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Nike Kyrie 5 Review ,Any Upgrade This Year ?


With the NBA season in full swing, Kyrie Irving’s game isn’t the only thing Boston Celtics are looking forward to seeing this season.Kyrie Irving is back in the spotlight — and his signature footwear line has made a return as well. The Nike Kyrie 5, Irving’s newest sneaker with the Swoosh Brand features a brand-new  shoes.

Compare with the Kyrie 4 , is there any upgrade ?

We will check for your now.

I have witnessed the growth and development of each generation of KYRIE series sneakers, and more and more cultural and fashion elements are incorporated into them. It makes me more closely linked to the development of the world. In the past, I valued the cool appearance. Nowadays, I want a pair of shoes that can show my inner intrinsic. I hope everyone can find resonance in the KYRIE signature product.So this one features a new traction pattern inspired by his instantly recognizable hamsa tattoo, and new forefoot Zoom Air cushioning for responsive play on the court.

The sole is still curved and the lines are simpler than the previous generation. The midsole forefoot is equipped with the latest Zoom Turbo air cushion for multi-angle cushioning. The outsole design comes from the hand of the Fatima hand tattoo on Irving’s left arm, which not only has a unique shape, but also a complex texture that brings more friction.According to Nethongkome, the geometric pattern is designed to ensure the stability of the KYRIE 5 sole. The design of the sole pattern was inspired by the fat of the Fatima hand on Irving’s left arm, which symbolizes protection for him and keeps him away from bad luck. He hopes that the shoes will show more details of his life than just a pair of basketball shoes, which also allows us to incorporate his ideas into the design.

There is the big upgrade for the cushioning  ,new forefoot Zoom Air cushioning for responsive play on the court. The Kyrie line has become popular because it walks the fine line between performance and style, becoming the rare shoes that look just as good on the street as they do on the court.This technology guarantees that the defender has a flexible and stable play on the court and also gives KYRIE 5 unique features. The design of the Nike Air Zoom Turbo series is based on Irving’s on-field style, which perfectly matches the texture of the sneakers to the feet. “KYRIE 5 has a cushioning function that allows the pressure generated during running to be evenly distributed throughout the forefoot, making it responsive on the court to perfectly match the player’s fast-changing style.” Nethongkome explains that When he Nike Air Zoom Turbo technology provides a full range of protection to help you when it’s difficult to get a layup, a broken line, or a big change.

Also the new design of  shoelace system . just like its predecessor.Inspired by the predecessor., this technology allows the Nike Air Zoom Turbo series to keep your feet attached and locked. Nethongkome said: “Flywire technology can closely fit the feet with the Nike Air Zoom Turbo, expanding the rebound of the forefoot of the feet. In the pursuit of aesthetics, it also enhances comfort and experience.”


During the off-season and pre-season, athletes tend to put their upcoming signature model for the season to the test.The Boston Celtics advanced to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals without their dynamic point guard leading the charge. Kyrie was having one of his best seasons when complications from knee surgery ended his season prematurely. These shoes are designed and put together over a year and change in advance and handed out to a selective group of product testers.For irving ,His return will be slightly overshadowed by the return of his running mate, Gordon Hayward. The Celtics and Irving look poised to dominate the East for years to come. Although Irving is a free agent next summer, he has vehemently stated that he wants to return to Boston and appears to have bought into Brad Stevens’ vision for the future.So we will stay tuned for him.

For the material : The upper is an all-mesh upper, just like its predecessor, along with an updating lacing system that implements Flywire at the forefoot and midfoot area for updated lockdown. The toecap at medial side also features fuse overlays for durability.and the  reinforcement design is added to the instep to provide extra wrapping. The Swoosh Logo angle of the upper is sharper than the conventional design. The heel is embossed with all-eye gaze, and the personality is mysterious.


The Nike Air Zoom Turbo is specially designed for Irving’s emergency stop in the race, making the feet and KYRIE 5 sole shape fit. When the player rushes to the rim, it can effectively absorb shocks and quickly respond to energy rebound from various offensive angles. Thanks to a new subversive manufacturing method, the grooved design of the outsole enhances the flexibility of the air cushion unit. This also allows the designer to further improve the air cushion to fit the contours of the feet and the sole.


Here are more picture as below :

BOSTON, MA – OCTOBER 4: Kyrie Irving #11 of the Boston Celtics dribbles the ball during a Boston Celtics Open Practice on October 4, 2018 at The Auerbach Center in Boston, Massachusetts. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2018 NBAE (Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

The KYRIE 5 TACO color scheme is an exclusive color scheme for collaboration with Travis “Taco” Bennett and will be available in Greater China on November 24th. Owen has taken the lead in the match with the Milwaukee Bucks today.

In order to achieve a balance between honesty and distinctive style in the design of the shoes. Irving keeps thinking that What is he willing to try? What to promote of the shoes? What to look at for the shoe ? What impact does it have through creation?  Here we will stay tuned.