis, Randy Merrell and John Schweizer in 1981,  the corporation, Merrell, has been growing rapidly and has so far got a great deal of recognition . As a hiking shoe manufacturer, receiving good reputation all along, the corporation is always trying its best to meet our needs and to satisfy us. Respective of the brand, there is a series of stories. If you are interested in them, you can go online to search. And next, we will talk about the ALL OUT BLAZE 2 MID, a lightweight and excellent model for climbing.


Upon opening the shoe box, the iconic Gore-Tex® first came into my sight. I just couldn’t wait to held it up and then slipped my feet in. 

The Gore-Tex® fabrics are just made from GORE-TEX® brand films bonded between high performance linings and outer fabrics. In terms of the upper, made of grained leather and mesh and with Gore-Tex® fabric technology, not only is it ventilated, but also waterproof.


From my own perspective, I should say that the popularity of the shoe is in recognition of the shoe’s excellent performance. As a shoe used for climbing, its outsole must be durable and grip well. Had it had not excellent grip, the wearer must have run into an awful experience.


It is generally believed that the most important aspect of any serious trail running shoe is the outsole. Made of Vibram® TC5+, the outsole can surely meet the requirement of durability. As you can see in the pictures, the pattern of the outsole is a bit complicated: the ridges are designed relatively deep and large, ensuring enough friction when climbing for there are mainly gravels, mud and grass. As is noted by a few disappointed hikers that the shoe has a stiff sole.Well, stiff as it is,  irrespective of the weather, the hard rubber outsole is just designed to withstand all kinds of environments, offering support and stability. Under any circumstances, it just performs as nicely as usual. What is most important is that the grip it offers can be multi-directional; in other words, the traction is ensured from multiple angles.


Then go on checking another important setting of the shoe: the cushion. Merrell has outfitted All Out Blaze 2 Mid with Air Cushion Viz foam pod which is a low-density rubber blend,  resisting impact and offering superior comfort and above all, ensuring the wearer’s heel to be protected with a fantastic padding. On top of that, when stress is placed, the shock would be absorbed by the cushion’s high resilience foam which adds stability and comfort to us. Personally, it is the most professional shoe I’ve ever met.  This model just helps a few wearers remain planted on slippery surfaces with its fantastic grip performance. And based on my experience——I’ve tested it out on a small slope, the fact turned out to be quite satisfying.


As is seen that the shoe does quite well in waterproofing, thus it is idle to worry about getting soaked in the inner part even when it is pouring down.


Despite the ordinary appearance, according to some, there is no deny that every detail is designed dainty; in other words, the designer has devised a practical model with his heart and soul. A multitude of owners mentioned that with the powerful alliance of the upper, they can thus enjoy a comfortable pair of hiking shoes.


In order to finish the target of offering an excellent wrapping for hikers, professional ones or beginners, Merrell had to turned to the combination of leather and mesh in upper. Although it might seem to be lacking breathability, the suspicion turns out to be wrong.  The fact that the upper is quite ventilated has fascinated many hikers. Looking at it closer, you’ll see some small gaps in the leather full of cushioned mesh which permits air to flow to the inside, thus making you focus on your climbing  only rather than worrying about the accumulated sweat.


After slipping your feet in the shoe, just tie the laces tightly. Apparently, you’ll feel your feet get integrated with your shoes. While hiking, definitely, there would not be any slipping inside the shoe though a moderate percentage of consumers have noted that it has  a wide toe box. But, surely, it can’t bring slippery. To sum up, it does perform not badly and it is adequate for me.


Finally, it’s the fit’s turn. On a personal level, it is equally important as the above settings. For this aspect, many a testers appreciate the splendid fit; they say it just fits true to size and offers a decent wear feeling when hiking. And owing to the soft materials in inner part, you can even put it on without wearing socks. Expect? Then if you happen to be dying for a pair of shoes  like this, chances are that this Merrell model would be your next target of purchasing.



This model is such a kind of hiking pieces where comfort and support work in unison that many hikers are likely to get obsessed. Anyway, it won’t please everyone. While some might be fascinated, some are likely to turn their backs on it. Well, it depends. All in all, many tests have proven the beneficial shoe to be a worthy purchase.




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Reebok FAST FLEXWEAVE™ Performance Review

As a basketball fan and likewise a football fan, Reebok has accompanied me for many years and it is always my most powerful comrade. Dating back to the 90s, Reebok was famous for its being installed with many practical technologies, for instance, the pump inflatable upper, the Hexalite honeycomb midsole technology and the DMX flow cushioning. And getting a glimpse of the Reebok series, surely, you are most likely to be attracted by them. Also, today’s protagonist, the Reebok FAST FLEXWEAVE™, goes the same for you.


Respective of this Reebok FAST FLEXWEAVE™, there isn’t the DMX nor the Hexalite honeycomb midsole however. Then what surprise would it bring to us? Expect? Well, next we are going to take a look at it.


According to some a great number of wearers, they think highly of the shoe’s appearance and are all deeply impressed by it. From their perspective, Reebok FAST FLEXWEAVE™  has a striking appearance. As for me, honestly speaking, what matters greatly in most cases when I am buying shoes is the appearance and I would even ask waiters to help me pack it without inquiring more.


Looking at the upper, it seems that the shoe is not designed for running, but for comprehensive training. Equipped with the  FLEXWEAVE technology, there are strands of fiber weaved together in a figure-8 formation. Different from Nike’s Flyknit and Adidas’ Primeknit woven upper which are super bouncy, the black threads in Reebok FAST FLEXWEAVE™’s upper is relatively stronger and offers the foot lateral support. On top of that, the fiber weave pattern  and the gradient on the upper looks very aesthetically pleasing and the heel support is ensured as well as the lacing system merged well with it. And unlike most other shoes, this time Reebok FAST FLEXWEAVE™ is no longer absent in breathability. That is to say, ventilation in the shoe is sufficient. Above all, thanks to the woven upper which is a sock-like one, a large number of buyers have noted that it wears remarkably comfortable the moment you slip your feet in. When running, you can concentrate only on your thing without worrying slipping for the shoe wraps your foot very well.


The inside is capable of owning the half-palm design, lighter and thinner, offering flexibility when bending.


Then let us turn toward the cushion setup. As a running shoe, it must bring people soft wearing; thus, it is cushion that plays an important role. I’ve before read a review, in which the tester exclaims the shoe is not only good for running sessions, but also for CrossFit, walking and gym workouts. Well, being able to cop one pair of Reebok FAST FLEXWEAVE™, I myself have the same feeling as the tester.  But have you ever thought of that—— the shoe would not be so good had Reebok not installed the bouncy cushion in it. Reebok uses what it calls a 3D Foam midsole, and the underfoot cushioning is quite good. During your running, provided that enough pressure is placed, it gives you quite nice feedback and you’ll feel like stepping on a pillow. That is the reason why some consumers, along with many reviewers, agree that the Fast Flexweave is one of the most shoes they have ever worn.


In terms of the outsole, you can take a detailed look at it. The outsole of Fast Flexweave is designed with different tread patterns and grooves working in sync and what is the most important is that it offers remarkable grip whenever there is direction change and performs well on slippery surfaces——regardless of the weather and environment. There is also an added carbon rubber rim around the heel area, for better support and extra structural rigidity. But I should mention that you’d better choose a smooth ground rather than a rough one, or you may quickly lose it forever because of the not durable outsole.


On top of the above settings, it should also be lightweight as a running shoe. For this point, it would satisfy you. Simply put, this shoe is some of the lightest you would find for running. But it is normal that one shoe can’t be designed for everyone. While there are some people who are fascinated with it, some might say that the shoe has a narrow toe box or hard to put on. Well, it depends. But for me, I would still recommend it to friends because of its exceptional fit and performance. It just fits me true to size. Sometimes, it even makes me forget that I am actually wearing something. And since my initial play with it, it would bring me surprise in later running.



Finally, to sum up, the shoe remains all the ingredients of a well-balanced fitness shoe. It is suitable either at home or daily outing. Whether you are a senior runner or a beginner, as long as you love running, then it is more than suitable for you. Also, the fact has proven that the shoe is a good investment for those wanting for a visually-appealing, lightweight, and versatile running shoe. Trust me: it won’t fail you.