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Adidas NMD CS1 Performance Review

The adidas NMD City Sock is a mid-top casual sneaker from adidas Originals. you must find or check a lot of NMD boost after it released . It is a laceless shoe that combines a mix of woven Primeknit over Boost cushioning.

Today we will check it .


Can’t resist wearing your NMDs in the winter?  While the black Primeknit version seems better suited for all-conditions wear,also they are a set up of shoes , an white Primeknit version also was popular in any season .

Running White makes up for the majority of this adidas NMD‘s Primeknit-infused upper, while its sock-like ankle collar call upon Clear Orange for its lone pop of color. it is look fashion and clean .

The NMD_CS1 Primeknit most amazing design is  a bootie style construction made entirely of the Primeknit technology that is seated on the Boost technology in this shoe.

I’m 180cm tall and weigh 80KG.  I bought the normal size size of EUR 45. The CS1 was not as hard as it was supposed to be. it is comfortable  During the exercise, the collar sock is work nice . it is nice for walking and jogging shoes.  maybe Adidas used the boost again .

For the material : The Primeknit’s upper has been tweaked slightly, but nothing so significant that the feel of the shoe has changed. A new rib-like design dots the upper and helps provide more support to the wearer. The Primeknit upper is mostly the same, though. The stretchy sock-like upper is easy to slip-on and is constructed in one piece for a flawless fit. The laces run down the instep area and the shoe features a standard heel tab at the rear. The shoe is really lightweight thanks to the airy upper design. The shoe also features a heel reinforcement piece for added stability and support.

There is a strip will be great. It is easy to take off .

The midsole’s Boost cushioning does most of the work to protect users against forces that might cause wear and tear not just on the shoe but on the body. Reviewers found the Boost cushioning comfortable and protective.


For the cushioning:the midsole is amazing. The  protection, and a responsive feel.  These provide support to the shoe’s Boost cushioning and add structure and stability where there otherwise isn’t any.It is unlike the Jordans shoes . the Jordan shoes will be stiff.

So how about the higher collar of NMD? is it fashion? for my experience , the collar part is soft and nice .

For the traction : The outsole of the NMD CS1 is made of rubber. lt’s the same design as before. and it is comfortable and soft.  It’s a basic outsole construction that provides the right amount of traction for everyday activities. Also it is a good shoes for running ,it is nice .The rubber outsole protects just fine and delivers an average amount of

Overall .The Boost cushioning is comfortable without skimping on protection. The shoe provides a responsive ride, too. The fit may be a bit big for some, but it’s nothing a bit of sizing down can’t fix. The durable shoe works for running or walking and features a super breathable, lightweight design.So it is an amazing shoes .how about you think?