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John Elliott x Nike LeBron Ico Performance Review

In the sneaker market, it is never novel to see some new sneakers’ releasing. And it is certain that not every sneaker will satisfy all consumers, but still there are always some sneaker models that make sneaker fans care for buying them without any complaint. And this John Elliott x Nike LeBron Ico is such kind of model. Since its launch, I’ve never seen its sale decline. Sneaker fans just try all methods to cop one pair and as a result, many retailers are out of goods.

This new king James boots, designed by John Elliott’s in collaboration with Nike, has been equipped with this year’s most popular translucent material in the vamp. And with some delicate details, say, the black and white strips, the shoe looks more fashionable compared with the original model.

The shoe, as a whole, is very eye-catching in the crowd. The black and white color scheme is simple but profound at the meantime. The upper is very thin and the materials used are very breathable. Therefore, a pair of John Elliott x Nike LeBron Ico in hot summer days will help you in many ways. For some players especially those who like outdoor courts, a shoe with excellent ventilation performance is a necessity. Having the shoe, you won’t have to worry about the bothering sweat yielded under the feet.

The Air Max in the shoe is totally visible, so there is simply no point concerning about the cushioning performance. And the belt in the heel  is actually more convenient for buyers to wear and take off  the shoes. Aside from that, the black stripe embroidery on both sides has, to some extent, enhanced the shoe’s support.

The shoe is in fact very lightweight — it is only 385 grams, which is rather lighter than other practical sneakers. The lightness should also result from the breathable upper. Not only is the upper very breathable, but it has also greatly decreased the shoe’s weight. And all these only result in nice flexibility. Well, I must admit that  the wear experience is awesome. You might as well have a try. Then you are very likely to fall in love with it.

In the fore part, because of the wide toe structure, the wrapping performance is not so good. You can see the black striped embroidery which is used on the top of the shoes to increase the durability of the shoes and avoid attracting dust to the upper.

Though wrapping in the forefoot is not so satisfying, the heel wrapping is not bad however. Wearing the shoe, you will find a noticeable wrapping effect after tightening the shoe. And after getting the shoe, in my case, I surprisingly found that the side was surrounded by high-quality leather reinforcement and hot-melt adhesive tape so as to enhance support.

Regarding the deformation, I think highly of the black embroidery because it is the black strips that help protect the overall feet. But for the black “gadget”, the player’s feet would get hurt very easily.

In the heel part, there is a TPU to consolidate the shoe’s performance and inside the shoe there has been padded with a full sponge. With the above tech, the ankle can be well protected.

In terms of the traction and durability, I am quite satisfied with it. Made of thick crystal rubber, you can enjoy yourself  without worrying about wearing out your shoes. Anyway, the outsole is very thick. As for the traction, personally, it is the best performance of the shoe. Only by looking at the outsole, an illusion may arise: the sole is very smooth. Can it really bite the floor very well? The answer is, definitely, yes! If you have a chance to have a try, you won’t have the confusion. For all it seems smooth, there are many small grains carved in the sole, thus producing friction with the ground. Whatever the ground is, many reviewers signified that the outsole can handle with them easily.

Respective of cushioning, you might feel a bit hard. But by saying that, I don’t mean that the feeling is dismal, but that the shoe doesn’t wear very comfortably. To have a wonderful experience, it require some time breaking in. Only by the way can you feel the bouncy feedback.


If you just want a pair of fashionable shoes to match your daily dressing, then you might as well consider this John Elliott x Nike LeBron Ico; if you want a shoe which is not only practical, but also fashionable, this one is your best choice. Surely, you will become the focus in the crowd.