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adidas D Rose 9 Performance Review


Although there are without  special shoe boxes  than the other brands , the Adidas still released  ninth generation of signature shoes–D Rose 9for Derrick Rose. Even if this model of shoes without the Boost cushioning midsole , but this one still as the Rose shoes,so more  people will have more expectations for its performance!


For the traction :

The rubber material of the Rose 9 outsole uses ADIWEAR, which emphasizes wear resistance.The D Rose 9 outsole is a multi-directional line stripe with a change in the grain direction and style of the front and back foot areas (pink block). The material of the outsole is not sticky , but it has the ability to “bite” the floor unexpectedly. It has an excellent ability to be impatient, and it can be steadily and instantly caught after several tests. However,  the grip of for the lateral (left and right) grip just not as good as before and after.

We can see the words of ADIWEAR,

This is  a special rubber material with strong abrasion resistance of the Adidas .this kind of rubber used to in tennis and jogging shoes. So the traction of  D Rose 9 can really be described as “stunning”. Many shoe lovers have asked me about the effects of other brands of wear-resistant rubber, I have just nothing can recommend .But  wear resistance  of ADIWEAR is indeed a substantial increase compared to the average basketball shoes. After about three or four  time tests , whatever the outdoors and indoors court,I found the shoes is durability ,it without any trace of damage.

However,we need to pay special attention to the influence of dust on the outsole. Although the outer layer of D Rose 9 is very wear-resistant, as long as the material is too sticky, the overall grip will drop very much.



For the cushioning :

D Rose 9 canceled the Boost midsole from the 5th version ,the Arose 9  used the Bounce midsole of the full foot. Bounce has had a good evaluation performance since its inception, but D Rose 9’s Bounce feels slightly harder. Compared with the same brand of Dame 4, it lacks Bounce’s feedback , especially in the forefoot area. Obviously, due to the thinner relationship between the midsole, the overall combat feeling is closer to the previous EVA or adiprene.

Bounce is an excellent midsole foaming material, but the biggest problem is the “thickness”. If it is too thin, it will lack the cushioning ability. If it is too thick, it will lose the feeling of sticking to the ground. I think  D Rose 9  will be more thinner, in addition to its inherent advantages of not too soft material, and D Rose 9 has a brilliant performance in the start-up response.


The D Rose 9 version is a little wide and long. There is a lot of extra space. In addition, the outer design from the front upper to the top of the tongue is larger (slanted), and the inner side has almost without filling, so that the tongue can not fit the instep closely.

We recommended that you can choose the small a half size .For me, the  small half size of the this shoe  is just fit my feet, and there is still a space in  front of the toe; The wide-shoes are recommended to try on from the small half; the narrow-footed shoe friends, because the extra space problem is difficult to solve, it is recommended to skip the shoes directly.

A BOOST-equipped sneaker will cushion your foot with each pound of the pavement, before it springs back and returns the stored energy into your forward momentum. Although it might sound like a bit of cheat, it’s really just the result of some very clever thinking.


The traction pattern is great .The rubber material of the Rose 9 outsole uses ADIWEAR, which emphasizes wear resistance. In this test, I tested it in outdoor court. Except for some dust, there is almost no wear and tear, I felt great for the grip . With the combination of price and comprehensive technology.

Overall,adidas D Rose 9 is nice shoe. In terms of functionality, the Bounce cushioning effect of the same thickness  as Boost, but the Boost will be more great, the material is nice  and all over the function is nice .

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