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Air Jordan 33 Performance Review

According to virtually all reviewers, Air Jordan 33 impresses them most by its “unusual” appearance. It is also said that a lot of buyers like the shoe’s aesthetic. But honestly speaking, when I first saw the Air Jordan 33’s pictures, it didn’t left me any deep impression; if any, then it is the “homely” colorway. Later, by chance, I got a pair of this Air Jordan 33. So that’s why this review exists.

It is known that Allen Guo likes mint green very much and it seems Allen Guo is the spokesperson of the mint-green color. And after getting the shoe, what surges into my mind is that if regardless of the shoe’s setup, the shoe’s appearance can not be said to be impressive. Seeing the pictures alone, you may think the shoe as a low-top one. But to the contrary, it isn’t the case. But don’t be worried because for those who have high instep, this Jordan 33 is also available.

Looking at the shoe more carefully, you will find that the Fastfit’s forefoot lock is placed below the upper, which avoids accidents brought by the lacing system in most cases.

Compared with previous editions, there is not much changes in the cushion. It is still the regular forefoot Zoom+heel Hex Zoom+Flightspeed+Fastfit. But this is different from the other versions to some extent: the unlocked Zoom Air is back in the forefoot while the heel features a small Hex-Zoom unit–something we haven’t seen in an Air Jordan signature since the 22. With this improvement, practically all fans are delighted with the shoe’s cushion setup. They even shared that “it offers us an equal amount of mobility, court feel, and impact protection as the Air Jordan 32.” Indeed, it performs very well. The cushion is soft. Well, more precisely, it is super elastic. The feedback is immediate and sufficient. For most people, it is more than enough.

For me, another appealing setup is the “Fastfit that can finally come in handy”.  And this time the tightening system extends to the heel, which can be obviously found. The FastFit system of the AJ XXXIII is according to a large number of reviewers no gimmick . It uses easily and does an amazing job of securely locking the foot in place. But it is  is a bit tricky to tighten, several testers gripe.

Some remarked that Air Jordan 33 is overpriced. However, in the light of all the practical setup, the price is rational.

For all being no laces, support and wrapping in the Air Jordan 33 is quite awesome. Besides, made of mesh and synthetic overlays, the upper feels quite nice and light. Different from that of the Jordan 32, the textile of Jordan 33 here is far more lighter, thinner, and breathable. Providing that you fasten the strap, you may get stunned at the integrity of your feet and the shoe. And you will even feel you are just wearing a pair of socks. Surely, many of you who wear them on-court should enjoy them the way they are. Above all, it is the Fastfit that does a great help: it locks the foot especially the heel part quite well. To a large extent, but for the  Fastfit, the wrapping would have lacked.

Comfort is important. It is certain that Air Jordan 33 is comfortable enough that you will not want to take it off even when you are not on court. It is no joking! A reviewer declares that step-in comfort is really nice. So if you end up trying it, you will have the same feeling. In addition  to that, Jordan 33 fits true to size–it is something I enjoy very much for it really runs true to size.

In terms of the traction, the pattern is similar to that of the Nike Kobe AD NXT 360. Then what about the performance? Some of my friends who have tried the Jordan 33 shared that it has a better traction over  the Air Jordan 31 and 32. And here is my experience: the Air Jordan 33 bit the floor nicely when I was doing emergency stops; I’ve never run into any slipping on court whatever what kind of floor I play on; it showed no worn after many games. Therefore, this respect is something you can expect. And if you chance to have Jordan 33, then you should know I am just telling the truth.


Both very solid are the  traction and cushion. Materials used are carefully selected. The wrapping makes my feet integrated with the shoes. Aside from these, the cushion offers me a feeling of stepping on a pillow. In short, I am very satisfied with it.  I am not sure whether all of you will like it, but what is certain is that Air Jordan basketball shoes are fun to play in and Jordan 33 will be a necessity for some players.





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