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Nike LeBron Soldier 13 Performance Review

It is a pity for many fans that LeBron didn’t show up on the NBA court this time. And what was also absent was the Soldier series which had accompanied LeBron for many years. In addition, it was not until the NBA was over that the Nike LeBron Soldier 13 was then released. At most retailers’ or in online stores, it is available now. And out of question, it has set off a buying frenzy. Here I’ve also got a pair of Soldier 13. So  let’s check it together.

From an objective perspective, the appearance of Soldier 13 is not so outstanding. If it were placed among other sneakers, I wouldn’t even glance at it let alone pick it up for it is indeed so average. There is simply nothing special in the appearance; if anything, it is the regular style inherited from the previous versions. In the upper, there are the two similar straps which are essential for the shoe’s support and wrapping. Compared with the last version, however, the shoe’s style has changed a bit, which is based on the ground that the midsole no longer has the same curvature in the arch of the foot as the previous version. And the 12th edition is relatively monotonous whereas Soldier 13 has a more bright colorway.

It seems the side is rich in color and the way of stitching makes it somewhat different from the previous editions. As for the heel part, it is quite similar to that of the Soldier 16.

Another important factor when buying shoes is comfort. For all the integrated shoe body, there is still much room left at the neckline. So it can fit with most people’s feet.Some users don’t find the shoe’s collar height a hindrance to their mobility and range of motion due to the notched heel. On the other hand, the upper is made of fabric, thus making it very soft and comfortable to wear. Some buyers even remarked that “The padded upper conforms well to the foot after a couple of wears, creating a supportive and comfortable fit.”

After my testing this Soldier 13, I just felt like wearing it all day. It is so comfortable that I am unwilling to take it off. But here I suggest that you fasten the two straps before games or it may bother you  a lot.

It is certain that you know  Soldier series’ purpose is to maximize its performance and aim at protecting the wearer if you are a fan of Soldier. Similarly, let’s make a comparison between Soldier 13 and the other versions. In the strap part, Soldier 13 is designed simpler, but the wrapping has correspondingly decreased. However, I do not mean that the shoe doesn’t perform well in this respect, but that it still performs superbly or to some extent, much better than previous editions. So long as you fasten it before combat, you will feel your foot “confined” inside the shoe. But there is one downside: the sock-like construction of the shoe causes a lot of bunching and bulging especially when laces are tightened. So you’d better cautiously make choices when you are buying. As for the ankle part, it gives you enough support and protect your joint spontaneously.

Traction looks and feels amazing. But a large percentage of buyers share that the traction, at first glance, will not do too well. However, it just turns out that almost all of them are pleasantly surprised for the traction gripped both clean and dusty courts well and is even aggressive on outdoor courts. Made of XDR durable rubber plus the water ripple pattern, the outsole is specially designed for combat.  It can be said to be a beast on court! It performs far more better than the Soldier 12 which had really good traction already.

Therefore, it won’t be a challenge for the outsole to maximize its performance on average plastic ground.

Heel and forefoot Zoom Air is placed within the Phylon midsole. In spite of the setup, hardly can the heel cushion be felt when walking. Many a fans observed that the 13 has improved Hexagonal Zoom Air units in the midsole, therefore, they’ll choose the cushioning setup of the 13 over the Nike LeBron 12’s. And I also thing well of the cushion setup: as a result of the hexagonal shape of the Zoom Air cushioning, I find that I can flex my foot smoothly and it has for the most part the same level of flexibility as the LeBron 16. Above all, the Phylon foam  also “has extra bounce that complements the Zoom units’ responsiveness.”


In short, nothing is perfect and so is LeBron 13 .  I always cling to the belief that imperfect is also beautiful.  To some degree, I should say this LeBron 13 is a reliable mate.  Making allowance for  those who has wide feet, it has been deigned to meet their require. Anyway, it is an excellent sneaker and you won’t get disappointed.





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Nike Zoom LeBron 3 Performance Review

The re-release model——Nike Zoom LeBron 3 is here. This black and gold colorway comes after a ‘ Christ the King ‘ colorway released in September, 2018. For sure, as the next in the LeBron signature series, the Nike Zoom LeBron is to receive a great deal of popularity. Though the official release date  still stays unknown, you can expect the shoe to be priced at $175. With such a price, a question comes into mind——is there any peculiarity of this retro shoe? To get more information with respect to the shoe,  let us carry on.


What’s your impression of this shoe at the first sight? Cool? Domineering? Or ordinary? According to many users, the leather and suede in the upper of the Nike Zoom LeBron 3 form a great-looking combination of Nike Zoom LeBron 3. For me, I recall that when I saw the image of the shoe, I was so deeply into it that I can not remove my eyes from it. Yes, it has a great-looking, which is undoubted . Well, as is said by some official news that there is no big difference between the first-released and this re-released except that the latter has not rear support. Its overall look and boot-like shape show how the LeBron line slimmed down since 2006. For this aspect, you can make some comparison yourself.


I’ve mentioned before that the leather and suede in the upper, which are fashionable head-turners , make a remarkable and impressive combination. On top of that,  the lacing system has improved to some degree. Also, some wide-footers say they enjoy quite a lot the fit of these LeBron sneakers because of the extra space in the toe box. So with the above, I should say that the wrapping is super excellent. You have some freedom in the forefoot while in the midfoot, you might get “stuck” which means no slipping in the shoe. Most importantly, the shoe’s wrapping is so excellent that it can not be replaced by other tech on the market. For lacking breathability, I would not recommend it to those who likes playing in summer.


Some buyers have claimed that these LeBon basketball shoes perform well outdoors.  As you can see that there are two kinds of patterns in the outsole——the front and the rear part are the milk frame pattern while the middle part is the vertical stripe. Complicated as the outsole looks, it does not offer an excellent grip. If the wrapping is said to be excellent, then the grip is just ample on court, bringing no much help for players. On the other hand, it is said that a handful of wearers observe that the outsole rubber attracts a lot of dust. So if you’d play outdoors, choose a relatively clean floor and the grip can’t fail you unless the floor has accumulated years of dust.


Looking at the midsole, you can speculate that Nike Zoom LeBon 3 remains cushiony as the former versions even after so many uses. The Phylon and Zoom in Nike Zoom LeBron has also got much approval of a majority of sneaker fans. The large forefoot and heel Zoom, along with Pebax, make the shoe super bouncy. But for those who are lightweight, it takes patience and time to get accustomed to it.


Many a buyers claim that this shoe is heavy. So don’t ask lightweight of it. However, what matters most is that it is super durable. If you are always dying for a long-lasting sneaker, then Nike Zoom LeBron is definitely for you. Many Nike Zoom LeBron 3 owners have attested that the shoe stays free from wear and tear even after months of use; a good number of shoe owners also mention that the insoles of the Nike Zoom LeBron 3 are durable.



On balance, Nike Zoom LeBron 3 remains similar to the first-released version in many aspects. To summary, not only is Nike LeBron 3 worth your copping, but also great for casual wear and playing hoops. So are you looking forward to grabbing one? Certainly, this Nike Zoom LeBron 3 won’t fail you.


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Nike LeBron Ambassador 11 Performance Review

There has been several shoes of Lebron series for us to choose from.  Surely every version works not bad and of course, the Lebron Ambassador 11 is no exception. As the latest version of LeBron series, what surprise would Ambassador 11 bring to us? Today we’ll have a look at the brand-new model.



It seems that Ambassador 11 resembles to some sneaker you might have seen before. You may be wondering the relationship between the two——thinking what I am thinking. However, the fact is that Ambassador 11 is unique.

Ambassador 11 simply features white upper and red woven stripes. Embellished with deep blue in the inner part and gold in the heel part, the Ambassador 11 is very pleasing to the eye. Compared with the previous versions, Nike has done very well and improved greatly in colorway.

As for its setting, Ambassador 11 comes equipped with a weather-resistant shroud that covers the midfoot and secures with Velcro. The under layer is a synthetic mesh material, which is the reason the Ambassador 11 is so light.


For cushioning, this time Ambassador 11  has equipped  a Phylon midsole with large heel and forefoot Zoom Air units for awesome cushion and impact protection. For players who are especially into bouncy feeling,  I have to say that Ambassador 11 is designed for them. Unlike the last version, Ambassador 11 is suitable for all kinds of grounds. Even in some concrete ground, you’ll just be in for a wonderful experience.



For the grip, Ambassador 11 performs passably. As you can see, the forefoot of outsole is equipped with friction pattern design, thus making the grip relatively weak. When you are playing indoors, the shoe can hug the floor not bad while in outdoor court, you might be in for a disappointing play. For this Ambassador 11, wiping sometimes is necessary though never has I wiped mine. Once again, provided that you wipe your shoes every now and then, it can still satisfy you.




The large upper can fully cover your foot, thus providing ample support for you. But for wide footers, it may be a bit tight in all directions, so they may want to try them on in case there is discomfort. Tight as it would be, flexibility is ensured. Also, there is a large external heel counter with pull tabs at the heel and shroud for easy on-and off. On top of that, with the traditional lacing system under the shroud, support is sufficient for those ready to play in any court.



For this aspect, I’ve mentioned in the wrapping. Those with narrow feet who want a snug fit can get away with TTS, or possibly even 1/2 size down. As for wide footers, some may say it is wide-foot friendly as most overseas models are. But the above are my personal view for everybody has their respective case.





Apparently, there is no need introducing more. Ambassador 11 performs quite well overall. Not only is Ambassador 11 budget-friendly, but also a reliable combat companion. For me, the cushion of Ambassador 11 is decent very good; the wrapping is definitely the best; the fit is absolutely the most suitable. If you do not mind the absent breathability which I believe would not be a deal breaker and you are considering grabbing a pair, you might as well try this one. After all, not being able to have a try may be most likely to become a regret.