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Performance Review :The Difference of adidas Rose 8 and Rose 9 Boost

Compared to Ross’s feelings, it is really deep. The joy and touch of the oldest MVP has never been overwhelming.

The partnership between former NBA MVP Derrick Rose and Adidas will carry on with a new signature model, the Adidas Rose 9, but the Rose 8 ,DRose.Reborn has posted renderings showing what the model will look like in 4 different colorways .

So what is the difference about the performance ? We will check it today .



Personally I like the Rose very much ,his skills and his  personal charming .

I bought all of the Rose shoe ,such as the Rose 8  and Rose 9.

So here we will make a performance review about the Rose 8 and 9.


For the material part :

The 8th version used the  of heat weld fuse  material which double-edged sword. Although the comfort of the first foot is not as good as the woven fabric ,seems this material has  been  not very popular today , the support of the upper itself is very suitable for actual combat game , and the inner package is filled, especially It’s an ankle, it’s amazing! In terms of details, Ross’s LOGO is great on the tongue, slightly convex and three-dimensional.That is still cool.


But for the Rose 9 ,

it used the Knitted uppers, with cross-stitch embroidery on the upper adds overall support. The version I purchased was the classic Chicago black and red color. The different orientations of the embroidery use the same materials and techniques, but the different textures are very fashionable. The large bounce outsole at the bottom give me a heavy sense .But actually the shoes is lightweight. Dont worry about it .


The most amazing of Rose 9 is the heel part .The heel of the hard leather and the fabric is designed with a sharp shape before and after the release of the ankle. The outstanding Rose LOGO greatly enhances the recognizability of the signature shoe, even the logo and the front of the heel stripe. The stripes remain consistent, and one patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder expresses comfort.

For the supporting :

The Rose 8 will be more stiff , maybe the reason of size , the size will be more a little smaller, i got the painful when I was on the foot.Then  real ankle support isn’t collar height, it’s all about heel lockdown and containment. it worked well on that shoe and it works well on the D Rose 8 as well. Stability is also on-point with the wider forefoot and lateral cage around the Boost. Then you have the upper which plastic and its a cheap stiff material, I don’t like the upper at all .


Wearing a thicker basketball socks will enhance the feeling of the package, but the size is very fascinating. It is longer and narrower than the usual size. I am wearing a EUR 43 sneaker, but the this size pinch is very powerful. Helpless can only choose EUR 44 , but the front is much longer, can only be solved by wearing thick socks.


But for the Rose 9 , the fitting is well.I still bought the size EUR 43 .Then it was perfact great .The woven material has a much better Rose 8th  of heath welder fuse materials .

The lines and folds in the material give the Rose 9 a definite casual-friendly look and make the shoe passingly the most appealing Rose shoe ever (the Rose 3 may also be a contender).

The sleek toebox and flared ankle collar look more street than court and it works on-foot. The stitched lines in the toebox and tongue are meant to provide a little extra support and keep the material from stretching laterally to hold your foot in place.


All in all , the supporting are nice ,The Rose 8 have a TPU protection and the wrapping is well .The side of shoe also have a plastic material to protection .The Rose 8 will be great .


For the ventilation :

Rose 8: it is very great ! Really, the ventilation shoes will make you feel your feet breathing, and there will be cool winds in the running process. I don’t like this breathable feeling in wind.

For the Rose 9,the Ventilation is also great .The fabric weaving density at the front end of the pair of sneakers is definitely thinner than the foot and heel.and we can feel the wind .

For the traction :

Rose 8 : That was a letdown because traction has always been a strong attribute in the D Rose line. As a player that relied on his speed and agility he needed a shoe that would be able to keep up with him from the ground up.and the performance is amazing .

Rose 9:

Grasping the middle and upper level, but the too fine and too dense sawtooth is simply a pebbles vacuum cleaner, and it is difficult to clean up, so there is a problem. This sneaker can only be used exclusively for shoes. If it is like this, it may need to be in rubber. It is also used after the best cleaning of the students who play in the plastic floor and go to the wooden floor, otherwise the dust will always be absorbed on the sole, which is not good if it slips.


For cushioning :

Ross 8 will definitely attract a large new fans , that is a true . but the forefoot is solid and enough to playing , the back sole material is thick enough to cushion, and the whole palm boost is very tough.While I enjoyed the low profile setup on the Harden Vol 1 and the plush setup on the Crazy Explosive, there is something about the Crazy Light 2016’s midsole that just feels like its the perfect blend of both.


Rose 9 , The full length BOUNCE material is very practical for the breakthrough .Then the site feels clear, and provides strong support for quick start and change direction. Just looking at the sense of the venue may make the students who are looking at the assessment very confused. According to my experience ,I felt  the bottom of the foot is really too thin.but that is great .

The supporting part  is very good, and it is similar to Lillard 4. It is a very elastic sole feedback. In addition, it has the same shape as the chin of the purple potato, and there is no obvious crack after use. Of course, the heel is also a reason for lasting


But there are the bad new for the upper of Rose 8 if you playing longer ,Because of the material of Rose 8 .If it is this material, shape of the Rose 8 generation, this situation is inevitable, because size fans must wear thick socks to strengthen the package, wearing thick socks, the pressure will increase, so the outer hot melt plastic material must be more. The secondary bend and the internal and external pressure break.


Then the shoelace is round and has a great chance of being broken. If you don’t tighten it when you play, there is no wrap, it is easy to pull off, even if it is careful, the shoelace will be pulled for many was be broken .

I like the Rose 9 be better ,the Rose 9 should work for you. If you require absolute lockdown and take-no-prisoners traction, you might want to look elsewhere.

For the Rose 8 ,the forefoot is primarily mesh with foam acting as the structure. It isn’t anything new but it allowed for a lot of mobility and flexibility in the forefoot area, which is great. But I don’t like the upper of  Rose 8 .

Overall ,there  are different between the Rose 8 and Rose 9 , but overall performance are nice .So which shoe will you be like best ?