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Saucony Ride 10 Performance Review

Saucony  headquarter is located in the United States and enjoys the reputation of “Rolls-Royce in shoe world” in the United States. It has a history of more than 100 years which divided into two major categories: professional sports series and sports leisure series. It is one of the four biggest jogging shoes in the world.



The Ride 10 brings plenty of new innovation while still delivering a legendary running experience.

The Ride 10 is built on a single-density EVA foam midsole. And  used the an Everun topsole ,also the material seem different, whats improved for the Ride 10 ? So does this change the Saucony Ride’s positioning, that of a daily cushioned trainer?

Ride 10 used the engineering mesh fabric with fused synthetic (aka the Flexfilm) , which improves the ventilation.


The shoe upper also uses FlexFilm technology, its feature light, elastic , fitting, so not only  in reducing the weight of shoes, but also enhance the ductility.On the other hand, it also optimizes the support of the upper.The Ride 10 are more different  from the regular spacer mesh we saw on the Ride 9.The Ride 10 was hence providing breathability and support wherever needed.


The biggest feature of FlexFilm  technology is the good performance of the parcel wrapping in the middle foot. The support material of the is fully wrapped in the middle foot, and the feet can be stabilized to the greatest degree under the action of the shoelace.


For the lace system ,though it is simply ,but it will be better for adjusting.The tongue lining, the flat and semi-elastic laces, the reflective lace-loop, and the molded midfoot logos are nearly identical to the Ride 9.

Ride 10 improved the technology the outsole and midfoot, upgraded the midsole composite material from SSL EVA to PowerFoam technology.


PowerFoam is  compound that is not only lighter than SSL EVA, but also provides higher comfort. This design can bring a more comfortable running experience.Ride 10 is equipped with Saucony EVERUN bottom structure, which can effectively improve sustained vibration and energy rebound during running.


EVERUN material has longer service life than ordinary EVA, lighter than standard foam rubber, and it provides high shock protection. The improvement of dynamic slow vibration performance and induction performance is more close to the feet and heel is more smooth, and the pressure of the front foot is smaller when the ground is off the ground.

Ride 10 ’s Vertical Flex Groove design on the front palm to increase the flexibility and flexibility of the forefoot transition.

In addition to the PWRFoam medium material, the Ride 10 added the Everun Topsole cushioning insole made of Everun material , which can help to increase the buffer and rebound performance of the middle bottom to a certain extent.

For the traction :In the easy wearing area, the Saucony Ride 10 sole uses XT-900 abrasion resistant carbon rubber to increase the life of the base. In addition,Ride 10 is made of IBR+ foam rubber,that is provide a certain degree of cushioning foot feeling.There’s no separate crash pad on the side, and what you get is an injection-molded EVA foam midsole (also known as the Saucony Powerfoam) with a couple of layers over it.


The outsole is based on Saucony’s new ‘Triflex’ geometry. The forefoot has individual blown rubber strips separated by crash grooves, and the rearfoot has a couple of hard rubber pieces.

it is just only  272 grams of single shoes for the size US 8.5 ,it is a good light weight shoes for this one .There’s slightly more forefoot room than the Ride 9 and better ventilation, all due to the mostly mesh forefoot.


Ride 10 have a  good cushioning and feedback properties of midsole materials, and provides sufficient support for the arch, and the stability is good. From the test results, the Ride 10 midsole support performance is outstanding, though the foot feeling is slightly rigid, but it is ok .

When I run at a uniform speed of about 5:30 / km, I felt a great time when I wear it. When the feet fall to the ground, it is obvious that the responsive and feedback, and the whole process of alternating feet is stable and smooth. Using the running method of the front and the back of the feet, the front and heel have the same slow shock performance. In the fast pace running training, the Ride 10 can also be readily available

The Ride still works for a wide range of workouts. The ample cushioning provided by the insole+topsole+midsole stack makes the Ride 10 suitable for runs of up to a marathon, while the supportive ride quality and the lightweight build (9.5 oz) helps maintain your pace during shorter training runs.


Saucony Ride 10 is a pair of slow track jogging shoes, which provide sufficient support for the arch while providing cushioning . The stability is excellent. Suitable for the city road runner to carry out LSD training, for those who pursue speed, light weight, high flexibility running shoes, the good protection of Ride 10 is also very suitable for normal training.


The forefoot used the  Vertical Flex Groove performance well , increasing the flexibility and flexibility of the forefoot transition.


The heel has an internal molded counter, and the collar lining is made out of two separate pieces of Saucony’s ‘Rundry’ textile.

I think it is a good shoes to run ,outside of Saucony, the Nike Vomero 12 performs the role of a long-distance cushioning shoe well.

Overall,the Saucony Ride 10 performance well. The Ride 10 represents a very competitive sub-category of running footwear, which happens to be the mid-priced neutral cushioning one. also the material is nice .