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adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PK “CNY” Performance Review

The major sports brands are paying more and more attention to the Chinese market, they have been released more and newest products to attract ,especially for the CNY (CHINA NEW YEAR) theme series from the Adidas in 2018 Year of the Dog.


In 2018, adidas changed  the bright red elements of the colorway. but released  four dark black  with theme of the spiritual elements  – “loyalty, righteousness, believe  and courage”. At this point, we have to mention the designer Ren Zhe of the Adidas CNY series.


Ren Zhe, a sculptor, was born in Beijing in 1983. He graduated from the Tsinghua University in 2005. He the first Chinese artist designer of adidas.

The results of this process were a new iridescent Harden Vol. 1, a pink-tinged Dame 4 with a wild multi-color outsole, and a sleek black D Rose 8 with shiny detailing. While no official release date has been set for these colorways, you can expect to see them sometime around Chinese New Year in February of 2018.

adidas Harden Vol. 1 “CNY”

adidas D Rose 8 “CNY”

adidas Dame 4 “CNY”

adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PK “CNY”

But we will talk about it today – Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 PK “CNY”.

For the box ,it is normal with adidas.

Now adidas took even a step further by introducing the new Primeknit upper with a sock like collar & slicker, more aggressive shiluatte since 2016 version.


Because of the lightweight material , so the shoes just only the 436g for the size US 10.



For the material:Primeknit is back again but it isn’t as soft and flexible like 2017 version. If you liked the softness of 2016 version , you can buy the 2017 version again.Forged Primeknit is what Adidas calls it and it’s basically Primeknit with “forged yarn” plus some light glue on 95% of the upper.  So this kind of material allow the foot to more naturally.

For the lace system , it is nice to adjust by yourself.

By keeping it elastic, it keeps the tongue from bunching up and allows it to actually fit like a sock. I feel the combination of flexibility around the ankle with a very stable base is the best of both worlds

The whole  BOOST cushion as usually , the soft foot feedback and responsive are amazing .  While the full-length Boost with a soft TPU cage on the lateral side of the shoe while the medial side exposes the Boost.Then the inner side of the BOOST midsole is completely open to receive that full potential of the BOOST power.


For the traction : it is used the same traction  as the last model , so if you played in the clean courts, dirty courts, those 24 hour courts, it doesn’t matter. They will bite the hardwood any day of the week. Wiping?yes ,it will be a little wear and tear if playing out court long time.

We can see the details from the insole,the insole has the spirit of “勇”, but the pattern is different from for left and right.

Then we can see the collar design of hell part.i felt great.

Here there are more pictures as below :


For the supporting,some part of supporting from the perimeknit upper which gets solid improvement. Of course, you’re giving away some softness & stretchiness.

Overall, the adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 was amazing, as a fans . I have to say it is worth the price .Super responsive BOOST cushion, good traction, solid foot containment will let you to do anything on court with confidence & efficiency.

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adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Performance Review

Ultra Boost has always been popular, and both runners and shoe fans have consistently promoted this fashion running shoe. At the end of last year, after adidas launched Uncaged Ultra Boost, it was simply subverting the whole wave of shoes. Everyone rushed to buy, and some people even spend more higher price to get one .Adidas knows the passionate love of the fans for the “Umtra Boost” and decided to officially launched the first pair of Ultra Boost Uncaged series, which wind a  trend of the “walking” .

But what is it  like ? How does this shoe  performance? Here we will check it .

Ultra Boost Uncaged  featuring a fall-ready blend of dark burgundy and black across the shoe’s usual Primeknit upper with the heel counter in a textured matte black finish.


The Uncaged series of shoes combines functionality and style with Primeknit weaving technology to create a breathable and comfortable wearing experience with a clean, sleek look. Compared to the original Ultra Boost, the Uncaged series features a flexible sock-style design that perfectly encases the ankle and enhances flexibility. Adidas also abandoned the  plastic cage with three strip on both sides of the shoe .


For the supporting :

The most obvious is that the outside is obviously thinner than the inside. In fact, the reason why is because during the running process,  most people are touching on the ground outside of the foot when you walking . The heel wear of the shoes if you look your shoes’s traction. Generally,the out side of midsole  will be wear easily compare with the inside midsole. For running shoes, if the heels are flat on both sides,then it is easy to twist the ankle after rebounding, so it is easy to twist the outside.

So one version of the Utra Boost  used the plastic torsion syatem to provide the stability .

The inner surface is covered with a high density eva material. Both played a good role to avoid the torsion .

The main role of this overhanging  of outsole. that is  to protect the heel material avoid the wear and tear . As mentioned above, most people use the outside foot to touch the ground.Then we tested it as below :

Before touching the ground:

Touching the ground:

After touching the ground.

So we can see the proceed of touching the ground as above , our heel part also have been protected when we touching .


Because boost stability is poor, adidas designed a stereo stabilizer for the Ultra Boost  .The  Torsion system  lies in a recessed cavity, it’s funnel shaped ends spreading up and outwards from there. Also it will provide the superior heel to forefoot stability.

The forefoot does not have the stability  without the torsion system, it seems very soft. But the back part of the torsion system remained in a straight state after I pressed it hard.



For the traction : The traction with a single piece of soft rubber with rectangular perforations exposing the Boost midsole. This the  most important is the different  compare with the tradition ultra boost.


For the material : The Ultra Boost upper isn’t pure Primeknit, but rather a hybrid which uses elastic-knit in forefoot and midfoot, and a bootie construction in the rear which relies on traditional stretch fabrics.

And different weaving methods are used in different parts. For example, the thumb and the toe area are encrypted and thickened which  make it more durable. but the for the part of  instep and the arch, it is use the special weaves to keep the good ventilation.In order to Keep your shoes dry. it is used the heat welded fuse on both sides of the toe and upper. Not only enhances the protection, but also makes the shoes look more straight.

So we can see more details and tested  as below :

Your big toe being pressed down by the Primeknit upper, though visually it looks like there’s plenty of space ahead of your toes. 

Overall,this pair of shoes is in terms of design and performance. The positioning of its trend running shoes is great.Anyone would expect a truly exceptional product under the circumstances, and we feel that the Ultra Boost Uncaged   still has some ground to cover before it can honestly be called great.

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An Exclusive Looking at adidas Yeezy Desert Rat 500 Blush

We know that Kanye West has been rocking a ton of top-to-bottom Yeezy fits these days, and the styling for his unconventional lookbook (i.e. candid shots of Kim K in Los Angeles styled by Carine Roitfeld) reflects this. It makes sense, it’s his eponymous brand.Also the Yeezy Desert Rat 500 ‘Blush’ is the next will be more limited than the Yeezy Boost 350.

So if you are so lucky to got one ,that is will be great.

Anyway, I am so lucky to got one.Because we need to make an appointment online now, and then we also need to go to the store to waiting. I was concern about the sale info of YEEZY, so I got the offline queuing code of YEEZY 500 smoothly. It is said that Adi’s appointment method has always been more reliable than Nike.The queue number was successfully received on the 13th, and the queue shop was distributed immediately.Then I got YEEZY 500 in that day.

For the box ,It is is totally the same with the yeezy 350 , but just the logo ‘500’.

The ‘Blush’ colorway appears to be on the simple side of things as Yeezy Mafia also provided a picture of the ‘Blush’ colorway.

For the material : it is constructed with a mesh underlay and suede overlays along the upper. It re-uses an adidas tooling from the early 2000s,the material is soft and comfortable .

Then the ventilation, it is nice .maybe the material’s mesh of some part.It is make up the material of suede, because of the suede was zero ventilation.Upon wearing the shoes, we can feel a little bit of air.

The touching  , I mean literally just squishing the bulbs protruding from the side of the sole, they feel comfortable and full of support. Also it is comfortable, it’s evident that wearability was a priority with the design of this silhouette.

For the supporting : it is great, a lot of supporting is from the material.


The new model is constructed with an adiPRENE outsole instead.

Because it is the representative of the daddy styles  shoes, so it did not use the latest BOOST tech but followed the tradition styles  , this is my explanation. However, upon wearing the shoes, my heart did not disappoint me. It is obvious that the rebound feels pretty good. Although there is no BOOST .

The 3M piping along the upper also adds a final touch to the contemporary look.


For the traction: actually it is comfortable but lightweight for the daddy shoes. Also the grip is soft , but compare with other shoes , this one will be a little heavy.

The orthopaedic is obviously , I’m sure most people aren’t copping them because they’re orthopaedic but it is undeniably a massive plus.

We can see the details clearly.For the material of suede, you should keep it dry .

For the insole , it is comfortable .it is match with the design of this silhouette.

Desert Rats include an orthopaedic insole. Partnering with respected orthopaedics brand OrthoLite, the insole is the perfect balance of cushioning and firmness.

For the fitting , you can buy them true to size. I do have quite a narrow foot myself, but the shoe feels spacious enough that I think they would be comfortably cozy for most feet types.But if you are wilder footer, maybe you can buy over a half size.Because the yeezy 500 will be narrow than the YEEZY 350.



Overall,  I love the palette and I find the sneakers effortlessly easy to pair with any spring look. The great material and  the soft cushioning ,then the colorway of  Blush is  cool, but there are some other colorway will be released soon , just choose the best one you like.

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Saucony Ride 10 Performance Review

Saucony  headquarter is located in the United States and enjoys the reputation of “Rolls-Royce in shoe world” in the United States. It has a history of more than 100 years which divided into two major categories: professional sports series and sports leisure series. It is one of the four biggest jogging shoes in the world.



The Ride 10 brings plenty of new innovation while still delivering a legendary running experience.

The Ride 10 is built on a single-density EVA foam midsole. And  used the an Everun topsole ,also the material seem different, whats improved for the Ride 10 ? So does this change the Saucony Ride’s positioning, that of a daily cushioned trainer?

Ride 10 used the engineering mesh fabric with fused synthetic (aka the Flexfilm) , which improves the ventilation.


The shoe upper also uses FlexFilm technology, its feature light, elastic , fitting, so not only  in reducing the weight of shoes, but also enhance the ductility.On the other hand, it also optimizes the support of the upper.The Ride 10 are more different  from the regular spacer mesh we saw on the Ride 9.The Ride 10 was hence providing breathability and support wherever needed.


The biggest feature of FlexFilm  technology is the good performance of the parcel wrapping in the middle foot. The support material of the is fully wrapped in the middle foot, and the feet can be stabilized to the greatest degree under the action of the shoelace.


For the lace system ,though it is simply ,but it will be better for adjusting.The tongue lining, the flat and semi-elastic laces, the reflective lace-loop, and the molded midfoot logos are nearly identical to the Ride 9.

Ride 10 improved the technology the outsole and midfoot, upgraded the midsole composite material from SSL EVA to PowerFoam technology.


PowerFoam is  compound that is not only lighter than SSL EVA, but also provides higher comfort. This design can bring a more comfortable running experience.Ride 10 is equipped with Saucony EVERUN bottom structure, which can effectively improve sustained vibration and energy rebound during running.


EVERUN material has longer service life than ordinary EVA, lighter than standard foam rubber, and it provides high shock protection. The improvement of dynamic slow vibration performance and induction performance is more close to the feet and heel is more smooth, and the pressure of the front foot is smaller when the ground is off the ground.

Ride 10 ’s Vertical Flex Groove design on the front palm to increase the flexibility and flexibility of the forefoot transition.

In addition to the PWRFoam medium material, the Ride 10 added the Everun Topsole cushioning insole made of Everun material , which can help to increase the buffer and rebound performance of the middle bottom to a certain extent.

For the traction :In the easy wearing area, the Saucony Ride 10 sole uses XT-900 abrasion resistant carbon rubber to increase the life of the base. In addition,Ride 10 is made of IBR+ foam rubber,that is provide a certain degree of cushioning foot feeling.There’s no separate crash pad on the side, and what you get is an injection-molded EVA foam midsole (also known as the Saucony Powerfoam) with a couple of layers over it.


The outsole is based on Saucony’s new ‘Triflex’ geometry. The forefoot has individual blown rubber strips separated by crash grooves, and the rearfoot has a couple of hard rubber pieces.

it is just only  272 grams of single shoes for the size US 8.5 ,it is a good light weight shoes for this one .There’s slightly more forefoot room than the Ride 9 and better ventilation, all due to the mostly mesh forefoot.


Ride 10 have a  good cushioning and feedback properties of midsole materials, and provides sufficient support for the arch, and the stability is good. From the test results, the Ride 10 midsole support performance is outstanding, though the foot feeling is slightly rigid, but it is ok .

When I run at a uniform speed of about 5:30 / km, I felt a great time when I wear it. When the feet fall to the ground, it is obvious that the responsive and feedback, and the whole process of alternating feet is stable and smooth. Using the running method of the front and the back of the feet, the front and heel have the same slow shock performance. In the fast pace running training, the Ride 10 can also be readily available

The Ride still works for a wide range of workouts. The ample cushioning provided by the insole+topsole+midsole stack makes the Ride 10 suitable for runs of up to a marathon, while the supportive ride quality and the lightweight build (9.5 oz) helps maintain your pace during shorter training runs.


Saucony Ride 10 is a pair of slow track jogging shoes, which provide sufficient support for the arch while providing cushioning . The stability is excellent. Suitable for the city road runner to carry out LSD training, for those who pursue speed, light weight, high flexibility running shoes, the good protection of Ride 10 is also very suitable for normal training.


The forefoot used the  Vertical Flex Groove performance well , increasing the flexibility and flexibility of the forefoot transition.


The heel has an internal molded counter, and the collar lining is made out of two separate pieces of Saucony’s ‘Rundry’ textile.

I think it is a good shoes to run ,outside of Saucony, the Nike Vomero 12 performs the role of a long-distance cushioning shoe well.

Overall,the Saucony Ride 10 performance well. The Ride 10 represents a very competitive sub-category of running footwear, which happens to be the mid-priced neutral cushioning one. also the material is nice .

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adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Performance Review

It’s not hard to see why the Adidas UltraBoost is such a popular shoe since the adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged joined  its caged brother in helping to celebrate the Chinese New Year in the near future.

What do you think of the upcoming adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Chinese New Year?So we will look it  closely today.

For the box ,it is simply.

However, the side look cool.The front of the shoe box is printed with CNY—China Year. Not the same as a regular yellow striped box. In contrast, cny this shoe box design is more low profile

The Primeknit and Boost combination takes a simple approach this year, as a white knit upper sees speckles of black and red throughout for a random array of swirls to compliment the unique lace option .

Adidas’s claim that the UltraBoost will deliver “your greatest run ever” is hard to prove, I felt that is the setting win a lot of buyer, especial for runner,the  UltraBoost, it became my go-to shoe for long distances.

For the material : It used the  Primeknit  again .As we know this kind of material is great. Midfoot partially switches to another material, and so does the heel area.Like engineered meshes, the single piece Primeknit has multiple zones of stretch.  So you can feel more elastic in places like the top of forefoot, while the edges and toe bumper have a closed knit construction for better structural support. but only one disadvantage of this kind of material , it will be easy to break out .

Then the ventilation , it is great, we can feel the air through the foot . and the special lace system.I can adjust it easily.

We can see more details as below :

Adidas Ultra Boost series were impressed with Adidas tech,which new model and its springy, lightweight protection from harsh pavement. “This may be my new favorite shoe,” tester Derek Call raved. “Some backstory: The Adidas Supernova Boost 6 was one of my favorite shoes of all time. It took three years for me to find a shoe even comparable to it, and that was last year’s Adidas Supernova.but this one adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged will be better , that is for me, it was an improvement on that shoe. It feels lighter, my foot slips right into the upper like a slipper, and it still offers enough stability without adding any weight or material

The insole look great.Also it is comfortable .

We can see more details inside.

Midfoot cage attaches to the molded heel clip with an inwards flare. Also it show the ULTRA BOOST which  uses so much plastic on what could have been a lightweight upper with unadulterated stretch.

Solar Boost offers fantastic traction for a road shoe,  so you can feel more comfortable and soft when you playing .even on snowy or slushy roads. That is why the small lugs on the full-length rubber outsole provide plenty of grip on and off pavement, while a wide heel gives the shoes a planted feel.

Overall, a Boost running shoe needs to feature at least one of the stability elements. Either a plastic cage with midsole ridging , so the adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged did it , the nice cushion midsole and great material ,also the  soft traction , all of the reason to attracted  more people.

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adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Performance Review

As we know the set of 5Ks that empowers running communities to combat the extreme amount of marine plastic pollution in today’s world , so the Deep Ocean Blue” Parley Ultra Boost 4.0 was the official shoe which inspired by the deepest part of the world’s oceans –Mariana Trench.  but I just got the black one.And we will test it today .

The shoe’s unique Primeknit upper is offset by a black plastic midfoot cage, and the tongue features black adidas and Parley branding.

Whether  it is as a professional runners shoes or the casual shoes, there are more topics for this running shoe.and a lot of people will buy and test this shoes .

Unlike the Ultra Boost ST which prefers the reinforced the supporting , and it also differs from the Uncaged which only  focusing the Primeknit uppers. The Ultra Boost 4.0 was more profession with  perfect Primeknit uppers together.As for Energy Boost 4, I think it is a bit of out of fashion with  Tech-Fit upper and EVA and Boost midsole.seems theEnergy Boost 4 like a pair of traditional running shoes?


The soft and comfortable Primeknit knitted upper, and the plastic counter also cups under the heel edges,and the famous full length  Boost cushioning. The classic Torsion System midsole and the Strech Web  rubber outsole constitute the entire technology of the Ultra Boost 4.0.

Here’s our take on why the Ultra Boost uses so much plastic on what could have been a lightweight upper with unadulterated stretch. We think that the Boost midsole is inherently unstable once the foam volume crosses a certain threshold, and that is why adidas uses one of the two things – a plastic midfoot and/or a midsole rim.


Perhaps Utra Boost 1.0’s design has been classic one, or the appearance of running shoes has been accepted by consumers, so the  Uta Boost 4.0 is only a slight adjustment on the upper material and the traction, we will check it closely .


The Ultra Boost upper isn’t pure Primeknit, but rather a hybrid which uses elastic-knit in forefoot and midfoot, and a bootie construction in the rear which relies on traditional stretch fabrics.

Midfoot cage attaches to the molded heel clip with an inwards flare. This plastic counter also cups under the heel edges.

While we generally see a flat piece glued flush with the outsole, the footbridge here originates in a midsole cavity.

The side support and the Primeknit uppers are visually more low-key coordinated. Compared to the Utra Boost 3.0 translucent material looks more stable and strong.

There are the BOOST  symbol inside of shoes.

For the traction :just a single latticed sheet clothes the bottom. The exposed windows help reduce weight and increases the ride softness and consistency. and the traction improved the grip and stability compare with last version .

The other side of the compression molded EVA midsole. The last markings indicate a different base fit than other Boost models.The Energy Boost and Glide Boost all are based on different upper fit dimensions

The classic Torsion System is firmly embedded in the midsole of the running shoe, extending from the forefoot to the back.
It can be seen that the HeelCounter heel locking system was extending to the heel ,high-density Boost and Torsion System anti-twist system are all constitutes the running shoes, making the running shoes practical in the short distances.

adidas calls its outsole design ‘Sprintweb’, a single piece of soft rubber with rectangular perforations exposing the Boost midsole.

A white Boost midsole provides contrast and comfort, and the shoe is rounded off with the Ultra Boost’s standard Continental rubber outsole for exceptional durability.

There are more picture on-foot as below ;


Running (5-10km and sprint), but also sports like fitness, or some recreational sports.
I can run from 0 to 2-3 times a week, it depends on the period, but I’ll use it also for some sport and when I’ll walk a lot.

I’m also looking for a shoe which is very comfortable, flexible, responsive, with good transition and and ventilation and beautiful

The most intuitive feeling  is the comfortable fit . Compared to Nike’s Flyknit, Primeknit is more conformable , and excellent stretchability gives better tension to the upper. After solving the problem of previous uppers, the Primeknit upper will maximize .Then it fit with all types of foot.

It can be seen that the full length Boost cushioning effect is obvious, and the shoes will be fact more   impaction when running.

We have to remember that the Ultra Boost is very much a neutral shoe, and the midsole behavior is well within the boundaries of that.  then transition quality which feels great for a shoe this cushioned.

Different Primeknit knitted and different densities of material will bring the different wrapping under different situation. The HeelCounter  locking system also did a great job ,but sometimes it will give more pressure to ankle .


The heel softness is comparable to the Energy Boost 2 , but with one major difference , the midsole of UtrA Boost  is far more responsive.  If you were to look at the midsole heel top down, you will notice that a good portion of the Boost foam sticks outwards, along with the outsole lip.

Here are some gif picture as below :

The Ultra Boost is that the front and rear part of the midsole work together as two separate halves. In the back, a very cushioned ride pampers your heel as explained in the cushioning breakout.

A squashy toe-box and the unwanted pressure from the midfoot cage make a dent in the German brand’s ‘greatest running shoe’ claim.

Overall, I try to test nay angle , the traction is amazing with nice responsive. And the full length Boost ,it  will bring the great bounce and the TPU with the Torsion System also did a great job.



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adidas Energy Boost Performance Review

In 2013, adidas started another revolution for running. The released of  Energy Boost has made a new breakthrough in running shoes technology, The concept of structural shock has been an innovation again . However Ultra Boost was released with “the strongest running shoes” . For a time,the Energy Boost seems have a difficult situation .   adidas released the fourth-generation Energy Boost as its flagship cushioning shoe in this year.

So whats the performance review ?

Adidas directly abandoned the name of 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 , and instead used the better known Energy Boost ,but most of us will call this one as adidas Energy Boost 4.

There is no changing a lot for this version compare with the last version, it is still what the adidas family should look like. Although it looking more like Ultra Boost on the whole,with TPU thermal material make it look more technologically sense. As for color matching, black and white color will be more classic , calm and introverted, but also easy to wear everyday.

The upper uses adidas’ TECH FIT technology and Adidas’ TPU heat-adhesive materials. On the premise of guaranteeing ventilation, it also greatly enhances the wrapping of the entire shoe. The iconic three-strap locks the midfoot, allowing you to keep your feet from shaking in the shoe compartment while you are running;You can make a upper fit perfectly. The shoelaces are made of flat laces that are used in Adizero racing shoes and are more reliable.


The tongue and the entire upper are filled with memory foam, making this generation of Energy Boost more comfortable .

For the support collar , it is low-cut.The Energy Boost provides a snug and supportive fit. The sole unit lifts the foot off the ground, with the Boost cushioning providing a soft layer around the bottom of the foot. it will more comfortable. Also supporting the foot are the TPU cage between the heel and midfoot. It will more protection for feet.

The midfoot still has that silly plastic cage that followed and the laces still apply top-down pressure , because there are only four lacing rows doing all the work. And the midfoot cage design is faulty on the Energy Boost 4 .

Almost full coverage of the Boost material with EVA material brings a superior experience. it is  about 32mm for the midsole and it is about 22mm of forefoot. So we felt more responsive and bounce.The upper  material with EVA also improves the stability of the shoes.

For the traction : it is important for the running shoes .The addition of the Energy Boost rubber rubber outsole gives us more durability has improved. The structure of the rounded granular outsole is not so slippery. I experienced the powerful grip of Energy Boost 4 in training.


This is the fourth time that the TORSION SYSTEM has appeared on traction Energy Boost. But this time, the adidas increased the  area of the entire TPU which a better support the runner’s arch,  it will help  a lot when you running.

Compared with the previous version of Energy Boost 3 , the new Energy Boost has increased the distribution of the rubber , the STRETCHWEB meshing of the outsole and the flattened design , and the stability  all of these elements has been further improved.So the grip work well.

I tested this shoes by different speed.

First tested

Site: Standard plastic playground

Speed: 4:20/KM

Distance: 20KM

I directly performed a 20KM long-distance rhythm run training. During the whole training , I felt the super responsive  by Boost material and the sense of  strong wrapping of TECHFIT shoe upper. overall the Energy Boost 4 gave me good training .


Second tested

Site: Stone Road and asphalt road

Speed : 5:30/KM

Distance: 12KM

The second tested is the jogging, Energy Boost 4 brought me a great experience, because  usually I running on the stone road, but the Boost material and the bottom EVA brought me a very comfortable feeling, the grip of the shoes is also very good.

Third ,running test.

Site: a plastic runway

Speed distribution: 3:30/KM

Distance: 5KM


Third time , I just running training .I feel that Energy Boost 4 brings me a strong resilience, but I felt the feeling that  Adizero Takumi will be better.The Energy Boost will give me more responsive and bounce, that is great.

Overall, Adidas Energy Boost 4 has a better performance than the previous version. It improves the entire shoe’s parcels while reducing the whole shoe’s weight, and the sole’s grip is obviously enhanced than the previous version. if you need a pair of daily wear, and in the case of a marathon, Energy Boost 4 will be a good choice!

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Adidas YUNG 1 Close Look

The highly attention of  adidas Originals new retro sneakers Yung 1 was released recently , although the picture has been exposed for a long time , it is new and bright color  this time .In addition this one continuing followed YEEZY BOOST 700 Wave Runner, but  the classic red, white, and blue combinations add a whole new sense and attracting a lot of people. It is definitely a street-style tool,we guess it will be more popular in this summer.

So we will check it today .

‘Hi-Res Orange’ colorway is more eye-catching. It comes constructed in a mix of nubuck, mesh and suede. It features a Chalk White upper, with Core Black and Collegiate Navy detailing atop a Sail midsole.

It features a mesh upper with suede , it is look nice , the material is comfortable. The shoe uses a traditional lace closure, opts for a wide fit, and rides atop a sculpted lightweight EVA midsole. So it is worth the price . Some of my friends also got this one, it is will be lightweight compare with familiar  shoes under the sneaker-dad shoe wave.

For the traction : it is used the light and soft rubber too, so we can feel it lightweight.the grip also not too bad .

There is the logo of the tongue.

adidas’ stabilizing Torsion system should offer some support ,then other support is from the material.if you just want to wear as casually , the supporting just enough, but if  you  want to play basketball with this shoes , it is not enough for the supporting.

A sculpted lightweight EVA midsole  actually is great.It is soft and lightweight , if you like Balenciaga Triple-S, but you feel it will be more weight, that one will be the most option to choosing.


Here are more picture as below :

Inspired by the legendary 1997 adidas Falcon Dorf model with a restructured tongue and unique adidas branding, this silhouette seamlessly fits into today’s popular chunky sneaker aesthetic.


There are some picture that on foot. It is look cool.

Isnt cool ?

Overall, dad shoe trend is here to stay, and adidas is following up on the massive success of the Yeezy 700 Wave Runner ,but add more dad shoes elements for  adidas Yung 1 Red Blue.  And used the EVE midsole that will be more lightweight.The coloway also amazing ,the material also nice too.


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Adidas D Rose 9 Performance Review

Derrick Rose and Adidas released  the D Rose 9 this summer, a lot of people guess that it will be popular whole summer. Derrick Rose was well on his way to becoming the most lucrative athlete that adidas ever had in the world of basketball.So a lot of fans got the chance to  buy one .

For me , I am so lucky  that got one . we will check it today .

This D Rose selection is one of the most comfortable basketball silhouettes the Three Stripes has to offer , because of  it used  Primeknit and Adiwear technology ,we will look closely .

For the material: It is totally different compare with  D Rose 8 ,the  D Rose 9 used the Primeknit and Adiwear technology, but the a super basic Foam backed Mesh upper, so the D Rose 8 will be stiff . The  Primeknit will be soft and comfortable .Then the ventilation, the rose 8 will be better, because of it cut outs throughout the whole upper that keep your feet dry and fresh, as well as improves flexibility for more natural movement.

Here is the picture that D Rose 8.



For the supporting : The D Rose 9 will be better then Rose 8, there is a leather stretchy material to protect the heel and anti-rolling over when you playing.But for the D Rose 8, Non- stretchy Mesh & a small rubber works tandem to secure your foot from rolling over the footbed.


For the traction: It used  a vertical stripe pattern, as well as a number of stripes on its forefoot, heel, and toe.But the grip just so so. The D Rose 9 is more comfortable and soft. I mean more bounce.we can felt a lot for the responsive  since they do use forefoot a lot.

What about dusty courts then? Actually it will collect the dusty well . but just forgot it ….. all of shoes will be collect the dusty .

Here are more details as below :

For the cushioning ,it used bounce instead of Boost.While Rose has been wearing the Rose 8 on-court, so the D Rose 9  also has been followed the  bounce tech, it is work well as usually.It is  improved responsiveness this time .The  caged BOOST laterally in the forefoot/midfoot areas for direct BOOST energy kick directly to your foot.So you can feel a lot when you do whatever you do .This trick makes forefoot incredibly responsive which is perfect scenario for guards since they do use forefoot a lot.

For me, personally, I do enjoy more the D Rose 9, sweet spot between great lockdown and lightness, weather to have rock solid lockdown & feel too contained.

A vertical stripe pattern  anywhere . 


Overall , they do look like adidas run out of ideas creating another mad silhouette for D Rose, it is different compare with D Rose 8 , but the bounce has been felt a lot , the great responsive and soft material . It is worth the price .

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Which one is better compare with Harden Vol 2 and LeBron 15 ?

It is popular since James Harden’s second signature shoes —adidas Harden Vol 2 released.But James Lebron’s signature shoe Nike LeBron 15 also the amazing products , then what is the difference ?

We will check whats kind of difference  for these two pairs of shoes today.

The adidas Harden Vol. 2  ,as part of the brand’s epic “Calling All Creators” spot , it is will be colorful then Lebron 15 .  It feature a bright orange melon upper with tropical graphics and a black Boost composition.

While the  LeBron 15″City Edition,” predominantly styled in varying shades of grey. Metallic Gold fills in the Swoosh branding that wraps the heel and an icy translucent sole finishes the job below,it is total different between with the Harden Vol 2.

For cushioinng , the Harden Vol.2 as usually used the boost technology .we can feel more  Boost pellets into the midsole made it firmer which  creating more stability while also increasing overall impact protection.That is the Adidas technology .

Then the Nike Lebron 15 also performance well , the cushioning also great ,but it is totally different .The bounce and feedback felt from the Zoom units is  amazing.  Air unit in Phylon also did a great job .

For the protection , all both have  the protection sponge, so the protection will be great ,but the Lebron 15 will be more protection , maybe the Lebron 15  will be higher up for the heel. It is must be protection .


Harden vol.2 ,the low-cut sneaker features a mesh-based upper with a toe fortified by additional stitching embedded into the shell, while the heel of the sole traction wraps upwards.The designer said this shoes “Some premium leather would enhance my overall experience right now.” , but in the real game , it is seem a  little normal , even if you broken violently ,the  upper will be fray quickly . The textile mesh at the forefoot required no break-in time while the additional stitching throughout increased the material’s strength quite a bit.

But for Lebron 15 ,the material is durability and stability . The LeBron 15 features evolved Flyknit construction that provides stretch, “This is my favorite shoe to date,” James told Nike. “The performance benefits and sophisticated look make this shoe a force on and off the court.” as the James told , the performance is really amazing . it feels awesome on-foot for the material , If you were unimpressed with the stiff upper used on the LeBron 14, you may find that the material choice on the LeBron 15 .


For the supporting , the Lebron 15  will be better than the Harden vol.2 Lebron 15 have  a TPU support plate in the midsole, and there is also a TPU fixed on the heel ,which offer a great supporting. It is  surprising that although these shoes have a little high center of gravity.

Then the Lockdown was surprisingly nice from heel to toe. While the lacing structure relies solely on Flywire, it did its job rather well. The top “eyelet” or Flywire cable work well.

However for  support and protection function, the Lebron 15 seemingly weak for the material BattleKnit is better than expected. Of course, it cannot be compared with other shoes, especially those with posite materials, but LeBron  15 ,it should be arguably a very good in the basketball shoe market.

For the traction , I have to say the Lebron 15 is amazing . You can feel the triangle pattern bite and grip the court really well from a linear standpoint. it is  solid rubber. I know there are someone dont like it .  also it  use translucent rubber that will be more enticing than some of the offerings that use solid rubber, and it it will be easy to collect the dusty .The grip is nice anyway .

Then for the Harden vol.2 , the traction just so so . the grip is great , then the rubber will be soft , if you like the soft traction, this one is the best for  you


Overall, they are different but the performance is  nice . The Lebron 15 is really great for more weight one , Materials and fit are highlights, and the cushion is the best Nike has offered in years.  it is stability  and durability .then the Harden Vol.2 had provided me with the same exceptional responsive ,the boost always the best .