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adidas D Rose 9 Performance Review

In 2008, I was fascinated by the NBA in my high school. When the ball won the first champion in that year , I was excited .Rose, his style of strength and speed quickly caught my eye. I was not  his fan at first , but after watched his game , I was attracted  by him .His ability to slash, rise, play defense, and lead a team reminded me . I was so excited to watched each game .


10 years gone, looking at Rose’s skills of basketball nowdays, although not as fast as ever before, but in the key battles, he still has been a key important player.Derrick Rose was well on his way to becoming the most lucrative athlete that adidas ever had in the world of basketball.

More importantly, Rose, who has experienced the ups and downs of life, is already an indispensable big brother in the Grey Wolf team.

Passing through the gorgeous and crazy years of youth, it is replaced by a calm and trustworthy charm, just like the new boots on his feet – D Rose 9.



During this year’s playoffs, Rose with  D Rose 9 came back, I will share with  you about  the experience of the new color of  D Rose 9 with the Summer Pack series



Infused with Primeknit and Adiwear technology, this D Rose selection is one of the most comfortable basketball silhouettes the Three Stripes has to offer. Aesthetically, it ushers in a vertical stripe pattern, as well as a number of stripes on its forefoot, heel, and toe.



This is the info of the Drose

adidas D Rose 9

Release Date: July, 2018

Style Code: BB7658



Materail : . The lines and folds in the material give the Rose 9 a definite casual-friendly look

D Rose 9’s upper is made of a special material , which feels a bit like memory foam. It can maintain comfort under the condition of satisfying many foot types.The test was completely uncomfortable, and the soles of the feet did not slip during the process after I take on in the fist hours


Here are more details as below :

Since D Rose 5 replaced the cushioning system for the first time, it changed from BOOST to BOUNCE.


For the warping  ,it is nice .A pair of shoes with excellent wrapping  must hold the soles of the feet firmly, and protect the feet well, but not too hard to cause pain, but also consider the ventilation problem caused by the material surface.

I am very sensitive to the slip phenomenon. The D Rose 9 has a very good shoelace system and the good material of upper .The part around the hole directly adopts the pressure line extending from the shoe body. So shoelace system sometimes causes a pressure on the instep, but  D Rose 9 upper just solves this problem , because of the materil reason.




After the model of D rose 5 , the adidas soothing technology BOOST was used in basketball shoes, which caused a sudden sensation. Later, many basketball shoes of adidas started to adopt BOOST. The Rose series shoes as pioneers continued to use this technology until D Rose 9 made a change.


Adidas used the Boost technology in basketball. Later, many basketball shoes of adidas started to adopt BOOST. But the D rose  just used the Bounce this time , so whats the difference between these material?


This attention to practical minimalism, while maintaining an aesthetic flair and upgraded functionality, fits nicely into the AlphaBOUNCE’s get-in-the-zone, get-in-the-flow story. You really shouldn’t be noticing your sneakers when you’re wearing them, and the Alpha ensures this type of subconscious comfort with its seamlessly integrated parts. A BOOST-equipped sneaker will cushion your foot with each pound of the pavement, before it springs back and returns the stored energy into your forward momentum. Although it might sound like a bit of cheat, it’s really just the result of some very clever thinking.

For me ,I was wearing D Rose 9 for various actions. The reactivity was definitely the most amazing , overall design of the upper  and the bounce cushioning are  my favorite part. Trying to change direction, shifting or even turning around can quickly convey the kinetic energy to the whole pair of shoes.I think that D Rose 9 is one of the most responsive of the series.


For the supporting : The wide base feels stable underfoot on every cut and move and the heel is locked in, keeping your ankle in its normal state.

The Rose 9 is as stable as ever before the part of  ankle. Because of the heel part added TPU , and the memory foam is filled on the ankle, but the thickness is not over-coated and maintains flexibility. The rest of the protection is from the huge tongue, so the feeling above the ankle is more comfortable and breathable than before.

For the traction : The traction pattern is great .The rubber material of the Rose 9 outsole uses ADIWEAR, which emphasizes wear resistance. In this test, I tested it in outdoor court. Except for some dust, there is almost no wear and tear, I felt great for the grip . With the combination of price and comprehensive technology, D Rose 9 is definitely one of the most effective shoes to be trusted in this summer.


Overall ,According to the color of the internet, it is mainly monochrome. This summer’s Summer Pack series brings more colorful feelings, especially the eye-catching outsole with three colors. I like it very much . The pure white upper looks fresh in the summer, followed by a pink Rose exclusive logo printed on the suede material to add texture, in short, although the appearance preference is more subjective .But I still want to say, I highly recommend  shoes! The great cushioning and material.


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