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The Released Information of Adidas 4D Cush Carbon/Solar Green

On the road of technological innovation, it has been endless. The futuristic 4D range has already been sold by 6 different shoes. The famous media YankeeKicks exposed the Adidas 4D Cush model that maybe released in the near future.

The design of Adidas 4D Cush is focused on the cushion performance. The main colorway is black and decorated with solar green. The forefoot sole is similar to the adiPRENE insole of Adidas Originals Ozweego. The unprecedented wavy surface should be the Adidas brand-new technology.

The vamp uses mesh with TPU coating and combining with Solar Green wavy surface. It creates a future style. Another characteristic of Adidas 4D Cush is the shoe head design which is similar to the style of bumper. It not only can protect the shoe head, but also looks nice.

After Yeezy series shoes, Adidas is also searching another breakthrough. Both of the appearance and technology of Adidas 4D Cush「Carbon/Solar Green」are great. We expect that it can be released soon.

We still haven’t heard the specific released information about Adidas 4D Cush「Carbon/Solar Green」now. It maybe released in 2022.

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The Configuration of Nike Giannis Immortality

After exposing the Zoom Freak 3, the official declare that it will release the feeder shoe for Giannis Antetokounmpo. Giannis Antetokounmpo is the fifth basketball star after LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant who have the feeder shoes. Is it worthy to purchase? Let’s have a look at Nike Giannis Immortality.

What’s the configuration of Nike Giannis Immortality?

From the picture on the website, the insole material should be Renew technology. The configuration is knitted vamp with brand-new insole. It’s middle level configuration. The cushion performance is good. The anti-rollover design is protruding, but it’s too soft, it doesn’t work. It can be daily dressing. But if you want to wear it for playing high-strength basketball, it’s unsuitable.

The appearance of Nike Giannis Immortality is simple. The shoe tongue is big and it has Antetokounmpo’s logo. The colorway looks good. But it doesn’t have many lightspots.

The vamp is made of several kinds of composite materials. It doesn’t have protecting design on the shoe head. The side vamp has big Swoosh logo. The shoelaces is interphase black and white.

The heelpiece has a circle of protruding foam design. It looks weird. The heel insole is waved structure. And the outsole has upturning design. It also has Antetokounmpo’s logo on the heel sole. The outsole pattern is dense.

Overall, the appearance of Nike Giannis Immortality is normal, but it also has some characteristics. The heel outosle sole has upturning design, and the insole has waved structure. In fact, there is a lot of controversy about this pair of shoes online. Some guys think that the appearance of Nike Giannis Immortality is not good, it looks like a pair of running shoes. What about your opinion?

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The Released Information of Nike Zoom Freak 3 

Nike Zoom Freak 3 helps the players create enough space to attack the basket through an innovative downdip design. Giannis Antetokounmpo’s newest signature shoes provides abundant technology configuration.

NIKE design director Ross Klein said: One of the most features of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s athletic abilities is the ability of his legs to transfer energy quickly while running, allowing him to control his body freely and seize the gaps between attacking and defending.

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s feet interact with each other like a gas pedal and a brake. When he attacks the basket, he can change his pace at different angles. Therefore, we hope that in the new generation of shoe design, we can more perfectly adapt to the way that his foot changes.

Zoom Freak 3 is mainly designed for the needs of Giannis Antetokounmpo when he attacks. The forefoot sole has two pieces of ZOOM Air cushion to absorb energy and offer timely feedback. This kind of cushion technology makes Zoom Freak 3 to be closer to the ground. The cross strap on the vamp can offer better stability and fitness to the foot. It can make sure that the feet won’t slip and move in the shoes. The outsole design is inspired by the highly acclaimed traction pattern of NIKE previous basketball shoes.

Nike Zoom Freak 3 will be released in this month. If you are interested in it, pls you can pay attention on our website.

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The Released Information of New Balance TWO WXY LOW

New Balance already has many shoe fans for the running shoes and retro type sneakers. Recently, it released the new basketball shoes–TWO WXY LOW. The TWO WXY LOW follows the comfort and professionalism of the TWO WXY series shoes, and it has creative colorways. The players not only can wear it for playing basketball on the court, but also can wear it for daily dressing.

TWO WXY LOW is low type design. It releases the ankle’s range of activity and improves the flexibility. It uses the unique New Balance insole technology FuelCell, which has high resilience. It offers high comfort level to the players.

The vamp of New Balance TWO WXY LOW is made of knitted mesh material, which guarantee the good air permeability. It uses different knitted way on important parts to reinforce the supporting performance. The fitness is good.

New Balance TWO WXY LOW will release 5 colorways, except the classic grey, black and white, it’s also decorated with red, yellow, green and blue in it. It will be released soon. If you are interested in it, you can pay attention on our website.

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NIKE KD14 Performance Review

When KD13 was released, many fans ridiculed the ugly design. The new released KD14 in this year has been improved. But the most concerned thing for the players is the configuration, performance, the suitable position and playing way. Let’s have a look at it today.

NIKE KD14 adds the cross strap design which is similar to the cross design of Kyrie 6. The fitness is good. The outboard TPU plate on the vamp improves the anti-rollover design and stability. The vamp has three layers. The supporting performance is good. And it has big space to offer more colorways and pattern on the vamp. The air permeability of mesh is good, and it’s durable. 

The insole of KD14 uses full-length ZOOM STROBEL cushion and CUSHLON cushioning foam. It doesn’t have the independent ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot sole. The overall cushion performance is good.

The outsole is colorful. The outsole has several patterns. The widened pattern offer multi-directional traction performance. The abrasive resistance also looks good. But it’s unsuitable to play on cement court. You can refer to the abrasive resistance of KD13.

Which position and what kind of playing way is KD14 suitable to?

KD14 is more suitable to the shooting type players. A pair of suitable basketball shoes can help you to play your own technical characteristics.

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The Performance Review of ASICS MetaSpeed Sky

ASICS MetaSpeed Sky has been released. After testing, below is my reviews for the performance of ASICS MetaSpeed Sky.

  1. The shoes is light. The unit weight of US9 ASICS MetaSpeed Sky is only 193g.
  2. The size is a little smaller than normal size. It’s a little tight.
  3. When jogging, it’s soft but not comfortable. After speeding up, it becomes more comfortable. It’s unsuitable for jogging.
  4. The resilience and cushion performance of ASICS MetaSpeed Sky is great. It can compete with VAPORFLY NEXT%.
  5. The anti-skid of ASICS MetaSpeed Sky is good. I haven’t slipped when running on the wet road.
  6. It’s a little tight after wearing, but it’s not so tight when running.
  7. The insole material is a little yellowing.
  8. Although the heel don’t have counter, but the overall supporting performance is still good.

The overall performance of ASICS MetaSpeed Sky is great. I expect the performance of ASICS Metaspeed Edge.

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The Released Information of NIKE LeBron 19

One month ago, the official published the preview of ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’. The LeBron 19 was exposed.

The appearance of LeBron 19 is totally different with LeBron 18.

It returns to the traditional high type design. The vamp lines are exaggerated.

The mid vamp is reinforced by a big area of TPU, and decorated with hollow-out crown and handwritten signature.

The insole design is also different. It has a layer of Phylon and has special hollow-out design. It uses separated forefoot and rear sole design, and the middle part is connected by TPU.

The rear sole still uses thick Air Max cushion and uses multi-zone design.The forefoot sole uses new shaped Zoom Max cushion which also covers the toes part. It has air cushion from toes to heel. We haven’t seen this kind of configuration before.

The TPU on the upper of LeBron 19 is high, but the interior  is the same as LBJ18.

Except LeBorn 19, NIKE Space Jam series also released three low type LeBron 18 (Bugs vs. Marvin the Martian,Tweety Bird vs. Sylvester and Road Runner vs. Wile), NIKE Air Force 1 and two kids’ shoes.

Except the shoes, it also sell the corresponding jersey of Space Jam II. For many people, the AJ11 on Space Jam 1 has been classic basketball shoes. So LeBron 19 should becomes the collection of most of people after a few years.

The film of Space Jam II is currently scheduled for global released on July 16, and maybe LeBron 19 will also be released then.

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LeBron Soldier 14 Performance Reivew

Today we will share the performance review of LeBron Soldier 14 with you.

Tester’s information: 180cm/100kg

SIZE: US10.5

Testing Time: about 10 hours

Court: Indoor woodfloor and outdoor cement court, PU court

Fitness: 7 scores

The LeBron Soldier series started to use integrated type vamp. If you have Soldier 10, you should know that it’s really hard to put on the integrated type vamp.

The LeBron Soldier 14 uses hidden type shoelaces, and the vamp is still integrated type. Undoubtedly, it’s also hard to put on and take off.

The vamp has two layers. The outer layer is stiff mesh fabric and the inner layer is space fabric. The fitness is good.

The design hidden in the vamp is similar to flywire. The feet won’t be easy to move.

But due to the design of topline, the fitness of ankle is not good enough. It’s a little empty.

Air Permeability: 6.5 scores

The air permeability of vamp is not good. The inner side of vamp has ventilated holes to improve the air permeability. But the water-absorbing quality of inner layer space fabric is not good. After playing 2 basketball games, the inner side of shoe collar is wet.

Feedback: 8 scores

The feedback of LeBron Soldier 14 insole is great.

The forefoot insole has 10mm thick ZOOM Air cushion and rear sole has 13mm thick ZOOM Air cushion. And the foam is cushlon, not Phylon. The insole configuration is good.

We can know the position of air cushion by seeing the uneven outsole.

Traction Performance: 7.5 scores

The LeBron Soldier 14 is suitable to outdoor court. The outsole uses big area of ahombus pattern, and the lines are wide. The outsole rubber is stiff.

If you are PF, you don’t need to worry about the traction performance.

Supporting Performance & Anti-torsion Performance: 8 scores

There is a piece of TPU plate running through the insole. It offers great stiffness. And the insole has a piece of thick anti-torsion plate. Except the stiff mesh fabric, it adds adhesive film to reinforce the important parts.

The protection of LeBron Soldier 14 close to the max protection of LeBron 3. The anti-torsion performance of LeBron Soldier 14 is excellent.

Abrasive Resistance: 8 scores

As LeBron Soldier 14 is suitable for outdoor court, the abrasive resistance of outsole is great.

But there is a little risk. The outboard TPU plate on the heelpiece is close to the outsole, so it maybe easy to be abraded. You can refer to the below pictures of my shoes.

Size: The size of LeBron Soldier 14 is standard. You don’t need to choose one size bigger or one size smaller.

The unit weight of US10.5 LeBron Soldier 14 is only 410g. It control the weight well. The unit weight of US10.5 LeBron Soldier 10 is 450g.

Overall: 80 scores

The overall performance of eBron Soldier 14 is good. It has good fitness, supporting performation, anti-torsion performance, cushion performance, traction performance and abrasive resistance. The diadvantage is the air permeability, and it’s hard to put on and take off.

If you like to play basketball on outdoor court, you can choose LeBron Soldier 14. Comparing with previous series, the LeBron Soldier 14 has improvements. It can be considered as the first choice of heavy frontline.

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ASICS MAGICSPEED Performance Review



The ASICS METASPEED SKY uses Flytefoam Blast Turbo insole which has good resilience. It pushed me to run forward. The ASICS MAGICSPEED insole angle is similar to METASPEED. The thickness of forefoot sole is reduced. So that I can feel ground condition obviously.

The carbon fiber pushing plate is built-in the foam, not close to the outsole.

The arch-shaped curve keep the landing angle of forefoot.

The forefoot carbon fiber plate is asymmetrical shape.

The insole of MAGICSPEED is the same as NOVABLAST, it uses Flytefoam Blast. The resilient feedback of NOVABLAST is unforgettable. But the Flytefoam Blast of ASICS MAGICSPEED is not so elastic. The forefoot insole is built-in a piece of carbon fiber pushing plate to divide the 24mm foam into two parts. But only the forefoot sole has carbon fiber plate. The cushion performance of 29mm thick rear sole is very enough for me.


The vamp of MAGICSPEED looks thin. Actually, it’s made of double-deck materials. The outer layer is single layer of yarn, and it’s decorated with twill raindrops bumping. The inner layer is single layer of yarn with holes. The air permeability is good.


The outsole of ASICS MAGICSPEED uses Guidesole technology. I can feel the combination of insole and outsole when running. The landing area is almost covered with rubber. The hollow-out area is to increase the cushion performance, not to reduce the weight. The outsole pattern remind me the ASICS METARIDE which keeps releasing the new colorways.

The Flytefoam Blast is softer than Flytefoam Lyte and Flytefoam Propel. The outsole of ASICS MAGICSPEED uses ASICS GRIPS material as METASPEED SKY.

ASICS MAGICSPEED can offer comfortable cushion and help you to adjust the running posture. The overall performance of ASICS MAGICSPEED is good.

The appearance and configuration of ASICS MAGICSPEED is similar to METARACER. Although the weight of ASICS MAGICSPEED is not the lightest one, but the unit weight of US9 is only 230g, it’s acceptable. The vamp looks thin, but it’s burly when running.

The design of ASICS MAGICSPEED merge together the advantages of NOVABLAST, METAGLIDE and METARACER. Actually it closes to METARACER when running. The ASICS MAGICSPEED is heavier, but it’s cheaper.

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adidas D.O.N Issue#2 Performance Review

Today we want to talk about the performance of D.O.N Issue#2.

Tester: 180cm/100kg

Size: US10.5 D.O.N Issue#2

Testing Time: about 4 to 5 hours

Court: Indoor wood floor and outdoor PU court

Playing way: PF/Center

Insole Cushion Performance: 6 scores

The insole of D.O.N Issue#2 uses full-length Bounce EVA. According to different position, the thickness of insole is different. This kind of design should be adjusted for the speeding type defenders. The feedback of forefoot sole is a little stiff for me.

But I’m surprised at the Bounce insole of rear sole. The feedback is good.D.O.N Issue#2 is the signature shoes of Donovan Mitchell who is defender. So if you play PF or Center, it’s better to consider it before purchasing.

Feedback: 8 scores

We can see that some parts of insole and outsole is thinner. It’s designed for easily bending and reducing the waste of strength.

D.O.N Issue#2 is very suitable for the young and powerful players.

The full-length Bounce insole is thin on forefoot sole and thick on rear sole.

It has TPU anti-torsion plate extending from forefoot sole to mid-sole.

Fitness: 8 scores

The vamp of D.O.N Issue#2 is mainly made of mesh fabric and composite material. With the half inner sleeve and thick foam padding on the ankle part, the overall fitness is good. It’s comfortable after wearing. But after fastening the shoelaces, it’s a little tight on the instep. If your instep is high, it’s better to have a try on physical store.

The size of D.O.N Issue#2 is standard.

Traction Performance: 7.5 scores

The traction performance of D.O.N Issue#2 is great. The pattern is spider web type rhomboid pattern. The traction performance on indoor and outdoor court is great.

When urgently stop and turning, the outsole can grip the ground well. The reason that I only give the traction performance of D.O.N Issue#2 7.5 scores is, the crystal outsole is easy to absorb dust, it needs to clean often.

Air Permeability: 6 scores

When seeing the thick padding on the ankle, we know that the air permeability of D.O.N Issue#2 should be not good. After exercising, the ankle part is wet.

Supporting Performance & Anti-torsion Performance: 7.5 scores

The vamp of D.O.N Issue#2 has some gluing parts, such as the outboard vamp is reinforced by gluing plate.

The inboard vamp is reinforced by a piece of synthetic leather. The supporting performance of vamp is great.

The forefoot sole has out trigger design. The build-in X shape TPU anti-torsion plate also improve the stability.

Abrasive Resistance: 5.5 scores

I have worn D.O.N Issue#2 to play the basketball games about 8 hours, and I have found that the outsole has rough selvedge. The abrasive resistance is not good. But the present price is not high. So it’s ok.

Weight: 6 scores

The unit weight of US10.5 D.O.N Issue#2 is 460g. It’s not very heavy.

Appearance: 8 scores

After releasing D.O.N Issue#2, I have been attracted by its appearance. The Spider man colorway is cool.

Cost Performance: 7 scores

The material and design of D.O.N Issue#2 is great. So the present price is not high.

Overall: 80 scores

D.O.N Issue#2 is designed for the speeding type defenders and young powerful players. The cushion performance of full-length Bounce is great. You will be satisfied at its feedback. The direct feedback from forefoot sole is unsuitable for me. If you are frontline players like me, it’s better to consider it better before purchasing.