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NIKE adapt BB Performance Review

Surely, the moment NIKE adapt BB  was released, many a people were lured into purchasing it or if not,  preparing to purchase it. And so am I. Seeing the pictures of NIKE adapt BB , I too feel tempted to buy a pair. Like many people, the pictures alone are very appealing for me, let alone the real shoes. And luckily, I’ve also got a pair in the end. But anyway, here I am to show you(whether you have had the shoes or not) some details at length.


 Certainly, what impresses us most is NIKE adapt BB’s laces because it is the first ever basketball shoe that laces itself! So as to improve its product, Nike has always been making changes. And besides the lace technology, many people also concern about the shoes’ performance. Someone concluded that “The fast-fit system is a real head-turner and works well, but doesn’t offer as much customization possibilities as a regular lacing system. Another highlight of this shoe is the high-quality materials that feel nice and look premium. The Cushlon cushioning system performs well but is a bit disappointing considering the hefty price tag. Overall, this is a really good performer and a must-have for sneaker geeks that want to experience the latest technology!” Anyway, please go on reading.


As a pair of Nike basketball  sneaker, this NIKE adapt BB  won’t be cheap. In fact, it is the most expensive basketball sneaker at present. Looking at the shoe box, you can feel somewhat difference about this shoe.


There are two layers in the shoe box. Remove the upper box and you can see the shoes.The black board below is the wireless charging board which is a more convenient wireless charging mode and reflects the evolution of adapt BB.


The shoes are equipped with a reusable sensor chip that allows athletes to check their physical performance during a race through their mobile phones, such as running distance, jumping height and reaction speed.


But only when it is used with IOS will it have the capacity of functioning its best.


For me, I am  given to buying shoes with excellent wrapping and support. And in terms of adapt BB’s wrapping, it is good overall. More importantly, the tightness can be easily adjusted according to your own situation. Besides, outrigger, internal heel counter, external heel clip, and great overall lockdown coming from the lacing system are all of great benefit for wrapping. With the support of  these tech,  slippage is seldom seen, nor does any side-to-side movement in the forefoot.  As for the support, it performs as well  as the wrapping except that it can’t be adjusted. But on the other hand, during your games, you may feel a bit wobbly because “your feet are pretty high off-the-ground. ” But anyway, adapt BB’s support is more than sufficient for average players.


Besides the excellent wrapping and the passable support, the details or in other words, the materials are worth mentioning. First of all, the integrated  upper. Adapting the weaving technology, the upper is light, breathable, flexible and above all, the break-in time is minimal. Meanwhile, the 3M swoosh, which is hot melted over the vamp, is decorated over the front part, and then over the heel  four dots are painted.On balance, to draw a conclusion about the materials is that they are super nice and feel great on foot.

The pattern of the traction is simply circles and lines. Simple as the pattern is, the traction’s performance is thought well of. Someone even observed that, “The traction performance is beasty!” Well, made of  translucent rubber, the traction does work really well on diverse kinds of courts providing that they are clean. While on dusty courts, you will need a while to break-in but never expect it to perform as well as on clean floors. I should say that the traction is transparently an outstanding performance aspect of the Nike Adapt BB! Squeaky, responsive, a little inconsistent on dusty courts though.


In the inner part, you can see that the insole is designed with blue and black and the letters “L” and “R” are  respectively printed corresponding to the font in the APP.

Taking the insole out of the adapt BB, you can see  a mid-sole, but there’s a black fabric in the middle of the shoe, which is actually a Velcro.

The wrapping in the heel and instep isn’t totally the same. However, the upper wrapping is still excellent as the upper sticks to the foot during both steering and acceleration.


With respect to the cushion, Adapt BB installs CUSHLON cushion in the midsole. During my tests, the full-length Cushlon cushioning setup really does a great help. I should say it is really nice and super bouncy while the only shortcoming is that the  court feel won’t be so apparent. For all the fact, the cushion is enough for most players.


To a certain extent, this Adapt BB is a long-lasting comrade because the electric motor of the adapt BB, as it were,  actually bears the anti-torsion function. However, a fatal downside of the shoe is that the  anti-rollover is not so perfect: there may sometimes be accidents if the players are careless.


Objectively speaking, this Adapt BB is heavy but certainly you won’t feel burdened in courts.



For many a people, the shoes impress us most by its self-lacing mechanism because it really does a tremendous job. Some fans even gave this adapt BB a title: a smart shoe! Well, I do have the same feeling for the shoe, too.





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