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New Balance FuelCell Performance Review

New Balance, a well known sneaker brand, has existed for many years since it was established in Boston in 1906. The brand is also known as the “king of jogging shoes”, which shows that the brand is thought highly of. Here I feel very flattered and honored to bring this review for you. Let’s check…

As a pair of memorable running shoes, its amount is quite finite. But different from most shoes which have a very bright appearance, this  New Balance FuelCell looks very cold and reserved because the shoe mainly features black, which is very simple. Looking at the front, there is the glittering NYC logo in the laces and the tongue. Well, if you don’t like the theme of this colorway and feel it unsuitable to match your daily wearing, then you can try other color scheme as well. Surely, there is always a color that can fit your taste. 

There are two layers making up of the upper — the outer layer is TPU which provides breathability and support while the inside layer, which is very thin, offers better comfort and wrapping. The whole upper, made of fabric, is super breathable and light. According to one reviewer, it felt lighter than expected and is relaxing on the foot. However, as observed by one buyer, the upper fabric was misaligned and it blocked the lacing holes. But in my opinion, it won’t be a deal breaker because this downside will not bother too much. And the “NB” at the heel makes people excited and want to run around in it immediately.

Owing to an integral boot design, New Balance FuelCell Impulse offers excellent wrapping, thus avoiding slippery problems inside the shoe. However, on the other hand, it will be a problem when putting it on because the “mouth” is a bit narrow. The tongue of the shoe is printed with the golden logo, which echoes the gold metal in the shoelace head. On top of that, the breathable insole has also printed with the symbolic logo. Well, it seems the logo is virtually seen everywhere in the shoe.

Surely, I will recommend the shoe to my friends who are fond of exercising. In hot summer days, New Balance FuelCell will become a necessity. For those who are bothered by sweat yielded under their feet, this shoe is more than suitable for them for it is super breathable.

In terms of midsole, it consists of RevLite EVA foam and FuelCell nitrogen. Most midsole we commonly see is cushioned by RevLite in the heel while FuelCell has only a thin layer. When running, the foam offers you unexpected feedback which is awesome. You are to experience a quick reaction and get off the ground faster under your feet. The most remarkable part about the running shoes is the technology in the forefoot, which gives you efficient cushioning while giving you high-intensitive rebound. And magically your feet are seem to automatically make forward without being at the mercy of you .

The shoe delivered a firm and steady ride, as reported by some testers. I think this should greatly be credited to the outsole. Many reviewers also  commented that  the shoe provided the right amount of traction and was durable enough for daily use.  For the materials used, the heel and the fore part are made of rubber, which can be clearly seen in the pictures. And the design of the forefoot part looks very novel. Stepping on the raised part of the shoe, you feel like being pushed — a kind of accelerating forward constantly. For the back part, one buyer wrote that the sole had separated and cracked after one month of usage. Well, it isn’t the case for me. And maybe the buyer had made some high-intensitive exercise during that month. But anyway, at the heel that is easily worn there is placed with thickened rubber. At the middle part is RevLite foam. Resulting from this,  the shoes becomes lighter and more suitable for road running. A single shoe weighs only 232 grams. 

Most runners said the FuelCell is comfortable to wear.  Well, this is the feeling I had when I first wore the shoes.  A couple of users even said the shoe fit nicely and had no discomfort during wear. How the shoes are thought highly of !

But there is another problem: some user have experienced pain in their heel while wearing the shoes. With respect  to this, I should say it is resulted from friction. You just need some time getting along with it.


To summarize, my evaluation of this shoe is the FuelCell’s technology gives features that enable the foot to be ready to run anytime. You can have a try in the flesh.




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New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit Performance Review

In April 2015, New Balance released a new series, the Fresh Foam Zante, which aims at providing  light weight and the best cushioning system. In the later four years, it released four Zante shoes one by one. According to a number of buyers, they enjoyed the comfort, cushion and feedback the shoe offers quite a lot. In the first quarter of 2019, New Balance released its new Zante running shoe — NB Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit, which inherits the Zante series lightweight and slow-shock advantages. Let’s see…

The blue and black color scheme isn’t abnormal; it is quite traditional. The shoe’s appearance, as a whole, looks very steady and reliable and to some extent, aesthetically pleasing. Some buyers even think highly of it. They said the Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit has a great, eye-catching design.

Compared with the previous versions, the most obvious difference of NB Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit is in the upper. The Hypoknit knit upper has a certain elasticity and provides complete dynamic wrapping and ductility for the forefoot toe movement. Some said the upper fits like a corset – snugger in the center than the rest of the upper. And as mentioned by most buyers, the running shoe has a roomier and softer toe box. All these should result from the upper. For all the upper being super soft and comfortable, support is guaranteed as well.

In the middle part, the most striking design is the traditional big logo “N”. This time it adapts a  printed Foam rather than a hot foil and the silver logo does a tremendous job of improving the texture while at the back, the heel stays hard despite the hard TPU being lacking.

NB Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit is full of added foams in the tongue, but will never be puffy. As is mentioned in some reviews, the shoe is very responsive. I think this should result from the cushioning system. I’ve mentioned earlier that the Fresh Foam Zante aims at providing an excellent cushion for consumers. Well, it is no just talking. The Zante Pursuit picks up where the Zante left off as a lightweight cushioned shoe designed to provide enough comfort to go the distance. You can see form the images that it features a fresh foam laser-etched one piece midsole. And besides the cushion, it also adapts Dupont Durapontex solid high elastic insoles. To conclusion, the designer has, as it is, tried all kinds of methods to enhance the feedback and bouncy feeling.

The outsole is made of  an adequately thick layer of translucent rubber. It consists of many raised hexagons. Initially, I had thought it to be an average setup and had never intended to expect too much of it. However, it just turned out to be quite durable and excellent. After my testing it for two months, I was quite amazed at its performance. And here is the result: it bit the ground tightly when there was any need. It turned up just so timely. Besides, I’ve found no any signs of wear and tear even if I always chose rough court and stepped hard on it. This is, I want to say, quite a good example of New Balance.

This is my last Zante sneaker–the NB FreshFoam Zante V3 which has a virtually the same color scheme and appearance as Zante Pursuit. But based on Zante V3’s excellent setup, Zante Pursuit has been improved both in setups and overall performance.

Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit is an awesome shoe that should be on every runners radar. What is more satisfying about it is the shoe’s wrapping. Many users said they admired the lightweight construction of the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit. This point, to some degree, help enhance the wrapping. When you are running, it is beyond question that you will feel your feet integrated with the upper, or strictly speaking, the whole shoes. If you are quite concentrated on running, you may even not feel it and mistake you are wearing socks only.


According to a number of data, chances are that New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit may not be liked by some running beginners, but they are still very popular among most runners. To summary, the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit is a lightweight road running shoe that satisfies most users. Its cushioning system, the traction and the light weight are all thought highly of. In short, I enjoy it very much and I would recommend it to my friends who have such kind of needs.





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A Detailed Look at New Balance Omn1s

New Balance has recently released an Omn1s and I feel I am lucky enough to learn more about it and demonstrate some details to you. This newly released model had caught much attention before its launching. And after the launch we could see that numerous New Balance OMN1S  were all  quickly sold out at the retailers’–they sold very well.  Personally, it will become,  as it were,  a beast on court  providing that you can get along well with it. I’ve tried the New Balance series many times before and this New Balance Omn1s  is for me like an old friend. So I feel particularly familiar with it. Here I’ve also got a pair of this Omn1s . Let’s have a detailed look at it together.

First of all, let’s get a simple look at the shoe box. But honestly speaking, there is nothing special in it. It is the regular shape with bright red and the “NB” logo in it. On the side, there is the basic information of the shoe.

The moment I opened the box, hardly could I remove my eyes away from it.  “Cool” is the only one word that came into being in my mind. The shoe’s appearance is just aesthetically pleasing. The colorway is black and blue, which looks very harmonious. In addition, it can match all kinds of daily dressing, which seems good news for many a fans.

In my view, the shoe’s wrapping is entirely dictated by the lacing system. When I was on court, I felt my feet integrated with the shoes and there wasn’t any slipping inside the shoe. Well, I think highly of the laces while some buyers shared that “the laces are just decoration.” Therefore, it may largely rest upon personal experience.

Surely, in summer days, ventilation must be first ensured  so as to break the sales records. Made of mesh, the upper is super breathable.

As for the cushion, I feel it is passable. The New Balance equips the fuelcell which was once used in running shoes. And during my games, for the record, it didn’t fail me nor did it satisfy me. To tell you the truth that I am a heavy player, so the feedback the cushion offers will be relatively transparent. As for the lighter ones, they may feel the cushion hard and useless.

With respect to the traction, it is fantastic. The  outsole is made of pale blue crystal rubber and the pattern is the typical herringbone. Besides that, there’s a large “NB” logo in the outsole. And apparently, we can see a tree-branch shape TPU embedded inside  the sole. Now that it has been tested, you can believe me that the traction grips very well. On wood floor or concrete one, the outsole hugs it tightly when there are emergency stops in case you slip down.

For the materials, here is a close picture of the upper. Before getting the shoes, I had thought it was a hot-pressed material with a black and blue gradient. But to the contrary, the gradient patterns are woven instead of dyeing.

As for the size, you’ll have to choose carefully or you may run into a smaller size.

Here are some means to protect your beloved shoes if you chance to have a pair of this New Balance Omn1s. Chances are that you will find the outsole filled with gravels after one-day wearing out; hence, it requires you to do some frequent cleaning. Besides,don’t get your shoes exposed to the sun for a long time nor should you put it in an environment that is  extremely cold. What’s more, extremely wet or dry conditions should be avoided.


The New Balance Omn1s has proven to be a reliable mate. If you’ve got one pair of this shoes, all you need to do is to show some care for it and surely it will in turn pay you back.