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Adidas Harden Vol.2 Performance Review

The adidas Harden Vol. 2 white black is the new   . That is the cool color way .

So how about the performance review ?

Unlike other colors, such as the , the black thorns have a unique sharp, sharp style, and the simplest black and white hit color is ideal for older or low-key calmers.

For the Adidas Harden Vol.2 black / white ,it is also cool , as we know the black and white always the classic  in the color system . For me , I got  some boost in my home , but this one will be most cool all of my sneakers .

The shoelace is cool which will be nice .maybe the cool colorway with the  great texture, also it is easy to adjust .


For the material : “Some premium leather would enhance my overall experience right now.” so the new Harden Vol.2 is it really enhance the material ? The engineered mesh actually performance amazing , it is durability and stability .

However ,the textile mesh at the forefoot required no break-in time while the additional stitching throughout increased the material’s strength quite a bit.


The special lace system .it will help us to lockdown the feet well . it was really good as well, and it was a tad better than lockdown in the Harden Vol 1.

For the traction : It followed the the Harden Vol 1’s data-driven pattern,  The traction pattern is nice if you like the  Harden Vol 1.The first feeling of grip is not bad, but there will be a clear sense of drift in the side of the ground. It may not be suitable for the guard. The sole support is good, and the X shaped TPU supporting piece can guarantee the stability of heels and feet of the upper strength competition.

For the cushioning : The boost setting actually nice .Packing more Boost pellets into the midsole made it firmer, so if you like the boost tech , this is one is still performance nice .Creating more stability while also increasing overall impact protection.

For the supporting : the supporting is nice for this one . The TPU-wrapped forefoot ensured the Boost’s stability in this section while also acting as an outrigger.In addition , there is a very strong internal heel counter and that large exaggerated rubber piece from the outsole, so that is help  a lot from this part.  These make the heel one of the most supportive aspects of the shoe.

For the fitting , it is true size .For the wide footers,i suggested bought the over a half size . There is an elastic-like band where the mesh and synthetic layer meet that doesn’t stretch much.

Overall, Adidas Harden Vol.2 actually amazing , whatever the colorway or setting . The boost setting also great . The material also not too bad ,the supporting will be great , if you enjoy the Adidas’s top BOOST, this one will be your first choice .