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NIKE AIR MAX 98 QS Performance Review

It is, as it were, a legend! Since the first pair of Nike Air Max 98 was designed by Nike, the series has been very active in the sneaker for 20 years. Rarely can a series last for so long a time; therefore, it can live up to the its reputation during these years. It is only by surviving in cruel competitions that can a model fit in with modern world. 

Now that it is the 20th anniversary of the birth of NIKE Air Max 98, Nike released this bright color scheme which is in homage to this memorable event.

The upper part of the shoe is mainly green. And with some orange lines and other delicate decorations and presented in a patchwork of several bright colors, the shoe looks very novel. Besides, the collar equips with a rarely used color to match the whole shoe — the mint green, bringing us a kind of refreshing feeling. About the outsole, I want to say that no matter how many novel colorways you have seen before, you are still likely to get astonished at this one. The shoe is bright not only in the visible part, but in the invisible respects, say, the outsole(which is not so visible compared with the upper). It combines orange and white to create a different effect, which seems very energetic and lively.

For the upper, the materials used can live up to its price. It feels quite soft and comfortable. Many buyers signified that it is a shoe that gives you quite a lot of energy, seemingly to push to exercise. And at the side, it is decorated with grape purple, vibrant orange and mint green. Very positive, isn’t it? As for the heel part, it is the irregular design and comprised of several colors. I believe that the matching color of this shoe will absolutely make you very eye-catching in the crowd.

The upper, as is mentioned before, is made of many materials, which are of high quality. In the mint green part, it is a soft fabric material that guarantees the breathability and foot-feel of the shoes. The mint-green shoes are reinforced with orange striped embroidery, and the soles are fitted with a full-soled visible air cushion that offers flexibility.

The outer layer of full-foot air cushion is durable rubber outsole. After a series of tests, there is no obvious wear and tear. With  respect to this aspect, you can see that there are many different shades of grains, providing friction timely. As a pair of fashionable shoes, the price-performance ratio of this pair of Max 98 is quite high. The grain of the forefoot is more apparent while that of the heel part is relatively smooth, and the concave and convex feeling that fore part forms brings excellent grip performance.

For all the shoe has used full-foot Air cushion, there isn’t seem any nice bouncy feedback. Maybe it requires some time breaking in. And after getting along with it for some time will it offer us some nice court feeling. When running , the shoe needs a certain amount of weight to step on it, otherwise, there is no way to experience the soft spring feeling of air cushion, and this shoe, in the running process is better than daily walking.

A single shoe of NIKE AIR MAX 98 QS weighs 420 grams, which is neither too heavy nor too light. And such weight is more than suitable for combats. In terms of wrapping and support, the case is that the two are now closely related. For wrapping, the interlaced lace system inside and outside brings a better sense of wrapping to the shoes. The mint green collar is matched with the same color laces, dotted with orange lace holes, and the overall color can be described as an unique masterpiece.


If only looking at the outlook of the shoe, it is rather fashionable and can match all kinds of daily dressing. And if you want to check some details, it won’t fail you, either. All tech and decorations are here; both can live up to the price. The vamp is super delicate in design, creating an extraordinary texture and bright unique style.  They are just here for you to check!





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Nike Air Max 97 Performance Review


Air Max 97 is the first Nike running shoe with a full palm cushion. Although the Air Max95 & 96 launched before it is also a breakthrough, but after all, it is a cushion of the front and rear palm shape, so when it comes out, it is visually full of technology. . Vaguely remember the curiosity when I first saw it on the counter shelf for the first time—-all the air cushion! Will it be a Q bomb? Will it be very comfortable?

Let is check it as below :

For the box , it is nothing special ,but the box with NIKE  logo .

There are some details as the box side .

Nike Air Max 97 actually affects the design of many Air Max series, such as Air Max98 and Air Max Deluxe in 1999. The midsole and outsole are completely copied 97, almost unchanged. 00-02 vaguely remember that the Air Max series is mainly looking for ways to change the shape, especially in 2002, the pair of midsole has several cylindrical air cushions impressive. But after the 97 years, Air Max didn’t buy a pair of Air Max, because I think they might be as hard as 97. Until the launch of Air Max 03, I first saw the air cushion, which was almost the same as the 97 in the midsole. I really refused at first. But the pearly upper that can’t resist it is too attractive, try to find that 03 to 97 is much more comfortable. Almost from the beginning of 03, the Air Max series has achieved my comfort as a Sneaker Head.


However, in the past two years, the Nike Air Max Day event, the resurgence of retro sports shoes, and the triple impact of the “near future culture” represented by functional clothing and “Ghost in the Shell” have had a great chance. The Air Max 97, which has been smashed into the cold palace by retro running shoes lovers, has returned to people’s sights. The Italian note, called “La Silver”, has become the most valuable replica of the Air Max shoes in the market in the past two years.


Less than a handful of buyers of the Air Max 97 Ultra 17 mentioned they have plantar fasciitis and said this sneaker puts a lot of relief to their feet.For me ,I am very satisfied reviewers said they recommend this product as it is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.


With all of the new technological developments that have been made since the original release of the OG model in 1997, Nike has been able to incorporate new technology with this update while staying true to the original design.

The signature 3M reflective tracks have been updated as well, with the iconic design element now being taped on the upper rather than embroidered.



Small details that may not be noticeable have been implemented, such as coring out some of the foam on the midsole and adjusting the pressure in the full-length Air unit by lowering the Psi in the Air bags.

There  are the details as below :

Nike has been able to incorporate new technology with this update while staying true to the original design. They created a new one-piece Jacquard upper to replace the original multi-layered piece.


The insole is great .it is comfortable.

There is the NIKE logo in the insole .


The material able to construct a more breathable and lightweight shoe while maintaining the wavy aesthetics that made the original design so beloved.


The synthetic upper blocks dirt and water from easily getting into the shoe.

Using a powerful heel visual air cushion and forefoot ZOOM air cushion design, the player is more confident and confident in playing for the rebound and the strong slam dunk.
For the traction : volume of air in the midsole did not bother those who tried this shoe and said it even feel softer to the feet.



For the weight ,it is light actually .


Overall,the shoe is amazing.Nike came up with a minimalist rendition for one of its iconic models with the drop of the Air Max 97 Ultra 17. with  synthetic material on the upper, which retained the distinct reflective quality of this Air Max variant.