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Jordan Jumpman Diamond Performance Review

For many Jordan fans, every summer is something they can expect: since Jordan has released many sneakers before, it always “takes the trouble” to design new models and it often surprises us through Quai 54 which is a basketball “feast”. This summer Tinker Hatfield and Jordan Brand have come together once again to deliver the Jordan Jumpman Diamond. Well, it is known that besides some limited color schemes released in Quai 54, the brand-new shoes’ appearances also attract much attention. With Tinker Hatfield’s original design, let’s see how will Jumpman Diamond surprise us.

Of today’s protagonist, it is not a mid-top model but a low-top one which is adjusted by Thinker. Well, as a result of different preferences of different people, Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low is, certainly, not acknowledged by everyone. Compared with some high-top models, this low-top sneaker has quite enough flexibility which can not be offered by the former. Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low has, in other reviewers’ terms, remained many designs of previous versions. Thinker has only made some changes in the upper. And because the temperature is on the rise, some low-top sneakers rather than high-top ones are much more popular among most players.

Well, as a pair of low-top sneaker, it should not disappoint we fans. It is widely acknowledged that protection and stability are of great importance for a low-top shoe. In my view, the advantage of low-top models is that it is easy to wear ankle pad and there is no need to choose a bigger size. In the era of originality, we all tend to buy original models. But staggeringly, there are some models being changed every now and then. For this model, the most appealing part is the midsole designed by Tinker Hatfield. The design, which covers almost the whole midsole, not only strengthens the sole, but also extends upward at the heel; thus, a relatively solid support system is formed, which will not easily generate deformation due to external force.

Looking at the upper, you will then find the material somewhat rough. To some extend, it won’t cause any uncomfortableness, but is likely to be friendly wide footers only. When designing the shoe, Tinker filled some materials inside the upper. As for wrapping, its excellent performance should be credited to the lacing system. After fastening the laces, the shoe offers a nice wrapping and support for the wearer. And on the sides of the toe, stability is further enhanced by adding the hot-melt design.

All these elements, of course, allow the Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low pair to maximize the benefits of the mid-top shoes, offering new options for those who don’t like the ankle wrapping. And in terms of the breathability, for all there are no air holes in the upper, its performance is not worse than those that have mesh vamps.

Based on we reviewers’ experiences, the performance of the midsole can not be said to be very eye-catching. It is just average. However, facing the diverse needs of diverse consumers in modern life, it would be hard to satisfy everyone. Therefore, it is certainly disappointing if adding only one Zoom Air in the forefoot. However, the fact is just this case. But, on the other hand, we should not require too much of this Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low in the light of its rational price. So, we had better not make too much comparisons with others.

In short, although it can not offer us an excellent court feel, it can still meet some of our basic needs. On court, when we place strength on the shoe, the forefoot Zoom Air offers feedback instantly. The performance, in some buyers’ term, is not bad. But on the record, if you have certain require of cushioning performance, you’ll need to think twice.

In the last part, let’s turn to the outsole. The materials used in the sole is relatively hard–there is no support of XDR. But as a pair of combat sneaker, its practical use is what really counts. The other day, we tested it on painted ground. And it turned out to be very nice. Owing to the design of multi-direction veins on outsole, it can grasp the ground very well when making emergency stop action.


In general, the shoe has its own unique design, and the estimate of the product is very objective and accurate–it is a pair of combat shoes that can meet people’s outfield needs and feature supporting performance. Anyway, I’ve got a pair shortly after it was released.




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The Comparison Between Jordan CP3.XI,Jordan Super.Fly 2017 and Adidas Marquee

Under the help of James Harden, Chris Paul has eventually led the Houston Rockets to the Western Conference Finals. Now it’s high time that we looked at Paul’s eleventh signature shoe–the Jordan CP3.XI. But as the title suggests, there will be a comparison between Jordan CP3.XI,Jordan Super.Fly 2017 and Adidas Marquee. So please go on checking with me.

For the first part, let’s check the traction of the three. Personally, the Jordan CP3.XI offers me the most excellent grip. It is not in the least worse than other sneakers. In other words, it has the most satisfying setup I’ve ever seen. I wore it to play basketball the other day and after an evening’s play, it showed no any worn. Admittedly, nothing puts a level of expectation on an outsole quite like herringbone. And as a result, it didn’t fail me.

For Jordan Super.Fly 2017, I also tested it on the same floor. But it just turned out to be average. Well, some reviewers observed that it is a beast both indoors and outdoors. But it seems it isn’t the case for me. However, I have to admit that the outdoor durability of the shoe’s outsole is something we can expect. Made of translucent rubber compound, the outsole’s durability can live up to your expectation.

As for the Adidas Marquee, the traction  pattern featured on the Marquee Boost is good ol’ herringbone, which means it can offers multidirectional coverage from heel to toe. I should say that this one can compete with the Jordan CP3.XI. But the only one downside is that it should attract a lot of dust to it, which is really bothering because it requires frequent cleaning. In short, the traction is solid providing that the courts were clean.

In terms of the support and wrapping, Jordan CP3 11 is sufficient in these respects. It is designed half-soled complemented by the binding belt support of Velcro. In addition, the Velcro embedded in the middle bottom of the root material is relatively hard, which increases the ability to prevent rolled-over. But some reviewers said that it would have been nice had the shoe offered an external TPU shank. Well, I think the support is enough for most players.  All in all, I think it’s simple and effective.

Then what about the cushion? For this CP3 11, heel and forefoot Zoom Air placed directly into a semi-firm Phylon midsole are essential. There is a forefoot fan-shaped zoom with TPU connected to the back hexagonal zoom. It must be admitted that the feedback from the forefoot of cp11 is indeed fantastic. Before this review, I’ve wore it for some outing for several days. And it turned out to be quite awesome. The longer I wear, the more obvious the feeling becomes . As for Adidas Marquee, it is so soft that I feel my strengths are worn out. Anyway, this is based on the ground of personal experience. Some may find their feelings are quite different from mine. Therefore, it just depends.

The biggest problem of Jordan CP3.XI that may arise is the lack of breathability. Since the upper is made of leather material, I won’t recommend it to those who have a fear for heat and those who usually play games on outdoor courts.


Definitely, the Jordan CP3 11 is worth your trying. If you end up trying it, it is likely that you might see it in a different way. But I do not contend that the other two are not worth trying, but that they are also excellent ones which deserve well treating.



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JORDAN CP3.XII PF Performance Review

Last year, the Rockets renewed Paul with a four-year, 160 million contract, but as a result of his injuries, Paul’s status has inevitably declined. And since then the price of Paul’s signature shoes are also inescapably decreased. But for most fans, it may not be a bad thing if the price is cut down for they can not only get their beloved shoes, but also save a large amount of money. 


And as a loyal fan of Paul, I also got a pair of JORDAN CP3.XII PF. Besides, like many people, I chanced to get the sneaker as well for the price was cut down. Well, there are at times when we’ll feel very lucky and happy simply because we get a thing we’ve been longing for. And that’s the case for me: upon getting the shoes, I can’t help wearing them out. So excited was I that I even forgot taking my basketball to the court.

Regarding to this JORDAN CP3.XII PF’s appearance, I should say that “There are one thousand hamlets in the eyes of one thousand people.” Or in other words, the views towards beauty is largely dictated by subjective feelings. As for this sneaker, it is likely that a large part of fans won’t regard it as beautiful. If there were no talk that it was Paul’s signature shoes, no one would think it be a sneaker designed for stars.


As we can see from the pictures that except that the logo in the tongue there isn’t any details respective of Paul.

And in the heel part leather materials are used, which is a normal operation.

Personally, the most important thing when buying shoes is comfort. Without comfort , however well the shoe can perform there is simply no point talking about other things. Made of mesh, the upper is very soft and offers enough breathability. And unlike some sneakers,   JORDAN CP3.XII PF won’t cause the foot stuck. For most people, the case is that it fits true to size. All you can feel is that it wears so comfortable that you are reluctant to take it off.

An obvious change of this shoe is that the laces are removed, which I don’t reckon as a wise choice. I’ve mentioned earlier that the upper is very soft, hence the shoe’s support may be a bit insufficient. Inside the shoe is leather while outboard braid vamp interior also uses leather to undertake reinforcing processing. However, this combination is not enough to provide support especially when there are emergency stops or acceleration.

The change of the lacing system also results in the insufficient wrapping. During my games, I often felt that as time went by, signs that the upper loosens becomes more transparent.

Made of durable rubber, I am sure JORDAN CP3.XII PF will be a long-lasting companion. For the pattern of the traction, it is the combination of regular herringbone and water ripples. Theoretically, the traction can perform not bad on all kinds of ground, but unexpectedly, things didn’t fare the way we had expected–there were frequent slipping when I was doing emergency stops. But objectively speaking, this may be related to the court I played on; hence, we can’t rush to the conclusion that the outsole doesn’t grip.

As for the shoe’s cushion, there is still a ZOOM AIR in the forefoot. On the ground of my tests, I didn’t feel the super springy feedback. It was only  after some time getting along with  could I get the feeling I had expected. On top of that, the heel foam will be more impressive for it does not require any time to get along with but it  bounces back more quickly. It just shows a clearer rebound effect than the forefoot cushion.



I’ve heard of many a fans remarked that JORDAN CP3.XII PF  looked so average that I even would not pay attention to it if it was placed in stores. But it is like a pet dog that so long as you show your care for it and get along with it for some time, it will repay you a lot. In short, the setup of the shoe are not bad. And with  the rational price, surely, it won’t fail you.




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Jordan CP3.XII Performance Review

It is understood that Jordan plays a significant part in recent years. It can even be said to be on top of the field. Later Paul leads the Rockets to the second round of the playoffs to compete with Warriors. He worn Jordan CP3 12 in the competition and then spontaneously, the Jordan CP3 12 became the focus of people’s attention. Today we will take a look at this Jordan CP3 12 which could be Chris Paul’s last signature sneaker with Jordan Brand.



Now let’s turn back to the shoes. Seeing the pictures of CP3 12, we will find that this version is similar to the CP3 11 in many aspects. But there are some differences. First of all, the upper is rather different from that of CP3 11. The leather of the front sole in CP3 11 is replaced by an integral woven upper. Then the instep strap in CP3 11 can no longer be seen in CP3 12–it is removed. Besides, the symbolic logo in the heel is also supplanted by camouflage graffiti.

Only  by looking at the shoes, personally, it is rather simple. Some testers even observed that “it looks very generic if putting it in the exclusive shop of NIKE or Jordan. ” And while in some fans’ term, the case is that it is a bit disappointing. And except the owl logo on the tongue and the number 3 on the inside of the forefoot, there isn’t any personal marks of Paul. Then here is a brief introduction of the owl logo. The pattern is composed of the 12 Zodiac symbols of the Paul family members and the owl represents the sharp vision of the point guard.

As a result of the large mesh upper or in other words, the design of vamp, the shoe’s support becomes relatively worse. The support of vamp  becomes, as it were , the biggest problem of the shoe’s performance. The upper is a bit loose even if you fasten your shoelaces tightly. Therefore, in order to compensate for the downside, it uses leather in the inside of the shoe to enhance its wrapping. For all the bad support, I do  not contend that Cp3 12 is not a good companion, but that it may not be a wise choice for those who want a perfect sneaker.


For the traction, on a personal level, I like it best. Looking at the outsole, I should say it is the most special design I’ve ever seen–the outsole is segmented into 2 parts with  a camo pattern on the inside and a plain grey pattern on the outside. As for its performance, I am rather satisfied with it. The CP3 12 is a good comrade with  which I am given to playing. If you don’t play on a special kind of floor, but on all kinds of grounds, say the concrete one, then you might as well take it into consideration. Surely, it will be a rather reliable assistant on court. What’s more, it’s said to be much more durable than other average sneakers and it does perform far more better than AJ33 & KD12. But putting it broadly, no matter how well it performs, slipping can never be entirely avoided; hence, to decrease such phenomenon, I won’t recommend you play on it on dusty or wet grounds for there may be some slipping.. But on the other hand, slipping can also be closely related to the way you play. So, to conclusion, it rests on objective conditions whether there is slippery phenomenon or not .


As is mentioned earlier that as a result of the mesh upper, breathability is guaranteed though it is a bit heavy. Even in hot summer days, you can still have a hearty game regardless of the bothering sweat because it is, for the most part, tantamount to wearing nothing.

With respect to the cushion, there is a fan shaped ZOOM Air Cushion in  the forefoot of CP3 12 and there is only a hexagon ZOOM Air Cushion on the heel. However, before this review, I’ve heard of many people complaining about the high price. But judging from the cushion’s performance, you will then draw a conclusion  that CP3 12 is worth the price. Once you have a try, you can feel the obvious feedback. Softness, bounciness and excellence are all tags of CP3 12’s cushion.



Of all the shoes I’ve ever tested, this Jordan CP3 12 impresses me the most. Maybe it’s because of personal preference that I am prone to simpler and meanwhile aesthetic appearance. So I prefer this one to other shoes. And I even wear it for outing, shopping or whatever else except sleeping. Well, the preference varies a lot, so the choice rests in you.





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Air Jordan Ultra Fly 2 Performance Review

It has already roused a hot and amazing pursuit since the first day this Air Jordan UltraFly2 was released. Upon its advent, many people might be “lurking” somewhere, preparing to cop one pair of this Air Jordan UltraFly2. However, the fact fails many people for the amount of this model is greatly limited, thus making some sneaker fans can only dream of it but can not get it. But irrespective of the fact, we are still going to get a detailed look at it.


Surely, the settings of a shoe is of important. And with all the tech included, this  Air Jordan UltraFly2 is truly a bang for your buck. But on the other hand, the appearance is of course important as well as the settings, isn’t it?


From my own perspective, this shoe’s appearance can be said to be one of the leaders and the top one of its series. But “one coin has two sides”. Despite its good-looking, for the colorway of this one, it can easily get dirty, thus resulting in wiping every now and then so as to keep its purity. Therefore, if you are fortunate enough to grab one pair, you’ll need to spend some time dealing with it.


Feeling amazing on-foot, the upper is an engineered knit and a one-piece construction. And it is likely that some people might not enjoy the overall fit because of the one-piece construction. According to some, they enjoy quite a lot the solid lockdown and support provided by the shoe and have never run into any slippage since the shoes are well padded. For me, being able to get a chance to try it, I feel like wearing a knitted shoe while with the reinforcement of an upper constructed of TPU, it is a very nice blend between the two and it feels pretty well balanced.


For the laces, it is a regular version——nothing special in it. But common as it is, the shoe’s wrapping would not have facilitated had the designer not installed the laces in the shoe.

According to some testers, they exclaim that the shoes are very hard and annoying to put on for the opening is small, and it doesn’t stretch much. Then there is no need worrying about this: at the rear part of it, there is also a collar which helps you wear in. It really does a great help. Some reviewers also said that Air Jordan UltraFly2’s wrapping is the best they’ve ever come across. To sum up, not only is the materials durable, but the wrapping also performs exceptionally.


As is seen in the image, there is a tag attached in the insole, showing some basic information of the shoe.


Well, looking at the outsole pattern, it seems to be very awesome. Then how about the performance? Dainty designed and made of rubber, the outsole is very durable first of all. If you are quite into outdoor court which are coarse as well, then you’ll get surprised at its excellent performance, and you’ve got a long-term comrade as well.


I know that many people say the traction is on  point of a shoe. Well, they are right. But for a good outsole, players would not have got a wonderful experience. I should say that the outsole performs very well. It just does what it should do——hugs the floor tightly when needed and does not when there is no need. On clean and semi-dusty courts, indoors or outdoors, it always grips very well. But there are some cases in which it can not hold up well, for instance, on dusty courts, and thus it invites dust quickly; therefore, wiping the upper, as is said before, along with the outsole frequently is required.


When it comes to the cushion setting, Ultra.Fly 2 installs heel and forefoot Zoom Air. It said that the cushion is greatly appreciated and it feels splendid. Whoever is able to own it would think highly of it. Wearing it on court, you can apparently feel the bouncy feedback offered by the cushion. And above all, the feeling is fantastic, which is like stepping on a pillow. But, there is always a but: the shoe is somewhat heavy. And I also once saw in some reviews that it is bulky too. However, with a number of fans appreciating it, I would not regard it as a deal breaker.


Finally, let us turn toward the fit. If regardless of the other aspects, in most cases, it is the fit that matters most, and the fit is also a key factor when consumers are buying shoes. Noted by a number of reviewers that Air Jordan UltraFly2 wears super comfortable and feels like a sock and I myself think so. Besides, it even makes you forget that you are actually wearing something. If you are willing to get along with it, you may just find it creeping into your regular rotation after some period of time.Well, definitely, it can’t designed to please everyone, but surely, it caters to both big guards and big men.



So remarkably does it performs that I am totally obsessed with it. To summary,  the Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 is a solid all-around performer. And above all, the truth has proven it to be an excellent model.



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Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 performance Review

The new signature shoe with Jordan called Why Not Zer0.2 has just officially released on January 10th, 2019 in full family sizes. According to the official news, many a new technologies are installed in this Why Not Zer0.2. Personally, maybe it is one of the best signature models out on the market at the moment. Compared with the 1st version, Why NOt Zero.2 can be said to be changed greatly before marketing. So greatly changed was the shoe that you can not tell any relationship between the 2 versions. There is no deny that this impressive new design has brought much influence for some fans. Then today we’ll take a look at the shoe.


As you can see, this wild colorway is very special. The  distinguished tag in the heel shows detailed information of the shoe.


Looking at the outsole, there are many circular patterns which are specially designed and used to reduce friction. For the grip, it just performs as I expected before——average. Outdoors or indoors, there is no much difference of its performance. If dust is present, it performs as usual as well unless there is much dust that is accumulated for years.


However, although its grip is OK, the slipping does exist; but there is no need worrying because it would not result in serious problems. On top of that, if you are longing for a long-lasting outsole, then you will definitely get disappointed for the rubber is on the soft side. But don’t be upset because things are not so bad. Provided that you maintain the shoe in good condition say wiping or washing every now and then, it lasts working as well.


For the upper, it takes on a deconstructed approach with exposed stitching and a lofted mid-foot strap. Besides, mesh and knit are installed in the upper; so this time breathability is on longer absent. And with the lacing system, a bit like HUARACHE’s design though, the shoe’s wrapping does attract me very much. From an objective perspective, the wrapping works quite well; from my own perspective, at least, it is of great help to me. Owing to the wrapping, the shoe requires barely a little break-in time and offers you lockdown; therefore, you can just let your feet lay in the shoes and worry nothing.


With respect to the support, some setting needs to be mentioned. In order to keep the support in good condition,  a double-layer is equipped in the heel; and an exterior TPU is added at the heel for stability. As a matter of fact, it is the TPU that plays a vital role: the midfoot and rear heel support actually come from the TPU plates. It keeps the part strong rather than heavy.


As members of a series, comparison between the models is seldom absent. The Why Not Zer0.2 utilizes a Zoom-laden two-piece sole with an exposed mid-foot plate. Forefoot Unlocked Zoom Air is also placed. But compared with the 1st, there is no doubt that the Why Not Zero.2’s full foot cushion settings are declined. I clearly remember my initial play on Why Not Zero.2 that it gave me quite an wonderful and unforgettable experience. I enjoy the cushion whether there is speed-up or start-up. If you are fond of the super springy feeling, then it is for you; if you are into the shoe’s feedback, you might as well take it into consideration. Being capable of owing this model, you are getting a fantastic experience.


For some people, there might be some extra room in the forefoot. So for those wanting a fabulous feeling, they might go a smaller size. But only when they try the shoes on can they know whether the shoe is the best choice. As for me, it fits me snug well. And it goes the same for wide footers. Besides, overlay straps/panels exist so as to wrap around the foot at the forefoot, midfoot and rear. The nice fit is just the reason why I bought this shoe.


What needs to be mentioned is that the shoe can’t be lightweight, which is up to the thickness of the midsole and the heel.



The above are based either on my experience or some objective facts. Why Not Zero.2 is just suitable for all kinds of players. With the rational price, the excellent cushion and the fantastic fit, the shoe is within your reach. But above all, whether a shoe fits you only you know. So if you have been considering it as your next on-court companion, you can get a try and it is worth your trying.






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Air Jordan 11 CONCORD Performance Review

Since 1993 when Michael Jordan decommissioned from NBA, never has anybody thought of his return to the NBA court. Later in the 1955-1956 season, Air Jordan 11 had become the great player’s most reliable companion.



Designed by Tinker Hatfield, Air Jordan 11 was Michael Jordan’s favorite; furthermore, among all the colorways, CONCORD is frequently seen in Michael Jordan’s feet. As you can see, Michael Jordan wears the Air Jordan 11 CONCORD in all kinds of occasions. With Air Jordan 11 CONCORD’s availability now, we’ll get a look at this shoe at length today.


Opening the shoe box, what comes into our sight first is the large black patent leather. Contrary to the white upper, it is the special bright black that makes the shoe distinguished from the other shoes. Followed by several re-releases over the years, this black, white and concord version of Michael Jordan’s eleventh signature shoe completes with brand-new “45” branding on the heel in place of the standard “23” mark.


On top of the above, at the heel part there are the Air Jordan logo which is never absent. For most people, the “45” mentioned before has also been the most appealing.


The traction is made of crystal materials and the blue rubber; we can also see clearly that a large square of carbon board plus the iconic flying man are installed in the outsole, which makes the whole traction very pleasing to the eye. Personally, every inch of the traction is designed delicately and creatively.


When it comes to the grip, frankly speaking, I have never come across any slipping on court. The traction just hugs the floor so well though it would sometimes attract dust to the surface. But whether dust or not dust, there is not much influence; hence, there is no need wiping frequently, which saves you much time. The grip, I believe, is ample; if you are into outdoor court whose environment is not so bad, the grip is ample too let alone indoor floors——sufficient!


When start-up and breakthrough are needed, the outsole offers you all-directional grip.


However, not that the pattern the prettier, the better. A shortcoming of the traction is that as time goes by, it would turn yellow as a result of being oxidized.


With respect to the wrapping, I am quite pleased with. But anyway, only when you try them on can you experience the tight and superb wrapping——this is true of the fit.

Besides the lacing system, the large upper and the thickness of the shoe elevate wrapping to a certain degree. To reinforce the wrapping, there would not be coexistence between the thickness an breathability. Thus, breathability in Air Jordan 11 CONCORD is absent, making it unsuitable to wear in summer.


Though not being able to be installed with the latest cushion tech, the cushion setup of Air Jordan 11 CONCORD is OK. For daily wearing, you’ll feel the bouncy Air Sole cushion in the midsole. Well, in fact it can not be compared with some super-strong cushioning technology on the market, for those not requiring much in this part, it is enough to use. Provided that enough pressure is placed, the cushion can still work passably.


For me, Air Jordan 11 CONCERN fits snug well. The upper wraps your foot tight and makes your foot stay in the footbed. It is quite easy for on-and-off; it fits true to size for most people; it wears secure and comfortable. The above are my personally view and you can take it for reference.



Scheduled to release on December 8, 2018, this Air Jordan 11 CONCORD is now accessible to us all in Jordan stores. Objectively speaking, Jordan 11 CONCORD is not a perfect one. But it can be said to be an excellent sneaker and a reliable companion to some way.  It was not until I gave it enough playing time that I found it suited me so well. If you are willing to have a try, maybe you will be into it like me.






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Air Jordan Butler Ultra.Fly 2 Performance Review

I got this Air Jordan Butler Ultra.Fly 2 in last especially cold winter. I was just looking for a comfortable and warm shoe, then in the very year, I came upon this sneaker, which looks very warm and suitable for winter. Chances are that you’ll consider this Butler Ultra.Fly 2 as another one at the first sight because it is an alien-like model, which makes it a bit hard to tell them apart. However, this Air Jordan Butler Ultra.Fly 2 is absolutely unique. Today we will get a look at this model at length.


First of all, I’d talk about the shoe’s appearance. Based on my personal experience, to tell you the truth, I was not attracted by its appearance at first. In other words, I am not satisfied with this part. There are several kinds of colorways and finally I chose this topical red and black. Heavy as it seems to be, it is in fact very lightweight. Also, there is another advantage in it——that is the shoe’s excellent durability. Just as an old saying goes,” Do not judge a book by its cover.” Personally, this goes the same for Butler Ultra.Fly 2. After a year’s wearing, Butler Ultra.Fly 2 just remains good shape and excellent performance.


But on the other hand, it is the distinguished appearance that makes Butler Ultra.Fly 2 special. There are also symbolic logos at the sides.


For the wrapping, Butler Ultra.Fly 2 wraps your foot super well. However, it is hard for on-and off. It is likely that you’ll spend much your energy wearing this shoes. And there is often a “but’. Being a one-piece upper, it is likely that Butler Ultra.Fly 2 can not meet every need you require. For wide footers, here I highly suggest that you try the shoes on in case there might be discomfort.

Here I’d mention the rope at the heel. Definitely it is thought highly of for it really does a good help. It does improve the wrapping to some extend.



After finishing wearing, there is an obvious feeling that your feet are tightly wrapped. Looking back at my own experience, I was not used to it at first while after some time getting along with it, I found it catered to my playing.


With respect to the shoe traction, I have a lot to talk about. The pattern is designed awesome and also, the traction itself is very durable (but this may be closely related to my way of playing). As is seen in the pictures, the gap between the grains is a bit wide,thus miking it easily to draw gravels to the traction; therefore, wiping every now and then is needed so as to keep good grip. As for whether dust is present or not, there is no much influence.

It is mainly the black part that needs to come into play on court.


For the cushion, Air Jordan installs Butler Ultra.Fly 2 with forefoot and heel Zoom Air and Phylon in midsole. As a result of this, never is there an absent bouncy feedback in forefoot, but for the heel Zoom Air, the elasticity is average. Would it be better to equip the forefoot Zoom Air in the heel part? The answer is yes. When in combat, it offers a fabulous court feel for you.Despite the absent protection, there is still something in the shoe.



Al in all, Butler Ultra.Fly 2 is a good shoe that is worthy your trying. As I mentioned before, as long as you give the shoe enough time to get along with you’ll feel that it performs well and breaks in superbly. But for those looking for sufficient protection and can not bear absent breathability, Butler Ultra.Fly 2 might not be a good choice.