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The Features about Sneaker of 2019

Dating back to 2018, there were many excellent and brand-new sneakers, such as  Nike React Element 87, Nike Air Fear of God 1,  YEEZY 500 , PUMA Clyde Court and so on. For many sneaker fans, it is good news. And they sincerely hope this trend will be continued this year. As a loyal sneaker fan, I get very excited too when I have the capacity of buying a pair of beloved sport shoes of my own. Such thing is always very encouraging.

The Puma Ignite Limitless released by PUMA gained a large number of popularity, signified by official data. The most appealing part is its new lacing tech which is totally automatic.

For this one, the AIR MAX 720, it has made a newest record — the 38 mm super thick cushion is the most thick one among the sneaker market.

For all there has been many new designs appearing in the past several months of 2019. And among those shoes, the most arresting one is  Nike Adapt BB basketball  shoe and Puma Fi(Fit Intelligence). What is certain is that we are meeting many surprises in the rest of 2019. So, just stay tuned. 

Judging from the newly released shoes, it is easy for us to draw such a conclusion: deconstruction is still the trend.

The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1, adapting Back Swoosh, has won the affection and support of Michael Jordan. But as a result of this, the price of this shoe is on the increase. On the other hand, the “deconstruction” craze sparked by Virgil Abloh and The “The Ten” series is still continuing. The Sacai x Nike「Blazer with The Dunk」&「LVD with Waffle Daybreak」,UNDERCOVER x Nike Waffle Racer and COMME des GARÇONS HOMME Plus x Air Jordan 1 all sell very well of this year. Looking back, we’ll find that today’s sport shoes are much more neoteric and designers of today will no longer be confined to those traditional and conservative thought pattern. 

The LOUIS VUITTON, designed by VIRGIL ABLOH who learned a design from vintage basketball shoes, gives us a refreshing feeling. Throughout the history of sports shoes, we’ll find that basketball shoes have a very important reference to fashion shoes. And with time going by, the difference between the two will be bridged in the near future. Take Nike Air Fear of God 1 for instance. Designed by  Jerry Lorenzo, it is very fashionable and there are many details worth pondering. As a pair of basketball shoes, Nike Air Fear of God 1 is not only very stylish, but more importantly, very influential.

Apart from the above, the fourth Damian Lillard signature shoe, the adidas DAME 4, is also a popular model;  the y-3 BYW BBALL basketball shoes inspired by James Harden and Nike Kobe 1 Protro that was partly designed by UNDEFEATED both demonstrate that basketball shoes can also be a fashion trendsetter. And except from  Why Not Zer0.2, the Russell Westbrook’s new signature shoe, a New Balance sneaker  designed for Kawhi Leonard is available now. It is a hot hit in most retailers.

SALOMON outdoor trail shoes has been frequently seen in many shows.

Nowadays, many woman sneakers are being continually released, which shows that these sport shoes are paying more and more attention to the development of female market. Last year, many famous brands, in the face of a large female market, have come up with exclusives for women, which was quite envied.

YOON has become a well-known female designer in modern world. Surely, her designs are to arise many attention. Just stay tuned. Surprises are on the road.




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NIKE KD12 Performance Review

Many a people observed that the Nike KD 11th is just so so; if anything, it is rather disappointing. But now that it has become a past, why not have a look at the new version–the Nike KD 12th ? Well, I bet that the KD 12th will make up for the last edition with its entire potential. Like Durant who  impresses us by his unpredictable performance on court, then what surprises will the latest version, which will accompany him in the playoffs, bring to us?

Only by seeing the pictures, you will find the large TPU on the side. But what is magical is that you can see many different colors from different angles.


Next it’s about the upper.  The designer uses the black hollow mesh, which wraps the wearer’s feet more tightly than the last edition, making you feel like you are just wearing socks. Here I’ve got to tell you that for all the mesh-made upper, the breathability is a problem; therefore, for those who have a preference for playing in hot summer days, I recommend you consider other choices.


The materials used in the shoes are textiles, screen mesh and Fuse, which are similar to the last version all over again. They are neither premium nor lacking.  But they are ready to go right out the box and for players that prefer that type of build.


In terms of the cushion, Nike is always the best. The full-length Zoom Air is placed directly under the wearer’s foot, which replaces the traditional strobel board. When you first try it on and step on it, transparently, you’ll feel the soft and bouncy feeling. And once you start playing on it, the feedback becomes more transparent. Besides, there is a bottom-loaded heel Hex Zoom Air unit that locate right at the heel’s impact or strike zone. Some other reviewers commented that, “I felt that the cored out Phylon midsole was a better use of material than the bottom loaded Hex unit. Each cored out section of the foam allows the foam to compress inward as the TPU cage restricts the material from compressing outward. ” Well, this is quite true. And looking back, it is understood that Nike is always making progress: the KD 12th performs far more excellent than KD 11th.

In fact, for most of you who are unfamiliar with the structure of the basketball shoes, you can see the white midsole cloth so long as you remove the insole. Virtually, such setup is used almost in every NIKE  shoes except for some that can replace the insole.

For the outsole, the tread on it is very shallow. Even in wood floors, the traction’s performance is not so good, if anything, very bad. But this may be closely related to the way Durant play basketball; hence, you need to choose carefully if you seek for acceleration on courts.


As I mentioned earlier that the TPU is large on the side. And it is the TPU that does a great help in the shoe’s rollover prevention performance. On top of that, as a result of the large TPU that extends to the instep of the KD12, the foot is firmly locked  during emergency stops and lateral movements. And on the other hand, the support for the KD 12 is very good. Some also remarked that “torsional support is solid as most of the midsole is wrapped in the TPU cage — restricting potential over-flexing of the foot.”


As is seen that the latest tech are used in the Nike KD 12th. The performance of the support and wrapping and cushion are all consistent with the fact I mentioned earlier. If you require the traction above all else, then you may end up disappointing. Anyway, I am just demonstrating you some of the shoe’s performance; it is totally dictated by you whether you buy it or not.