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Adidas Dame 3 Performance Review

After two years of following in the same naming convention of other adidas Basketball signature athletes, Damian Lillard is breaking out of the mold with the adidas Dame 3.Adidas released some colorway ,including the Rip City, they are not unlike the Lillard 1 and 2, a customizable lacing system, a fused mesh upper that ensures your feet will able to breathe, a new traction pattern that brings to mind the milk crate story, a wrapped TPU at the shoe’s center with an internal torsion plate provides stability, and dual-density BOUNCE cushioning.


I am so lucky that I got most of them . So here we check it .


For the box , it is shine and cool




For the material : the comfortable is soft ,the areas where you’d usually see an overlay are heat welded together with the mesh itself as it’s coated in TPU.  but in order to provide adequate protection, the overall strength and toughness will feel a bit of stiff. When you play the ball, maybe you will feel it. but for someone , it  will not be a problem, and it depends on the acceptance of the situation. The same bending, the bottom of the BOUNCE in this side appears to be a bit of a loss, thick material in the entry or to do exploratory steps will  be easy. but still I hope DAME 4 can make progress and believe that it will bring better dressing feeling.


For the supporting :it is  greatly improved when directly compared to the D Lillard 2.maybe the TPU midfoot shank, internal heel counter, great lockdown, and a nice stable platform to work with.  so that is not too bad .

For the traction : Blade traction used. Much like herringbone, blade traction offers multi-directional coverage for almost any move you can think of. No matter what your feet are doing on the hardwood, the blade traction should have you covered. The grip is nice , it is not too bad.

For the cushioning : Bounce makes a return to Damian Lillard’s third signature model , that is the best news for us .I will share my feeling of the Bounce cushion,hope it will help you choose or not .

And the actual playing is better, because the BOUNCE will be more responsive . You can see the open the insole with your hands to contact BOUNCE directly. I believe that many people will be surprised to find that BOUNCE is a better material than you think, but the stability and responsive must be great. In addition to BOUNCE such as foamed material will be weary after long time , but what can be sure is that, whatever playing or walking, DAME 3 Rip City  will be nice , it is not only basketball shoes ,but the casual shoes. It has not yet been significantly changed or weary , of course, it is  not a  high frequency used, but it should be a reference,at least thats  my real experience.

For the system : The pattern of shoelace system brings the new styles but effective fixation. Although it requires a bit of patience, so it is need time  to adjust the true  angle and position in the shoes.When the DAME 3 shoelace is tied up in a state, a little more length is left after the tie is tied. There is a way to provide a more plural adjustment which according your size or your feet. Some people will try more tight to lockdown the feet.Anyway ,it is different compare with tradition shoes lace system .

For the fitting ,  just buy the size that you bought. please dont buy more a half size .it is true size .The same could not be said for when I played in the D Lillard 2 in my true size too.


The Bounce midsole technology is made using EVA foam that is engineered to provide a responsive and elastic running experience.

Overall : The adidas Dame 3 is a great and comfortable shoes. It’s very well rounded in every category and it will accommodate most players and foot shapes. also the bounce cushioning is amazing . the material is nice .


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