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Air Jordan 12 “International Pack” Performance Review

Someone has given a very high evaluation to Air Jordan 12 “International Pack” ; that is the shoe is the most beautiful sneaker of Air Jordan series that is ever made in recent years. What a high reputation! Inspired by the behavior of Michael Jordan’s Tokyo in 1996, this Air Jordan 12 “International Pack” is created as an unique oriental culture shoe and it is full of mysterious atmosphere.

The shoe’s slender  body, the classic up and down asymmetrical design and radioactive lines make up the visible shoe. Equipped with a full palm Air Zoom, outstanding appearance and outstanding wrapping and support, the shoe quickly become very hot a sneaker that many retailers have lacked recourse.

The upper is dressed in navy and white, and the simple color scheme creates a youthful look for the shoe.  The upper is made of suede material which feels especially nice and the toe leather is also fish scale pattern, making the shoe as a whole full of Japanese style.

The color scheme is mainly  blue and white, which is simple and clean.  The asymmetrical design is full of personality and the cloud pattern on the suede upper is rather novel and full of oriental charm. Besides that, there is TWO3 embroidered on the tongue and the red logo of the little flying man and the blue logo form a contrast, which is very cute.

The smooth side lines, the fish-scale pattern in white leather and the litchi pattern in midsole perfectly match with the cloud pattern. The two perfectly matched with cloud pattern are also the classic features of Air Jordan 12.

The Japanese words for “Air Jordan” are at the heel which is very much in agreement with the shoe theme. And there is also “23” representing Jordan on the shoe.

Objectively speaking, the shoe is one of the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever wore. The upper uses soft suede to ensure full flexibility, to offer more free foot movement. Thanks to the material, there is no binding sense for the foot and it is rather friendly to our skin.

The inside foam and cushion are nice as well because they do a tremendous job for the wearer.

As you can see, a  single shoe weighs 455 grams, which is of an average level.

However, a big problem which is also a downside of the shoe is that whether it is made of suede or leather, it can not offer an excellent breathability. The breathability is simply poor, which is rather  sultry in summer days.

For all the poor air circulation performance, the vamp can still provide excellent support and there is simply no need worrying about the support.

The tough leather on the outer side and the outsole extending upward provide good support as well as the TPU which has certain anti-rollover ability and keeps the foot stable.

The Air Jordan 12 is a middle-high-top model with a thickened foam inside the heel, providing a very tight wrapping. When there are breakthroughs, the heel is always in a very stable state, giving the ankle a strong support.

The outsole adapts the traditional herringbone pattern and the dense grains can provide a better effect of biting the ground. Surprisingly, the grip performance is rather good and it arises in time when I need it and “stays aside” when there are no need. I just quite like it. However, in the middle part of the sole  there are big grains which attracts gravels easily, resulting in frequent cleaning for the shoe. As for the durability, the thick and wear-resistant rubber outsole can stand the test of all kinds of actual combat. Even on cement floors, its performance is not affected.

The Air Jordan 12 uses Air Zoom cushion, which feels comfortably both during walking and combat. Although it is equipped with air cushion, Air Jordan 12 has no obvious rebound feeling when running and you may not feel the energy feedback from the sole. You can only feel slight cushioning in combat. But according to some, the cushion can be enough when the exercises are not high-intensive or when you are just walking. Anyway, not every sneaker is perfect and so is this one. You can expect something of it, but never require too much of it.


The Air Jordan 12 “International Pack” is surprisingly “superior” with premium suede and leather uppers whether in the laces or in embroidery details. The vamp  provides strength and support to fully stabilize the feet; the foam inside also brings a full wrapping; Air Zoom cushion is loaded on the midsole though it performs a bit disappointing. In short, the above are my personal experiences. To know more about it, you might as well take a try by yourself; after all, whether a shoe fits you only your feet “know”.


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Air Jordan 12 GYM RED Performance Review

A lot of people will choose the CNY as the gift of new year , but for me , I like the  Air Jordan 12 GYM RED  . 2018 has seen several Air Jordan 12 releases including the ‘International Flight Pack‘ to a Michigan PE, so if the shoe is your jam you’ve had plenty of options to choose from. Now, yet another upcoming colorway has been leaked and it’s going to be monochromatic.

We will look at it closely .


The shoe flaunts a predominantly red upper and midsole but expect there to be a hits of black on the outsole at the traction is totally red , I think it is bight color . that is will be stunning in the winter .


For the material : The leather and workmanship are really good. The leather of the upper is very special, with small spotted texture, but not lychee. The leather surface is matte, with a slight starting point, but it is obviously not a fur, the texture is soft and the touch is delicate.



The anti-rollover is made of hard leather and has a deeper texture. Since the leather is not bright, even the reddish skin will look introverted and will not be exposed. I really like this texture.



The arched bow and the laces are made of dark red metal. The plastic is light and wearable. The metallic paint can also have a high cold smell. There is a place worth noting that the lace lining adds a layer of soft foam pad to solve the problem of grinding feet.


The texture of the carbon plate is very general, and the bluish carbon plate is faintly seen from the white glue trace. The ASG LOW and TAXI carbon board textures I bought earlier are much clearer than this.


For the traction:

Herringbone is featured in similar fashion to the previous Air Jordan signature  shoe .and also it is totally the same with the other model of Air Jordan 12 .The phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind as they haven’t changed much so it works relatively the same.

The rounded edges of the outsole will serve you no purpose and you will likely slip or lose balance. And the traction will be more stiff.that what I feeling .

For the cushioning :

The Air Jordan 12 gets cushioning from a full-length Zoom Air unit and Phylon midsole so expect these to be fully playable on-court.They are comfortable enough wearing casually but you won’t experience what these can truly do until you play in them.

The entire sole with the heel foam is also red, only the “23” and “flying man” LOGO embellishment. The overall texture of this AJ12 is relatively stable, it is a good match.

There are more detail of the shoe .


The air cushion is as flexible as ever, and as the process improves, the weight of the midsole and the glue is well controlled, so the air cushion feedback texture remains more complete.


The AJ12 all-red insole is softer and thinner this time. It is made of a lower density sponge pad (TAXI is an old-fashioned EVA, ASG LOW is a hard sponge), and it is an air cushion. But the insole is really too thin, and it’s really bad to step on the air cushion.So I changed it by myself .

We can see more picture about it .

I already loved the Air Jordan XII based on its looks but that fact that they can handle practically anything you can throw at them made me love them even more.

Midfoot and heel lockdown were great. I never once had an issue after they broke in. As expected with leather based sneakers, the leather will stretch a bit after they’ve been broken in.

Overall, If you are looking for a good basketball shoe that has low profile, responsive cushion then look no further as the Air Jordan XII will meet and possibly exceed your expectations. You will get over their initial clunky feeling after you give yourself some time to adjust but after that you will fall in love with them all over again.