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adidas Rose 8 Performance Review

Derrick Rose ,he led the Memphis Tigers to the most wins in NCAA history (a 38–2 record), their first number one ranking in 25 years, and an appearance in the NCAA championship game. he is amazing.Is it his shoes  help  a lot ?

We will check it today .

Adidas D Rose with black, gold and white colorway. A departure from some of the more elaborate designs from earlier in the line, the D Rose 8 is a fairly simple high-top constructed with mesh and synthetic materials.

For material :

D Rose 8 is a fairly simple high-top constructed with mesh and synthetic materials, while retaining a Boost cushioning setup

D rose with a solid TPU fixing piece with a heel. Because I am used to wearing high-top shoes, there is no discomfort after the upper foot. Instead, I feel the full coverage of the ankle.

My feet step on the other’s footboard when I changed direction once game. The ankle was pulled straight when it was close to the twist, so I can keep going on but no any heart.That is amazing , so the protection of D rose 8 is nice .


It is worth mentioning that the D Rose 8 shoe is not used  a popular sock-style design in recent years, but it designed by feet and ankle , that is for  providing a great protection. This design allows the sides of the shoe to tightly clamp the ankle.  there is a phenomenon of slipping before and after, and this part is my feelings .

I tried  to move left and right, I quite appreciate the anti-rollover system that firmly grasps the forefoot to avoids overturning. This part of the film from the bottom grip shows that even the upper is not deformed.

For the traction :The traction is amazing .Grip is the most important  for me. Not only in the indoor clean court, but also on the outside, the gear-shaped engraving of the sole can effectively and conveniently eat the ground.But I found the traction will be more worn out quickly.

There a gold Adidas logo in the bottom.


For the cushioning : Boost is used on the D Rose 8 and it’s the same exact Boost slab we saw used on the Crazy Light 2016,but  i want to say the D Rose 8’s Boost is harder and more resilient than the Crazy Explosive series,but there is something about the Crazy Light 2016’s midsole that just feels like its the perfect blend of both.It’s top tier cushion in terms of impact protection and it doesn’t sacrifice stability or much court feel.



For the lace system ,D Rose 8 uses a high-density, thinner shoelace, which is also a pretty good configuration. First, the narrower the shoe tube will cause the back-sliding phenomenon to improve, and the tongue is a comfortable GEOFIT  foam material ,then the thinner laces can be wrapped tightly on top.




The D Rose 8 shoelace (middle) is thinner than the Adidas series  of shoes, with Dame 4 ( left)  and Crazy Explosive 2017 on the flat side.

We can see clearly that then the thinner laces can be wrapped tightly on top of GEOFIT  foam material.


For the Responsive : In order to achieve the highest degree of protection, the flexibility is lower than the pure low shoes . Of course, D Rose 8  will be less for the flexibility part. I believe the design team has found this situation, so they use the outsole to make appropriate improvements.


First of all, the sole is made of hard rubber material and matched with Boost’s original performance. After testing, it is found that as long as the energy of the whole shoe can be transmitted to the sole of the foot, the flexibility will be further improved, such as jumping or playing. When we striding forward, we can felt more feedback from the sole .

For the ventilation :

Although D rose  8 has been not more better than the Primeknit upper, the design team cleverly designed many “claw marks” on the inner layer of the pressurized mesh. This configuration does not affect the covering force and increases the breathability of the whole shoe. After more than 2 hours of testing, there is no sultry condition in the shoes. I believe the main reason is to benefit from the numerous breathable designs.


D Rose 8 followed the highest protection design principle, and it uses the pressurized mesh cloth and the full length Boost to maintain a very high technical performance. In addition, the design of the sole carving has won my heart, no matter if you are an ankle. Whatever you are a seriously injured player, or a “heavyweight” player who is worried about injury and pursuit of protection like me, that is a recommended shoes for you, I believe it will not let you down.