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Which one is better compare with Harden Vol 2 and LeBron 15 ?

It is popular since James Harden’s second signature shoes —adidas Harden Vol 2 released.But James Lebron’s signature shoe Nike LeBron 15 also the amazing products , then what is the difference ?

We will check whats kind of difference  for these two pairs of shoes today.

The adidas Harden Vol. 2  ,as part of the brand’s epic “Calling All Creators” spot , it is will be colorful then Lebron 15 .  It feature a bright orange melon upper with tropical graphics and a black Boost composition.

While the  LeBron 15″City Edition,” predominantly styled in varying shades of grey. Metallic Gold fills in the Swoosh branding that wraps the heel and an icy translucent sole finishes the job below,it is total different between with the Harden Vol 2.

For cushioinng , the Harden Vol.2 as usually used the boost technology .we can feel more  Boost pellets into the midsole made it firmer which  creating more stability while also increasing overall impact protection.That is the Adidas technology .

Then the Nike Lebron 15 also performance well , the cushioning also great ,but it is totally different .The bounce and feedback felt from the Zoom units is  amazing.  Air unit in Phylon also did a great job .

For the protection , all both have  the protection sponge, so the protection will be great ,but the Lebron 15 will be more protection , maybe the Lebron 15  will be higher up for the heel. It is must be protection .


Harden vol.2 ,the low-cut sneaker features a mesh-based upper with a toe fortified by additional stitching embedded into the shell, while the heel of the sole traction wraps upwards.The designer said this shoes “Some premium leather would enhance my overall experience right now.” , but in the real game , it is seem a  little normal , even if you broken violently ,the  upper will be fray quickly . The textile mesh at the forefoot required no break-in time while the additional stitching throughout increased the material’s strength quite a bit.

But for Lebron 15 ,the material is durability and stability . The LeBron 15 features evolved Flyknit construction that provides stretch, “This is my favorite shoe to date,” James told Nike. “The performance benefits and sophisticated look make this shoe a force on and off the court.” as the James told , the performance is really amazing . it feels awesome on-foot for the material , If you were unimpressed with the stiff upper used on the LeBron 14, you may find that the material choice on the LeBron 15 .


For the supporting , the Lebron 15  will be better than the Harden vol.2 Lebron 15 have  a TPU support plate in the midsole, and there is also a TPU fixed on the heel ,which offer a great supporting. It is  surprising that although these shoes have a little high center of gravity.

Then the Lockdown was surprisingly nice from heel to toe. While the lacing structure relies solely on Flywire, it did its job rather well. The top “eyelet” or Flywire cable work well.

However for  support and protection function, the Lebron 15 seemingly weak for the material BattleKnit is better than expected. Of course, it cannot be compared with other shoes, especially those with posite materials, but LeBron  15 ,it should be arguably a very good in the basketball shoe market.

For the traction , I have to say the Lebron 15 is amazing . You can feel the triangle pattern bite and grip the court really well from a linear standpoint. it is  solid rubber. I know there are someone dont like it .  also it  use translucent rubber that will be more enticing than some of the offerings that use solid rubber, and it it will be easy to collect the dusty .The grip is nice anyway .

Then for the Harden vol.2 , the traction just so so . the grip is great , then the rubber will be soft , if you like the soft traction, this one is the best for  you


Overall, they are different but the performance is  nice . The Lebron 15 is really great for more weight one , Materials and fit are highlights, and the cushion is the best Nike has offered in years.  it is stability  and durability .then the Harden Vol.2 had provided me with the same exceptional responsive ,the boost always the best .