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adidas Futurecraft 4D Performance Review ,Is It The Future of Sneakers Design?


Adidas exactly know how to excite discriminating sneakerheads with its basketball shoes that combine the latest in innovation, technology and style.From the earliest 3D printing, Futurecraft Leather, automation factory SPEEDFACTORY, etc., it continues to revolutionize of the industry of shoes. Recently, adidas has made another breakthrough in the midsole process, and cooperated with Carbon 3D, a technology company based in Silicon Valley, they  bring Futurecraft 4D running shoes with Digital Light Synthesis technology.

We will check it today.

So what is the Futurecraft 4D?

The Futurecraft initiative kicked off in late 2015 with a 3D-printed midsole that showed the idea of tailoring a shoe to the specific needs of an individual’s foot. Since then, Futurecraft has ushered in several more concept-proving releases like the made-in-Germany Futurecraft M.F.G., and a collaborative sneaker made from recycled ocean plastic, in partnership with Parley for the Oceans.

As you can see from the video, the technology used in Futurecraft 4D is to accurately “pull” a three-dimensional structure directly from liquid resin, which not only shortens production time, but also greatly reduces material waste and allows designers to create ideas.


Weighing in at 11.8 oz, the Futurecraft 4D were definitely on the heavier side for a running shoe. This was a surprise, as they feel a lot lighter on your feet.


For the material :  it is a Primeknit upper  like reminiscent of the brand’s popular Ultra Boost sneakers.While Adidas are usually made shoes used this kind of material, the Primeknit method digitally knits the entire upper in just one piece. Knitting fused yarn allows us to fine-tune the exact amount of flexibility and support needed in every part of the shoe. It  lightweight comfort that wraps seamlessly around your foot, whilst fewer materials produce less waste.



We can see more  pictures as below , as the adidas team said “Futurecraft 4D demonstrates the potential of Digital Light Synthesis in unlocking a new era in sport performance design,” Ben Herath, vice president of design at Adidas Running. “One driven by athlete data and incomparable precision to provide the best for the athletes, enabling them to make a difference in their run.”

For the cushioning,

The best difference is the midsole compare with the  BOOST shoes like the Ultra Boost or Yeezy shoes and so on.The latticed midsole gives your gait a springy feeling, and after it’s been squeezed down it shifts back into normal shape. The springy feeling of the shoes translates to better energy returns to your feet, just like in the case Adidas UltraBoost shoes.The first thing you notice when you step into the Futurecraft 4D is how springy the shoes feel. This was no surprise, as the midsole lattice immediately pops back into shape after you squeeze it. Parts of the midsole were noticeably firmer than others, while other areas felt soft and flexible. That springy feeling translated to runs as well.


For the traction :

The traction actually nice ,It is soft and comfortable.After logging over 60 miles in the Futurecraft 4D, they seem no worse for the wear and I have little reason to doubt them on their claims.It is like the Boost feeling .


We can see the inside of this shoes , the foam near the heel part, that is comfortable.Heel and mid-foot strikers will really enjoy running in these shoes, but forefoot strikers will find things a bit tougher with the way the midsole cushioning is distributed.


For the supporting : The supporting actually not great….it is nothing special support for the heel part .The material is soft and the midsole also soft but is can not help  a lot .


Overall, Adidas has been on a tear lately and they have a winner on their hands with the Futurecraft 4D. This is footwear innovation unlike anything we’ve seen before, and thanks to their partnership with Carbon.If you have, do you think that the Adidas Futruecraft 4D is really the future for basketball sneakers? How do you think of this shoes ?

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