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Brooks Levitate 2 Performance Review

As the newest version in the new Levitate line, Brooks Levitate 2 has hit retailers all over the world. Blessed with the latest technology DNA AMP, we can see that the shoe is updated prominently from the first iteration. From an objective perspective, this shoe is thought highly of and also there are numerous praises made regarding the noticeable improvements. So you can anticipate…


If compared with the first version, there is no much distinction of Brooks Levitate 2 in appearance. If any, it is just in the upper, lacing system and heel collar design. These are the updates I’ve mentioned before. Honestly speaking, opening the shoe box, I was underwhelmed by the shoes. At that moment, I must admit that Brooks Levitate 2 has already been at the top of my list for cool colorways. It can’t be out of fashion and is very suitable for daily outings. In short, its appearance is trendy and it wears super comfortable right out of the box.

Here let’s turn toward the midsole. As has been mentioned before, this shoe is installed with the brand-new tech: DNA AMP. Different from the former version’s tech which mainly aimed at distributing pressure evenly, DNA AMP is seeking for a kind of wonderful feedback but not only for comfort. Made of new polyurethane material, the midsole offers you sufficient support. Moreover, as long as you put enough stress on it, the midsole in turn provides you a springy feeling like stepping on a pillow.


However, no matter how much technologies are equipped with or how good the settings are, personally,  what matters most is the wear feeling and the fit.


According to some users, Brooks Levitate 2 has a splendid fit while other buyers noted that it has a sock-like fit. In other words, they are all very delighted that the shoe run true to size. As for me, this is one of the aspects that highlights the shoe——something I am also a fan of. And I like wearing it with my bare foot, which is as fantastic as wearing socks.


Then the upper? Well, here I’d spend some time showing it at length to you. A few buyers have said that they enjoyed the design of the shoe very much while the upper is widely appreciated by lots of consumers as well. In fact, when I first wore it, I was impressed that the shoe was surprisingly nimble and flexible.


Made of stretchy knit material, the upper has enough flexibility to wrap the mid and forefoot but enough structure, so you feel stable and so your toes don’t feel crowded. But there is a point needs to be mentioned. Though the upper is covered with air holes, you are going to get disappointed at the breathability. You may feel quite hot inside the shoe after a long running especially in hot summer. Some marked that it feels like wearing a sweater and on top of that, it takes much time to dry out whenever it gets wet or soaked with sweat.


With the lacing system which functions well, you can feel locked in as your heel slipped and moved during runs. Besides, I think the heel collar as well as the padded tongue appealing from a looks and functionality perspective. With all the settings, you can expect a wonderful wrapping when playing.


With respect to the traction, I think the outsole grips very well on dry courts but brings slipping on wet courts. Taking a look at the outsole pattern, there are some forward modules, not only distributing pressure, but aesthetically pleasing. For average players, the grip is enough. But if you have high require at the grip, you might as well try other shoes.


Finally, the cushion. It is noted that the cushion is quite responsive. Well, if the outsole is designed in such a way that it contributes to a quicker turnover, then I should say it is the firmness of the cushion contributes more to quicker turnover than the outsole. The shoe is cushioned but it is just firmer than any other traditional cushions. In addition, it is intended to be versatile enough for short and long runs and yet, responsive enough for picking up the pace. For heavier players, if enough stress is placed, the bouncy feeling would be more apparent.


Many users have claimed that the shoe had a roomy toe box, which means you won’t feel got stuck inside the shoe.



Well, for those beginners, this shoe is quite suitable for jogging or fast running. And above all, it hardly needs any time to adapt to it. On a personal level, the shoe is so near a perfect model but for it is a bit too heavy and its lack of breathability. However, some criticism does exist, but the majority of sneaker fans still claim that  Levitate 2 is a worthy purchase.






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A Closed Look of Nike Paul George 3

George and the Swoosh are currently on their third signature sneaker, the PG 3. The  Nike PG 3 is set to begin its rollout with the highly anticipated “NASA” colorway. It is full of special details that nod to George’s life, motivations, and skills——all wrapped up in a space-suit inspired colorway. With its availability now, let’s get a closed look at the shoe.


The shoe box is just simple, featuring only several lines that outline the cosmic element pattern on it. Simple as it looks, Nike has broken new ground.


The shoe looks quite cool, isn’t it? But it is not just for looking: the 3/4 cut, Zoom Air cushioning, and grippy outsole design all guarantee the shoe’s good performance. You can find that it has not the iconic stripes this time, the orange upper is very eye-catching however. The combination of orange and silver in the upper is just easily recognized.


As is seen in the images, there are red and blue used in the shoe.


Getting the shoe, what is your feeling that comes first into your mind? Super lightweight? Well, yes! This is quite certain. A shoe that is size 44 weights only 410 g.

The 93552 on the side of the forefoot is the zip code of George’s hometown and at the rear prints George’s favorite motto which is known by most people—— “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon”.


On the heel of the sneaker is the logo of the embroidered Apollo 13 while in the forefoot of the outsole appears George’s “13”. On top of that, the American flag is embroidered on the shoe tongue.


Definitely, George’s personal logo can not be absent. The logo is placed in the forefoot of the outsole. Then with respect to the feeling it gives me as a whole, I should say that it is super excellent. Had it not been this great shoe, I would not have had a wonderful experience on my initial play. Even after many uses, I am just more fascinated with it.


Overall: The amount of this special colorway is limited; so if you are considering copping one, just grasp your time. Were it to be out of resource, it is likely that you would no longer have no opportunity to get one.


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Air Jordan Butler Ultra.Fly 2 Performance Review

I got this Air Jordan Butler Ultra.Fly 2 in last especially cold winter. I was just looking for a comfortable and warm shoe, then in the very year, I came upon this sneaker, which looks very warm and suitable for winter. Chances are that you’ll consider this Butler Ultra.Fly 2 as another one at the first sight because it is an alien-like model, which makes it a bit hard to tell them apart. However, this Air Jordan Butler Ultra.Fly 2 is absolutely unique. Today we will get a look at this model at length.


First of all, I’d talk about the shoe’s appearance. Based on my personal experience, to tell you the truth, I was not attracted by its appearance at first. In other words, I am not satisfied with this part. There are several kinds of colorways and finally I chose this topical red and black. Heavy as it seems to be, it is in fact very lightweight. Also, there is another advantage in it——that is the shoe’s excellent durability. Just as an old saying goes,” Do not judge a book by its cover.” Personally, this goes the same for Butler Ultra.Fly 2. After a year’s wearing, Butler Ultra.Fly 2 just remains good shape and excellent performance.


But on the other hand, it is the distinguished appearance that makes Butler Ultra.Fly 2 special. There are also symbolic logos at the sides.


For the wrapping, Butler Ultra.Fly 2 wraps your foot super well. However, it is hard for on-and off. It is likely that you’ll spend much your energy wearing this shoes. And there is often a “but’. Being a one-piece upper, it is likely that Butler Ultra.Fly 2 can not meet every need you require. For wide footers, here I highly suggest that you try the shoes on in case there might be discomfort.

Here I’d mention the rope at the heel. Definitely it is thought highly of for it really does a good help. It does improve the wrapping to some extend.



After finishing wearing, there is an obvious feeling that your feet are tightly wrapped. Looking back at my own experience, I was not used to it at first while after some time getting along with it, I found it catered to my playing.


With respect to the shoe traction, I have a lot to talk about. The pattern is designed awesome and also, the traction itself is very durable (but this may be closely related to my way of playing). As is seen in the pictures, the gap between the grains is a bit wide,thus miking it easily to draw gravels to the traction; therefore, wiping every now and then is needed so as to keep good grip. As for whether dust is present or not, there is no much influence.

It is mainly the black part that needs to come into play on court.


For the cushion, Air Jordan installs Butler Ultra.Fly 2 with forefoot and heel Zoom Air and Phylon in midsole. As a result of this, never is there an absent bouncy feedback in forefoot, but for the heel Zoom Air, the elasticity is average. Would it be better to equip the forefoot Zoom Air in the heel part? The answer is yes. When in combat, it offers a fabulous court feel for you.Despite the absent protection, there is still something in the shoe.



Al in all, Butler Ultra.Fly 2 is a good shoe that is worthy your trying. As I mentioned before, as long as you give the shoe enough time to get along with you’ll feel that it performs well and breaks in superbly. But for those looking for sufficient protection and can not bear absent breathability, Butler Ultra.Fly 2 might not be a good choice.