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adidas NMD R1 Performance Review


The adidas NMD R1 is also known as the adidas NMD Runner. It is a low-top sneaker that features Primeknit, mesh, or neoprene above a Boost sole. After debuting in December 2015, several different versions of the sneaker have released.  but we think the first one NMD R1 will be the most classic runner or basketball shoes , so how about the performance review ? We will check it today.


The NMD, a new silhouette which uses two of adidas most popular technologies – Primeknit and Boost. The NMD is not really for running or basketball, but for traveling the streets on a daily basis.

The black upper with the blue logo also the red block cushioning  was shinny and bright.

For the material: The NMD may be the brands most coveted release, and the German sportswear supplier has not held back with exclusive colorways, various styles, and limited quantity drops. At first glance the sneaker has a Primeknit, sock-like upper and a Boost sole. But if you look closer, you’ll notice classic 80s-era adidas design elements like the colourblocked panels on the midsole. For me ,this material is more soft and flexibility ,and I play it many hours, I felt the NMD is more comfortable .The NMD, which doesn’t stand for anything in particular, is the blend of three old-school Adidas originals





We can see the part clearly .The cushoining system and the upper and the traction and so on .


The Adidas cushioning system was the best classic and it is the most midsole.The BOOST is essentially foam bubbles molded together to provide the ultimate in footwear comfort. From the Adidas website – Boost™’s energy-returning properties keep every step charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy.”  that is the boost of NMD, it is actually nice, we can felt more surprising of the NMD bring. We can felt more responsive and feedback  when running .


The pull tap of the heel part actually nice , we can easy to put the shoe  easily .


For the supporting

With science on its side, solid granular material known as TPU was blown up and reshaped into miniature energy capsules making up the silhouette’s unique styrofoam-esque midsole. But if you are play basketball, this supporting is not enough for you .I recommend you can bought the Jordans shoes.


For the traction :

The grip actually just so so.There are design elements from shoes in the ’80s that are just being adopted today, so it shows how cutting edge Adidas can be. And the rubber is soft ,that is great.


For the material: the material is durability of this material ,and the ventilation is amazing .It does a fantastic job without sacrificing comfort.The upper material seems a bit hard to clean and somewhat succeptible to dirt, so do your best to keep these puppies smudge free, especially in the lighter colorways. The laces are a bit coarse and maybe too long, but they easily break in after a few ties.

The brand with three-stripes has been impressed ,that is the adiadias logo.


Overall,This shoe was simply not designed for cutting, pivoting, and making short, sudden changes of direction.