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New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit Performance Review

In April 2015, New Balance released a new series, the Fresh Foam Zante, which aims at providing  light weight and the best cushioning system. In the later four years, it released four Zante shoes one by one. According to a number of buyers, they enjoyed the comfort, cushion and feedback the shoe offers quite a lot. In the first quarter of 2019, New Balance released its new Zante running shoe — NB Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit, which inherits the Zante series lightweight and slow-shock advantages. Let’s see…

The blue and black color scheme isn’t abnormal; it is quite traditional. The shoe’s appearance, as a whole, looks very steady and reliable and to some extent, aesthetically pleasing. Some buyers even think highly of it. They said the Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit has a great, eye-catching design.

Compared with the previous versions, the most obvious difference of NB Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit is in the upper. The Hypoknit knit upper has a certain elasticity and provides complete dynamic wrapping and ductility for the forefoot toe movement. Some said the upper fits like a corset – snugger in the center than the rest of the upper. And as mentioned by most buyers, the running shoe has a roomier and softer toe box. All these should result from the upper. For all the upper being super soft and comfortable, support is guaranteed as well.

In the middle part, the most striking design is the traditional big logo “N”. This time it adapts a  printed Foam rather than a hot foil and the silver logo does a tremendous job of improving the texture while at the back, the heel stays hard despite the hard TPU being lacking.

NB Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit is full of added foams in the tongue, but will never be puffy. As is mentioned in some reviews, the shoe is very responsive. I think this should result from the cushioning system. I’ve mentioned earlier that the Fresh Foam Zante aims at providing an excellent cushion for consumers. Well, it is no just talking. The Zante Pursuit picks up where the Zante left off as a lightweight cushioned shoe designed to provide enough comfort to go the distance. You can see form the images that it features a fresh foam laser-etched one piece midsole. And besides the cushion, it also adapts Dupont Durapontex solid high elastic insoles. To conclusion, the designer has, as it is, tried all kinds of methods to enhance the feedback and bouncy feeling.

The outsole is made of  an adequately thick layer of translucent rubber. It consists of many raised hexagons. Initially, I had thought it to be an average setup and had never intended to expect too much of it. However, it just turned out to be quite durable and excellent. After my testing it for two months, I was quite amazed at its performance. And here is the result: it bit the ground tightly when there was any need. It turned up just so timely. Besides, I’ve found no any signs of wear and tear even if I always chose rough court and stepped hard on it. This is, I want to say, quite a good example of New Balance.

This is my last Zante sneaker–the NB FreshFoam Zante V3 which has a virtually the same color scheme and appearance as Zante Pursuit. But based on Zante V3’s excellent setup, Zante Pursuit has been improved both in setups and overall performance.

Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit is an awesome shoe that should be on every runners radar. What is more satisfying about it is the shoe’s wrapping. Many users said they admired the lightweight construction of the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit. This point, to some degree, help enhance the wrapping. When you are running, it is beyond question that you will feel your feet integrated with the upper, or strictly speaking, the whole shoes. If you are quite concentrated on running, you may even not feel it and mistake you are wearing socks only.


According to a number of data, chances are that New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit may not be liked by some running beginners, but they are still very popular among most runners. To summary, the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit is a lightweight road running shoe that satisfies most users. Its cushioning system, the traction and the light weight are all thought highly of. In short, I enjoy it very much and I would recommend it to my friends who have such kind of needs.





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Sales Competition of YEEZY BOOST And Air Jordan 1

There’s a saying: in the era of cultural shock, sneakers become, as it were, the only constant belief of young people. And do you know how many pairs of  YEEZY BOOST and Air Jordan 1 have been sold in the former half of this year? And although there are a lot of up-and-coming players in the secondary shoe market, the brands which are on top of the shoe market remain Nike and Adidas. As time goes by , what is the outcome of the fierce competition between  YEEZY BOOST and Air Jordan 1 ? Let’s see…

Last year in the competition of YEEZY and Air Jordan 1, it was obvious that the latter won out over the former. And from then on, Air Jordan 1 adapted some strategies which further beat out  YEEZY.

According to the official data released by StockX in 2018, Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG sold the best while the second one is YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 and the third YEEZY Desert Rat 500. In addition, the fourth and the fifth both are Air Jordan sneakers.

However, everything remains unknown and so does the outcome of the competition between YEEZY BOOST and Air Jordan 1 of this year. Things are likely to fare the way we hadn’t expected. In the former half of 2019, YEEZY has, at least, released 17 sneakers with different color scheme. Even though YEEZY BOOST 700 and YEEZY BOOST 700 V2 are both in discount state, YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 still gains a large number of popularity among sneaker fans. On top of that,  data have shown that the color scheme of “Black Reflective” has been sold for more than 10000 pairs while the female size nearly 30000 pairs. All these demonstrate that YEEZY series still have great influences on the shoe market.

The color scheme “Black Reflective” of YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 is the real winner of the first half of this year with an average price of $1,171.

Apart from that, YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 has also released Antlia which is available in Europe only. And the limited Antlia and Synth are also released later. As a matter of fact, they are quite similar to each other, as is shown below.

However, the fact is that besides the YEEZY sneakers mentioned above, the other YEEZY BOOST shoes seem quite average and they seem ignored. As for their prices, they fluctuate a lot.

What is worth mentioning is that never has YEEZY BOOST launched a sneaker that still can gain much popularity under the premise of oversized inventory. Only when a shoe’s amount is known limited will it be sold out in a short time.

Let’s turn to Air Jordan 1 then. In the past 6 months, except Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 High OG “Court Purple” and Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 High OG, Air Jordan 1 didn’t seem to have any very popular models. From an objective standpoint, except some objective causes, a subjective reason is Nike seemed not pay much effort to Air Jordan 1.

The newly released Air Jordan 1 High OG “Gym Red” can be looked upon as the last effort of Air Jordan 1 in the former half of 2019.

The Air Jordan 1 High OG “Turbo Green”,Air Jordan 1 High OG “Neutral Grey”,Air Jordan 1 High OG “Phantom” and Air Jordan 1 High OG Defiant “Couture” released earlier are all priced under one thousand yuan. 

It is quite obvious that YEEZY BOOST has basically  won in the first half year. However, there are many sneakers waiting for releasing. So we can not rush to a conclusion now because there is still a long way to go for YEEZY BOOST and Air Jordan 1.




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Nike Zoom Freak 1 Performance Review

After a long waiting, the basketball shoe, Nike Zoom Freak 1 , made for an MVP has finally been launched. And Antetokounmpo has also his first signature shoe. What is worth mentioning is that every step of the making process was carefully planned. Here is the shoe’s performance review.

It seems it is now an era of signature shoes, which can be proven by Nike.

The same textile material, which has been seen used  in multiple Nike sneakers, say, Nike LeBron 16 Low, is reused in Nike Zoom Freak 1. Durable, soft and comfortable are all praises I’ve heard of about the shoe from a number of buyers. The materials are absolutely not premium and requires little time breaking in. Like  Antetokounmpo, the shoe works nicely but hardly will bring burden to others–it is super lightweight and breathable. Well, it just does a tremendous job.

As you can see in the above picture, a FREAK 1 is carved in the toe part.

You will also notice that at the press conference in Greece, for all Antetokounbo’s four brothers were all there, only Antetokounbo and his brother Tanassis were wearing the same black and white color scheme.

The letters “I AM MY FATHER’S LEGACY”  and the rose pattern in the outsole show Antetokounbo’s love for his father. And besides that, there are also the regular grains, which are most likely to attract dust or gravels to the sole, thus resulting in extra cleanings.

Of all the traction I’ve experienced, Nike Zoom Freak 1’s is not the best, but nor the worst. Its performance is just consistent with what other reviewers have remarked: the traction is sometimes good. The traction performs, in some buyers’ term, inconsistently. Well, this depends. Sometimes greatly does the traction perform when it come across smooth floors, say the wood one. And the case is: the dirtier the ground is, the worse the traction performs. While in other times, you will feel you are spending most of your time wiping the shoe.

Some said, “Support for the Zoom Freak 1 is solid. Not outstanding, but it is solid.” But I want to say support for the Zoom Freak 1 is sufficient and excellent. For those who try Zoom Freak 1  for the first time, the most transparent feeling is their feet are locked steadily on the footbed by the midsole sculpt. The base is nice and flat, which offers stability for the feet. However, despite the fact, I don’t see why some would think this model to be a bit on the clunky side in terms of stability. The shoe is designed like a sock, which means you’ll feel your feet integrated with the shoe; hence, this ensures stability. An obvious problem is a lack of a shank plate in the shoe, but in other words, it can not be said to be a problem: it simply does no any harm.

In the inside of the midsole prints the words “CHARLES + VERONICA”, which is another form of showing love for Antetokounmpo’s parents.

Cushioning setup is important of course and the setup of different shoes vary greatly. But this Zoom Freak 1 has also a novel combination of setup–it  offers no cushion in the forefoot while the heel is double-stacked rectangle style Zoom Air. From my own perspective, wearing the shoe means a lot of court feel, but it is in the front part while the feedback is reflected at the back. If you want lots of feedback and court feel, this Zoom Freak 1 is absolutely for you.

Needless to say, Nike Zoom Freak 1 is designed not only for Giannis, but it also takes most fans into consideration. In the light of different foot type, Nike has tried its best to meet the majority’s needs.  Therefore, it can fit in with our feet both length and width. Surely, I would recommend this model to my friends who are also fond of playing basketball.


It is understood that Giannis is a great player, and this Nike Zoom Freak 1  is also a great shoe. Nike Zoom Freak 1 “All Bros” has been released through the Nike SNKRS APP (Nike shoe club) and is available on retailers’ since June 30, and the black and white Nike Zoom Freak 1 and signature series are released successively through Just make sure what you really want and you’ll know whether it is your right one.




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What’s the Difference between PROPHECY 7 And KAYANO 25

I am just so delighted because I was fortunate enough to buy my favorite shoes–the PROPHECY 7 and the KAYANO 25.  Both of them are more than suitable for heavier players and I am one of them. These shoes offer sufficient support for players and decrease the impact on knees, ankles and other joints when running. And after my testing them, here I am to share with you some of my experiences.

With respect to the shoes’ appearance, it is certain that every man has his own preference. So I won’t recommend one of them to you because you’ve have your own ideas in your brains. But from an objective standpoint,  it seems my friends showed more love for WAVE PROPHECY 7. Anyway, it totally rests in you.

It is widely acknowledged that WAVE PROPHECY 7 has excellent cushion setup or it can even be said to be on top of the cushion field.

In terms of the breathability, both of them are endowed with. Their upper are made of mesh materials, which ensures ventilation. Based on the ground of my experience,  KAYANO 25  is more breathable and the wetness felt by the feet is much less.

As a result of the more materials used for cushioning system, WAVE PROPHECY 7 , whose weight reaches 424 grams, is for certain heavier than KAYANO 25, whose weight reaches 372 grams. These two professional running shoes  are not light. But after all, their target market is relatively heavier people.

Some complaint that when they wore WAVE PROPHECY 7, they often ran into slippy problems when it rained or the ground was wet, which can be unsatisfying. Well, my feeling is that the grip the traction offers is only ample; so never expect it to bit all kinds of ground very well. However, KAYANO 25 performs, I think, much better. It can adapt to all grounds. But they are both very durable even after 2 months’ testing. And I absolutely love their design.

The  forefoot part of KAYANO 25 is wider, and the inner part is very flat, thus offering you a fantastic feeling of comfort while WAVE PROPHECY 7 gives a kind of somewhat tight feeling when wearing. But in turn it warps more well.

It is said that WAVE PROPHECY 7 is only suitable for running while KAYANO 25 is famous for its cushioning system.


Personally, I am given to wearing KAYANO 25 for some walking, but for running I am more in love with WAVE PROPHECY 7. And both their advantages and downsides are easily seen. If there are rainy days, I advise you not to wear WAVE PROPHECY 7 while in others, both are available.





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Nike Free RN 5.0 Performance Review

It is never novel for people to see some runners running with barefoot. In 2001, Nike’s designers discovered that runners at Stanford university ran with barefoot, which arose their curiosity. After experiments time and again, they found that running with barefoot gives runners a more natural gait and increases their foot strength, which improves their running ability. And so as to offer consumers a kind of barefoot running experience, Nike launched the Nike Free in 2004. This year, happening to be the 15th anniversary since Nike Free was born, Nike launched two running shoes: Nike Free RN 5.0 and Nike Free RN Flyknit 3.0. Some people note that the Nike Free RN 5.0 is a solid choice for those who are just starting to get the hang of running. Then as today’s protagonist, how will  Nike Free RN 5.0  surprise us? Let’s check together.

Some experienced commented that the upper unit stretched and acclimated itself to the inherent swelling and bending capacity of the foot as it moved, based on a few reviews. Well, this  is what it really is. Nike Free RN 5.0 features a thin mesh upper on the inner layer, which has an excellent elasticity.  On the outer layer, the  shoes also have a support material similar to leather, which makes the upper more stable.

To provide a more portable experience, Nike Free RN 5.0 features an integrated design for the tongue and shoe body. At the top of the tongue, a flanna is stitched, with a small LOGO printed on it. Besides, there are only 4 lace holes which tie far more easily. On balance, all these efforts are to consolidate runners’ barefoot running experience.

At the heel part, there installs a layer of mesh, which is rather elastic and soft. On top of that, the Achilles tendon is designed to be elevated, and a thermoplastic material is added to the entire heel to further enhance the stability of the heel. And a  layer of elastic mesh is, to boot, added to the inner lining of the heel to avoid heel wear.

More importantly, the bootie design of the upper unit allows the foot to enter the interior chamber with ease, which is remarked by a great number of reviewers.

Before testing this Nike Free RN 5.0, I myself have got at some basic information from others. Some said that they felt the cushioning system of  Free RN 5.0 was suitably agreeable for short running sessions and urban walks. But let’s look at the cushion setup first. Free RN 5.0 adopts a design of integrating the middle sole and the outsole. The sole is made of a hard cushioning foam which fits in with short runners.

As for the outsole, the pattern looks quite simple but profound at the mean time. It is cut from the lateral and longitudinal grooves and the distribution of the sole is a combination of a block and a curved groove.

Apart from the above, there’s a “5.0” at the back of the outsole, which is a symbol and decoration of the shoe.  As for the performance, it is super nice. Despite the big grains in the sole, the outsole of Free RN 5.0 bit the ground nicely and for those who care to do cleaning frequently, the outsole, surely, can lasts long for the shoe is not very durable if not being taken good care of.

In fact, Nike Free RN 5.0 is not initially designed as a running shoe, but it is designed for short distance. Several reviewers warned that the Free RN 5.0 was not a reliable shoe for long-distance racing as it didn’t have a supportive midsole construction. Well, this is  a truth. Nike aims at improving runners’ running ability. To make the most out of the shoe, here I don’t recommend you wear it for intensified training or running otherwise it will be worn out shortly.

Objectively speaking, the fit is a bit tight; therefore, I advise sizing up  to achieve a relaxed in-shoe feel. And for all it  looks a bit heavy, the fact is that it is super light instead and you won’t feel burdened.


Nike Free RN 5.0 aims at offering runners something of barefoot experience, but this doesn’t equal to wearing nothing. And besides, not all people are endowed with the ability to run with barefoot–but for some specific training, they would get hurt easily. A reviewer once observed, ” It’s a fairly minimalist design for a Nike shoe which will certainly appeal to those who prefer minimalist shoes.” Well, I think so. Whether you are a beginner or a experienced one, surely, you are in for a wonderful “dating” with Nike Free RN 5.0.




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Nike ZOOM FREAK 1 Performance Review

Having won  the MVP of the regular season, Giannis Antetokounmpo also won his first signature shoe in his life. Since it is rare that only a  few stars in the NBA League can win his own signature shoe, it is out of question that having signature shoe of his own is the biggest acknowledge of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s ability. However, now that it is Giannis Antetokounmpo’s first signature shoe, there must be some brand business strategies so as to gain a number of popularity. Being the signature sneaker of an NBA MVP, we should expect them to be awesome.

Before formal release of ZOOM FREAK 1, it is certain that  there were many people concerning about all respects about  the shoe. And among the many elements about which people cared, say, the shoe’s appearance, are highly concerned. And we have learned that before his own signature shoe, Giannis Antetokounmpo loved Kobe sneakers a lot; hence, it is not surprising ZOOM FREAK 1 is somewhat similar to Kobe sneaker. For all having unusual physical gifts, his shoes are mainly low-top models.

The whole upper looks neat and there lays Antetokounmpo’s exclusive personal logo in the shoe tongue.

On the side you can see two back side hooks which are designed to decorate the shoe and at the same time add a lot of differences.

The materials used and the design added are relatively not so originated. Materials aren’t premium. You can even draw a conclusion that ZOOM FREAK 1 is virtually suitable for everyone because the upper is made of engineering mesh in addition to an inner boot design.If regardless of the setup, the shoe should be said to wear comfortably,  then it is a mixed success. After all, compared with some fancy shoes, ZOOM FREAK 1 is rather practical. Whether you choose it for combat or daily wearing, it just turns out to be super comfortable.

Even for those who have high instep, ZOOM FREAK 1 won’t fail them either–it is easy for putting on and taking off.

FREAK 1 equips with low-top design, aiming at offering flexibility for consumers. It is the mesh upper that plays an important role in wrapping. In the heel part, Nike adds some foam padding and uses a slight indentation. With these settings, the stability of the ankle is sufficient after the laces are fastened.

Some reviewers remarked, “The shoe’s wrapping has, for the most part, reached such high a level that you may not think of it as a low-top one.

In terms of support, the design of two backhooks on the vamp plays a significant role. But as a result of the overall hardness of the engineering mesh upper, it still incurs a large deformation. But the forefoot has installed an anti-rollover design, so there is no need worrying about the problem of twisting.

There doesn’t seem any originality in the materials and designs, but this time the outsole of FREAK 1 is rather innovative. Nike doesn’t adapt the regular way of making the outsole, but it adapts a combination of rubber and crystal to make up  the outsole. And when it comes to the pattern of the outsole, the crystal  part is made of rose-shaped texture while the rubber is irregularly distributed grains. So there is simply no complaint about this. As for its performance, well, it just performs too well to be true. Over the course of the outfield combat, FREAK 1 had an outstanding grip. Whenever there are stop or direction change or other movements, the sole can maintain efficient ground feedback. Of course, slight slippage during the quick stop can’t be avoided. But it can’t be a problem as well.

The outsole looks good though,  it’s a little impractical because after 2 hours’ outdoor testing, it showed a noticeable rough edge. However, this is especially normal for the outer part of the outsole for it has to bear more grip. Therefore, if you want it to be long-lasting, you’d better not wear it on rough courts.

As antetokounmpo’s first signature shoe, the FREAK 1 is unlikely to have a surprising mid-sole option. But after all, it is not very expensive. The fact that Antetokounmpo likes to wear Kobe sneakers makes sense when FREAK 1 uses 2 layers’  ZOOM AIR cushion in the heel and PHYLON in the fore part. Such setup requires little time breaking in and feedback is prompt. The heel with double air cushion can give a particularly obvious feedback effect, which is very useful for those who seek for breakthrough.


The Nike Zoom Freak 1 is, as it were, one of the more anticipated releases in the basketball world this summer. And since we’ve seen it and learn about its performance, there is no need introducing more.  It is the performance that we’re really interested in and so far the Freak 1 performs like a beast and has been holding up well on-court. You can expect.

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The Comparison between Nike PG 1, PG 2 And PG 2.5

In recently years, Nike Paul George series can be said to be very popular among the Nike sneakers fans. To some extent, the series is on top of the field. Then inevitably, there must be comparisons between the different versions of the series; for example, some may ask, “Which one is more outstanding in the appearance, the Paul George 1, the Paul George 2 or the 2.5?” or they may also ask, “Which one is relatively more suitable for combat?” So that’s why this article exists–to answer  the above questions.

The traction of Paul George 1 performs nicely. Seeing the pictures, you may surprisingly find that the pattern of Paul George 1, which is featured with dotted grains, is similar to that of Kobe 10. On every ground I played on, it griped nicely. And whenever there were emergency stops, it griped timely, giving me sufficient help. Besides, made of rubber, the outsole is very durable and can be a long lasting companion.

In terms of the cushion, there is a small zoom cushion in the forefoot while the back part has none. During my combat, actually, the feedback the forefoot zoom offers is not very apparent–it is, strictly speaking, something of decoration. Surely, for those who have experience Paul George 1 should know that this is what the cushion is.

Behind the shoe, as you can find, is a piece of leather. All colorways are strengthened in the heel with a piece of leather. Nike also uses mesh materials in the upper and installs a thin layer of sponge inside the shoe. On top of that, the toe part has also a fuse so as to strengthen the shoe’s performance. In short, the setups mentioned are to enhance the shoe’s wrapping. I should say it performs not bad.

Personally, the first factor considered when buying shoes is comfort. But whether it really wears comfortably is not just a subjective opinion, but it is widely acknowledged. The upper is a bit hard though, it won’t bother the wearer’s feet.

With respect to the support, it equips a TPU in the midsole. On the side, it uses a large Phylon to strengthen the support. I am not saying that it is very good or very bad, but that it should be enough for most players.

Let’s turn to Paul George 2 then. This time it does not inherit the strap design of Paul George 2 but it uses dynamic wings to match the traditional tongue design instead. Aside from some personal elements of super personality, it can be seen that the shoe is of great importance for Paul George.

On top of that, the traction has, of course, changed greatly. Not only is the pattern totally different from the previous version, but also the performance. Also, for those who want a long lasting companion, Paul George 2 is more than suitable for it is made of super durable XDR rubber. As for the cushion setup, it is no better than Paul George 1. It has only a forefoot zoom plus several layers of  additional foam. As can be imagined.

When it turns to Paul George 2.5, many a reviewers observed that the shoe type resembles a lot to Paul George 2. The most obvious change of this edition is the addition of the PG1’s signature Velcro strap design to replace the PG2 fabric. And the return of the strap design provides a more powerful wrapping for the forefoot and can be adjusted at will. It is, as it were, a highlight of this shoe.

I know a prominent problem will arise again–Which one is more outstanding in the appearance? For this part, surely, you’ve already had an idea in your brain. As for me, Paul George 1 beats the other two in this respect. Well, chances are that your views vary from mine. Certainly, it is dictated only by subjective feelings.

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What’s the Difference between Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 And Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0

Among the many famous sneakers, what we are most familiar with or in other words, the most popular one is the Adidas UltraBoost series. From all the time, it receives extensive attention and I take it for granted that it is well known that UltraBoost has developed its fourth edition. However, whether we authentically know about it stays debatable. Therefore, here we are going to have a look at the differences between UltraBoost 3.0 and UltraBoost  4.0 so as to learn more about them. By the means, maybe you will like the UltraBoost shoes all the more.

When we get a new shoe, it is the shoe’s appearance that leaves us the first impression; hence, its appearance is of great importance. For this Ultra Boost 3.0, it looks not bad. There is the Ultra Boost in the heel part and a three-bar design at the side. And the whole upper uses weaving technology, making the whole seem more integrated. As for the Ultra Boost 4.0, it seems there isn’t any obvious change. You can compare the two in the pictures shown.

It is certain that there are changes from appearance to performance in Ultra Boost’s later versions. For instance, the Ultra Boost 4.0 has been equipped with hollowed design in the midsole, which ensures breathability for those who are outdoor creatures.

In terms of their performance, once you start trying them, chances are that you will unwilling to take them off. The Ultra Boost 3.0 warps your feet especially well and protects you from slipping inside the the shoe and slipping down. Besides, you can find the prominent difference in the outsole: the full grain and stripes at the edges of the outsole are easily seen, which makes it easier to put on and off.

With respect  to the traction and durability, surely, Ultra Boost 3.0 won’t fail you. For those who have experience these respects, they will know that I am just telling the truth.

Then about Ultra Boost 4.0, personally, there isn’t much change in the wearing experiences. But it still wears comfortably as the Ultra Boost 3.0. For Ultra Boost 4.0, I am mostly impressed by its cushion setup. It is super bouncy and the feedback it offers is prompt. When on court, only a little pressure will result in  a lot of feedback. And needless to say, the overall durability of this model is appreciated by those people who have tried it. Many a buyers even remarked that they enjoy its capacity to last long, even after many runs.


To summary, there is not superiority to one another. Some may observe that they are equally good. Well, it just depends. Though the Adidas Ultra Boost received a lot of praise for its appealing look, but here I will highly recommend you choose the Ultra Boost 4.0 if you want to be in fashion.




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Nike PG 3 Performance Review

It is out of question that Paul George is a beast on court. And not only is Paul George a beast, but his shoes are also beasts. After the NBA games, Paul’s shoes became famous among sneaker fans. And here is the PG 3 review(there will be a slight comparison between James Ambassador 10, Dame 5 and Paul George 3).

I’ve got one pair of Nike PG 3. And I had liked its crystal rubber outsole, so I bought it immediately the price was cut down. For its appearance, unlike other sneakers which are featured with fancy colorways, this Nike PG 3 is rather simple. It only features black upper and a white outsole with the indispensable logo–there is nothing else that is very appealing. However, here I have to mention that simple as it is, it goes with all kinds of clothing. After wearing  it out, you will find it is striking enough.

With respect to the cushion, personally, the James Ambassador 10, Dame 5 and Paul George 3 perform equally well. I like all of them very much. Though the James Ambassador 10 has both zoom in the forefoot and the heel, the zoom units are not large while that of Paul George 3 are relatively large and the feedback is more apparent and quick. On top of that, equipped with inner TPU, Paul George 3 and Dame 5 are consistently soft and bouncy while James Ambassador 10 may get hard after a long time playing. Of all the three, the Zoom units are things that you can absolutely feel and the response while playing is quick and immediate. Definitely, I dare say that you will explode your performance under the help of the cushion setup.

It is understood that comfort is of great importance when buying shoes. According to many a reviewers, they feel Paul George 3 very comfortable and I feel it the coziest one of the three. Then let’s turn to the upper. It is a heavily-glued mesh with a nylon backing for the main structure. There’s a nylon synthetic in the forefoot and space suit in the ankle. It just feels quite nice even after many testing and requires little time breaking in. Besides the appearance, the comfort of the upper is the reason why I must cop the shoe.

Since it is the crystal outsole that persuades me into buying the shoe, I must show you how the traction work. Other reviewers said it stuck like glue on every surface and court they play on. And actually, what they  observed is what the shoes really are. Definitely, it is not perfect, but I want to say it is virtually perfect. On courts, it grips the floor nicely–it performs like a beast, which has been mentioned at the beginning of this article. Then what about the other best thing about the traction? I think it’s not  too harsh nor “too grabby” – it is a smooth stop that lets your foot release into the next step instead of  hanging onto the floor. Well, it has left me an awesome impression.

The Paul George 3 has the regular lacing system, which means the wrapping is ensured at least. The laces do lock you into the heel, solid and stable. And the upper do wrap you  in for any lateral slip-and-slides so that your feet can stay steadily inside the shoe. There simply aren’t any slipping problems and I’ve never come across any bothering matters–it is so far so good. Some people shared that this is a case of the sum being greater than the parts. But I don’t think so–the contrary is just right  because but for the miniature setup, how could the shoe function as a whole?


I don’t mean I have a preference for any one of the three. Objectively speaking, all of them are equally good. The feelings, I think, is largely dictated by personal experiences; therefore, you might quite disagree with my opinions. However, no matter what the case should be, you might as well make some comparison before buying a shoe.




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Nike Kobe ad mid Performance Review

Last year, I was fortunate enough to come across the discount of Kobe ad mid. So, as a loyal fan of Kobe and Kobe sneaker, I surely wouldn’t let the opportunity slip by. Immediately, I bought it with the lowest price I’ve ever seen. And it is certain that there won’t be any chance as such. Therefore, I feel I am lucky enough to chance to this kind of thing. Here is the review of Kobe ad mid. Please go on checking with me.

A prominent difference of this Kobe ad mid from other colorways is in the tongue: other colorways are featured with signature and Kobe logo while this one is characterized with the left shoe embroidered black and the right manba. And this yellow and black colorway is a bit unprecedented I think. With the black shoe body and yellow traction, it seems simple, but on the other hand, it is also aesthetic. On the side, there is the symbolic logo, which is indispensable.

In terms of the setup of  midsole, it is the arch carbon plate + full-foot lunarlon + back large horseshoe shaped zoom. According to other reviewers’ article that the thickness of the back zoom is 14 mm which is twice the thickness of the first version of AD. Actually, during the outdoor experience, the back zoom is much softer than the first edition. Besides, the forefoot offers more transparent feeling. And if you place more pressure on it, it gives you more feedback. But as a result of the lunarlon materials, it is reasonable that you may feel it isn’t bouncy enough.

The support and wrapping, for the most part, result from  the suede upper and the anti-rollover design in the midsole. Theoretically, such kind of luxurious setup should have gained a large amount of popularity, but it just turned out to be an average sneaker.  When you are running, the hard upper will protect you from slipping down. But it is also as a result of the hard upper that the wrapping enhanced by the Flywire is greatly declined. Therefore, this downside should result in the extra room inside the shoe, thus further bringing in the not tightly fitted wrapping. To tell you the truth, I felt not so comfortable in my dynamic playing, which might be closely related to my foot type.

Looking at the yellow traction, though without the support of XDR, it still grips very nicely. It just reminds me a lot of other sneakers who claimed to have the support of XDR. For the record, for all having no XDR, it is not in the least worse than other shoes. I should admit that for me this is the most satisfying respect of this Kobe ad mid. For those who care about the sound that the traction makes, it might be a bit loud–compared with everyone else in the gym, it sounds like screeching. But that doesn’t equal a bad performance. On various kinds of grounds I’ve tested earlier, it could handle with them easily. Above all, it has a very good durability which ensures a long-lasting company.


Well, for all the sneakers I bought, this Kobe ad mid  is definitely a special one for me. To some extent, I like it very much and on the other hand, it disappoints me a bit as well. The cushion and  the traction setup are quite excellent. And I also fall in love with  its “unusual” appearance. However, the wrapping is another point that bothers me quite a lot. Every now and then on court, I have to stop and fasten the laces more tightly, otherwise I might run into an awful experience. Anyway, these are personal feelings. If you are considering purchasing it, you might as well try it on stores.