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Mitchell, Rookie?The First Signature by adidas Is It Coming ?



As  one of the most eye-catching superstar of the 2017-2018 season, Donovan Mitchell has won a high popularity with his strong performance in his rookie season,the dazzling record already attract everyone’s eyes, the brand adidas began to pay attention to the commercial potential of Mitchell.

After being selected at No. 13 overall in the 2017 NBA Draft, the guard was one of the most exciting young players in the league last season. He led Utah to the second round of the Western Conference postseason and won the Slam Dunk Contest during the All-Star break as well.

Especially due to his high-flying athleticism, he certainly fits the profile of a player who could eventually get a signature sneaker.


Recently, Mitchell himself show  that adidas will create the first generation of signature boots for himself and he is excitement.


As a rookie, but the Mitchell cooperate with adidas seems to be very harmonious, a  “Not a Rookie” T-shirt  just attract more attention, maybe that is planning of the official adidas.



During his recent podcast appearance with Alex Kennedy, sneaker industry expertNick DePaula said that Adidas feels “comfortable” with where they are with regard to the young players who have signed endorsements with the brand. DePaula specifically mentioned both Mitchell and New York Knicks star Kristaps Poprzingis.

Last offseason, Mitchell was the only rookie selected in the lottery who signed an endorsement deal with the three stripes. He went to Louisville, which is an Adidas-affiliated basketball program.


In the last season, the  adidas Dame 4 of  the Mitchell played ,  seems the Dame 4 have been more popular  after that ,  we are expecting the first  signature boots of Mitchell.


Salt Lake City, UT, USA; A detail view of the shoes of Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell (45) during the game against the Portland Trail Blazers at Vivint Smart Home Arena

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How To Choose The Running Shoes ?

Along with the rise of outdoor sports in recent years, more and more runners have begun to try to  running outside and challenge more  complex outdoor running field to explore unknown sports surprises. For outdoor running, changes in the environment require runners not only to have an excellent physical condition, but also to be more professional in the selection of running shoes.

But how to choose the right running shoes ?

To ensure you walk out with happy feet, you need to make sure the shoe fits properly from heel to toe. There are more and more tip on the website that teach you how to choose the running shoes We asked two prominent specialty-running-store owners—each of whom has fitted thousands of runners—to share some of their secrets.

For long distance ultras,   Hoka One Ones, and other maximalist styles, have also taken over a huge section of the market and are probably a close second in popularity to Salomon.  Inov-8, New Balance, Saucony, and many more are always visible at the start line of any good race.

Here we share  some running brands  as below :



For the summer, runners need to have seasonal features in the choice of shoes that  maintain a breathable and refreshing sports experience: Arahi ,as a pair of basic outdoor running shoes, with integrated shoes made of lightweight mesh .The surface is complemented by a side hollow structure to enhance the breathing experience of the foot and better adapt to high temperature weather.


The most important is in this pair of Arahi, the HOKA ONE ONE brand has improved the  breathability and wrapping , giving the upper a better fit to the foot; combined with the midsole lightweight EVA. The soft and responsive cushioning provide comfortable and happy experience.

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 4

Compare with the last model , the HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 4 already used the mesh design ,improved the breathable and the responsive ,meet the special needs of summer outdoor running. Especially in high-temperature environment, keep the feet dry and breathable at all times, which can make Clifton control the high temperature scene outdoors, bringing the runners a refreshing sp



As we all know, the Asians’ foot types are generally wider than those of other regions. Therefore, as a foreign brand, Clifton meets the specific needs of Asian consumers, and the targeted design enhances the comfort of the shoes, resulting in a stable package upgrade effect, adding a new option for Asian runners.

As you’d expect from its award-winning Clifton lineage, the 4 is light, cushy, and very, very fast. At its core is HOKA’s famed midsole geometry, which has been given an upgraded foam package to ensure consistent cushioning through the life of the shoe.



Combined with an even more forgiving and adaptive forefoot, we’re talking a smoother ride than ever. Then there’s CLIFTON 4’s surprising new look, which will turn heads. And that’s even before they experience the improved fit and breathable mesh upper. That is the best options for the summer .


For the outdoor runner ,outdoor roads with flat and undulating scenes are enough to allow runners to experience the fun of the environment, while minimizing the impact of complex environments. As a lightweight running shoe, the Bondi 5 used cushioning midsole , which is especially suitable for a lot of people. It is comfortable and durable.



The excellent cushioning of the Bondi 5 comes from the patented HOKA ONE ONE brand. The geometry and the balance of the rolling balance technology give the shoe a good stability and rebound effect. The single shoe weighs only one tomato. The lightweight design concept gives the wearer a light and comfortable intuitive experience that helps ease outdoor running.


HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 2

For runners who want to challenge , trail running is definitely a good choice. At the same time, with the upgrade of running difficulty, the runner’s shoes must be upgraded accordingly. The Speedgoat 2 running shoes of HOKA ONE ONE, which is positioned for professional cross-country sports, this shoes  will undoubtedly bring a new running experience to all trail runners.


Inspired by Karl Meltzer, who holds the record for most 100-mile trail race wins, and epitomizes the “go everywhere, run everything” attitude, this shoe is designed to attack all breeds of technical trail. The wide midsole creates a stable platform for the foot and offers a wide toe box with reinforced areas where your feet need them. The outsole features deep,  lugs  which hold up to all kinds of rugged terrain, while the more forgiving upper offers comfort up top.

HOKA ONE ONE Challenger ATR 3

Facing the all-terrain off-road environmental challenge, the professional grade cross-country running shoes Challenger ATR 3 with rolling balance technology ,lightweight but unreduced thickness EVA material combined with midsole geometry provides good stability Sexuality and resilience, tailored for the outdoor environment.



Overall,For the young  group who loves personal expression, the men’s running shoes have a vibrant color scheme that highlights the male sports atmosphere, while the female models are low profile and introverted. The two complement each other – such a HOKA ONE ONE is undoubtedly presented An excellent choice for trendy personality and youthful vibrancy.



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Nike Epic React Flyknit Vs. Adidas BOOST,A head-to-head performance review

For past many  years, adidas’ BOOST  has been on top which the boost tech or the design, and we’ve been waiting to see what Nike’s response would be for just as long. We can’t begin to guess the timeframe that the Swoosh work on, but many would posture that no matter how good Nike’s new React may be?Nike will be come back again in the running shoes ?

We will check the difference for these two pair of shoes today.






Nike Epic React Flyknit continued the “tech silhouette” trend. It’s built to walk the walk, keeping Nike’s mission statement in mind: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”

In terms of innovation, Nike’s React foam sole is computer-engineered from one single piece of material and has already proven a big performance enhancer in the Hyperdunk 2017 and Jordan Super.Fly 2017 basketball models.




A sock-like snug upper made of a stretchy knit, a low ankle cut collar around the ankle bone, and the extended lip at the heel for stability .The Flyknit upper on the Epic React is spectacular. When you first put the Epic React on, it might feel a little snug, but the Flyknit is stretchy and begins to give a custom fit. It is sock-like with an integrated tongue. 

To give the shoes a more real-world test, I walked back from the event space to the office; throughout the 1.2 miles the shoes produced a forward-propelling effect – the so-called “energy return” aspect – that kept me light on my toes

The midsole is a single-unit piece of React, which is Nike’s proprietary rubber-based foam. During the development period, the shoe underwent 400 trials over 17,000 miles of running. The foam is sculpted, strategically distributing firmness and cushion based on heat map data. The resulting look and feel are unique. Another unique thing about the React is that, aside from some reinforced rubber at the heel and toe, the midsole is also the outsole


In the runway test, Nike Epic React Flyknit’s performance can be said to be the most amazing of the same type of mid-sole running shoes, followed by a hard  TPU design with a breathable  woven Flyknit upper, so that the overall support of the running is always in a satbility,especially in the process of turning and deforming in the face of the runway, we can felt the supporting and stability.

Nike have had years of R&D to perfect the formula that may topple the adidas tech — an eternity in the lifespan of a sneaker. But adidas tech has been popular in the five year ,now what are the chances that Nike’s React Foam could mark the end of the BOOST era?

Foam ?So what is foam ?

The earliest form of foamed rubber came in 1929 when a chemist named Eric Owen simply whipped up some latex, as if he was whipping cream for his scones. Enter the science of polymeric foam — that is, foam made using polymers like plastic and rubber.

It’s been the industry standard for well over 30 years development for the EVA, And more recently, the process by which the raw materials are combined, expanded (foamed), and moulded.

Now,most of shoes  have the choice of using TPU (thermo-plastic polyurethane), which is subject to the same amount of variation.

That is the  component of Nike Epic React Flyknit. After tested , so the foam, what is the feeling of foam ? firm…and soft? Responsive…and cushioned? It’s hard to explain. My first two runs in this shoe were not great, as I was recovering from a race and running at a much slower pace, and I have to say that I wasn’t blown away at first.

However the boost foam ?

Here we test the boost and Nike Epic React under the affection of  steel ball.

This experiment is very simple, just look at the degree of deformation of the two materials under the same pressure to see who is softer.
Experimental results:
Obviously, under the same pressure, the BOOST material produces a large change in shape, indicating that BOOST is softer.
One thing to note: Since there is no rubber layer in the REACT midsole, (the steel ball acts directly on the REACT,but the boost just have a rubber outsole). There is a layer of rubber between the steel ball and the BOOST. However, the boost is still softer.

Every BOOST sole is made by squishing together lots of small capsules, allowing each little pellet to retain its own shape and giving the finished sole a precise reaction – something that’s much harder to achieve with a big, single-density slab. The frisky foam first appeared in 2013 on the adidas Energy BOOST. It was such a success that adidas couldn’t make the soles fast enough and soon the world slipped into a global BOOST shortage.Since as production of the core material increase,the shoes followed this kind of tech after  then that .

Now adidas have taken BOOST to every corner of their footwear empire. but the  Nike’s React foam, on the other hand, was created in collaboration with their athletes, and this foam has been become the core tech in the nike running shoes , meaning that throughout the process they were able to tweak the formula to optimise performance.

So who knows which one will be the best ? just choose the one we like !




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Adidas Pharrell Williams HU Holi NMD Performance Review

The Pharrell x adidas NMD is a new low-cut sneaker designed by Pharrell Williams and adidas.It features a mix of Primeknit, Boost cushioning, a black shoelace cage, and stitched text that reads “HUMAN RACE” over the upper. As one of the most splendid festivals in the world, the Holi Festival held every March in northern India is second only to the Lantern Festival in India. According to ancient legends, the prince who had dedicated himself to the people was blessed by the gods and escaped the fire. The Indian people poured water with seven colors on the prince to pay homage, blessings and celebrations. Pharrell Williams turned the design inspiration to the Holi Festival. It is also intended to convey the joy, equality and peace of the people in the festival. Pharrell’s upcoming “Holi Festival” collaboration with adidas has garnered a lot of attention, as it is spanning across three different silhouettes.



For the box,it is normal but the colorway is nice

There are the details of the side


For material : The Primeknit upper really delivers because a lot of wearers say that this shoe hugs their feet like a sock, and they love it. The Primeknit upper is made of a breathable and flexible mesh without any kind of toecap inside. it is soft and comfortable.When worn, the sock like stretch material on the collar, adheres to the ankles and the foot.For the lace  system , it just abandon the strap.It is easy to adjustment.Its simple construction really works to the Adidas NMD_R1 Primeknit’s advantage because a handful of buyers really appreciate its lightness.

The most amazing design is the shoes lace , the shoes lace seems  nothing useful, just as a decoration .

For cushioning : Wear it to the gym or on your daily jog, it’s as good as running with a super flexible sock on your feet.  as you know , the Adidas tech is great, the nice bounce and the great feeling of  .It provides stability to the heel, especially during high intensity activity like HIIT.

If you have worn the Ultraboost and expect the NMD  to be similar in terms of cushioning and comfort, then you may be a tad disappointed. Although, it is the same technology, the Ultraboost scores above the NMD R1 when it comes to comfort. With science on its side, solid granular material known as TPU was blown up and reshaped into miniature energy capsules making up the silhouette’s unique styrofoam-esque midsole.



For the traction : it is nice for the traction,the bigger stability plug near the heel on the inside of the sneaker can be a tad uncomfortable,  alos  the sneaker is new and since it is so lightweight, most people wouldn’t be wearing a sock with it.also the grip is nice

There is the details , origin made in Vietnam


Because of the Boost in the midsole, a lot of reviewers say that this model really is good for exercising.

Overall,Adidas  ULTRA BOOST is great ,the fitting is true . The fabric upper is comfortable , and the material also great.

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adidas Parley Ultraboost Performance Review

Parley has another upcoming collaboration with the Three Stripes brand on the adidas Ultra Boost.I like this version very much .Not only color way, but all of the setting .Parley’s adidas Ultra Boost is striped of materials which promotes what they are about: environmental awareness. Then  Boost technology that is at the core of the style’s appeal is an amazing piece of innovation, yet it’s been stifled creatively because until now, it has pretty much only been issued in white.


We will check it today .


The Ultraboost was first introduced in early 2015 and has been a runaway success for Adidas. Why? Well, for one, the shoe is comfortable as hell. It also looks cool and is simply a great running shoe performance-wise. Also the Ultraboost  has been a popular till now.Much like the all-white  or black Ultraboosts that took off last year amongst, it is still followed the most design.

But the  adidas Parley Ultraboost  these are the trainers they’ve developed specifically for women, it is special color and designer.


I like the trainers including the design, utilising marine plastic pollution and recycled material to create the shoes.Each pair’s upper is made from 95% waste plastic dredged from the oceans around the Maldives – recycling 11 plastic bottles. There are some shoes followed this kind of concept too—environment protection. but the Adidas just did including the material chose.Plus the rest of the shoe including lining, laces and the heel is made from recycled material.Though this is the small moving whirlpools affecting marine life worldwide, not to mention the rubbish that washes ashore.

As mentioned above, I really appreciate that they’re made out of recycled plastic, and that Adidas are helping to bring attention to the plastic problem in our oceans.

We can see more details as below :


Synthetic fabrics used across the cage while the heel counter is stitched. it is a kind of environmental awareness. This material just did a great job for stability and strongly .


All Adidas Boost use Continental Rubber on the soles (the same as the tyres), to increase grip and stability on both wet and dry surfaces.As we know the Boost tech are amazing, the responsive and the feedback, all of these setting are help a lot when running, it is a good running shoes .

For the Adidas boost  technology, adidas Boost technology took years to develop, and it doesn’t even belong to the Adidas. Relying on material that is rare and out of your direct control is too risky. Adidas is dependent on the manufacturers of Boost, the BASF, giving them the upper hand in Ultra Boost production. Therefore, removing the scarce and expensive material can lower the production price, and increase the number of produced units.That is the reason why Ultra  boost will be responsive and feedback more .

For the traction: Given that the sole is the foundation of any running shoe, it’s important you’ve got the right stuff down where it counts. A BOOST-equipped sneaker will cushion your foot with each pound of the pavement, before it springs back and returns the stored energy into your forward momentum.

With that said, adidas eventually fired back with its very own state-of-the-art system.So there are most model of ultra boost will followed this kind of  tech.I think it’s really responsive, very bouncy and perfect for road running, esp for neutral runners.

These materials offered cushioning and support, could be moulded and shaped, but they just weren’t quite right.

Overall, adidas’s BOOST technology  has managed to cross a mishmash of sports, it is snug and comfortable .

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Performance Review

In May of this year, Nike officially launched the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35. Although it has been a while since the Breaking 2 Challenge Plan, the influence of Breaking 2 has been still far-reaching. The  midsole and  heel parts design  are definitely have been a classic design that followed from the series Breaking 2.

In the date of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 released , The article of  10 things about NIKE PGASUS running shoes that from   mentioned  the Pegasus series is one of Nike’s best-selling running shoes, and it was initiated by Nike.  Phil Knight also like this kind of shoes .


The design of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35  collection of Nike’s various excellent designs. Let’s start this review below, and explain the details

For the box it is normal .

The mesh cut and sew upper remains the same.Its midsole is still a mix of Nike Zoom Air and Cushlon foam.

The new model gets a sleek bootie construction, with an exceptionally tall tongue and heel collar. We found the fit to be snug through the midfoot. The upturned collar and pointed heel add to the sporty aesthetic.

For the fitting .The upper has a certain thickness ,so it is will wrapping the feet ver well.  After adjusting the shoelace,

Beneath that sporty new styling, the Pegasus 35 has a full-length air unit for the first time. Prior to the 33rd version, air had been limited to the heel, while the last two models used separate air bags in the heel and forefoot.


For the ventilation ,actually nice . Although the upper has a certain thickness, the upper is provided with a large area of mesh. The distribution of the mesh can be directly seen through the following figure. It can be known from the degree of light transmission that the entire upper has good air ventilation

I feel  a little odd, but once you get running you don’t notice it, the heel stays comfortably in the shoe, and there is no rubbing. Nike also moved the bottom eyelets up, it doesn’t sound like much, but it totally changes the way the upper fits and flexes. With the eyelets moved the toebox opens up and accommodates more foot shapes, it also creates more flex in the toe.

It is easy to take on /off. I think that the wider open mouth will make the shoes easier off when you running, but the heel is designed as an S-shaped, which can hold the heel and make it lockdown.


The full-length articulated Nike Zoom airbag was inspired by the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%. Designers combined the two airbags used in the previous Pegasus into one that mimics the shape of the 4%’s curved carbon-fiber plate. The new shape offers responsive cushioning that improves transition and flexibility.

Because of the  Cushlon foam with theNike Zoom airbag, so I can feel more the  responsive and feedback of  the material. This is shoes is more soft, it is like the version Pegasus 29 which my favorite.

The Pegasus 35 insole  just like the previous version, the standard Nike RUNNING insole is used.


Its outsole is similar to the previous version. The material is BRS1000 rubber. This rubber is made of carbon and has good grip and wear resistance in the outer field.

For the traction : it is used the soft and responsive rubber that thinner than the Pegasus 34.I like the the rubber rails that have lengthwise grooves for a gentle connection with the road. One other observation is about the Cushlon foam; it seems to be affected by temperature. When running in temps above 88º F, the Cushlon gets noticeably softer underfoot. Maybe too soft.


The fit is snug through the midfoot and generously roomy in the forefoot, so you feel secure without being cramped.

Overall , Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 has undergone major technology shifts and supported training efforts of countless everyday runners and some of the world’s best distance runners.I think this shoe will work for just about anyone.

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An Exclusive Review for adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Blue Tint’

Included in the three Yeezy releases is a Black/Copper, Black/Red and Black/Green pairs. Each release includes a colored SPLY-350 stripe, Boost midsole and semi-translucent outsole.

How many of you were able to get your hands on one or all three pairs?

adidas Originals  debuted another  ‘Blue Tint’ which appears will be a follow up to the first model. Showcased is the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Blue Tint’  that launched December 16, 2017.But it was limited .

So I had to waited for long time till July in this year ,I got one . I like this one very much ,It is match  for the summer and the color is lovely .


For the box ,it is normal and simply

This 350 V2 is done in the Beluga style with a light grey Primeknit upper with blue tint hits and SPLY-350 branding and the back tab threading done in red


For the material : From the red speckle throughout the upper, to the exaggerated mid-sole and the all-important BOOST technology , as we know,the biggest game changer ever to hit the sneaker game if you ask me, the v2’s are very eye-catching and  comfortable.

The Boost technology and this high-density tiger weaving is already a symbol of the YEEZY series,so the Blue Tint also followed the last model.The material is soft and nice .

The primeknit feels tougher than on previous releases and the rubber outsoles look less likely to crack,But the I felt the Yeezy boost 350 V2 ‘Blue Tint’ .  both good signs if you intend on wearing your Yeezy’s.

For the supporting , it is not good ,if you want to played it in the basketball game , I dont think it is good ,it is just as the casual shoes . However Rogan begins to open the pair of YEEZYs that he bought and immediately begins criticizing the heel of the shoe, comparing them to the average shoe and lifting his own foot to compare the two. But for me ,it is just so so.

For the cushioing : It also followed the last model and it used the Adidas boost tech again .

It is numerous small balls of high thermal adhesion,which excellent elasticity.Then we can see the the full length boost is responsive ,maybe the thickness of the boost is thickness.Therefore, the feeling of thefeet court  is quite great

Many friends ask for what is specific soft and hard feelings. I have two other models to make a reference here–Utra Boost and  Btra boost EQT these two pair of shoes , and EQT should be the softest of the three pairs, but it is only soft. The Yeezy 350 may be the reason for boost , So the wrapping of this shoes weill be great, in addition to soft and a little responsive, we can not felt a lot pressure when walking. Utra Boost  is a comparative responsive and bounce , it is the best running shoes compare with these three pair shoes.

So which shoes do you like ?

We can see the logo –Adidas and Yeezy in the bottom of boost .Two insoles are designed in two directions



For the traction :it is ice blue rubber surround , the shoes is snug well . as we know , all of the yeezy boost used the same setting , it is comfortable and snug.



Overall, the whole pair of boost full of fashion and fresh before you have seen, compare with  yeezy 350 V2 Zebra  and V2 Beluga 2.0 and so on , so which one will you choose ?

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adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Performance Review

With the chunky dad shoe trend well and truly underway, the big daddy of them all is making a comeback this year. Current king of dad fashion, Kanye West, was spotted rocking an unreleased pair of his latest adidas YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runners after released yeezy 350 and 500.

For the box ,it is noting special , just a log of “700” “Boost”  on the box.

For the material :  The chunky runner debuts in grey and black, with green and orange accents, neon laces and an off-white midsole. The interesting revelation here is that the shoe is actually equipped with hidden Boost technology.And because of the soft of  material .Keep the primeknit material but increase breathability ,so the ventilation is amazing .

For the cushioning : With a Full length Boost midsole provides incredibly responsive cushioning.Adidas would be hard pressed to err in the design of the Boost, whatever the ultra boost or yeezy boost . it is amazing for the bounce .

Ahead of the delivery date, Yeezy Mafia has shared a look at the technology that makes up the tooling of the Wave Runner 700 — specifically a closer view of the sneaker’s Boost cushioning, which was touted in its product description on Yeezy Supply.


For the traction: a piece-by-piece breakdown of the Wave Runner 700’s midsole and outsole, which include a rubber outsole with a herringbone traction pattern which can improve the grip . for the rubber   traction with Adidas tech which  we can feel the bounce anytime , it is soft and the court feeling is amazing

The sneakers by Kanye West feature Adidas Boost technology and a ’90s-like look; they’re available for $300 in the gray/chalk white/core black colorway.

Overall , with the Energy Boost which has a wonderfully well cushioned full length Boost midsole and the amazing material ,  I would prefer choose it , don’t miss it .


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Originating of Air Jordan International Flight Colorways

Time flies , there are have been released  a lot of new type of shoes  in last year, however the there are will be release a lot of new type of shoes in the near future. We can read a lot of news from the internet, I guess that there are must one  you will interest . Today we will look at the   Air Jordan 3 International Flight,  which the Jordan Brand offering ,it has been popular since released.

So what does these look like ?



This color air Jordan 1 , we know that in the 1985 offseason, Michael Jordan went to Italy to participate in the All-Star Show. The Air Jordan 2 PE “Alumni” was released  in  the  time of 1987 UNC UCLA school friendly game . In 1987, he has been popular in the world. McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Chevrolet were all looking for him as the poster.After all,Jordan outshined them all by dropping 54 points with a dazzling array of dunks and circus shots as amazing .So Michael Jordan be more busy.


He was still insisting on crazy training whole day.At this time, Michael Jordan  believes that he ready to play the game  in any time.Therefore, for Michael Jordan, the summer trips and activities was  a great opportunity to show and interact fans in the United States and abroad. Moreover, he has always been eager to win the game and get the trophy.


Air Jordan 3 “International Flight” inspiration from  a 1988 charity game, Magic Johnson’s Midsummer Nights. The exhibition game was packed with NBA stars including Johnson, Dominique Wilkins and Charles Barkley, but unsurprisingly, Jordan outshined them all by dropping 54 points with a dazzling array of dunks and circus shots.

Through this exhibition game, the final fundraising amounted to US$650,000. All these money were donated to the UNUNC (United Negro College Fund) organization in the United States to provide private scholarships . Since then,Jordan Brand has been working with this institution for 30 years.


This new colorway takes inspiration from the white and blue uniforms worn by the teams that night combined with the original “Fire Red” Air Jordan 3 worn by Jordan during the game.

The red and blue  on the shoes are from the color of the jersey in the charity players. The signature of Michael Jordan, which is slightly different on the left foot tongue. The pattern on the inner lining of the collar represents the star-shaped design on the jersey of the game.



In August 30, 1990.He participated in a publicity exhibition held for the opening of the league, taking the team’s highest score of 37 points. Then this shoe just released in that time. Dressed in a Sail, Orange Peel, Black and Hyper Royal Color scheme. This Air Jordan 5 is highlighted with its 90s-themed design on the netting and speckled detailing on the shark teeth.


It features a Sail upper with Orange and Blue accents atop an icy sole. Additional details includes, 3M Reflective tongues, PE styled “23” on the heels and an insole that reads

Of course, there is a hidden an element in the shoes, which is to reverse the words in inside of  tongue, and change the familiar Air to Aire. This is because in Spanish, it is the meaning of Air. Such a pair of white, blue, orange embellishment, still using 3M reflective tongue design, adding small details of the Air Jordan V,  the different culture injected  to this series of shoes.


In 1996, MJ took his game to Tokyo, Japan, to host a basketball clinic and participate in a friendly showcase with other NBA superstars.

He was spotted in his current signature shoe at the time, the Air Jordan 12, which takes design inspiration from a vintage fashion shoe from the 1920s that utilized a radiant quilted pattern.  From the picture at the content at that time, the color of the jersey and the color of the shoes are quite different. Therefore, the design of the shoes that pays tribute to this story contains more representative elements of Japan.

Since Japan is the largest producer of Koi,so the shoes use it with the fish scale pattern . The contrast between the white and the blue and black of the shoe is very significant. On the shoe body and the lining, a embossed pattern is used to represent the famous Japanese costume – kimono.

At the  part of heel, it used  the  Japanese , it is  mean Air Jordan. Presumably such a pair of shoes with oriental cultural elements will be recognized by everyone.



Then the series also abandoned their traditional shoe box design and wrapping paper, but using a shoe box similar to the midnight navy blue color. In the middle of the shoe box, there is a logo of the jump man logo around the earth, and the wrapping paper draws the lines of these three trips. Maps and lines are in line with the geographical locations of Los Angeles, Japan and Barcelona.


This College Navy, University Red and Sail colorway pays homage to that experience and adds additional details including an embossed kimono print and “Air Jordan” in Japanese characters.The Air Jordan 12 International Flight will be releasing on September 8, 2018 for $190.I guess that this one will be the most popular when released .

Overall, all of these International Flight series are amazing and colorful. So which one will be you the best love one ?

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adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PK “CNY” Performance Review

The major sports brands are paying more and more attention to the Chinese market, they have been released more and newest products to attract ,especially for the CNY (CHINA NEW YEAR) theme series from the Adidas in 2018 Year of the Dog.


In 2018, adidas changed  the bright red elements of the colorway. but released  four dark black  with theme of the spiritual elements  – “loyalty, righteousness, believe  and courage”. At this point, we have to mention the designer Ren Zhe of the Adidas CNY series.


Ren Zhe, a sculptor, was born in Beijing in 1983. He graduated from the Tsinghua University in 2005. He the first Chinese artist designer of adidas.

The results of this process were a new iridescent Harden Vol. 1, a pink-tinged Dame 4 with a wild multi-color outsole, and a sleek black D Rose 8 with shiny detailing. While no official release date has been set for these colorways, you can expect to see them sometime around Chinese New Year in February of 2018.

adidas Harden Vol. 1 “CNY”

adidas D Rose 8 “CNY”

adidas Dame 4 “CNY”

adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PK “CNY”

But we will talk about it today – Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PK “CNY”.

For the box ,it is normal with adidas.

Now adidas took even a step further by introducing the new Primeknit upper with a sock like collar & slicker, more aggressive shiluatte since 2016 version.


Because of the lightweight material , so the shoes just only the 436g for the size US 10.



For the material:Primeknit is back again but it isn’t as soft and flexible like 2017 version. If you liked the softness of 2016 version , you can buy the 2017 version again.Forged Primeknit is what Adidas calls it and it’s basically Primeknit with “forged yarn” plus some light glue on 95% of the upper.  So this kind of material allow the foot to more naturally.

For the lace system , it is nice to adjust by yourself.

By keeping it elastic, it keeps the tongue from bunching up and allows it to actually fit like a sock. I feel the combination of flexibility around the ankle with a very stable base is the best of both worlds

The whole  BOOST cushion as usually , the soft foot feedback and responsive are amazing .  While the full-length Boost with a soft TPU cage on the lateral side of the shoe while the medial side exposes the Boost.Then the inner side of the BOOST midsole is completely open to receive that full potential of the BOOST power.


For the traction : it is used the same traction  as the last model , so if you played in the clean courts, dirty courts, those 24 hour courts, it doesn’t matter. They will bite the hardwood any day of the week. Wiping?yes ,it will be a little wear and tear if playing out court long time.

We can see the details from the insole,the insole has the spirit of “勇”, but the pattern is different from for left and right.

Then we can see the collar design of hell part.i felt great.

Here there are more pictures as below :


For the supporting,some part of supporting from the perimeknit upper which gets solid improvement. Of course, you’re giving away some softness & stretchiness.

Overall, the adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 was amazing, as a fans . I have to say it is worth the price .Super responsive BOOST cushion, good traction, solid foot containment will let you to do anything on court with confidence & efficiency.