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adidas Crazy BYW LVL 1 Performance Review

The Crazy BYW LVL 1, this new design is the reimagined version of a 90’s basketball classic, souped up with BOOST tooling from today’s footwear innovations.Instantly famous for its bold, wavy midsole design, the over-the-top Crazy 8 was one of the most sensational trainers the game of basketball had ever seen. It was ’97, and this flashy mid top ruled the hardwood.

But how about the performance review?


The Feet You Wear concept was designed with a wider base in order to protect a hooper’s ankle from rolling.




The Crazy BYW LVL1 outsole is designed with a  fishbone pattern resembling a lightning , with the concentric ring. Although the main fishbone line look  just so so ,some one guess that the grip is not great .However this kind of pattern is nice . Even if it suddenly stops and suddenly changes direction, the traction will not slide, but if you need to turn, etc., the large area inside the forefoot will be slightly slipped by the concentric circular ring pattern.

Because Crazy BYW have been not  added to the midsole TPU before, just the Boost ,although the outsole is not affected by dust, considering the durability of Boost , it is not recommended to wear in outdoor.


Cushioning :

Crazy BYW adopts most of the Boost without other rubber, TPU and other materials on the outside of Boost,so the  thickness of Boost is also sufficient and enough. Under such circumstances, we can felt more the boost feeling on feet.

Boost technology is the most popularity in the basketball shoes and running shoes.It is one of the top midsole materials in all of today’s brands. Crazy BYW is softer than UltraBoost, NMD, PureBoost and other running shoes and casual shoes compare with all of shoes  with Boost,so we can felt a lot about the boost.



Thr Crazy BYW design by Feet You Wear. It’s a rare pair that gives you both, as most fashion-first sneakers usually sacrifice comfort for style.

In addition to the tribute on the name (BYW is Boost Your Wear), the design of the traditional whole Boost is divided into three  blocks, namely the inside of the forefoot, the remaining area of the forefoot, and the heel part. In addition to bringing a good felt on he foot , also the boost enhances the flexibility and the fast of the start-up. Together with the elastic characteristics of Boost’s own materials, the three advantages bring unprecedented excellence reaction performance on the court

Lockdown :

Crazy BYW upper is composed of fabric, mesh and suede. The texture is very soft and fits on both feet. However, the design of the shoes lace  is a little strange. the shoes lace hole just 4  one and the lace like a string, even the laces are fastened ,but  the feet are still not locked securely.



Supporting :


The ankle part is designed to be easy to take on and take off, and the design  is extended to the heel, which like take on the low typer shoes without any supporting and wrapping.


Then the upper made of fabric, mesh and suede ,all of these material  has bee not  provide  supporting .In addition, there is no filling design of the shoe. As long as the feet are slightly pulled, the feeling of the foot sliding strongly.



Then the heel part just  only  the mesh and the suede, without the TPU the protection of ankle  is even worse than the low-sleeve basketball shoes.



Weight :

The single shoes’ weighs 375 grams,  it is lightweight, thanks to the unloaded midsole design of the “uncaged”. also the upper of the mesh is also a big reason. so the shoes is lightweight, it is great.



Overall:Crazy BYW are built with a minimalist aesthetic from mesh, knit and suede, actually the material of shoes is most softer and comfortable ,  the Boost responsive cushioning provides continuous comfort.But the supporting  is not enough ,and the protection of shoes is not good . I still strongly recommend that shoe lovers regard these shoes as “casual shoes” and do not wear them as “basketball shoes”.