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Nike Air Force 1 Low Retro CT16 QS Performance Review

As a pair of practical sneaker, Nike Air Force 1 plays an important role in the sneaker market. But as time goes by, it seems Nike Air Force 1 is now more popular as a pair of casual shoes — out in the street, it can be seen almost everywhere. A number of fans of the Air Force 1 Low noted that even after more than three decades, the shoe still effortlessly works in the basketball court. Therefore, we can draw a conclusion that  Nike Air Force 1, out of question, has an eye-catching appearance. It is shown by a great deal of data that most purchasers appreciated its iconic and stylish flair.

The Nike Air Force 1 Low Retro CT16 QS is legendary for it witnessed a third NBA championship of a team with 76 players in 1983. Then what about its performance? Let’s see…

This Nike Air Force 1 Low Retro CT16 QS looks super nice in the model’s feet, isn’t it? Its white and red color scheme is simple but elegant at the same time. The golden lace heads and gold lace buckles both add some delicacy for the shoe.  As the most original shoe of the AF 1 series, this white and red Nike Air Force 1 Low Retro CT16 QS is very dynamic.

The vamp is made of leather and so as to ensure breathability, the designer made in it, which can be obviously seen in the pictures. In the shoe tongue, there is a red embroidered “Nike Air” logo and the golden lace heads are carved with “1983” which is in homage to  Moses Malone. On the side of the shoe, the red Swoosh looks very appealing in a white background. And at the back of the midsole, there is an “Air” logo, showing that Jordan installs Air cushion technology.

The heel is a bit wide, giving you a feeling of stability. “Nike Air” is virtually seen everywhere in the shoe. Before testing it, I weighed the shoe, which is 445 grams. For those who have known or known of Air Force 1 should know that the shoe is never light. But for this one, the weight is in the middle level–neither too light nor too heavy. And after wearing it, still, you will feel your foot burdened.  A handful also noted that it is still a little bulky.

Another feeling after wearing the shoe is that it doesn’t wear very comfortably. The leather uppers with chunky rubber soles make the wearing experience not so nice, and the wearer feels very clumsy and not as flexible as wearing other styles.

For all there are many air holes, ventilation is just so so. You will still feel hot wearing the shoes .

And in terms of wrapping and support, I think I have a say because I have tested it many times. During my testing, because the toe part is a bit wide, the wrapping is relatively worse. And even if there are foams inside it, it can not offer perfect wrapping and for those wide footers, the feeling is especially prominent.

The whole shoe body is made of leather. Because of that, the shoe can offer us nice support. Even when there are action changes, the feet remain steady as well.

When making direction changes or emergency stops, the upper does not deform badly.

As for the heel wrapping, unlike the forefoot wrapping, it is not bad. Thanks to the thick materials added, the heel locks the wearer’s foot tightly.

As  Air Force fans, it is never surprising to see thick outsoles in  Air Force series. And after my long time testing, the Air Force 1 Low has also stood the test of time. The durability of this shoe has just greatly impressed many buyers.

The front and back part are relatively ringed and raised, providing excellent grip and a firm grip on the ground in a sudden change of direction. The edges of the outsole are also toothed to provide excellent grip when attacking from multiple angles.

The cushion of Air Force 1  are mainly 3/4Air-Sole units. The units feature thin but tough, and the cushioning effect is quite ordinary. Then what about the Air Force 1 Low Retro CT16 QS equipped with Air cushion? It is somewhat hard. Having no any powerful tech in it, the cushion is rather disappointing. When you step on it, you won’t feel much  bouncy feedback.

However, what comforts us is the springy and soft feeling can be felt when running.


Shortly after the model was released, it gained much attention from all over the world. The popularity of the shoe just sees no signs abating because people still buy this shoe. It has continued to be the shoe that win the hearts and adulation of millions of people through the years.