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Jordan Zion 1 Performance Review

What do your imagine Jordan Zion 1 to be? Zion Williamson gets a new basketball milestone with the signature shoe at age 20. We want to talk about Zion Williamson’s first pair of signature shoes today.

Jordan Zion 1 is mid-low structure. Different people has different request for the shoes. For Zion Williamson, the comfort level is the key point.

The shoe tongue of Jordan Zion 1 is filled in irregular padding which can avoid the press to the instep after fastening the shoelaces. It has ZW and Jumpman logo on the left and right shoe tongue. The shoe tongue has good fitness and can reduce the oppression to the instep.

The inspiration of shoe tongue design comes from the armor of super hero. The connecting part with shoe tongue is also a important part for stabilizing. After fastening the shoelaces, it can offer good fixity to forefoot sole. In additionally, the padding around the ankle is thick. Jordan Zion 1 offers good stability to the runners when running.

Zion Williamson is only 20 years old when he realizes his dream of signature shoes. One of his request to Jordan Zion 1 is that when people walk into the store, they can recognize that is Zion Williamson’s shoes at first look.

So Jordan uses Z logo on the vamp of Jordan Zion 1. The designer Vianney de Montgolfier thought that Z is the most suitable logo to represent the characteristic of speed and power. I also prefer to the Z logo of Jordan Zion 1.

Although the vamp of Jordan Zion 1 is made of composite materials, but it’s divided into three parts according to the different supporting request when playing basketball. The front end of vamp is made of mesh fabric, and the middle part is made of tear resistant material, and the heelpiece part is made of thick composite material. It’s durable and flexible.

For the performance, Zion Williamson thought that he need the best balance of speed and strength. Jordan Zion 1 uses full-length Air Strobel with a piece of ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot sole to satisfy his request.

With the thick and soft shoe-pad, it’s comfortable. When you jump and moving, the ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot sole will offer the resilience.

The forefoot outsole of Jordan Zion 1 is engraved with the cities’ name and the names to express Zion Williamson’s growth track. And the inner side of outsole is engraved with ‘Shock The World’ which comes from the twitter by Zion Williamson in 2016. In the Summer of 2016, he attended the basketball training camps. He got MVP on the NBPA TOP 100 Camp and Under Armour Elite 24.


  • The rear support of Jordan Zion 1 is good. It’s mid type, but the flexibility is good. After fastening the front two couples of shoelaces, it’s obviously tight. The shoe-pad is thick. The Air Sole cushion is more obvious. It needs to press deeply to feel the Zoom Air cushion. The traction performance of transparent outsole is enough if playing on indoor court. The overall performance of Jordan Zion 1 is good, but the cushion performance should be not enough for Zion Williamson as he is powerful player.
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Originating of Air Jordan International Flight Colorways

Time flies , there are have been released  a lot of new type of shoes  in last year, however the there are will be release a lot of new type of shoes in the near future. We can read a lot of news from the internet, I guess that there are must one  you will interest . Today we will look at the   Air Jordan 3 International Flight,  which the Jordan Brand offering ,it has been popular since released.

So what does these look like ?



This color air Jordan 1 , we know that in the 1985 offseason, Michael Jordan went to Italy to participate in the All-Star Show. The Air Jordan 2 PE “Alumni” was released  in  the  time of 1987 UNC UCLA school friendly game . In 1987, he has been popular in the world. McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Chevrolet were all looking for him as the poster.After all,Jordan outshined them all by dropping 54 points with a dazzling array of dunks and circus shots as amazing .So Michael Jordan be more busy.


He was still insisting on crazy training whole day.At this time, Michael Jordan  believes that he ready to play the game  in any time.Therefore, for Michael Jordan, the summer trips and activities was  a great opportunity to show and interact fans in the United States and abroad. Moreover, he has always been eager to win the game and get the trophy.


Air Jordan 3 “International Flight” inspiration from  a 1988 charity game, Magic Johnson’s Midsummer Nights. The exhibition game was packed with NBA stars including Johnson, Dominique Wilkins and Charles Barkley, but unsurprisingly, Jordan outshined them all by dropping 54 points with a dazzling array of dunks and circus shots.

Through this exhibition game, the final fundraising amounted to US$650,000. All these money were donated to the UNUNC (United Negro College Fund) organization in the United States to provide private scholarships . Since then,Jordan Brand has been working with this institution for 30 years.


This new colorway takes inspiration from the white and blue uniforms worn by the teams that night combined with the original “Fire Red” Air Jordan 3 worn by Jordan during the game.

The red and blue  on the shoes are from the color of the jersey in the charity players. The signature of Michael Jordan, which is slightly different on the left foot tongue. The pattern on the inner lining of the collar represents the star-shaped design on the jersey of the game.



In August 30, 1990.He participated in a publicity exhibition held for the opening of the league, taking the team’s highest score of 37 points. Then this shoe just released in that time. Dressed in a Sail, Orange Peel, Black and Hyper Royal Color scheme. This Air Jordan 5 is highlighted with its 90s-themed design on the netting and speckled detailing on the shark teeth.


It features a Sail upper with Orange and Blue accents atop an icy sole. Additional details includes, 3M Reflective tongues, PE styled “23” on the heels and an insole that reads

Of course, there is a hidden an element in the shoes, which is to reverse the words in inside of  tongue, and change the familiar Air to Aire. This is because in Spanish, it is the meaning of Air. Such a pair of white, blue, orange embellishment, still using 3M reflective tongue design, adding small details of the Air Jordan V,  the different culture injected  to this series of shoes.


In 1996, MJ took his game to Tokyo, Japan, to host a basketball clinic and participate in a friendly showcase with other NBA superstars.

He was spotted in his current signature shoe at the time, the Air Jordan 12, which takes design inspiration from a vintage fashion shoe from the 1920s that utilized a radiant quilted pattern.  From the picture at the content at that time, the color of the jersey and the color of the shoes are quite different. Therefore, the design of the shoes that pays tribute to this story contains more representative elements of Japan.

Since Japan is the largest producer of Koi,so the shoes use it with the fish scale pattern . The contrast between the white and the blue and black of the shoe is very significant. On the shoe body and the lining, a embossed pattern is used to represent the famous Japanese costume – kimono.

At the  part of heel, it used  the  Japanese , it is  mean Air Jordan. Presumably such a pair of shoes with oriental cultural elements will be recognized by everyone.



Then the series also abandoned their traditional shoe box design and wrapping paper, but using a shoe box similar to the midnight navy blue color. In the middle of the shoe box, there is a logo of the jump man logo around the earth, and the wrapping paper draws the lines of these three trips. Maps and lines are in line with the geographical locations of Los Angeles, Japan and Barcelona.


This College Navy, University Red and Sail colorway pays homage to that experience and adds additional details including an embossed kimono print and “Air Jordan” in Japanese characters.The Air Jordan 12 International Flight will be releasing on September 8, 2018 for $190.I guess that this one will be the most popular when released .

Overall, all of these International Flight series are amazing and colorful. So which one will be you the best love one ?