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Brooks Glycerin15 Performance Review

Brooks doesn’t mince its words about the main selling point of the “super-soft” Glycerin 15 ,is it right ?

Today we will check it as below :


Established in 1914, Brooks, a famous sports brand born in Pennsylvania, is one of the world’s four major running shoe brands and it has been dedicated to the development of professional running shoes for over 100 years.


The brand spirit of “RUN HAPPY” is in line with the current urban people enjoying running, harvesting health and sense of achievement from running, and more importantly, being happy to run (run happy!)

Glycerin 15: it’s a neutral shoe designed to offer the utmost comfort. And let’s not dance around the issue – it delivers on that promise with gusto.

The Brooks Glycerin line has been a favorite among neutral runners for years and is Brooks’ most cushioned, premium road running shoe they offer. Similar to other popular running shoe series .

Brooks Glycerin15 have been extremely successful over a long period of time, Brooks is just making slight changes to each new model at this point. So a common question with popular running shoe lines like this is whether the new iterations are worth spending up for rather than just grabbing the older models that are almost always heavily discounted upon the announcement of the new model which design abandoned the version of last model, streamline design appearance more in line with the public aesthetic.

Glycerin15 has made a comprehensive upgrade from the upper to the midsole, it using the improved 3D Fit Print shoe top technology, this new seamless process of silk mesh material, which providing comfortable  at the same time ensuring the durability and stability of the shoe upper. 4Way elastic and breathable mesh material used to  provide parcels as well as ensuring air permeability, as well as the lighten of weight, is also more comfortable and easy for running.


We can see more details from the picture .

Glycerin15 still have what Brooks likes to call its IDEAL pressure zones on the outsole of the forefoot. Basically they are just little flex grooves on the bottom of the shoe that are dispersed evenly to help with shock absorption. It works pretty well

The midsole of the Glycerin 15 is made from Brooks’s Super DNA material. The big claim of Super DNA is that it adapts to every stride you take to provide cushioning for wherever your foot needs it most. The benefits of this are meant to include increased comfort and a more springy feel, and the Glycerin 15 does provide a reassuring, supportive fit mile after mile.

The technology SUPER DNA, which can provide additional 25% shock mitigation effect, and it  provides a complete and soft shock protection for the whole feet. and the most important is it providing dynamic cushioning effect suitable for demand according to different states such as stride, weight, speed and so on.


The upper on the 15 is also more streamlined and breathable than in past iterations of the Glycerin. I wore a pair on a couple of interval runs and a track session, and while that’s clearly not the shoe’s forte, it’s light enough to let you push the tempo.

Insole material is silicone, according to the shoe type has been made stereotypes. some one maybe ask why ? because of the benefits  is obviously , it will suit feet very well .but the flat foot runners need to change the insole . The other is insoles and socks are easy to slip, so we recommended to wear non-slip particles with socks.

The upper surrounds your foot in a plush feel, with the ability to move and expand with your stride thanks to our next-generation 3D Fit Print technology.

For the traction design is special ,the forefoot is cushioned with a sponge forefoot pad, and the HPR skid-proof and wear-resistant sole were used for ensured grip performance. Increase the slotted segmented design to better meet the needs of different foot types

The Glycerin 15s also sport new transition zones as well – Basically, Brooks removed a small piece of rubber from the midfoot to try to add to that smoother transition. So those are the major changes – as you can see the core structure and integrity of the shoe stayed the same but Brooks did make some decent, minor changes to help improve the gait cycle.

It can be seen from the diagram that the outsole is presented as a small unit bulge rather than a holistic design. Such a setup can scatter the influence of  weight and make runner more comfortable and easier. Texture design also provides excellent overall angle grip.


For the lace system, it is  nice  .There is a strap in the tongue that  avoid the tongue slip ,then the lace system is easy to adjust

For the running test ,it is nice .Glycern 15 ‘s foresole is amazing , it is a little wide that avoid  the toes from squeezing under long running. The large TPU is hidden behind the heel, with a wider forefoot ensuring the stability of the entire shoe.


Also to note here is that Brooks slightly changed the placement of the overlays and also made them a little bit thinner.

Overall ,Brooks uses a 4-way 3D printed stretch material that’s pretty darn nice. It’s decently breathable and flexible  and the DNA cushioning system starts to conform and support your particular foot, I running with this shoes for long time , it is comfortable .

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Adidas Harden Vol.2 Performance Review

The adidas Harden Vol. 2 white black is the new   . That is the cool color way .

So how about the performance review ?

Unlike other colors, such as the , the black thorns have a unique sharp, sharp style, and the simplest black and white hit color is ideal for older or low-key calmers.

For the Adidas Harden Vol.2 black / white ,it is also cool , as we know the black and white always the classic  in the color system . For me , I got  some boost in my home , but this one will be most cool all of my sneakers .

The shoelace is cool which will be nice .maybe the cool colorway with the  great texture, also it is easy to adjust .


For the material : “Some premium leather would enhance my overall experience right now.” so the new Harden Vol.2 is it really enhance the material ? The engineered mesh actually performance amazing , it is durability and stability .

However ,the textile mesh at the forefoot required no break-in time while the additional stitching throughout increased the material’s strength quite a bit.


The special lace system .it will help us to lockdown the feet well . it was really good as well, and it was a tad better than lockdown in the Harden Vol 1.

For the traction : It followed the the Harden Vol 1’s data-driven pattern,  The traction pattern is nice if you like the  Harden Vol 1.The first feeling of grip is not bad, but there will be a clear sense of drift in the side of the ground. It may not be suitable for the guard. The sole support is good, and the X shaped TPU supporting piece can guarantee the stability of heels and feet of the upper strength competition.

For the cushioning : The boost setting actually nice .Packing more Boost pellets into the midsole made it firmer, so if you like the boost tech , this is one is still performance nice .Creating more stability while also increasing overall impact protection.

For the supporting : the supporting is nice for this one . The TPU-wrapped forefoot ensured the Boost’s stability in this section while also acting as an outrigger.In addition , there is a very strong internal heel counter and that large exaggerated rubber piece from the outsole, so that is help  a lot from this part.  These make the heel one of the most supportive aspects of the shoe.

For the fitting , it is true size .For the wide footers,i suggested bought the over a half size . There is an elastic-like band where the mesh and synthetic layer meet that doesn’t stretch much.

Overall, Adidas Harden Vol.2 actually amazing , whatever the colorway or setting . The boost setting also great . The material also not too bad ,the supporting will be great , if you enjoy the Adidas’s top BOOST, this one will be your first choice .



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Adidas Harden B/E 2 Performance Review

James Harden has a new signature shoe releasing later this summer, headed to Asian markets first featuring Bounce cushioning with a $125 overseas exclusive, so what is look like ? what the performance ?

We will check today .


The Harden B/E 2 features a circular knit upper atop a Bounce midsole (the same cushioning used on the original). This Footwear White/Power Red colorway uses a translucent outsole with a new traction pattern for multi-directional coverage. Is it  will be stunning for this summer?



For the material: The whole pair of shoes is very smoothly and lightweight . thanks entirely to the hot-melt technology and the latest vamp knitting upper. In order to enhance the protection of toe ends, Harden b/e 2 used a dense plastic network.The part of toe protection is covered the part of the net cable .It was followed the last model .

Most of part was used knitted material which the most popular fabric weaving method at present. And  the most important that it has better stretchability.The half of boost  fits just have  4 shoelace holes, which makes the harden b/e 2 vamp seem simpler and easily .

Compare with the  Layers upon layers  which used in the Harden B/E ,  the  Harden B/E 2 will be soft and comfortable . For me . I like this kind of material very much .

For the supporting : it is just so so for the supporting , most supporting from the material ,but the knit upper of  Harden B/E 2 , it is soft and comfortable .Then it has been not the material  of  any outrigger  or  any extras, so the supporting is really not good .if you need the strong supporting , it is not the best option for you .


For the traction : a translucent outsole with a new traction pattern for multi-directional coverage. The grip is nice , but you should  played inside of court . if you play outside , it will be worn quickly .Also it will be easy to collect the dusty.If dust got in the way I quickly wiped it away and forgot all about it until it happened again. Which, again, rarely happened.

For the cushioning : a Bounce midsole used in the Harden B/E 2 , that is the great news .Bounce is good enough that it can sit lower to the floor without making you feel like you’re playing in a super firm cushion. I feel B/E seems  like the Dame 4 , the bounce is responsive , also it is  a good shoe to running . The midsole is amazing when you running .

Here we tested in different way and different  angle .

The bounce actually is amazing ,and it is comfortable .

Overall, there are will me more coloways for available , then the nice midsole with great bounce ,and the material is nice ,so will you interested in ?

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Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga 2.0 Performance Review

Kanye West and adidas just took the yeezy boost production to another level ,He and adidas hit us with another dope  of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2, it is totally different from last version —Yeezy collaborated in 2015 with Adidas to produce his Yeezy 350 Boost shoe.  Everyone who is anyone, is talkin’ up the Yeezy brand in footwear.  It is time to get in on the action with Kanye’s Yeezy label on your feet.  Whether the word Yeezy is Kanye’s nickname, or whether it is the title of one of his hit records, we don’t really care.

So lucky that got one , so we will look it closely.

The box is the same as last version with ‘350’ LOGO.

Upon opening up and seeing the textures used and overall in hand feel, it was pretty easy to see just what all the hype was about. And for the coloray —Beluga is amazing. I like this color.The shoes went straight on, and the super comfy Boost technology was noticeable right away. It must be noted that the cushioning in the Yeezy 350 isn’t quite as obvious as that used in something like the Ultra Boost.Compare with V1, the traction  improved ,then the the cushion is nice .

For the material : The upper really nice  this with the Primeknit feeling like what Nike’s Flyknit should actually feel like around your foot. The material is soft and comfortable . Ever since ‘Ye left Nike for ‘creative differences’ the whole world has been waiting to see what he can to pull together. The Yeezy 350 Boost shows exactly that.what happens when you mix together elements from both sneaker and high-end fashion cultures? I am thinking  it is a symbol of yeezy . The silhouette of the 350 allows it to be embraced by absolutely anyone and with this particular colour-way.

The side of the letter mark LOGO, it is still show the type of  Yeezy.  Without a brilliant orange of the version  1.0, it is seems not so brightly. In the end, the BOOST was wrapped tightly, and the protection also improved the foot feeling. The application of this technology to Harden’s generation 1 was very successful.

The Boost platform paved the way for similar technologies in competing brands. Saucony Everun is based on expanded polyurethane, the same tech as Boost.

While the Energy Boost is one of the most expensive shoes in Adidas’ running line, it is not their most performance oriented running shoe. The performance is great .With each iteration of this shoe I find myself hoping that it works for me.

Overall ,The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga is easily one of the most coveted and hyped sneakers on the market to date. It has a striking black and white pattern that can make any outfit stand out from the rest, the nice cushioning and great .


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Adidas NMD CS1 Performance Review

The adidas NMD City Sock is a mid-top casual sneaker from adidas Originals. you must find or check a lot of NMD boost after it released . It is a laceless shoe that combines a mix of woven Primeknit over Boost cushioning.

Today we will check it .


Can’t resist wearing your NMDs in the winter?  While the black Primeknit version seems better suited for all-conditions wear,also they are a set up of shoes , an white Primeknit version also was popular in any season .

Running White makes up for the majority of this adidas NMD‘s Primeknit-infused upper, while its sock-like ankle collar call upon Clear Orange for its lone pop of color. it is look fashion and clean .

The NMD_CS1 Primeknit most amazing design is  a bootie style construction made entirely of the Primeknit technology that is seated on the Boost technology in this shoe.

I’m 180cm tall and weigh 80KG.  I bought the normal size size of EUR 45. The CS1 was not as hard as it was supposed to be. it is comfortable  During the exercise, the collar sock is work nice . it is nice for walking and jogging shoes.  maybe Adidas used the boost again .

For the material : The Primeknit’s upper has been tweaked slightly, but nothing so significant that the feel of the shoe has changed. A new rib-like design dots the upper and helps provide more support to the wearer. The Primeknit upper is mostly the same, though. The stretchy sock-like upper is easy to slip-on and is constructed in one piece for a flawless fit. The laces run down the instep area and the shoe features a standard heel tab at the rear. The shoe is really lightweight thanks to the airy upper design. The shoe also features a heel reinforcement piece for added stability and support.

There is a strip will be great. It is easy to take off .

The midsole’s Boost cushioning does most of the work to protect users against forces that might cause wear and tear not just on the shoe but on the body. Reviewers found the Boost cushioning comfortable and protective.


For the cushioning:the midsole is amazing. The  protection, and a responsive feel.  These provide support to the shoe’s Boost cushioning and add structure and stability where there otherwise isn’t any.It is unlike the Jordans shoes . the Jordan shoes will be stiff.

So how about the higher collar of NMD? is it fashion? for my experience , the collar part is soft and nice .

For the traction : The outsole of the NMD CS1 is made of rubber. lt’s the same design as before. and it is comfortable and soft.  It’s a basic outsole construction that provides the right amount of traction for everyday activities. Also it is a good shoes for running ,it is nice .The rubber outsole protects just fine and delivers an average amount of

Overall .The Boost cushioning is comfortable without skimping on protection. The shoe provides a responsive ride, too. The fit may be a bit big for some, but it’s nothing a bit of sizing down can’t fix. The durable shoe works for running or walking and features a super breathable, lightweight design.So it is an amazing shoes .how about you think?

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Adidas Dame 3 Performance Review

After two years of following in the same naming convention of other adidas Basketball signature athletes, Damian Lillard is breaking out of the mold with the adidas Dame 3.Adidas released some colorway ,including the Rip City, they are not unlike the Lillard 1 and 2, a customizable lacing system, a fused mesh upper that ensures your feet will able to breathe, a new traction pattern that brings to mind the milk crate story, a wrapped TPU at the shoe’s center with an internal torsion plate provides stability, and dual-density BOUNCE cushioning.


I am so lucky that I got most of them . So here we check it .


For the box , it is shine and cool




For the material : the comfortable is soft ,the areas where you’d usually see an overlay are heat welded together with the mesh itself as it’s coated in TPU.  but in order to provide adequate protection, the overall strength and toughness will feel a bit of stiff. When you play the ball, maybe you will feel it. but for someone , it  will not be a problem, and it depends on the acceptance of the situation. The same bending, the bottom of the BOUNCE in this side appears to be a bit of a loss, thick material in the entry or to do exploratory steps will  be easy. but still I hope DAME 4 can make progress and believe that it will bring better dressing feeling.


For the supporting :it is  greatly improved when directly compared to the D Lillard 2.maybe the TPU midfoot shank, internal heel counter, great lockdown, and a nice stable platform to work with.  so that is not too bad .

For the traction : Blade traction used. Much like herringbone, blade traction offers multi-directional coverage for almost any move you can think of. No matter what your feet are doing on the hardwood, the blade traction should have you covered. The grip is nice , it is not too bad.

For the cushioning : Bounce makes a return to Damian Lillard’s third signature model , that is the best news for us .I will share my feeling of the Bounce cushion,hope it will help you choose or not .

And the actual playing is better, because the BOUNCE will be more responsive . You can see the open the insole with your hands to contact BOUNCE directly. I believe that many people will be surprised to find that BOUNCE is a better material than you think, but the stability and responsive must be great. In addition to BOUNCE such as foamed material will be weary after long time , but what can be sure is that, whatever playing or walking, DAME 3 Rip City  will be nice , it is not only basketball shoes ,but the casual shoes. It has not yet been significantly changed or weary , of course, it is  not a  high frequency used, but it should be a reference,at least thats  my real experience.

For the system : The pattern of shoelace system brings the new styles but effective fixation. Although it requires a bit of patience, so it is need time  to adjust the true  angle and position in the shoes.When the DAME 3 shoelace is tied up in a state, a little more length is left after the tie is tied. There is a way to provide a more plural adjustment which according your size or your feet. Some people will try more tight to lockdown the feet.Anyway ,it is different compare with tradition shoes lace system .

For the fitting ,  just buy the size that you bought. please dont buy more a half size .it is true size .The same could not be said for when I played in the D Lillard 2 in my true size too.


The Bounce midsole technology is made using EVA foam that is engineered to provide a responsive and elastic running experience.

Overall : The adidas Dame 3 is a great and comfortable shoes. It’s very well rounded in every category and it will accommodate most players and foot shapes. also the bounce cushioning is amazing . the material is nice .


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Nike KD 11 Performance Review

The KD 11 has been developed in two colors: black and gray with a translucent blue sole, and another blue and yellow version.This is the newest model of Nike,since the KD 9, 10 released ,the KD 11 also followed some elements from last model .

But how the performance ? is it will be upgrade for everything ?

We will be check it today .


With the NBA Finals in full swing and two of their premier athletes—Kevin Durant and LeBron James,Durant still has to debut with his signature shoes this season and with the Warriors now with a 2-0 lead in the series in the NBA Finals, we probably will not see the KD 11 until the 2018-1919 season.

For the new colorway—features a one-piece Flyknit upper dressed in a flecked blue/yellow which called the “Warriors” colorway, it is fresh and match for summer.The shoe’s external heel features a “marksman” graphic, nodding to the Durantula’s propensity for accurate, efficient scoring and a heel tab for easy on/off access

The shoe’s external heel features a “marksman” graphic, nodding to the Durantula’s propensity for accurate, efficient scoring and a heel tab for easy on/off access.


From the  manuscript drawing, we can see the design ,the KD line’s usual full Zoom Air is swapped out for a hybrid system featuring a Zoom unit encapsulated by Nike’s new React foam. The shoe’s sleek but tough aesthetic is completed by a translucent outsole that features the same unique detailing found on the shoe’s insole.But is it worth to sacrifice a part of pattern traction ?


For the traction: it is translucent traction , the grip is nice ,but as the same usually ,the traction pattern will be collect dusty easily. so if you play outside , it is not great for keep clean .




The most significant feature of the KD 11 is the updated tooling, after Durant’s last two models, the KD 9 and KD 10, both used the same sole unit with visible full-length Zoom Air cushioning.But the KD 11 will be a little different compare with last model . The new model is the most innovative cushioning system on a KD sneaker yet, utilizing a full-length Zoom Air unit that works in tandem with the brand’s new React foam in the midsole for a soft and responsive feel.Maybe the new design of  React foam will be offer the more energy return like pillow , if  you like this kind of feeling on the court , this is the best options for  you .This setup has been working well for the Nike Kobe NXT 360 so we hope it works in the KD 11.

KD11  providing a sensation that is as soft and springy as it is squishy and stable — a balance not previously seen in any other Nike basketball shoe.So the court feeling  is nice .But it’s still articulated in the forefoot so you can move about the court without too much restriction.Maybe the reason why the thin rubber cupsole is wrapped around the shoe.


For the supporting: The supporting actually nice , some part of supporting is from material , the midsole while a thin rubber cupsole is wrapped around it to help with stability ,so you can do whatever you want to do. The heel area worked beautifully. Also the strap is performance well . we can take it off easily.





There are  two different colorway , the black and gray with a translucent blue sole, so whats colorway will be you favorite ?


A translucent blue sole also nice.


Overall , Full-length Zoom Air is the most new design , also the new colorway and material also attraction a lot of people .So will you try it ?


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Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Performance Review

As the Ultra Boost 4.0 has been released ,it is updating  from the  Boost 3.0.Compare with last version ,whats updating ?

We will check it today.

Featuring an upper woven with black plastic material, the shoe offers a unique striped black look that provides a striking contrast with the black plastic midfoot and heel cage. Black laces with an abstract pattern add an extra pop of detail, seems nice and matched .

Unlike the Ultra Boost ST, it prefers the reinforced support on the inner side of the running shoes, and it also differs from the Uncaged which only retaining the Primeknit uppers. As for Energy Boost 4, the old model— Tech-Fit’s upper are with EVA and Boost midsole. Isn’t this like the  traditional running shoes?

The soft and comfortable Primeknit knitted upper, the plastic strip and HeelCounter heel locking system, and the famous full- Boost cushioning. full-length white Boost midsole  and the Strech Web mesh rubber outsole  technology ,all of are make the Ultra Boost 4.0.

There are more details as below :


The updated sole consists of a stretchy rubber in an open grid pattern that adapts to your foot’s movement and makes for a smoother transition from heel-strike to toe-off.

The toe is angled up higher, which further helps the shoe roll. Some runners may find the rigid plastic overlays around the heel and arch uncomfortable, but if the shoe fits, get ready for an ultracushioned, responsive ride. 

The mega pull tab is a visual oddity yet functionally effective, and comes in very handy when putting the shoe on. 

For the material : We were always curious to find out how adidas Primeknit compares against Nike’s version, which by the way, comes in different iterations. Like the super compressive Nike 3.0 Flyknit, or the more easy going version on the Flyknit Lunar. For now, we can only judge Primeknit based on its use in the Ultra Boost, but as time goes by, we should be exposed to more feels more elastic in places like the top of forefoot, while the edges and toe bumper have a closed knit construction for better structural support.

For the ventilation :it is nice , the forefoot top is more porous and breathable, which also makes it more accommodating to stretching.

The energy-returning boost™ technology was welcomed by many runners because, for them, it was able to deliver responsive underfoot cushioning

For the lace system : it is easy to adjust the shoes when you running .

It is show the boost  symbol, the sole actual court feeling is amazing


For the traction : not many pieces of rubber here, just a single latticed sheet clothes the bottom. The exposed windows help reduce weight and increases the ride softness and consistency.


The classic Torsion System is firmly embedded in the midsole of the running shoe, extending from the forefoot to the back.Then the strip surround the HeelCounter heel locking system , and the high-density Boost and Torsion System anti-roll system are making the 4.0 ,also this setting up will be great for the runner .

The external heel counter was lauded by a user because it kept their heel in place and prevented it from wobbling or accidentally exiting the shoe

On some level, the Ultra Boost is similar to the Energy Boost 2. The two models can be compared on shared traits like a compressive upper, plastic midfoot cage and heel, and a prodigious chunk of exposed midsole hewn out of bouncy Boost foam. Even the plastic ‘Torsion’ shank dams up on the Ultra Boost’s medial heel the same way the EB-2 does. At the same time, the two differ on the quality of fit and cushioning behavior, and as always, we’ll talk about it at length before the sun goes down.

As a fashion sneakers, the fashion design is important. From the perspective of appearance, Ultra Boost 4.0 was followed the last model . but the the shoes look more smoothly and naturally, taking into account parcels and fashion trends.

We  can see more details as below : 

This plastic counter also cups under the heel edges. Leaving the Achilles area free was smart design thinking

For the cushioning test : the cushioning is amazing ,  The heel softness is comparable to the Energy Boost 3 , but with one major difference – the midsole is far more responsive. That is caused by two factors. If you were to look at the midsole heel top down, you will notice that a good portion of the Boost foam sticks outwards, along with the outsole lip.


The outsole rubber extends slightly outwards to provide protection , and the curved upsole structure on both ends allows for smooth transitions in the  responsive  foot. It can be seen that the full-length  Boost cushioning effect is obviously, and the heel impact is maximized when the heel strikes.

We can see the GIF picture as below :

The effect which has the narrower foam sink in and come back out soon after weight moves forward.Then a wider flare on lower midsole creates a greater contrast with the upper portion, which then becomes relatively narrower.

Overall : After having looked at the Ultra Boost from multiple wear-test angles, we know the shoe has many things working for it, the nice boost tech and the great material,an upper fit which feels snug yet comfortable, and transition quality which feels great for a shoe this cushioned. But for the supporting , it is not enough as  usually . So how  about you think ?

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Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Performance Review

After released the Yeezy 350 , 500 , the current king of dad fashion, Kanye West, was spotted rocking an unreleased pair of his latest adidas YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runners.

Today we are talking about it :

For the box ,it is noting special , just a log of “700” “Boost”  on the box

For the material :  The chunky runner debuts in grey and black, with green and orange accents, neon laces and an off-white midsole. The interesting revelation here is that the shoe is actually equipped with hidden Boost technology.And because of the soft of  material .Keep the primeknit material but increase breathability ,so the ventilation is amazing .

For the cushioning : With a Full length Boost midsole provides incredibly responsive cushioning.Adidas would be hard pressed to err in the design of the Boost, whatever the ultra boost or yeezy boost . it is amazing for the bounce .

Ahead of the delivery date, Yeezy Mafia has shared a look at the technology that makes up the tooling of the Wave Runner 700 — specifically a closer view of the sneaker’s Boost cushioning, which was touted in its product description on Yeezy Supply.

For the traction: a piece-by-piece breakdown of the Wave Runner 700’s midsole and outsole, which include a rubber outsole with a herringbone traction pattern which can improve the grip . for the rubber   traction with Adidas tech which  we can feel the bounce anytime , it is soft and the court feeling is amazing

For the supporting : the supporting is just so so

Overall , with the Energy Boost which has a wonderfully well cushioned full length Boost midsole and the amazing material ,  I would prefer choose it , don’t miss it .