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Nike Zoom LeBron III CTK PE Close Look


The LeBron 3 has been absent from the market since its original run, but appears to be on its way back this year. LeBron James attended the Harlem’s Fashion Row fashion show in New York today, and before that he went to Christ the King Regional High School in Queens, which has been a sponsor of Team LeBron for the past 12 years at Nike LeBron. In the series, ‘CTK’ PE is offered to their players. Surprise is that LeBron James personally brought the Nike Zoom LeBron III ‘CTK’ reissue that was not released to the students in 2006.

We will look at it closely today .

Time  back to 2006, as a sponsor of the LeBron series, Christ the King High School students received a special gift, Zoom LeBron III CTK PE.


Every year, the LeBron series, including some Soldier series, will launch a different version of this color scheme. Unfortunately, most of them are supplied to players or Friends&Family versions. For  fans, it is difficult to got one .



Made for Christ the King High School in Queens, New York, the “CTK” LeBron 3 surfaced in 2006 and was only given to players


CTK on the inside of the toe. CTK is a basketball-based pre school located in New York.Another old standard for the toe. In the two pairs in the hand, the 7-yard workmanship is very solid, far more than the work of most of the hooks that have been in contact with these two years. 10.5 yards is a little bit worse for me.


When visiting Christ the King Regional High School in Queens in September, LeBron brought the 2018 version of the Zoom LeBron III CTK to the students.



At the same time, the NIKE SNKRS App was also launched in New York. Even if the price is not close to the people, but compared to the Sample version of the five-figure price, I believe this time will attracted by many fans.


Look at the texture of the sole. There is a James name “James” in the toe position. There is a Nike logo at the bottom of the sole. The workmanship is still very good.



The outdoor coverage is excellent. On tennis court-like surfaces the LeBron Zoom Witness’ traction is at its best; on asphalt courts the traction isn’t as good but still provides better coverage on the blacktop than it does on the hardwood. There are the Lebron logo as attached

The large-enclosed TPU from the forefoot to the heel provides a domineering position for the sneaker while providing protection.The Phylon midsole does provide lightweight cushioning but offers little to no impact protection, which is bad news for players who strike with their heel. Even though I’m a forefoot-heavy player and my heel barely touches the ground in motion, I still felt the lack of cushion in this area and it was enough to cause some discomfort after just a few runs

Overall ,LeBron 3 Replica midsole with a carbon plate and a full palm, without a foot, I can feel the comfortable.Look at James. He is a player with speed, strength, dexterity and explosiveness. The mid-bottom Phylon material, the large-capacity multi-chamber impact Zoom Air cushion and the Pebax heel cover make up the Zoom LeBron III Cushioning system,it is  really amazing .