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Adidas SOLAR BOOST Performance Review

As the Boost’s coming out in 2014, it has drew a lot of people because of its excellent cushioning and elasticity. Meanwhile, in Berlin Marathon, it was Kimetto  who made the Adidas Adios 2 popularly known. Since then, it was widely said that Adidas’ development would be overwhelming. And the fact has proven the prophecy to be true.


In recent years, Adidas combines the Boost with tide shoes, thus resulting in Adidas’ running models being trendier. So it is high time that the Adidas Ultra Boost be born.


However, though the Ultra Boost or any other models are on good sale, many people would take it for granted that Adidas models are just tide running shoes——this is people’s general cognition.


Owing to many kinds of reasons, the professional running shoe, Adidas Energy Boost, is now in an embarrassing situation. Its appearance can’t be said to be appealing——just ordinary. As for its setting, it is defined to be a simplified version of Ultra Boost. So, how can this product won people’s hearts? Apparently, it can not live up to our expectation. So, the Adidas SOLAR BOOST rose in response to the proper time and conditions.


Enlightened by NASA, Adidas Solar Boost features a simple shoe type and possesses a stylish appearance that was suitable for casual wear——as is noted by various commenters. Definitely, it is not the most outstanding one in appearance among the other shoes in history, but surely it is dainty in design. Provided that you observe the shoe with care, you’ll find there are meanings in every detailed part. If you are considering copping one, there are some other colorways for you to choose.


When it comes to the setting, according to official news, Adidas has nearly installed all top tech in this Solar Boost.


For the shoe box, there is nothing special in it. Printed on the side is the basic information of the shoe.


With respect to the upper, there is a lot needs to be mentioned. This is an area where the Solar Boost improves on any other Boost upper, to a point. Equipped with Tailored Fibre Placement tech, the woven upper is never absent in breathability and creates a web of sorts of knit fibers along the midfoot that has a locked down fit. Besides, the forefoot features the Tech Fit integrated upper tech, which is super lightweight and elastic. As is known, the Tech Fit is an elasticized material, so it  appears non-porous and solid that provides a customized fit.


At the same time, the TFU upper Parley lightweight yarn made from marine plastic, which is not only cost effective but also environmentally friendly. On top of that, there is a soft TPU in the heel, offering support and lockdown. With the existence of the lacing system, the wrapping is greatly exalted to some extent. For wide-footers, the upper seems to mold to the wearer’s forefoot without squeezing the foot at all. But for runners with narrow heels, they will struggle with this technology and those requiring structural support may also get frustrated.


Regarding to the cushion, surely, it is the Boost that first comes into our mind. Marked by some buyers that the full length Boost midsole roam provides excellent cushioning and energy return with good durability. In spite of its unsuitability for faster paced running, certainly, many runners will appreciate its plush ride and fit for recreational runners to high mileage hogs. Some users have also said that the Boost provides a cushioning that is more accommodating than expected.


Personally, not only is the cushion accommodating, but also super bouncy. It offers us quite enough feedback which mainly comes from the midsole and the thick insole. You can barely feel your foot stay in the footbed comfortably all the time. Requiring nearly no time breaking in, the shoe performs perfectly in this aspect. Though some shortcomings do exist and the whole is somewhat unsatisfying, you can just expect a wonderful experience on court.


Taking a glimpse of the outsole, what first impresses you? As you can see, the outsole features mainly black and white. The black materials in the holes is just the solar foam.


In the middle of the outsole is the Torsion System Anti-twist fixing tech.


The pattern is simple——officially claimed as Stretch Web system which can improve fluency while playing . For the outsole, it is comprised of Continental rubber, bringing excellent durability; thus, if you are always dying for a long-lasting shoe, why not grab it? Having a broad heel, great grip and surface area in all conditions, the outsole provides you with an enhanced ground feel. Though not being able to have a anti-slip pattern, the grip is still awesome.


One of the shoe’s highlight is in the insole. Well, you may wonder——what is the peculiarity of an insole?


First of all, the insole is covered with flocking material which can effectively prevent the foot from sliding inside the shoe and improves comfort. Superior to the other average fabric material, isn’t it?


Secondly, the elasticity of the insole. Sometimes, you can’t tell whether the bouncy is from the insole or the Boost. And finally, the insole s just thick. With an average thickness of 6 mm, it enhances the integrity of the wearing of the shoe.


Although defined as a professional running shoe, it is yet fashion when there are outings. As I mentioned before, it is suitable for most of you. But here I’d also recommend you have a try in case the wrapping bothers you.



From an objective perspective, this Adidas Solar Boost is thought highly of. Comfortable, responsive,  efficient——these are just what I hear most about the shoe. It is a move in the right direction for the high end Boost line. In fact, the wrapping does really fail some people and dispelled their desire to buy. And some reckon that the Adidas Solar Boost was expensive. However, despite the high price point and other criticisms, it can live up to most people’s expectation. After all, it has proven that it enables a fantastic running adventure.